The harmful urge to sign players early


How many of us rolled eyes at the news this week that Issouf Bayo was off to play for Watford, a Premier League team last season, and Oliver Burke would ply his trade in the Bundesliga with Werder Bremen?  Both are forwards, both 25, both fleeting unsuccessful stints at Celtic, now they have won a ticket for wages at a high paying club.

There is a great truism in football, the fans who watch a player week-in, week-out will provide a more telling insight than YouTube clips, stats or scouting reports.  Good luck to both of them but I expect neither to succeed.

The problem with Watford and Werder is that they both want a striker in early and do not have the patience to hang around until nearer the end of the window, when talent that is actually in demand will become available.

Looking in from the outside, we can both see the rashness.  What benefit is there in recruiting guys who were so easily handled by SPFL defenders?  Watford fans will see Bayo who banged in 11 goals in a six-month loan stint a Charleroi, whereas Werder fans will wonder at how they picked up a striker on a free transfer who has twice been sold for in excess of £13m.

Having qualified for the Champions League group stage, there is, by contrast, a calm over events at Celtic.  Two of last season’s successful loanees are now on permanent deals, Dundee United’s free keeper was signed and we paid a tidy sum for what, by any measure, is an ambitious move into the South American youth market.

There are more spaces in the squad available: a third striker option and midfield cover.  Let’s not be like Watford and Werden Bremen.

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  1. IniquitousIV on




    “The only instances of Sports names being changed because of perceived offence- were the Washington Redskins being changed to Washington Commanders and the continuing pressure on the Kansas City Chiefs….”




    There are more instances, SFTB. For example, the Cleveland Indians baseball team changed their name to the Cleveland Guardians. There are others which I cannot recollect for the moment.

  2. Stx2 @ 312



    As you might expect — I have to disagree.



    The safe standing should be in the North Stand if it is to extend out of the corners.


    The Main Stand paddock has been out of commission for over 50 years.



    Consequently better to re-commission the Jungle.






    Can see where PROFESSOR Sir Tom Devine is coming from, from a football angle same can be said of Kris Boyd 😂



    Would say historical and football analogy on the button there PP






  4. IniquitousIV on

    BORGO 67



    I should have read the blog back first! Note to self which I ignore to my peril!

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    St Stivs



    P67 told his only fools rush in where Angels fear to tread, well at least thats what he’s saying this week.



    We still need a MF and a CB, think we could cope with not having another striker

  6. MM,



    You can’t be serious.



    The ” Jungle” would never pass today’s terminology.



    And that is no joke




  7. In other football news, Man City owners, The City Football Group, have bought Serie B outfit, Palermo. They now own 12 clubs.



    Wonder if they will ever make a move for a Scottish club ?

  8. GP @ 2.38



    Not sure I agree but in a spirit of co-operation I will take a look at the Koppen climate system and see if I can come up with something more scientific.



    Jungle — you have to ask why it would not be welcomed?


    The concept of a jungle is fairly global.


    Big trees / lots of rain / jaggy stuff.



    How about — Rain Forest?

  9. IniquitousIV on



    “Ollie Burke is waste of pace.”




    Always enjoy your instantaneous wit.🤣😂😅



    Two of my favourite CQN expressions –



    Is there no end to this folly?



    Wherefore the scrofulous hillbillies today?

  10. IniquitousIV on

    JIMDOM @ 3:30



    “In other football news, Man City owners, The City Football Group, have bought Serie B outfit, Palermo. They now own 12 clubs.



    Wonder if they will ever make a move for a Scottish club ?”




    By chance, do you know all 12, and how they have performed since City Group acquisition?


    Man City and Palermo need no comment, as one has done superbly, and the other is too new.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    I’ll never forget the disco lights when Bayo giddy upped for his subs debut.



    I was there CSC

  12. bournesouprecipe on

    City Group more clubs than insert your favourite Golfer



    Copyright Tommy Docherty CSC



    P.s. the oldest living Celtic player

  13. MM earlier,



    Rainforest is soooo appropriate. Scotland’s Rainforest needs all the help it can get as it shrinks.



    Did you know Scotland’s Rainforest is known as the Atlantic or Celtic Rainforest.




  14. INIQUITOUSIV on 4TH JULY 2022 3:51 PM



    The names of the other 10 are readily available on the inter-web. How they have all performed since City Group involvement ? Sorry, will need to leave that to those with too much time on their hands.

  15. SAINT STIVS on 4TH JULY 2022 2:31 PM


    ‘PROFESSOR Sir Tom Devine……………….one of Scotland’s leading historians’







    ‘One of’????




    OOOOOH, that’s must have hurt.

  16. IniquitousIV on

    Guardiola showing how critical he believes the defensive midfield role to be by signing Kalvin Phillips to replace Fernandinho. This in a team that believes in all out attack.



    Reinforces why we need a Sousa or player of equal quality.



    I’m not saying we should emulate them but Sevco’s away performances in the Europa last season were largely based around cluggers Jack and Lundstrum positioned deep and just in front of their back 4. It was largely effective.



    Man City believe in locking the back door so as not to nullify their huge attacking potential. So should we.

  17. IniquitousIV on




    Fair enough. I had just idly wondered if you had come across it while uncovering the Palermo link.



  18. Tom McLaughlin on



    Two of my favourite CQN expressions –


    Is there no end to this folly?


    Wherefore the scrofulous hillbillies today?



    Only one thing wrong with that.



    ‘Wherefore’ means WHY?




  19. Tom McLaughlin on

    Madmitch thinks people can’t watch cricket and scratch their balls at the same time.

  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from Denholms Bar, Hope Street. Not been in here for years, hasn’t changed.

