The kind of Armageddon that buys you a meal, takes you to a show & onto a nightclub


As far as Armageddons go, this one will surely be known as the Amiable Nursemaid of all Armageddons.  The kind that not so much wipes everyone out, but buys them a meal, then takes them to a show and onto a nightclub.

Sky has renewed their deal to cover the Scottish Premier League after Our Man sorted them out yesterday.  They will show a handful of Scottish Football League games as part of the deal, a nice quid-pro-quo for SPL clubs for their annual contribution to the lower leagues.

Delicious irony: those SFL rights are worth more to each SPL club than they are to any SFL club.

Chief harbinger of doom, Neil Doncaster, will, on the one hand, be relieved that there is still income to pay his wages.  On the other hand, he must surely be embarrassed at the spectacularly in accurate scenario he portrayed to SFL clubs, and to several people in the media.  Did he embark on a flamboyant bluff or did he simply not know what he was talking about?

Remember, why we are here in the first place… Our good causes this year are The Haven Centre in Blantyre, Oscar Knox Neuroblastoma Appeal, Martin Chambers Ecuador Trust and Aberdour Primary School Parents’ Association.

We have already distributed over £2000 thanks to the sale of a Joseph Gormley painting back in April. We have two further fantastic paintings by Joseph; one of Scott Brown and one of Henrik Larsson. We also have a wonderful signed Neil Lennon print by the artist Gary Brandham.

The items are being raffled on ebay right now for the price of a £1 ticket. Winners will be drawn at the CQN Open on Friday night. There will be further raffles and auctions on Friday night with some excellent golfing and other sporting activities been donated by the Celtic family. Perhaps the pick is a limited edition canvas print of John Thomson, donated by the John Thomson Memorial Committee. There are only 22 of these in the entire world, representing the 22 years of John’s life.

This is a unique opportunity to win three great pieces of Celtic memorabilia, items which would normally be pushed out of the reach of most people at auction. Tickets cost £1, buy as many as you like, but participate. This is what your club is all about!

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  1. Non-sequitur of the year from Stewart Regan:



    “I think when you’re looking at taking a new company back in the league…”

  2. David Hay


    Scottish football will suffer with Sevco in the 3rd division


    Sevco have been severly punished, with people putting the boot in



    Sorry Davy Ex Celtic manager yer talking pash

  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18509619



    However, a Companies House spokesperson told BBC Scotland: “Sevco 5088 would not be able to apply to change its name to ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ until either the original company is fully dissolved, a process which can take about a year to complete, or the receivers give the go-ahead for the name change to take place.



    “From a regulations standpoint, once the receivers or the liquidators/administrators for the current PLC agree to a name change, Sevco 5088 could then apply to change its name to ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’.



    “If they apply without following this procedure, systems are in place to flag up names which are too similar.”



    Article 10.7 of the Scottish FA’s Articles of Association states that the name of a club cannot be changed without SFA board approval, while Article 74.2 states that a club’s name cannot be changed to anything linked with sponsorship.

  4. Good stuff up_over_goal



    At a glance, we appear to be the richest sports club in the world… who don’t benefit from an obscene TV deal, and richer than many clubs who do.


    If you’ve ever looked at the worldwide top attendance figures, on Wiki say, then our prominence among the top 20 sports clubs in the world is always evident. Notable, in fact, for how out of place we are, among teams from the worlds richest leagues and sports.


    These are the kind of stats I’d have looked for as a kid, and there will be kids all over the world (fans of the Yankees, or Barca, or any other club with a massive fanbase) who will see our name and wonder who we are. I’d like to think they’ll find out, clink the link and discover something exciting… albeit a little bizarre.


    Sadly that’s what the last ten years, and the last year in particular, have made our huge average attendance look like – a bizarre quirk. It’s fast getting to the stage where only Celtic fans understand why so many of us support Celtic. Any explanation of our circumstances could only call our sanity into question, after all it’s not like we pay less for our product than fans of those other teams. We are among the most unique and valuable consumers on the planet.


    I find it hard to believe that we don’t figure in discussions, at the highest levels, about the future of sports media – how could you look at those stats and not wonder about the potential of the club from a tiny league who can match the big league clubs pound for pound. Except I don’t really believe it. I’m sure SKY would pounce on the opportunity to shove us straight in the EPL, but, the opportunity would require an awful lot of firmly shut doors to be opened at the same time. Suer, it could happen, and media companies will be delighted to take advantage, but it’s far easier to keep pushing Fulham and Stoke as viable worldwide franchises. Maybe one day, painful though this is to acknowledge, Stoke will be more famous and better supported than we are. In my opinion, that’s exactly what will happen if we remain in the SPL for the next 25 years (although not necessarily Stoke, of course).


