The jeopardy we enjoy so much


A draw in with Sheriff in Moldova, a draw away to Olympiakos to stop them reaching their sixth consecutive group stage qualification, a win against Inter in the San Siro, a two goal defeat in Prague and a draw in Southampton. That’s a stunning European away record for a team of no-hopers from Israel. Or so we thought.

In the middle of that run Hapoel Be’re Shiva lost 5-2 at Celtic Park before giving us a fright in the return leg. Olympiakos are seven clear in Greece and join Be’er Shiva in the Europa League knock-out rounds. Inter and Southampton are out.

What do we learn from this? The principle lesson is that there are no guarantees in football. Even good teams can be dumped out of Europe by a team they’ve never previously heard of (I’d no prior knowledge of Be’er Shiva).

The Israelis went 2-0 ahead against Celtic in the return leg three minutes into the second half. Brendan Rodgers put his team into lockdown mode and got the result but, final outcome aside, it was a horrible night’s football. Not for the first time last summer, this season’s project looked shaky.

If Celtic got out of jail, Olympiakos were shocked. We could afford some respect towards a team who came close, but the Greeks were devastated their club was derailed by apparent nonentities.

Celtic, like Olympiakos, have a development plan which is delivering, but even if we had the budget of Southampton or Inter we’re still going to lose out to a team none of us rate in our annual summer lottery. That wee bit of jeopardy is why we enjoy European football so much.

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  1. foghorn leghorn on

    “Poor People ….who needs them eh…”





    and that is the whole crux of it.



    that fact is that that fat cat 5% in the world need a quarter of the world to live in poverty and starvation to keep themselves in the lap of luxury.



    but they.dont give a fu

  2. This is the same PLC Board that listened to the CT re living wage, a debate I had with HT, and has delivered us to the cusp of siar! They also have built probably one of the premier foundations in the U.K.


    Sharon Brown is an excellent appointment!


    What do you want them to do? Take corporate responsibility and no reward? Grow up!!


    They are simply the current custodians of our club and the PLC is the direct result of our club being saved financially by Fergus and his decision to structure his exit that way. So instead of carping and criticising tell us what you would do to change it going forward. Maybe three Celtic minded families to take it over and run it like their own personal fiefdom, that’s what got us into the sh1t in the first place.


    So come on all you critics outline your business model for the future. Or are you just going to sit on your backsides and criticise



  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    So fecking what.


    Go to a foodbank, you might fecking learn something

  4. Green man


    Are we talking politics or football?


    Are all society’s ills down to our Board?



  5. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Good line-up, glad Griff, Gamboa and GMS are in. Surprised but happy that Tam’s in from the start.

  6. TET my mim one made me serve mass after a bmx accident not believing me my wrists were aching


    after mass chance meeting with a nurse ‘ get him to hospital’ – two broken wrists two stookies

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    I have nothing but contempt for numpties on our board who support rabid tory policies against the poor and disabled.


    So excuse me if i dont give a flying feck about Lord Livingston or Sharon Brown.


    Tory ideology…on a Celtic board…..Do they even know the origins of Celtic?

  8. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Hoping for a big night from GMS – Zig and Zag reunited with Griff at the front, and Scott and Tam pulling the strings… goals!



    Mon the Bhoys!

  9. Celtic TV on- check



    Beer in hand-c heck



    Hoose tae masel- check



    Life is good.



    Never clicked once on the JJ website. Why would anyone read that mince, and earn them money while they data mine your entire life? It’s just garbage clickbait.

  10. A very good day to all. May your Christmas shopping be stress free and swift!



    Cheltenham 1.50




  11. Apologies Fleage that previous post should read King’s Odyssey @ 1.50 Cheltenham not 3.00. However with this seasons form I doubt it will ultimately matter!

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