The human metronome skips a beat


Like the sun rising and setting, Callum McGregor’s availability has been metronomic.  He jogged off gingerly against Ross County on Saturday, so I doubt many of us were concerned that he would miss out tonight.  Callum’s consistency and fitness has been nothing short of miraculous for years.  Whatever this ‘knock’ is, it it overdue.  For you and me, this is a worry.  For James McCarthy, it is an opportunity to launch.

Greg Taylor’s absence will doubtlessly see Josip Juranovic shifted left, an unfamiliar position to the player, although where he made his Celtic debut at Ibrox.  Boli Bolingoli must surely ponder the career threatening personal consequences of his indulgence last summer.  The Yom Kippur absences arrived distinctly from left field.

Expectations are firmly and uniformly set low.  Over to you, Celtic.

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  1. @Celtic line up v Betis ……



    Hart, Juranovic, Starfelt, Carter-Vickers, Ralston, Turnbull, Rogic, Soro , Jota, Montgomery, Ajeti



    Subs: Bain, Barkas, Scales, McCarthy, Urhoghide, Shaw, Murray, Henderson, Welsh

  2. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Emailed BT sport to ask what the security risk would be if Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon were pundits at tonight’s game at Snake Mountain.


    I await their reply

  3. Chris Sutton








    Happy 20th Birthday to my miracle boy James❤️ Thanks to Yorkhill Hospital for keeping him alive all those years ago.

  4. Sevco had to have known that Sutton would go public with their security risk nonsense.



    This tells me that they care absolutely nothing for their public image. It’s all about pandering to the Billy boys and to hell with everyone else.

  5. Not sure about Turnbull and Rogic on at the same time to start – hope I am wrong. I would have gone with Welsh or Mccarthy. But what do I know… COYBIG



  6. A midfield of Soro, Turnbull and Rogic gets over run and over run without difficulty tonight.



    If McCarthy is fit and you assume he is because he’s a sub, then it’s the wrong call. He has to start.



    We can file this beside playing Bitton against Midtjylland.

  7. An Dún



    Given the lack of squad depth and injuries I’d say this match is pretty much a fee hit.



    Hell, I’d say this whole Europa campaign is a bit of a free hit.



    The important thing is that we limp on to January still in touching distance of top spot in the league.

  8. So, two men in Scotland are prevented from doing their job by unspecified threats and wider society is ok with this?

  9. Ok I’ll be more optimistic.



    With that midfield, CCV lack of pace will not be exposed. He’ll be camped in our own penalty area for most of the night.

  10. Thanks Embramike



    couple of points



    1. why 2 goalies on the bench?


    2. interesting that Starfelt gets the nod over Welsh


    3. very young bench



    mon the Hoops

  11. What’s galling about Sutton and Lennon being denied access is that the huns quite simply don’t care how it looks.

  12. Uncle Jimmy



    The rest of Scotland (and the UK) can just frame this as being a West of Scotland problem and swiftly move on. If you make any more noise about it then we might have to talk about those Catholic schools…

  13. The real reason is that Rangers didn’t want their fans embarrassing the club with their displays of racist and sectarian hatred towards Lennon and Sutton in full view of the TV cameras.

  14. BT should pull coverage of tonights game and withold the fee due to Sevco, the match observer should also be informed of what is going on so as he can include this in his match report, because it has no chance of being mentioned here by any media outlet.


    Police Scotland must investigate threats made against anyone and this should be taking place as we speak, they can also say no game cancelled due to the security situation, the mob doing this must be aware it is them who have caused this.No One else.

  15. WESTCRAIGS on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:14 PM


    Here is a question for all you academics out there.



    Why does nationalism attract the worst of people and bring out the worst of behaviour?



    Scottish nationalists, as witnessed on this site.



    ##=never a member of the snp independent fully informed debate unlikely 2014 when little England’s nationalism was not fully told to country.


    A socialist left govt will be elected once the blairites and broonites see a route to power.i only hope they have someone who can add up or a leader who will not sanction death as in wiping out 300,000 in iraq.we can do without that type of ‘new’marketing##



    The national front in England. The national front allied, of course, with their unionist friends in the six counties and here in Scotland.


    #handy little chatels to that little England nationalism you omitted.not unusual,sitting here in Ireland with nigh on 1,000 year history of little englands famed amnesia



    The front national in France.


    Nazism in Germany.


    Zionism in Israel.



    Now your out with the slurry gun,alas it shows a tortured understanding of what is happening in Scotland as well as trying to square peg a round hole mentioning Nazism which was in awe of the brit empire documenting its slaughter/ much in awe it was the template for administering its horror



    Trumpism in the US.




    Putinism in Russia



    Bolsonaro in Brazil.



    Duterte in the Philippines.



    Orban in Hungary.



    Erdogan in Turkey.



    I don’t like nationalism. I am an internationist.


    #I am internationalist.i loathe nationalism too.english nationalism gave us Brexit.the uk has already lost more in one year than every contribution to Europe since 73.#



    Nationalism is the lowest form of political ideology.


    ## but little English nationalism in its Tory form is ok?##



    For all you Tory haters on this site. If Scotland ever gains independence, you will be governed indefinitely by the Tories.


    ##Your slant is ancient .it was used last century against the its the Scots.Your Labour Party will know what they are like if a route to power is seen…alas blairy and brooni betrayed their own.any honest socialist will tell you that.#



    You omitted British Nationalism/Boris in Westminster


    That is a massive omission.



    Inculcated amnesia.its what the union is famed for.



    You have a good night now.


    To Celtic👉



  16. there will be the no us guv defense lined up now ………..



    bus graffitti – po[ice looking for someone known as “bansky”



    threats – neil lennon cupped his ears at the front stand when hibs manager and some people are still affected



    threats – sutton is a shitebag.



    bt has subbed them with LESS CONTROVERSIAL Roy Keane and James MccLEAN

  17. I always struggle with the ‘not match fit’ thing



    If you are on the bench, you are expected to able to come on at any point


    If you are always on the bench and get little time on the pitch then you can’t be ‘match fit’ by the definition of playing regular games


    We used to drop players into the reserves when we had them to keep players ‘match fit’



    So are our bench ‘fit’ but not ‘match fit’ ?



    Ajeti and Griffiths from last season are great examples. Lennon said they were not fit but wouldn’t play them.



    i’m confused

  18. The Sutton/Lennon Ibrox ban added to the Cinch & BBC snubs, and Robertson’s derisory comments on the SPFL/SKY TV deal, calling it paltry, shows that *Rangers are intent on flexing their muscles and spoiling for a fight with all commercial partners who support Scottish football.



    They are looking for a way out in order to secure their own rights deal. The five Scottish clubs who launched an initiative yesterday realise this – how will Celtic respond?

  19. I do not get ‘Match Fit’ either



    Pro Golfers are always ready for 72 holes


    Tennis player up for a five setter



    What is it with Footballers?

  20. With no Calmac, Ange’s hand has pretty much been forced. Don’t think many would want Turnbull and Rogic on at the same time. McCarthy ? Not even for 60 minutes?



    Turgid 0-0 , with no new injuries would do for me right now.

  21. I well remember Paul’s maxim on here a few years ago


    If you give a player an excuse – plastic pitch, heavy pitch, too many games, short pre-season – he will grab it with both feet!

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