The harmful urge to sign players early


How many of us rolled eyes at the news this week that Issouf Bayo was off to play for Watford, a Premier League team last season, and Oliver Burke would ply his trade in the Bundesliga with Werder Bremen?  Both are forwards, both 25, both fleeting unsuccessful stints at Celtic, now they have won a ticket for wages at a high paying club.

There is a great truism in football, the fans who watch a player week-in, week-out will provide a more telling insight than YouTube clips, stats or scouting reports.  Good luck to both of them but I expect neither to succeed.

The problem with Watford and Werder is that they both want a striker in early and do not have the patience to hang around until nearer the end of the window, when talent that is actually in demand will become available.

Looking in from the outside, we can both see the rashness.  What benefit is there in recruiting guys who were so easily handled by SPFL defenders?  Watford fans will see Bayo who banged in 11 goals in a six-month loan stint a Charleroi, whereas Werder fans will wonder at how they picked up a striker on a free transfer who has twice been sold for in excess of £13m.

Having qualified for the Champions League group stage, there is, by contrast, a calm over events at Celtic.  Two of last season’s successful loanees are now on permanent deals, Dundee United’s free keeper was signed and we paid a tidy sum for what, by any measure, is an ambitious move into the South American youth market.

There are more spaces in the squad available: a third striker option and midfield cover.  Let’s not be like Watford and Werden Bremen.

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  1. Drambowiecelt



    Not a fan of Pre-Season games but looking forward to seeing the Bhoys again.



    I reckon Ange is a Genius fitba wise.



    Truth be told I want to see the training ground work deeper into the Pre-Season games. We were eye candy last Season, so Super excited for this Season thats upcoming.

  2. DALRIADABHOY on 4TH JULY 2022 10:05 PM



    ‘You have stated on this blog that the use of medieval latin meant that the DoA want as effective as it was intended to be.







    You have stated that on this blog’






    If you would be kind enough to quote what I actually said I’ll explain it to you.

  3. HOT SMOKED on 4TH JULY 2022 10:11 PM


    I know you are all just dying to read the DoA so here it is:






    That’s the only Latin I’ve seen without any mention of Flavia and Sextus

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    Ecce Romani books are available from all good book stores or online😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Drambowiecelt on

    Again catchin up..Ron bacardi…great news mate your body is copin wae the chemicals..


    I seem to remember that name from a tic site circa 2004 -?/ Mabye Talk Celtic??


    Anyhoo it’s obvious your a tough cookie, so good health.







  6. Drambowiecelt on

    @petec Enjoy the new season with yer bhoy and family…. i know someone special..


    will be on your mind.








  7. Hrvatski Jim on

    Hot Smoked


    You certainly took literally my post to you a few months ago to learn Latin. Very impressed.

  8. Pete, I love pre season games, always looking out for one of our home grown bhoys making a big impact.


    They are stress free and I’m fully aware that the results are meaningless and it’s all about getting players up to match fitness,


    BUT, I still bloody well want Celtic to win.

  9. Merhaba CQN from a beautiful Alanya in Turkiye.



    What a great Holiday we are all having and the Turkish staff are so nice (I know they want tips) the cynic



    My Turkish is improving every day thanks to my son in law (who was born in Glasgow and a ST holder) who is half Turkish and his granparents stay in Bursa. Anyway it is so nice and we have only been in the touristy bits.



    So the wee man Riley decided he wanted a Frankurt top and of course there is a few sevco fans in hotel with towels out every morning. Hey ho.



    My big cheeser says it all.



    Hail Hail bhoys it wont be long for an Ange teble.



    D :)




    That, funny was and, from me, night good it is.



    Goodnight all.

  11. Drambowiecelt



    G-Thang has the best possible seat now up in Heaven + his eyesight will have been perfected and I’m Hoping we are gonnae rock Europe to its core.






    I’d rather the games to be competitive. :)



    & there isnae any Argument about Always wanting to win, even when they are friendlies.



    Ange is wan cool Human Being first&foremost.

  12. The problem for the US is that any group of nefarious bad guys wanting to cause hurt and distress to the population then some form of gun induced slaughter is all too easy to organise and carry out.



    At one level the deranged single shooter mission — up close and personal — is easier for the authorities to close out if the gunman — never a woman? — is identifiably one of the casualties / dead / captured.



    The issue is if a trained individual or group start to do it from distance and manage to get away — then we are entering a whole new level of threat / societal hurt.



