The human metronome skips a beat


Like the sun rising and setting, Callum McGregor’s availability has been metronomic.  He jogged off gingerly against Ross County on Saturday, so I doubt many of us were concerned that he would miss out tonight.  Callum’s consistency and fitness has been nothing short of miraculous for years.  Whatever this ‘knock’ is, it it overdue.  For you and me, this is a worry.  For James McCarthy, it is an opportunity to launch.

Greg Taylor’s absence will doubtlessly see Josip Juranovic shifted left, an unfamiliar position to the player, although where he made his Celtic debut at Ibrox.  Boli Bolingoli must surely ponder the career threatening personal consequences of his indulgence last summer.  The Yom Kippur absences arrived distinctly from left field.

Expectations are firmly and uniformly set low.  Over to you, Celtic.

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  1. Some wild results last night when to attacking sides went for it.



    Betis tend to concede and have done in every game this season apart from 1 easy friendly.



    Goals on the cards…..

  2. MARTIM1980 on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:01 PM



    Only selfish if it’s cutting across other discussion. I don’t see that it is and you can’t prove it is.



    Go ahead and post away about the game.



    Nobody’s stopping you.

  3. How is that acceptable to BT?



    Beggars belief.



    They should call their bluff and walk away.

  4. Basically threatened by Ibrox club to stay away or they are getting it! Incredible BT should refuse to cover game or just show 2 empty seats for the full 2 hours.. and don’t give them any money

  5. My Daughter’s Mother In Law,very ill with Covid,down in Rutland.To weak to be taken to hospital by car,told an Ambulance would be there in 2 hours.That was yesterday at 10 AM.Ambulance arrived today,30 mins ago.


    That was a GP calling in the Ambulance.The crew so apologetic,saying not enough crews,not enough Ambulances.Been on the go since midnight last night.

  6. Here is a question for all you academics out there.


    Why does nationalism attract the worst of people and bring out the worst of behaviour?


    Scottish nationalists, as witnessed on this site.


    The national front in England. The national front allied, of course, with their unionist friends in the six counties and here in Scotland.


    The front national in France.


    Nazism in Germany.


    Zionism in Israel.


    Trumpism in the US.


    Putinism in Russia


    Bolsonaro in Brazil.


    Duterte in the Philippines.


    Orban in Hungary.


    Erdogan in Turkey.


    I don’t like nationalism. I am an internationist.


    Nationalism is the lowest form of political ideology.


    For all you Tory haters on this site. If Scotland ever gains independence, you will be governed indefinitely by the Tories.

  7. Former Celtic duo Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon have been forced off of punditry duties for tonight’s UEFA Europa League matches due to security concerns at Ibrox, The Daily Record reports.



    The paper say they were due to provide analysis for the Celtic match away to Real Betis and the Rangers game at home to Lyon from Ibrox.



    However, BT Sport have now been informed it is not possible to accommodate the duo because of ‘security concerns’.



    The broadcaster have now been forced to abandon their initial plans and instead provide coverage from studios in London with a different punditry team.



    Both matches are still live on BT Sport 3. Celtic are up first with a 17:45 kick-off, with our city rivals taking on Lyon later in the evening.



    You have to question why security would be such a concern for something as trivial as football, but then I guess this isn’t a normal country sometimes.

  8. Four Spanish clubs went straight into the CL group stages this season. By winning the Europa League last season Villareal made that 5. Next year Scotland gets one representative. So as Paul says expectations are low cos the game has been a bogey for some time now with UEFA. By the way Sheriff Tiraspol won 2-0 last night.



    Betis are the Dundee Utd of old of scottish football, they are a playful and sporting side. However they know how to do sportsmanship and are every bit as passionate as us.



    The Romans called the region Betica and it is known as the region of Andalucia today. The Betic system is a system of mountain ranges which cross Southern Spain, with mountains a good bit higher then Ben Macdui.



    Football in Spain hails from Andalucia too. Recreativo de Huelva is the oldest club in the country, It was two scottish doctors working for Rio Tinto Company who founded a recreation club for the local employees in 1889. Betis won the spanish league in 1935 and Seville won their league title in 1946.



    Celtic will be showing a little more green tonight, even in an away strip, as Betis are playing in blue.



    Totally agree with Madmitch that the game is on for Ange against the scottish cringe. Ange is comfortable in a hostile media atmosphere but anybody would get worn down and peeved by these “sheep in wolves’ clothing” journos. Celtic TV needs to be a bastion for our big Aussie but sadly it’s not as the interviewers leave a lot to be desired.

