The kind of Armageddon that buys you a meal, takes you to a show & onto a nightclub


As far as Armageddons go, this one will surely be known as the Amiable Nursemaid of all Armageddons.  The kind that not so much wipes everyone out, but buys them a meal, then takes them to a show and onto a nightclub.

Sky has renewed their deal to cover the Scottish Premier League after Our Man sorted them out yesterday.  They will show a handful of Scottish Football League games as part of the deal, a nice quid-pro-quo for SPL clubs for their annual contribution to the lower leagues.

Delicious irony: those SFL rights are worth more to each SPL club than they are to any SFL club.

Chief harbinger of doom, Neil Doncaster, will, on the one hand, be relieved that there is still income to pay his wages.  On the other hand, he must surely be embarrassed at the spectacularly in accurate scenario he portrayed to SFL clubs, and to several people in the media.  Did he embark on a flamboyant bluff or did he simply not know what he was talking about?

Remember, why we are here in the first place… Our good causes this year are The Haven Centre in Blantyre, Oscar Knox Neuroblastoma Appeal, Martin Chambers Ecuador Trust and Aberdour Primary School Parents’ Association.

We have already distributed over £2000 thanks to the sale of a Joseph Gormley painting back in April. We have two further fantastic paintings by Joseph; one of Scott Brown and one of Henrik Larsson. We also have a wonderful signed Neil Lennon print by the artist Gary Brandham.

The items are being raffled on ebay right now for the price of a £1 ticket. Winners will be drawn at the CQN Open on Friday night. There will be further raffles and auctions on Friday night with some excellent golfing and other sporting activities been donated by the Celtic family. Perhaps the pick is a limited edition canvas print of John Thomson, donated by the John Thomson Memorial Committee. There are only 22 of these in the entire world, representing the 22 years of John’s life.

This is a unique opportunity to win three great pieces of Celtic memorabilia, items which would normally be pushed out of the reach of most people at auction. Tickets cost £1, buy as many as you like, but participate. This is what your club is all about!

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  1. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    PF. CFC didn’t see the burglars stealing all the goodies. But Celtic are being held responsible for their actions!!!! We are reacting to a total mess that has been foisted upon us. Maybe we should just print money. Oh, that’s right……HH.

  2. “The kind of Armageddon that buys you a meal, takes you to a show & onto a nightclub”



    Armageddon Swiss Tony style

  3. ASonOfDan



    I think Motherwell do go into the EL….



    If that is correct two Euro games will cancel out any loss occasioned by no Hun games

  4. £125 is fantastic value for a season ticket to be fair.



    Celtic as a club cannot legislate either for a downturn in the wider economy nor the very direct tightening of domestic disposable incomes, and amongst those shrinking purses/wallets are our own fans- those are very powerful, almost unassailable forces that are near impossible to overcome…a downturn in season ticket allocation was inevitable in the present climate. I don’t think it helps that we do also have a sizeable chunk of our support that are still being suckled at the withered tit of the MSM, Daily Rangers, Radio Snyde et al and they have become brainwashed with all the “old firm” pish.

  5. Magnificentseven on

    ScotPatsFan on 31 July, 2012 at 20:28 said:




    Can someone tell me what the company, Celtic FC Ltd, SC223604, date of incorporation 24/09/2001, means in regard to the club?


    There is a hun claiming all monies go through it.



    Subsidiary of Celtic PLC, it’s common business practice for major companies to have subsidiarys that own nothing, a lot of the business can be done through them with no risk, and Celtic PLC as the parent company can offer the financial back up if needed…………………tell the hun we are just operating the way all BIG companies do

  6. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    HT. Likewise. Celtic have to tell it like it is. We’re skint and it’s down to other factors and we have to somehow make up the shortfall. HH.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Paul67 ……. The SFA and SPL just can’t seem to get it right at all …. They are now shafting the SFL with their (TV money) greed …….. Do they really think for one minute that the SFL will take this lying down …..no, it will just strenghthen their resolve to resist the planned SPL2′ to get sevco back into the SPL ASAP…….. silly SFA / SPL

  8. harryhoodsdug



    I understand there are financial consequences to the death of Rangers. I understand that Celtic have to make up money from elsewhere if they are going to even stand still.