    It has been done before — the guy in the boot — but that was in the main single victims and now this would appear to be a target practice massacre.



    It might be the US — far too many gun owning mentalists — but they deserve our sympathy and support.

  13. Drambowiecelt on

    Mad….Have a wee rest …….


    There’s a Stevie wonder song out there for you


    Guess it..He’s Mistra….???

  14. Had to post to login so here is my 4th July t-shirt. Just finished salmon, fingerling potatoes, veggie kebabs and corn on the cob.





    Now to play some songs out back. Usually set off a bunch of fireworks on the 4th as it is an anniversary for me of sorts. There is just something ever so sweet about lighting up the skies to rejoice kicking them out.



    Saving my firework dollars until next year when family are over.



    HH all.

  15. Drambowiecelt on

    @Aipple my mum and dad 69 years married today ..


    Have a great night








  16. DRAMBOWIECELT on 4TH JULY 2022 11:42 PM



    @Aipple my mum and dad 69 years married today ..



    Have a great night.






    That’s awesome!! HH!






    GENE on 4TH JULY 2022 8:19 PM





    Sad news from Chicago




    Had a great morning. Walked dog, saw deer and rabbits. Came home, turned on the tennis and saw the “Breaking News.”



    It’s awful.



    The sounds on the videos are battle ground sounds, not sounds you should be hearing in a civilian area.



    It’s awful.






    BELMONTBRIAN on 4TH JULY 2022 9:54 PM



    I’m lucky to live 5 mins from the Ali Center and 5 mins from his final resting place. Both my dad (he was his hero as a kid) and I have walked to his grave to place flowers and spent many an hour in the center.






    CORKCELT on 4TH JULY 2022 10:35 PM



    Pre-season games are braw!






    To the rest of the blog. The most vocal ones are usually speaking for the extremes.



    Sorry for the staccato posts, hopefully doesn’t look weird.

  17. SFTB


    All the pre-season games are on Celtic TV. I will be surprised if they are not available…



  18. dearie me.



    i think they lost thefront settee tonight.



    feckin eejits ted,

  19. DalriadaBhoy on

    There you go Ernie, wee link to the first post on your cravat loving retired archeologist, twitter feed, suprise suprise it is from Laurence Fox, there are other like minded individuals on the cravat wearing one’s twitter feed, but hey the love of cravats(not the union )

  20. quadrophenian on

    Why tut-tut and pooh-pooh American sports teams/fans who use or misappropriate names, terms and iconography pertaining – not exclusively – to native American cultures (and not always maliciously or malevolently)?



    After all, plenty amid our own fan-family still celebrate and serenade the antics of an across-the-water terrorist group which – during its legitimate struggle – murdered thousands of civilians, cops and soldiers.


    Meanwhile, our club entertains and tolerates our bestest/bitterest enemies whose fanbase frequently and freely extols the joys of wading in republican plasma.






  21. fergusslayedtheblues on



    Brilliant to hear your having a great time on holiday .


    Bet you have ” same again please waiter ” highlighted in your Turkish phrase book .


    Wee Riley sure knows how to wind the gullibillies up 🤣🤣🍺😎🇮🇪🇮🇪

  22. quadrophenian on

    Hey Drambowie – had to go out.


    Back what up?


    For self-entertainment and self-expression reasons, I try using different ways of describing things.


    Yesterday I wrote ‘timber of the deceased variety’ rather than the more common ‘dead wood’.


    I used republican plasma rather than fenian blood (which is a really offensive term imo)


    I used another term to describe the RA which you somehow – wrongly – deduced meant I was afraid.


    I just chose a different turn of phrase to describe them, was all.


    You’re welcome to your opinions – they’re all in your head.

  23. McPhail Bhoy on

    I know many on here have spelt out the way in which the SMSM portray any signings for Celtic and the Huns, compare and contrast below from the BBC Scotland sports pages, you couldn’t make it up.



    Celtic have been dealt a blow in the transfer market with the news reported top target Ko Itakura has joined Bundesliga side Borussia Monchengladbach. (Scottish Daily Express) Celtic – NEGATIVE



    Rangers are getting a much more-rounded centre-back in Nikola Katic than the one Steven Gerrard loaned out last summer, says Hadjuk Split boss Valdas Dambrauskas. (Daily Record) – Huns – POSITIVE

  24. David 66


    Great to hear that you and your family are enjoying your holiday in Turkiye. Gaun yersel…