The joys of keeping it down


I had a look back to see when we last played as well. 0-4 at Easter Road? 0-4 at Livingston? You could make the case that last night’s 4-0 win over St Mirren was our best performance since the same score against Newco in September.  Remember, before a narrow loss at Tynecastle on Saturday, Saints were undefeated since 5 November.

Jota set the tempo. He drew and disposed of defenders early in the game, which disorientated the visitors. Everything that followed looked easy. Liel Abada again showed his striker’s instinct by finding space inside a packed penalty area, then, when his chance came, he kept his thunderous shot down. So many players instinctively hit chances like this with all their might, unconcerned by the probability it will fly over the crossbar.

The second goal was a delight. Hatate sent an inch-perfect forward pass, only just beyond the last defender. Kyogo used his low centre of gravity to shield the ball before lobbing it over the keeper to watch it dip into the net. As with Abada’s goal, attempts like this more often than not fly over the bar.  The joys of keeping it down are great.

Fair play to St Mirren, who unlike other recent visitors, came to compete. That forward thinking cost them when Jota found Kyogo on the break for the third goal. David Turnbull’s goal was a reminder that he is the best in the squad from outside the box – an underrated attribute.

Yuki Kobayashi (22) made a flawless debut, in for the injured Cameron Carter-Vickers. The left-footer allowed Carl Starfelt to move to his more natural right-side position. Stiffer tests lie ahead for Yuki, but having natural left-right footed central defenders is always a plus.

With Celtic in this form, you almost feel sorry for the rest. I mean, can you imagine being the guy having to compete with a winning machine like Celtic?

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    BIG JIMMY on 19TH JANUARY 2023 11:43 AM


    TURKEYBHOY on 19TH JANUARY 2023 10:57 AM





    Big Jimmy,















    Henkes chip,might have been a tad higher than Kyogos,debatable,but he was further out.The up and down Kyogo got last night was incredible.Big keeper charging out at him.











    It was perfection.As was Henkes.Both sublime.










    I was only ” KIDDING” Mate when I said that HENRIKS LOB was Higher than KYOGOs….I really couldnt say either way ?





    However, BOTH LOBS were MAGIC……But HENRIKs was the BEST for me, as it was against the Huns !





    JOTA’s LOB V the Huns at Celtic Park earlier this season was also sheer CLASS.







    I was also ” Only KIDDING” when I said that I was better than PELE ?










    HH Mate.



    BIG JIMMY on 19TH JANUARY 2023 11:44 AM







    Big Jimmy











    Stay aff the sherry….😆










    Will Do mate.













    BIG JIMMY on 19TH JANUARY 2023 11:52 AM


    LEFTCLICKTIC on 19TH JANUARY 2023 11:36 AM





    Unique angle goals I hope
























    Thanks for Posting that Mate.












    Liel Abadas VOLLEY wasnt too SHABBY either

  2. glendalystonsils on

    can you imagine being the guy having to compete with a winning machine like Celtic?



    Indeed, Paul . It would reduce such a person to a bumbling , pish talking wreck .



    Wouldn’t it Mick?

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Trying to decide which is least appropriately named – an “all-weather” pitch which doesn’t work in all weather or a manager who loses 5-0 called GoodWin………

  4. Andy Murray getting a temp kick-in-the-knackas from the local lad Kokkinakis. Intriguing game.



    Andy is dressed in green and white Castore gear. Probably not for sale down Kinning Park way.



    Mind how we laughed at they brothers in the shed?? Their company is now valued at circa £750million. And AM is one of their key shareholders.



    Weirdly their ethos is the Ange-inspired ‘Better Never Stops’. Cmon Andy son!

  5. Turkeybhoy on 19th January 2023 10:49 am



    BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2023 11:44 PM






    The delay for Kyogo’s goal was very obvious to make it out that,we had ‘got away with one there’, and ‘these things even themselves out in the end’ bollix,don’t believe the hype….












    It’s not possible to”Get away with one” at the Var offsides



    Totally disagree, Jota’s goal at Fir Park was onside, the lines that were eventually shown,were from a camera on the M74,their explanation said Jota was offside when he touched the ball,he was,but that’s not the rule,it’s when the pass is struck.Even Motherwell CEO Burrows said he seen the lines from a different camera, from what the rest of us seen.

  6. Turnbull didn’t exactly look like a happy camper after scoring his goal. I suspect he is somewhat less than happy about his lack of game time. He may be one who is looking for a summer exit.

  7. PHILCOOL on 19TH JANUARY 2023 12:34 PM


    I think that Kyogo,s chip was far higher than Henrik,s.




