The land of registration anarchy


So how about this scenario, Celtic Youths are trailing in their league with 10 games to go when they register three new players, but someone’s ‘at it’.  The players are all over-age but the date of birth on their registration forms have been incorrectly completed, so the players are registered and become eligible to play the remaining games.  Celtic Youths win their remaining games and win the league.

At the end of the season the deception is uncovered.  The people responsible for filling the forms out incorrectly are criticised but one is president of the Scottish Football Association, who give evidence to an inquiry that as the Association registered the players, the results must stand.

Time to “draw a line under it” is the line from the SFA chief executive, hoping with all his might that no one mentions the Scottish Youth Cup games the players also played in, which would invoke a parallel punishment to the one recently imposed on Spartans Youths for exactly the same offence in the same competition.  The chief exec also dismisses attempts to call those criticised by the inquiry to account as scapegoating.

Ridiculous?  Of course, but this is what we’ve just experienced, with another club, of course.

Challenging the verdict, if possible, is a worthwhile endeavour but it will only treat one symptom of the many issues facing Scottish Premier League clubs, who could be forgiven for losing the will to compete within the rules.  Fans of several SPL clubs now believe their best interests are served by playing in an environment beyond Scotland – for a whole range of reasons.

We have to work with fans of other clubs to make the case for the SPL, as a unit, to leave Scottish football (I see cross-club initiatives are already underway).

On a completely unrelated question, if you had £21m in the bank late last year, and you were burning cash at £1m per month, which year would you run out of money?
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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Edinburgh Kilwinning Cannon Gate Lodge no 2 has a current member Lord Nimmo Smith .Allegedly.

  2. What about Kia’s new car to rival the Mini,it’s called The Provo….could be a winner.

  3. And hasn’t someone also laid claim to NEXT YEARS season ticket money, which was sold off as part of a two year job lot ???

  4. well done again philvisreturns



    but due to your improper registration


    and that you will not pay a sfa/spl fine


    you are demoted to last place


    right of appeal ?


    your having a laugh;-)))))




  5. The Token Tim on

    These people have no shame. Or Integrity. Or dignity.









  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    I was humbled and inspired by Miki67’s post earlier this morning.



    Everything else is just parsley.

  7. On a completely unrelated question, if you had £21m in the bank late last year, you spent £2.5m of that a few days later and you were burning cash at £1m per month, which year would you run out of money?



    Fixed it for you Paul ;-)

  8. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Snyde at 12.25… Without being ashamed talked of ..” And coming up at 12.30, R…….s( yes funny the name never changed) make progress with excellent financial results”



    Could not make it up..



    All hail Fergus Mc Cann and thanks!




  9. philvisreturns on

    starry plough – Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing podia? (thumbsup)



    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ – Where an old man of Aran Goes around and around (thumbsup)

  10. Paul .



    May I hazard a guess at which club benefited from this latest


    botched registration revelation ?

  11. Paul67



    Stop asking those awkward questions and just take the wee pat on the head and move on to establishing ‘The Rangers’ as THE power in Scottish Football…

  12. Paul67



    See that £21m in the bank? Does that include or exclude the £10m that’s ring fenced for ‘Ally’ to buy new players?



    Oh dear.




    Green said: ‘We’ve allocated £10m for Ally to spend on players as soon as he’s able to do that. But we’re not saying it’s £10m and only £10m — if Rangers fans buy season tickets next year, there’s another £20m there”.







  13. Never been more important to not truncate the Newco’s entry into the SPL.



    Let them haemorrhage cash.



    We may not get justice through the SFA , but we can inflict collateral damage by ensuring that they aren’t given the cash transfusion that they need by speeding up there return to the SPL.



    When they eventually return to the SPL they should not be allowed to have cash in reserve and the income from sell out crowds.



    Keep your foot on there throat Peter.




  14. philvisreturns



    Registration and license please Sir, could you step out the car please Sir, have you been drinking Sir? Ah Lord Philvis excuse me Sir didn’t recognize you there, just on you way to the podium Sir? As you were Sir….

  15. jungle jam67 on

    paul67 et al



    any info when the spl board meet ?


    would hope it was today as this cannot be left as it is inho



    when will the celtic plc man up and make a challenge to the corruption in the game?



    the only challenge has come from fan power so far





    PHILVIS has obviously got the minions hard at it while the young master sticks it to the proles.






    You make a valid analogy,how come the papers are covering this differently?



