The kind of Armageddon that buys you a meal, takes you to a show & onto a nightclub


As far as Armageddons go, this one will surely be known as the Amiable Nursemaid of all Armageddons.  The kind that not so much wipes everyone out, but buys them a meal, then takes them to a show and onto a nightclub.

Sky has renewed their deal to cover the Scottish Premier League after Our Man sorted them out yesterday.  They will show a handful of Scottish Football League games as part of the deal, a nice quid-pro-quo for SPL clubs for their annual contribution to the lower leagues.

Delicious irony: those SFL rights are worth more to each SPL club than they are to any SFL club.

Chief harbinger of doom, Neil Doncaster, will, on the one hand, be relieved that there is still income to pay his wages.  On the other hand, he must surely be embarrassed at the spectacularly in accurate scenario he portrayed to SFL clubs, and to several people in the media.  Did he embark on a flamboyant bluff or did he simply not know what he was talking about?

Remember, why we are here in the first place… Our good causes this year are The Haven Centre in Blantyre, Oscar Knox Neuroblastoma Appeal, Martin Chambers Ecuador Trust and Aberdour Primary School Parents’ Association.

We have already distributed over £2000 thanks to the sale of a Joseph Gormley painting back in April. We have two further fantastic paintings by Joseph; one of Scott Brown and one of Henrik Larsson. We also have a wonderful signed Neil Lennon print by the artist Gary Brandham.

The items are being raffled on ebay right now for the price of a £1 ticket. Winners will be drawn at the CQN Open on Friday night. There will be further raffles and auctions on Friday night with some excellent golfing and other sporting activities been donated by the Celtic family. Perhaps the pick is a limited edition canvas print of John Thomson, donated by the John Thomson Memorial Committee. There are only 22 of these in the entire world, representing the 22 years of John’s life.

This is a unique opportunity to win three great pieces of Celtic memorabilia, items which would normally be pushed out of the reach of most people at auction. Tickets cost £1, buy as many as you like, but participate. This is what your club is all about!

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  1. Congrats bubblegum ,



    if you can be at the Kano Korner from about 6:45 tonight , you can collect your tickets and maybe meet Kingoh as well – hope he doesn’t scare your 5yo – enjoy .




  2. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    That’s how to win a Gold Medal – lead from start to finish.


    Well Done Helen Glover and Heather Stannish.

  3. starry plough @11:54




    Each to their own Matey :o)))



    Btw, I huvny bought the Celtic View since Fergus tried to get, Matt McGlone to turn the CV into a new-boards version of Pravda !!!


    P.S. Matt quit the CV as, Mr McGlone is a CELTIC SUPPORTER !!!


    If only we had some of them currently running the club.imo


    I’ll get my coat…


    God Bless Hail Hail

  4. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    I am a one man crime family against the game of Golf– my golfing skills are such that I , alone, could set the game back years by simply allowing the youth of today to watch me play with a golf club.



    However, yes I will be there because my lack of skill with a golf club is more than made up by my ability to talk bollocks!



    Traditionalist 88



    That is not the worst article by Roddy although It still has major flaws– alas of out now so will point them out at another time.



    To my knowledge, HMRC at no time changed their attitude and the reason they gave for rejecting the CVA shows what that attitude was all along.



    Remember also that I believe Roddy was one of those who said that a deal would be done with HMRC and he certainly predicted a short sharp Administration period which would see Rangers emerge with all debt wiped, and would see them resume normal service and in a stronger position that ever!

  5. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on 1 August, 2012 at 10:03 said:



    Unfortunately I have to disagree with you about no Celtic fan jsut wanting the ‘big four’. I worked in out ticket office at the point where it was still relatively hard to get a ST if you were new, and getting a ‘special’ one was one of the best routes into getting a full one – especially if you were a group that wanted to sit together.



    I personally dealt with 10s (if not hundreds) of people that refused the offer of a ‘special’ purely because it wasn’t worth it without the Rangers games.



    Now you can argue whether these guys were real Celtic fans or not but it’s a fact that there are (or certainly were) those amongst our support that don’t really see beyond those games and maybe Europe.

  6. KevJungle – Murdo..10 men Championees..1979 on 1 August, 2012 at 12:01



    It’s the weight of the grudge that crushes the man…



    Fergus God Bless Him is long gone from Celtic, it’s history what your talking about, in fact you only ever talk about Celtic’s past and cast up every thing that has ever happened at the club, I wouldnae like to be your wife!!




  7. Kev



    Firstly you said it was your opinion that PL’s interference prevented the names you mentioned being recruited as Celtic manager.



    Then you said you can’t reveal your source.



    I’m confused is it an opinion or a fact?

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on 1 August, 2012 at 10:03 said:


    Good Morning on this first day of August 2012.



    Exactly. I say this all the time to people ( who are not Celtic fans & “those” types of Celtic fans still suckling on the MSMs withered tit): I support Celtic and I don’t care who they play, I will be there supporting them no matter what the circumstances may be. But people just have this glassy eyed look on their glaikit faces even as I utter those words to them- our perceived zealotry or presumed fanaticism is something that will forever remain a deep enigmatic mystery to such people- they are fated never to know that kind of partisan passion, that reaches its apogee in the breathless exhilaration of 90 minutes, that we, sharing the privilege of being Celtic fans are intimately familiar with.