    Those stats, in the context of the SPL, are absurd and astonishing and further evidence that Celtic remain just about the most compelling story in team sports anywhere. Still though, I doubt I’ve ever felt our future is more bleak.



    Just as a wee side note… Did Billy McNeil not talk a lot about how Celtic had to spend more to get the same value for money as a club like Aberdeen, for whom a £500k player would be captain and contender for POTY, whilst such a player at Celtic would do well to see the bench some seasons. The notion, I think, is that we’re paying a bit extra for much the same effect because the strain of playing for a club that is expected to win 90% of their games, and plays in front of one of the largest crowds on the planet negates much of the extra value a premium player has over a non-premium player. The impact on Celtic can be gleaned from our relatively high ranking in the wages table – if we’re competing with borderline amateurs why are we paying the kind of wages that would do a job in the NFL or EPL? But, that’s another story, what will be interesting is the effect it will have on Sevco. Not too many of their squad will be used to such high expectations, even fewer will have been part of a professional team which has won 80 or 90% of their fixtures in a season, but that’s exactly what their fans will expect. It’s going to be tough for some of these guys.

  5. I still cant get my head around sevco players/management walking around dressed in tennents sponsored rfc strips with five star logo intact. Even their media stuff has all the rfc shit in the background.


    Even though the unrepentant mongrels are yet to be liquidated, how can a brand new company go around calling themselves rangers, same fat manager as the club facing liquidation, same database of season ticket holders and playing at the same ground. They even display the same level of bigotry.


    Will BDO put an end to this nonsense when they begin the liquidation process?

  6. With season ticket sales matching last season and a SKY deal in place, does Green still want to compare balance sheets at the end of the season with SPL clubs?



    Stupid Third Division huns…

  7. The huns are getting really desperate now: they want to start a campaign to reinstate any league campaigns they won during WWII, just in case they have any deducted due to the second contract scandal.



    Dignity, eh?

  8. Listening to shortbread, traynor saying he believes Sevco will be in the spl next season, preston reckons they’ll be in spl2

  9. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Mu god Snyde tonight is as one sided as ive ever heard it,,,and that’s saying something,,,not one call from anyone with a differing opinion to Dawwyl or Ian McCall!!!



    Poor Sevco,,,they have been punished enough,,we are doomed without them,,,, blah blah blah,,PASH!!




  10. Valentine's Day on



    The huns lifted everything during the war everything bar rifles

  11. Magic indeed… I’m a pretty infrequent lurker these days, although still catch the main posts and scan through for a wee piece from Brogan or Auldheid and their ilk. Finding a bit of time on my hands, and thoroughly enjoying up_over_goals link to a nerdy masterpiece, I couldn’t help but notice that you, Aw Naw, still don’t post about football, or Celtic, and still seem to enjoy referencing the hun in every post and acting like a tube.


    Ironic that you should be on your daily hun witch-hunt, at the very same time I make my first offering for a few months. Except that I wasn’t talking to you kid, nor was I talking about your favourite subject… If you were half the contributor that the aforementioned are… a tenth, even, would be enough to garner a little of my attention and respect.

  12. bhoywithseethrougheyes on 31 July, 2012 at 18:50 said:


    I still cant get my head around sevco players/management walking around dressed in tennents sponsored rfc strips with five star logo intact. Even their media stuff has all the rfc shit in the background.



    Exactly. What is to stop Hertz from saying OK we are dead now and we are real sorry but we cannot afford to pay any bills. But we have now changed our name to Rankers so can we have a place in the SPL or SFL please. It is a totally different name from that which was used previously so we should have a bigger claim to it than anyone else, we have never been called anything like rankjurs before.

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    There should be a law against the MSM getting it wrong all the time ……… They said the SKY deal would collapse……it hasn’t..


    They are now saying Celtic are struggling so badly to sell SBs that PL is BEGGING fans to renew…….pathetic shoite from SSB ETC ……they are more incensed with this than they have been with the bhuns revelations …. Nothing changes………..



    MARK, if you’re on CQN ……FUD

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    BontyBhoy on 31 July, 2012 at 19:01 said:



    Whit aboot me ……!!!!? ……… LOL

  15. saltires en sevilla on

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 31 July, 2012 at 18:07 said:



    NP send me your addy




  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    BontyBhoy on 31 July, 2012 at 19:01 said:



    You love me so much do not dare deny it.



    You have been dying to post all day.



    Not one person on here believes you except for yourself.



    And that is every single word that you write thanks to me and you know it.



    Love and Kisses XXXXOOXXO



    Hail Hail

  17. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Celtic fan helping Dawwyl and co put the boot into Celtic over ticket prices/Celtic finances!!!



    Some never learn!!




  18. Brilliant from videcelts



    ‘The new deal also includes five Sevco Third Division fixtures with the festive clash with Queens Park likely to be included.’