    I still find the decision to put a MASSIVE hike on the kids SB to be a poor choice. I suggested that adults SB could have borne some of the cost obtained by that hike.



    We need to grow our support and allow kids to attend regularly. I got to see Celtic as a kid for free via lift overs. If it had cost my old man the equivalent of £125, I might not have been smitten and might not be spending my money on Celtic now.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    ….PFayr on 31 July, 2012 at 20:28 said:


    Re kids tickets



    That’s a very good point you made.

  10. Harryhood..



    In which case why not put up all SB prices instead of putting up select tickets by 150%



    Bad PR to stiff the kids …if you don’t think that’s up to you …

  11. zimmerman



    Pretty sure the Motherwell fans were also suggesting we should all go fornicate the sevco, earlier

  12. 67Heaven



    Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow night





    Looking forward to seeing M on Saturday

  13. Let’s be honest here. £50 is an incredibly low price for a Celtic season ticket, even for kids. I can’t believe the club is being criticised for eventually bringing it to an end, especially in the prevailing circumstances.



    If your local pub started selling beer at 50p a pint, and after a while it was returned to a more realistic price, would you be up in arms and boycott the pub in protest, or would you say – Thanks. It was great while it lasted.

  14. Snake Plissken on

    A son of Dan



    Aye they were.



    They are playing well but lack punch up front. Losing 1-0 sadly for them.

  15. Tom



    It’s more to do with the wy it was handled



    As I understand it some were charged £50 other £125 …poor PR

  16. Motherwell should have been on the tele tonight …instead BBC saving their cash to sponsor their fav team

  17. 3) Only one Hun first team player in 1939, Willie Thornton, saw active service. The rest were in the shipyards and one joined the army as a PT instructor.




    If true, and I’ve no reason to doubt you StMichaelsBhoy2, then that is a truly shocking fact.



    It fully puts in context the level of corruption, bigotry ( in the truest sense) and sectarianism that was rampant in the bad old days.

  18. Malorbhoy



    Coming straight from work tomorrow so please have Mrs Malorbhoy pack a few sannies.

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Good Evening,



    Luck– everyone in life needs a little luck. Sometimes you do not recognise luck when it comes a knocking– sometimes it seems like bad luck yet turns out to be good. Sometimes it is another persons luck that ultimately benefits you and turns out to be that his or her luck becomes your luck.



    Any Student of history will tell you that there was very little luck on offer when the allied forces attempted a landing at Galliploli during the great war. Not only was the planned landing a failure, but it is now thought that it was always doomed to failure– even before it started.



    Whilst the Dardanelles campaign is perhaps most famous for being the first major military action undertaken by ANZAC troops, it is little realised that there were many many others there as well.



    Eric Bogle’s song “And the band played waltzing matilda” describes the horror and the aftermath of the Turkish onslaught of the allied troops. Dum Dum Turkish bullets ripped through the flesh and bought death to thousands.



    An estimated 120,000 men ultimately perished These included more than 80,000 Turkish soldiers and 44,000 British and French soldiers, including over 8,500 Australians. Among the dead were 2,721 New Zealanders, about a quarter of those who had landed on the peninsula. Overall there were in excess of 500,000 casualties.



    Beside this, general conditions were terrible with blazing heat by day, and months later sub zero temperature by night. Dysentery, Diarreha and Enteric fever were widespread affecting 145,000 troops. There was not a lot of luck about— and it seemed that luck had deserted one young soldier when his shoulder was ripped to shreds by the dreaded dum dums.



