The Hooiveld – Samaras point


Our best wishes to Jos Hooiveld, 28, who has managed to resurrect his career at Southampton 23 months after completing an unsuccessful move to Celtic.  Southampton, newly promoted to the English Championship this season, sit top of the division, with Jos a key part of their success.

The big defender clearly has more than he was able to demonstrate during his time here, despite Celtic clearly being in need of a strong central defender.  Last night, after Georgios Samaras was send forward to lead the line, it occurred to my just how unsuitable he is as part of a front two.  All that gutsy energy, running and yes – bravery – both in terms of diving into challenges and always being available for a team mate, no matter what feedback he is receiving from the stands, is hidden when he’s up front.

Give him space to gallop into on the wing or let him find his own Southampton.

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  1. Noone I know is saying the tottingham players are **** because they got beat by the greeks…

  2. Paul67



    Been saying this for long and weary.



    Give him space out wide or play him up front but on his own. Keep up the fine form Sammi.

  3. Jos was signed for a Media given value of circa £2m….



    Any guestimates as to what the sale price was ?



    Im going to start the auction at £850,000




  4. Like you I thought that Sammi being put up front was a waste. Running at the opposition from the midfield is clearly his strong point and I think he is the best we have for doing that. Glad you commented on his courage I’ think that too. He never runs away and never hides and I admire him for that

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    A Sammi debate now that’s like a poppy and songs debate all rolled into one. The number of comments could be a record!!



    PS I like Sammi, now I’ve said it…………….

  6. My missus came to the match last night, finally managed to persuade her, on the way back home she’s saying how much she enjoyed it, she did have one question though,



    “The guy with the long hair….”



    “Samaras?” says I



    “yeah him, he seemed to me to be playing really well tonight but I could her lots of folk giving him dogs abuse, howcome?”



    Players need encouragement, end of




  7. The Pantaloon Duck on

    “The Hooiveld – Samaras point”? Sounds like a movie. Think I’ll wait for the DVD.

  8. With Samaras the saying seems to go that he is a ‘confidence player’. When things go right for him and the crowd get behind him he is buzzing all over the pitch. But when he is getting the blame for everything going wrong and abuse rains down from the stand he…tries just as hard.



    There isn’t really any difference in his applicatiion, just in how he is percieved.



    We are winning, he glides.


    We are losing, he is lazy.



    But Samaras more than anyone, for whatever reason does not get a fair trial with some folk.



    A couple of weeks ago a guy in the south stand booed him ON to the pitch!



    And on Saturday I heard a Sammy hater say “aye but he always plays well against St Mirren, just wait he’ll be $hite in the next game”



    Get a grip man. Some people can’t see what’s infront of them if it dosen’t suit their agenda.


    Well played Giorgious.



    El Mad




  9. The #9 Enigma can play, there’s no doubt about that.



    He also never hides, and he works his socks off.



    I hope his Celtic career has turned another corner; ghod knows we always need a hero.



    And he’s got the loveliest hair in world football.

  10. it came as no surprise that Spanish TV picked out Georgios as one of the most skilful players on the park last night. The Spaniards are the most accomplished players in the world and big Sammi looked world class and at home in that company – a 10 million player.


    The man is an enigma and almost crowned a great performance had his deft flick not produced an outstanding save from Madrid’s young ‘keeper.

  11. stephenpollock on

    Paul 67 – I simply reckon Jos never was given a chance to bed in – maybe we could not afford that. Unwisely he spoke but never delivered the good game at Celtic. He was capable but time and maturity seems to have been wrong side of him with Celtic.



    I always wonder about undisclosed fees? I kinda read that as one party got a bargain and the other got stuffed. What do you reckon? Did we retrieve our money or simply cut our losses?

  12. Paul67/Southbhoy,



    I commented late last night on the abuse given out at times last night esp where I sit in the LL Lower, to Sammi and others.



    Found it particularly galling last night as for me Sammi was defo one of our better players. To hear him getting howled at for other players poor passing towards him was driving me to distraction. If it wasnt for the fact that I was there with my 7yr old son I would have told certain people to shut it or words to that effect.



    Last thing my bhoy needs at his age is to see his old man involved in verbals with other fellow Celtic “supporters”.



    Sure Sammi can frustrate at times and have nightmare games, but the big fella Never hides, always makes himself available and will always have a go.



    Be delighted to see him play in the same role from now on, esp at Celtic Park where he can utilise the space or as you say Paul, for his own career sake, move to pastures new where his talent will be appreciated.



    For some reason the big fella seems to love it at Celtic despite the abuse he receives, and I commend him even more for that.