  21. Greenpinata



    “Where on earth have you been, have you not seen the cancel culture agenda in full swing.?



    Schools, the NHS, Banking, the Girl Guides even Disney have embraced the cancel culture.”





    I’ve been on the same part of earth that you have occupied and I see no radical change. 99% (obvious made up stat for effect) of people still happily use his and her, she and him, in all languages of the earth without any regular offence being given and taken. Occasionally you will meet someone who objects to your labelling and asks politely that you address them by their preferred name. We have got used to using Ms. rather than Miss Or Mrs. as that wee bit of manufactured outrage passed without signalling the end of civilisation that the Gammons then forecast. It’s just polite to take people as their preferred identity. I believe we do something very similar on here when people correct any lazy portrayal of the Celtic as a Catholic team. We do this without denouncing or demeaning the influence of Catholicism and the Irish on the very formation and maintenance of Celtic. It is an inclusion and not an apology, a correction that reflects current realities AND historical accuracy. We were never a Catholics only team but we are also proud of our Catholic heritage.



    You have cited changes in schools, NHS etc; without providing any concrete example of where your freedom has been hampered (as opposed to JK Rowling’s freedom) where I can agree that she and Germaine Greer are getting a needlessly hard time of it but nowhere near as much a cancelling as the right wing complaints are visiting on poor women and schoolchildren with their decisions on Roe v Wade and the right to sell guns to minors). The Right that shouts loudest about cancel culture when some students prevent a controversial speaker from talking ( an issue that has been going on for over 50 years if you can remember the issues around Oswald Mosely or even Hans Eysenck being excluded from British campuses while we were still receiving Soviet Communist delegations. The right that profits from exaggerating the influence of this teenage intolerance, is quicker still to cancel anyone who disagrees with them, whether Musk, Trump, Murdoch, Putin or Boris- they will use legal threat and illegal intimidation to suppress dissent and democracy. And they will use papers like the Mail and Express, and even the more cerebral Times, Telegraph and Spectator to make up their bendy banana myths.








    I know there may be other sports teams that have changed but it really has been done with the minimum of fuss outwit shock-jock radio circles and those who wish to retain the right to offend unthinkingly. They just move on to some other divisive issue and forget they ever found this small change an issue. As I said no one would easily use Jewish terms for German or Italian sports teams. And absolutely no-one is campaigning for the Sacramento Kings to change their name because it has the term Men in it. The arguments and the issues become reduced to the absurd when such juvenile arguments are advanced or believed.








    Given that English is not your first language ( I am currently pitching to the New York Times to replace Wordle with Mad Mitchle as a more testing form of linguistic decoding), I will forgive you for mistaking my view that this is a big or important issue. I too favour class politics over identity politics but I firmly believe that we can include identity distinctions within class politics, just as we had to incorporate feminist perspectives and anti-semtic perspectives into Socialism because we had ben guilty of misogyny and anti-semitism in some strands of socialism, so we can accommodate kindness, politeness and inclusion to those who identify differently, without having to exclude the likes of JK Rowling and Germaine Greer and myself because they do not buy the whole package.



    We need a tolerant and liberal form of socialism but never forget that there are vested interests who have no interest in democratic socialism and want a totalitarian form of the truth, whether they are the Chines Communist Party or overt fascists like Orban or Lukashenko or temporary democrats like Trump, Musk or Johnson who would walk us into fascism like von Hindenburg and others did for Adolf. As a Plan B for tolerance we need to remember the great philosopher and flawed human, Woody Allen who produced this dialogue in Manhattan:-



    Isaac: Has anybody read that Nazis are going to march in New Jersey, you know? We should go there, get some guys together, you know, get some bricks and baseball bats and really explain things to them.



    Man: There was this devastating satirical piece on that on the op-ed page of the Times. It is devastating.



    Isaac: Well, a satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats really gets right to the point.



    Woman: Oh, but really biting satire is always better than physical force.



    Isaac: No, physical force is always better with Nazis. It’s hard to satirize a guy with shiny boots.




    How’s that for cancel culture?



    Good evening all from Denholms Bar, Hope Street. Not been in here for years, hasn’t changed.




    head into Solid Rock for a wee bit of air guitar

  23. I was sorry that we couldn’t find space for Bayo, he is what we don’t have, a way to change our attacking to a more physical type. I’ll watch his career with interest. Oliver Burke looked like an athlete who decided to play football. just not a natural player IMHO.

  24. bigrailroadblues on

    An Tearmann, and less than 48 hours before Philbhoy blows a fuse on the live comments page. 😂

  25. bigrailroadblues on

    Coneybhoy 5.12. No young fella, knackered after singing along to Otis “Hard to handle”.😂

  26. I thought Bayo never got a chance but our Greek Ghod is a much better player. great signing

  27. SFTB @ 4.54



    Thanks for the long / rambling reply and thanks for the wee cheeky jibe.



    My transgender nonsense is a US right wing button wind up was not aimed specifically at you but thanks for the effort.



    My point to yourself was on the naming controversy that bubbles up from time to time — specifically given your viewpoint when are you going over Bloemfontain to get our name back?



    Not in my name of course but in name of consistency given your disgust at Kansas City.

  28. bigrailroadblues on

    Coneybhoy, just had email from P67 regarding contact details. With no details. Has he sent you my email address? Regards- confused from Govanhill.

  29. Tom McLoughlin 4.46



    Wherefore art thou Romeo.



    I don’t think Wherefore exactly translates as Why but I agree it’s not used properly in the Wherefore the Scrofulous Hill Billies today quote.



    Hence the phrase the Whys and the Wherefores.