    As for Spiers: he is just another acrimoniously hurting Orc who is cleaved through with the rancour of his own resentment. Like all the other members of the LL club he is desperate to spray a little of that Agent Orange, labelled “Cynicism Inc”, onto our Rose Garden. This is something we will have to get used to in the next few years, unless these vexated bigots in the MSM are weeded out, and of course we know that is very unlikely to happen. The only way that is ever going to occur is if Spiers, Traynor and those of their ilk are so consumed by spite they indict and condemn themselves with the perturbation of their own grudge glutted words- they might just go too far in the malicious offensiveness of their subjective displeasure and despite the low standards we are accustomed to in the Scottish gutter Press we might even see an end to them. I’m of a mind that the delirious Traynor’s recent surfeit of printed ravings has already reached that level of unacceptable obnoxiousness.


    But I have no doubt the mock outrage, the martyred fury, the wounded indignation and bogus umbrage will only increase at an exponential rate the closer they get to the top table again- their uncultured fans, their newly anointed custodians, their tormented cheerleaders in the Press, will all be seething with resentment and will have been cherishing their malice like a bloody prize. Nietzsche said that all underdogs, the slave classes, have a concomitant psychology of resentment that defines their identity. They agitate for change, for the “greater good” and for the sake of moral truth, which they don’t really believe, hoping to weaken the powerful masters with feelings of guilt so that they surrender some of their power and transfer it to the slaves- what if those “slaves” were once those who believed themselves to be the “Masters”- what levels of resentment would we see then?


    I think we are on the cusp of finding out just what that will be like in the months and years ahead.

  9. Paul 67


    Do you think Companies House will allow the Sevco name change?



    Rangers new owner Charles Green faces company name problems


    By Martin Conaghan BBC Scotland



    BBC Scotland has learned that Charles Green’s Sevco 5088 company is not currently permitted to inherit the name ‘The Rangers Football Club’.



    Any attempt to adopt the name ‘The Rangers Football Club’ would require the approval of the liquidators, BDO.



    Companies House has said that a name change application has not been made by Sevco 5088, and may not be possible.



    The consortium claims the full company name has already been transferred over by the administrators Duff & Phelps.



    ‘The Rangers Football Club P.L.C.’, which has the registered company number SC004276, has not yet been dissolved, but will inevitably be liquidated due to unpaid debts.



    BBC Scotland can confirm that the company’s liquidators, BDO, have not yet taken control of the company’s affairs, and may not do so for some time.



    Green’s consortium confirmed to BBC Scotland that a purchase of the assets and intellectual property of The Rangers Football Club P.L.C. has been concluded with the administrators Duff & Phelps, which includes the company name.



    A Rangers spokesman told BBC Scotland: “The administrators have already given their approval for the name change and the process will be completed shortly.



    “The company name was part of the assets of the company which was sold to Charles Green’s consortium.”



    The spokesman also said any regulatory problems related to changing Sevco 5088’s name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd are not currently an issue because liquidation of the old company has not yet commenced.



    However, a Companies House spokesperson told BBC Scotland: “Sevco 5088 would not be able to apply to change its name to ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ until either the original company is fully dissolved, a process which can take about a year to complete, or the receivers give the go-ahead for the name change to take place.



    “From a regulations standpoint, once the receivers or the liquidators/administrators for the current PLC agree to a name change, Sevco 5088 could then apply to change its name to ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’.



    “If they apply without following this procedure, systems are in place to flag up names which are too similar.”



    Article 10.7 of the Scottish FA’s Articles of Association states that the name of a club cannot be changed without SFA board approval, while Article 74.2 states that a club’s name cannot be changed to anything linked with sponsorship.



    The Scottish Premier League has no specific regulations regarding the naming of clubs or their parent companies.



    Green’s newco continues to trade under the name Sevco 5088, which has the company number 08011390, meaning it was registered in England. The sole director listed on the Companies House website is Charles Alexander Green, and while the company may trade under any name it chooses, its legal name cannot be the same or similar to another company in the register.



    The ‘Sevco’ prefix is a generic company name, often used by organisations which register companies on someone else’s behalf. Sevco names can be registered in bulk through Companies House and renamed at a later date as long as strict naming criteria are met.



    Companies House is a government agency run by the department of business and enterprise and deals with the registration and incorporation of UK businesses. All documentation relating to limited companies, including information such as company names, directors, accounts and share allocations, must be processed through the agency.



    The proposed name for the new Rangers company is ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’. All UK companies limited by liability via shares or guarantee must end with ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd.’ – only public companies traded on the stock exchange can end in PLC or P.L.C.



    Shares in Rangers Football Club were suspended from the Plus Stock Exchange on 9 January.



    Other companies currently registered at Companies House with similar names include: Rangers Limited, Rangers.co.uk Limited, The Rangers FC Group Limited, Rangers Football Club of Glasgow Ltd, Rangers GB Limited and Rangers (2012) Ltd.





  10. North.NorthWest of Neil Lennon on

    son of gabriel, illiadis got knocked out in second round against denisov!! complete shock!!!

  11. stevenagebhoy on




    Truman Capote/ Gore Vidal. My apologies. Sadly both have gone now.






    It was GV that once said “It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.” What and who could he have talking about………………………………?