    Yet for this man, Lady Luck was present– and indeed would remain present for ever more really. He did not die, and was shipped home instead– or at least he was shipped away from Gallipoli— eventually returning to his homeland— but not before a series of operations and a long convalescence in another land— Scotland!



    In between Hospital treatments the young man would be allowed to leave hospital, and found himself going to Celtic Park to follow Glasgow Celtic. He took in what he saw, the atmosphere, the crowd, the play and the ethos of the club. He drank it in and kept it with him– even after he went home.



    The young man married, had a family, went into politics in his home town and even went on to become Mayor– twice. He is long dead now and has a street named after him in his home town.



    His name? John Fallon. Former Mayor of Sligo, War Veteran, husband, father, and Celtic fan.



    So it came to be that a young Sean Fallon grew up in Sligo and came to hear about the famous Glasgow Celtic. His father told him of the club with the big heart, which helped people out, which played great football and had this huge support.



    The marist educated Fallon was already a Celtic fan by the time Lady Luck appeared for the benefit of the Fallon family for a second time.



    The story goes that the young Sean’s sister, Lilly, got into trouble in the waters of Lough Gill and was in danger of drowning. Fortunately, a young man jumped into the water and saved Lilly, and as a reward and an appreciation, was invited back to the Fallon household.



    This young man’s name was Joe McMenemy the son of Celtic legend Jimmy McMenemy. Obviously the topic of Celtic came up and when Joe returned to Scotland he made a point of sending young Sean a Celtic shirt and a copy of Willie Maley’s book “The story of Celtic”.



    It is from that background that Sean Fallon would later admit that he would have played for Celtic for nothing had they asked.



    I have no intention of going through Sean’s stats as a player or even an assisstant coach. He would probably agree with my fathers description od Sean as a player– which is meant to be complimentary. The ould fella describes Fallon the player as ” All blood and snotters– but as hard as nails!”



    However, it is Fallon’s attributes away from the Field of play that are worthy of the absolute highest praise. My impression is that Sean Fallon is the personification of a unique quiet dignity, a presence that speaks volumes without words or dramatic action.



    It was Sean Fallon who decided to make Jock Stein– someone who was seen as a makeshift, washed up, stand in at Celtic park his Vice Captain– perhaps to the astonishment of certain team mates including his best friend at the time- Bertie Peacock.



    That action was to be reciprocated years later when it was Stein and not Fallon who was named as successor to Jimmy McGrory. Fallon seemed to be the heir apparent, but gracefully stood aside to allow the legend that was to become “Big Jock” take control. Fallon could have stormed out, taken the huff or whetever, but instead was more than happy to remain serving the club that he loved so much in any capacity offered.



    I have heard him interviewed and at times this elderly man just reeks of unintentional phrases that shout Celtic FC. He talks about the loyalty of the fans, even through the lean 50’s and describes how it was “most important” that they got rewards like a day of “Hampden in the sun”.



    Similarly, it was “most important” that Stein’s team gave the next generation of fans “something to dream about” in Lisbon. It is also ” most important” that everyone at the club remembers that it was founded by a Marist Bother and that the club is meant to do good things for people who are not so fortunate in life!



    It was Fallon who persuaded Ronnie Simpson to come to Celtic, and who had to swiftly persuade a young David Hay and his dad to leave a hotel and come with him to sign for Celtic instead of waiting for the man they had intended to meet– another Celt called Tommy Docherty who was trying to get young Hay to sign a contract that very day…….. with Chelsea.



    Any number of players will testify to Fallon’s gentle and dignified way of persuading them to come to Celtic Park– not least Danny McGrain and Kenny Dalglish.



    However perhaps the story that most emphasises the idea of “Lucky Sean” rubbing off on someone else is the one where he took a walk through Bellahouston Park.



    It is said that he came upon a Sunday football game where jackets were being used for posts. A Bounce game between a group of young men, a bunch of friends if you will.