  19. BontyBhoy on 31 July, 2012 at 18:49 said:



    If we really did have an economy that was based on pure capitalism then we would already be in the EPL- depending on your perspective, we operate in a system that is a protection racket, which of course means we will never gain entry “down souf”…SKY would have us there in heartbeat purely based on the amount of cash profit we would generate combined with our potential capacity for intensifying competition within the EPL. Strangely enough for the modern world of global economics where there is little protection from outside competitors, the EPL is a closed shop with uncompetitive clubs protected by rules of self-interest and also backed up by the rules of UEFA/FIFA on league membership that are there to preserve national integrity- I’m certain if SKY wanted this to happen then there would be an immediate interrogation of those membership rules.

  20. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Dawwyl desperate to get Sevco into the SPL by next season!!



    We have to get out of here!!




  21. Valentines Day



    Wonky Radar



    The huns lifted everything during the war everything bar rifles




    I remember my old man telling me something about that,


    Celtic players sent to the front line in WWII


    while the hun players all got desk jobs ?

  22. No financial disaster then




    Why were so many CEO s desperate fo them to be in the SPL ,div1 …..make no mistake fan pressure up the Huns into div3 not those who run the clubs



    Where are the Huns getting the money for these new players …..the cost of their squad is out with their budget

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Embdae know the real punishment for not posting accounts? No football anywhere I would hazard a guess at.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    “THE KIND OF ARMAGEDDON THAT BUYS YOU A MEAL, TAKES YOU TO A SHOW & ONTO A NIGHTCLUB”-Paul 67,that sounds like wee Chic’s defence of his pal Campbell’s EBT.

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    What happened to Wee chico anyway ?



    did he get canned for telling the truth and Jabba didn´t ?



    Hail Hail

  26. 67 Heaven, promise I’ve lost track of who was who before all the names started changing and morphing. Did we used to fall out a lot? Or are you amongst the ‘ilk’ I bigged up? Either way, yeah, you too.



    Aw Naw, another disappointing riposte. If you’re going to troll, which I’ve learned is what they call your kind of online presence, then surely you have to be far more offensive or moderately witty. Can you just re-visit the concept of ‘belief’, in the context of your post, or perhaps anything. It seems a little wishy-washy. What can you mean when you say they don’t believe me? Was there a need? Are you suggesting that I am like the tooth fairy, or the after life, or intelligent huns – i.e. requiring faith without evidence. If only I could prove that believing in the fact of my posts was more than a leap of faith, that bontybhoy is real and not some figment of your nightmarish lack of imagination.

  27. The Prince of Goalkeepers on

    Hi all,



    I have to say I’m having a perfectly pleasant evening browsing the blogs, and made a conscious decision to avoid Darrel and Jabba spouting their bile. Judging by a few of the comments on here it sounds like I’ve made a wise choice!



    Don’t buy newspapers, don’t listen to the phone ins!

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Wee Dawwell’s been briefed by Media House again….Trigger’s Broom it is ya fud.

  29. The huns shouldn’t have been allowed into the SFL.



    The rules were bent to allow them in.



    Scottish football is bent.

  30. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    My god,its official the games a bogey!!!



    Dawwyl and McCall on Snyde both saying that nothing has changed at Ibrox,they are still the Rangers,,,,WTF is wrong with these fools??




  31. KevJungle – Murdo..10 men Championees..1979 on 31 July, 2012 at 19:11 said:


    Valentines Day



    Wonky Radar



    The huns lifted everything during the war everything bar rifles




    I remember my old man telling me something about that,


    Celtic players sent to the front line in WWII


    while the hun players all got desk jobs ?





    shipyard loyal………. http://i49.tinypic.com/25f0m09.jpg

  32. up_over_goal on




    I’m no economist, but I can see from how things are going that the game is and will continue to be in massive flux over the next 20 years. The club at the top of that list, Barcelona, pays players £100k av per week, and yet across that city public ground lies unused, buildings dilapidated, schools are closing down – the situation is crazy and cannot continue. Meanwhile, Spanish tax authorities will finally start to get tough with errant clubs when a new arrangement kicks in next year, meaning lavish wages will be slashed heavily and a player exodus.



    And that’s just Spain. The global recession will have a huge impact on European clubs. I will leave predicting what will happen in such a scenario to those better qualified, but you only need to look at the current local landscape to see how uncertain things are. Who amongst the msm would have predicted, even a year ago, never mind five, that Rangers would be liquidated and that new club would be plying its trade in Division 3?



    All Celtic can do is prepare as best it can for each possible scenario and make themselves best able to take advantage of new opportunities.

  33. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ernie-The non-posting of accounts and rubber stamping the huns Euro licence,seem to have been lost in the rush .Heads should be held accountable for this.

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