    I think everyone, even the continual abusers appreciate he has talent, would just love to see it manifest on a more frequent basis.






  13. Said to my son at half time last night that PL would have £££ signs in his eyes. His performance would have Spanish teams enquiring as to his availability and price

  14. I will continue to be available to drive Sammi to the destination of his choice even if it is as far South as Southampton!



    There is room for Broon to be dropped off on route as well.

  15. Never convinced by Hooiveld but he hardly played and made far fewer mistakes than Maj or Glenda.



    As with Rasmussen allowed to go without a chance because Mowbray signed him

  16. The Token Tim- I sometimes wonder why some fholk go to the games.



    Clearly ‘supporting the team’ does not fall within their remit of being a supporter.



    The idiot who had a go at the manager last week is another prime example.

  17. BBCchrismclaugChris McLaughlin


    Cha, Izaguirre, Rogne and K Wilson all back in full training for #Celtic



    a whole back 4 ready to return

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger says:


    1 December, 2011 at 15:11



    Come off it,these guys pay their ticket,have a right to shout


    all the abuse they like.


    if anyone said boo to them ,they would run to their mammies.




  19. joshooiveld20jos hooiveld


    Still want to say I had an amazing time in the cold and rainy but celtic-mad city! Honour to be part of the celtic family!


    1 hour ago



    joshooiveld20jos hooiveld


    Wish I’d done better up north, never really got to my level. Still feel gutted abt it, but sometimes things just don’t work out as planned..


    1 hour ago



    joshooiveld20jos hooiveld


    Thanks to both side of the fans! Thanks for the warm welcome from day one from the saints fans! And thanks for the warm reactions of Celts!


    1 hour ago

  20. Sir Paul



    There is nobuddy ,oan here,who has Excoriaited, Sammi, Mair..than I.



    Ah wiz thoroughly convinced that he wiz a Hopeless case..



    and then..



    Four Games , Ago..well.. Five,noo…



    Sammi, in Ma opinion.. BeCame …GOOD!



    Yep.. and the Reason wiz, whit You hiv jist Mentioned..



    Sammi,is a Goddamn Fine Wing Man… and he kin , cross some tasty Morsels.. that Kin be eaten up by oor Strikers..


    He is a Born Rampager…and there urnae too many o them.. in


    Captivity , at Parkheid oan the Clyde.



    And.. There Is Nothing Ah like Bettah than.. a Blankety Blankety Blank Gosh Honest.. Rampager!




    Sammi, Is a Natural Winger.



    Jeez….how come Ah never noticed that Afore?



    Noo ,that He has had Five Shots ,in the Wingman cum Half Hearted Mid Fielder Slot..



    Ah kin see that Sammi , should be the First Name oan the Sheet.. frum noo oan..






    Ah think that Sammi, is Swellegent.




  21. voguepunter, indeed.



    Hamiltontim, totally agree.



    Pantaloon Duck, it’s a book. Wait for the paperback.



    stephenpollock, Celtic always try to insert a ‘undisclosed fee’ element into a deal. It prevents other clubs from knowing what your value for any specific player is, high or low. Celtic will try to sign a central defender next month. If the sold Hooiveld for a high price the club they try to buy from would use this as a guide.



    Gross figures wash out in the account but nothing you can pin on any one deal.



    Token Tim, yes, totally agree.

  22. Before the Sammi and Broon lovers jump on ma Heid.



    My wish to dispose of their services is due to the fact that both have been with for over 3 years and neither has produced the goods to a sufficient extent to justify circa £40k a week between them.



    Time to move them on and get players who will deliver and not flatter to deliver.



    Just because you try hard, are brave doesn’t market you worth the kind of money we are paying them.

  23. On the matter of reserve sides.



    Historians have reckoned that a major failing of Celtic managements of the 1920s and 30s was the failure to fund a reserve side.



    This was carried into the 1940s when Celtic buried its head in the sand and did not entertain too many guest players during World War 11.



    This had a knock on effect into the 1950s.

  24. I cant go to games because I live abroad probably the biggest thing I miss living here in Sicily. After over 50 years of watching the Hoops I cant understand the treatment some of our players get from the fans. I also think its got worse over the last 10-15 years . Its a privelige to go and watch Celtic and support the team . If you cant do that stay away . These fandans need to take a long hard look at themselves

  25. Glad to see that Neil Lennon is improving.


    His decision NOT to criticize Kayal or Forster


    for last nights goal is a wise one.



    Well done Neil.




  26. .



    My Bhoy Georgious..#9..



    For the 28th..Get someone to Mark Davis Out of the Game and Let Sammi Run @ them and we Will take 5 Off them..







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