    The theory is that it is mainly sevconians who buy their rubbish now-in more ways than one-so they have to pander to their readership,but shooooorly that is only the case because they alienated the rest of us by pandering to the bigot pound for decades?



    Normally I wish unemployment on no-one,but I’ll happily make a few exceptions here……



    They have learned little,and have earned even less.

  17. philvisreturns on

    jungle jam67 – Thank you my soixante-sept rainforest fruit preserve.



    Howevah, Philvis would never give sanction to the looters, cut-purses and thimbleriggers of Scottish football. Let them eat Charles. (thumbsup)

  18. ‘On a completely unrelated question, if you had £21m in the bank late last year, and you were burning cash at £1m per month, which year would you run out of money?’





    That really depends if you are going to keep deferring your payments to the taxman or eventually pay up.

  19. philvisreturns on

    starry plough – Thank you my good man, that’s what the silver badge is for. (thumbsup)



    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS – They prefer the term “henchmen”. (thumbsup)

  20. Paul, what is the protocol with respect to the LNS report?



    Do the SPL Chairmen have to meet, discuss, then vote on whether to accept LNS’s reports findings and suggested penalty (the uncollectable £250K fine)?



    I thought his remit was to ascertain if the SPL rules and regulations were transgressed?



    Since he found them guilty as charged surely the SPL would be keen to uphold their rules?

  21. The Scottish Premier League (SPL) has reported a 6% fall in revenues in its latest accounts.



    The figures, which cover the year to May 2012 and do not take into account Rangers’ drop out of the top league, show income at £21.4m.



    Pay and benefits for the SPL’s board of directors increased by 16.5% on the previous year to £200,000.



    The SPL said a new five-year television deal was a sign of improved future finances.



    Scotland’s top league saw the amount of money distributed to its member clubs fall by £1.6m, a drop of about 9% on the 2010-11 season.



    The SPL’s directors said: “The tough economic climate within which the company (SPL) has operated in recent years looks likely to continue for some time.



    “This is exacerbated by the absence of Rangers FC from the league competition for several seasons ahead.



    “New arrangements were negotiated with Sky Sports and ESPN which are expected to provide an increase in revenues from domestic live television broadcasting of 25% over the next five years.”



    In July 2012 the SPL signed a new five-year TV deal with Sky and ESPN. Last month BT Sport agreed to buy ESPN’s UK and Ireland TV channels.



    The league’s current sponsorship deal with Clydesdale Bank is due to expire at the end of this season, and a replacement has yet to be announced.



    Scottish football is currently debating proposals to reorganise the league set-up, with the proposals including the merger of the SPL and the Scottish Football League into one body.

  22. tomtheleedstim on

    ASonOfDan – someone mentioned on twitter they think the tax deferring relates to capital gains if the ground etc is sold. They don’t think it’s what we think it means – if you know what I mean.

  23. Josimar is Neil Lennon on

    was just thinking that if you could go back in time and change the course of events would you swap the 5 league titles for their liquidation?



    if the whole ebt / non disclusure of payments issue was brought into the open 10 years ago they would probably have changed their financial practices to err on the side of caution.


    this would in turn have probably resulted in a better run club with no prospect of liquidation in the years to come. (some fairly big assumptions i know)


    we would probably have won the league titles in question as a result of improved sporting integrity



    despite all the heartache of 2003, 2005, 2009 etc, i think i would take the hit for the big payback which occured last year.



    cheers, josimar

  24. jungle jam67 on

    right bhoys & ghirls



    off to work for some bear baiting



    will inform the sevco 5088 fans of the huge losses for 7 months



    as normal the reply will be ‘were too big to go bust’ watp



    here we go again,


    we are on the road again…….







  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Get Doncaster Out campaign in full flow now (out his depth anyway) ,from the huns and the lapdogs.All to save the Grandmaster Ogilvie.

  26. South Of Tunis on

    ASonOfDan @ 12 44 ,



    Do you have a link to that ?



    It directly contradicts what Conte said on Friday night , Saturday morning and earlier today .



    Poor Chiellini was on the radio earlier -talking about how much he was looking forward to playing..



    Mind games ?








    Henchmen are the type of useful idiots who frequent my company when I’m not hobnobbing with fellow Tims.



    You,sir,are surely above that-unless you have unwittingly identified yourself…..



    I hereby declare that PHILVISRETURNS is the erstwhile VIZ antihero,RAFFLES,GENTLEMAN THUG.



    And I claim my five pounds.

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