  9. WESTCRAIGS on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:14 PM



    For all you Tory haters on this site. If Scotland ever gains independence, you will be governed indefinitely by the Tories.






    Right, who’s gonny tell him first …….???

  10. ERNIE LYNCH on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:10 PM


    How is that acceptable to BT?







    Beggars belief.







    They should call their bluf






  11. Of course its not a normal country, personally blame BT Sport for accepting the ban which is precisely what it is. In a normal country Sevco would be asked to explain what or who it was that was a threat to security?



    But then we all know what they really fear don’t we.



    Scotland’s shame.

  12. They’re an embarrassment, they know that they can’t trust their own supporters, well done to Sutton for calling them out

  13. Ernie @ 3:10



    BT must be held to account if they proceed with coverage of that game on this basis. They should pull it immediately.

  14. MADMITCH on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 2:27 PM


    FT @ 2.07



    Why does / should the green agenda have primacy in politics at the moment?



    Because there is an impending climate catastrophe and unless we act now it will have devastating impact on humanity forever.




    Are there not bigger issues to deal with globally than climate change?



    No (see above).




    Is it a case that you think climate change will affect you?



    It will affect everyone, starting with the poorest but eventually even the super rich will suffer.




    Progressive politics — who needs it when you and yours are fat and happy?



    You know nothing about me so let’s stick to the topic, eh?





    As an aside — When has the climate never changed?



    We’re talking about man made climate change.





    Ask the poor Vikings of Greenland — what happened to them?



    Ah… so you’re man made climate change denier! Explains a lot. You’ll be an anti vaxxer too then? Smoking doesn’t give you cancer, Trump had his election stolen, man never went to the moon, world is flat, the earth is run by lizards etc etc.



    So we’re left with two options. You’re a troll or an old fool. Either way we’re done,

  15. Mad Mitch16TH SEPTEMBER



    “If Indy ever happens then it will be a political dog’s breakfast the day after.



    Not for me — it would make the Darien project a beacon of rational planning by way of comparison.”



    Well, there we have it MM. Probably safe to take a shortcut and bale now, don’t you think 😉😉




  16. At the very least BT,at the beginning of the show, should explain the change of format, location and why.



    Anything less is suppressing a very relevant football story and effectively would be PR on behalf of sevco.

  17. Fourstonecoppi









    It begs the question


    What can they do to ensure peoples safety?




  18. Hmmmmm Frantic search for football related stories/tweets to show the main reason for posting is Celtic and not politics.



    Don’t forget to put HH at the end. 😉

  19. An Tearmann…”What can they do to ensure peoples safety?”



    They would lynch their own directors if they spoke out against it.


    Someone has to take a stand against these morons.

  20. ERNIE LYNCH on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 2:54 PM



    “On the issue of whether Scotland should leave the UK I’m not in a minority.



    But you carry on dreaming, if that’s what you need to keep you going.”



    Is there a poll that confirms this?

  21. WESTCRAIGS on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:14 PM



    Here is a question for all you academics out there.



    Why does nationalism attract the worst of people and bring out the worst of behaviour?





    Well as an academic the first thing I’d do is call into question your terminology.


    What do you mean by nationalism? It seems to me you are referring really to far right nationalism rather than say moderate nationalism. Nationalism as a political ideology served countries well in their fight against colonialism e.g. Ireland, America and many countries in Africa etc. Of course when taken to extremes (colonialism itself) it is dangerous, like most things when taken to extremes., including religion. So your question is really why are certain people attracted to far right nationalism? None of your examples were of moderate nationalisms.


    To answer the question, in most cases I’d say it’s, first and foremost, to achieve a position of personal power and stay there. It usually goes hand in hand with exploiting people’s fears and emotions and is rarely achieved by relying on reasonable arguments.



    Personally I find the argument for Scottish nationalism to be entirely reasonable although not indisputable. But I think there is a strong argument on two points: (i) if Scotland doesn’t gain independence it will forever be governed in major ways by a government the majority of Scottish people didn’t elect, i.e. Tories (ii) Scottish people didn’t vote yes to Brexit yet it was forced on them. I too would describe myself as an internationalist but believe it must be based on strong, self-confident nations not the absence of nations. And I believe a major Scottish National Party Policy is to rejoin the EU and to an active member of international forums and comply with existing international laws, so it is certainly not an example of extreme nationalism.

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