    MAYBE Mate…but NOT as HIGH as Kenny Miller was when JOZO sent the CHUMP into ORBIT at Ipox !





  8. Prestonpans bhoys on

    BIGCHIPSUK on 19TH JANUARY 2023 12:52 PM



    He’s probably under shook that he made a forward move rather than pass the ball side to side or behind him 🫣

  9. Go tell the Spartim on

    Maybe its just peoples nature that they look for a negative angle on all things, maybe just maybe DT was upset with his giving the ball away more than he usually does, its as good a theory as is already out there.

  10. Easy to forget how much we were outplayed by St Mirren earlier in the season. We’ve got better since then, strikers taking chances, a keeper in form, a defence that can cope easily without CCV and Greg Taylor, a midfield that finishes stronger than the opposition. We haven’t peaked yet and we’ve got new players still to come in, a well-oiled machine into which players can come or drop out of with little effect



    Meanwhile everything looks a struggle for the teddy bears and their players. I heard a conversation on the radio about spurs and how they always play poorly in the first half and have been able to turn it round at half time until they came up against a very good team, very much like Beale’s boys. The experts on the panel said that if the game needed to be rescued every time, if they didn’t play for the first 45 minutes in game after game then there was a problem with the coaching. The message either wasn’t getting through or the message itself was the problem



    Different game coaching and managing. Beale seems to be learning on his feet, as you’d expect? but bluffing can only take you so far.



    25 years experience of management vs 5 minutes is playing out in front of us

  11. AN TEARMANN on 19TH JANUARY 2023 12:29 PM


    Fella walks down the town givin out Podiums


    Well done McPhailbhoy :-)








    It would have been rude to refuse


    HH An Tearmann

  12. Ange seems to have excellent judgement on when its the right time to introduce new faces, or if they’re going to work at all.

  13. imo the difference last night was jota playing on his favoured left side ,far more productive for the team playing on the left than on the right.

  14. That was a gamble last night – Yuki is only 22 and has been out of Japan for 3 weeks but Ange saw enough in him to put him up against a center forward pairing who gave Welsh and Jenz a torrid time earlier in the season.



    A huge vote of confidence in the young man and it was rewarded with a huge confidence building performance.

  15. Kobayashi, at first sight, looks very comfortable on the ball. He’ll also need to compete with the physical nature of football here. He missed a few challenges in the air last night, albeit against some very good aerial combatants in the St Mirren team, Curtis Main etc. I’d play the boy again on Saturday.

  16. BIGCHIPSUK on 19TH JANUARY 2023 12:52 PM


    Turnbull didn’t exactly look like a happy camper after scoring his goal.






    He did look miserable when he scored.



    I thought he was just waiting for VAR to call it as offside.



    Why get your hopes up?

  17. So Tom Mc Laughlin decides to compare pitches in the 70s,to today’s,to make,well no idea what he was trying to make.Nonsense.We also have another normally very good poster,telling us that Sky,enhance the EPL pitches to make them look good.Really ?.So they would have to enhance the roll of the ball,to stop it bumping,you know,cut out all the muddy patches,the ball slows in.Marvelous what they can do now.


    All because of a comment on our pitch,which Brendan said was not suitable for the fast play of our team.So the club purchased the new Hybrid pitch,at a cost of 3 million.


    Does that pitch last night look like a 3 million one.Its already been ripped up and replaced.No improvement,and it does not suit our style of play,but never mind,Jimmy Mc Grory played on worse.

  18. The unique angle footage is fantastic for realising how fast everything actually happens,






    Offside needs revised or removed to give attackers advantage, so many goals ruled out for the width of toenails



    if not doing away with it, make it the attacker has to be completely body ahead of the defender with clear daylight between them,



    having said all that, and as wonderful as he is, i as getting a wee bit frustrated with Kyogo on/off/on/off positioning and often feel he has the speed on the defender even with staying onside all the time,


    and the accuracy of those jota and hatate passes are just special.



    special special mention for the cross kyogo did perfection, and then the offside goal set up, just exceelent football awareness.

  19. bournesouprecipe on




    Drole Monsieur – but funny in an Ernie way






    I can’t possibly argue with that



    A comparison of Henrik’s famous chip with Kyogo’s orbital lobs gets us nowhere IMO. Henrik chipped the ball like a proper golf ‘chip’ off the ground, Kyogo ‘cheats’ slightly and waits to pounce on a bouncing ball much to the annoyance of advancing goalies, and equally as effectively as the K of K at the end of the day



    As ever

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