    One young player is said to have caught his eye, and eventually the young man was called over by the genial Irishman and asked if he would be interested in trying out for Celtic? Within weeks, the young man had signed to play for Celtic,signing for manager McGrory on January 7th 1965.



    His name was Jim Craig.



    We are often told of the ills of Scotland. We have recently been reminded of alledged bigotry in football even between club officials. Sean is living testimony as to why that does not need to be. If you ever get the chance ask him how he became a member of Pollock Golf Club? He was proposed by someone he considered one of his closest friends— deedle dawdle– Willie Waddell– whom he refers to as simply “Deedle”. Opponent on the park, close friend off it!



    One time Sean’s luck failed him== that was when he failed to sign Johan Cruyff for….. Dumbarton….. but as he says himself you have to give the fans something to dream about! You had to try!



    Luck– everyone needs a little luck and sometimes someone else’s luck becomes your luck.



    There may have seemed nothing lucky about a bullet in the shoulder in 1916, but that bullet brought a man to Glasgow who would later tell his son about a football team called Glasgow Celtic– and that son proved hellish lucky for Celtic– for Jock Stein, Danny McGrain, Davie Hay, Kenny Dalglish, Jim Craig and everyone who has worn a green and white scarf or stood on the terracings from the 50’s onwards.



    Sean Fallon is 90 today and still lives in the south side of Galsgow.



    Stay lucky Sean!

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    ScotPatsFan on 31 July, 2012 at 20:28 said:



    The bhuns are trying to find ANYTHING which would deflect negativity onto Celtic……. The next time he makes a statement like that, just pat him on the head and say “there, there, son” ………… Then, as an option, stick your finger up his nose …….and then STAND WELL BACK …..,!!!

  21. Malorbhoy



    Change of circumstances and I’m now going up on Friday.



    Not golfing so will get a lift up from the missus during the day otherwise my face would be in my soup come dinner time!!

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Tom McLaughlin on 31 July, 2012 at 21:04 said


    All about timing and that’s the PR man’s job. Would make more sense to do it next year. Remember our ST’s are in par and the Sky deal not that different.



    So fueling the media crap that we are suffering because of them is not a good PR exercise

  23. Thanks for all the replies regarding Celtic FC Ltd.


    Very informative and helpful when dealing with huns who won’t accept our history is intact.




  24. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    …and list while I sing…

  25. Magnificentseven on

    ….PFayr on 31 July, 2012 at 21:06 said:







    It’s more to do with the wy it was handled



    As I understand it some were charged £50 other £125 …poor PR



    were some charged £50 while it was still possible that there would be huns in the league?? therefore the tickets was for all games except hun games??



    only asking because it would seem a reasonable explanation…does anyone know when they changed it?? lets face it, they are not going to do a ticket without the Dundee games

  26. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    PF. The message is that we have ALL been stiffed here.



    SFTB. I was also lucky enough to be around at the times to which you refer. The onus and blame should be put on the perps and to punish them in the pocket where it hurts. Why should any of us suffer due to their actions. Once we have at least tried to recoup our losses then perhaps we could make up for the damage they have visited on our support . HH.

  27. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    ElDiegoBhoy on 31 July, 2012 at 20:32 said:



    1st class post sir.



    That should be an article.




  28. Snake Plissken on

    2-0 Greeks



    Sucker punch.



    IN truth Motherwell have no threat, this level is too much for them although they did play reasonably well.

  29. prestonpans bhoys on

    Anyway this time tomorrow we should be singing the last 15 mins from end to end with “Glasgows green and white” over a 3-0 victory :-)

  30. EDB



    I will be dining myself in the famous Lounge 1 (Fish and Chips ) as I am out in the morning and will just make my Bus in the afternoon






    Great news looking forward to meeting you again that,s if Old Tim has not got me speaking fluent Eithiopian by then

  31. Magnificentseven on

    CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on 31 July, 2012 at 21:15 said:




    GB women playing Brazil off the park




    I would like to see that!!! oh you mean at fitba’