The language of defeat, crowd-sourced media management


Speaking at the weekend, Kenny McDowell looked ahead to the cup semi-final saying “We aren’t going into the game fearing a big defeat.  If anything we are going into the game knowing we’ll have to be on our guard and wary of that, but we are not going into it fearing of losing by a big score-line”.

Admitting that he’s wary about the prospect of a big defeat is the last thing you want your manager to say publicly as you prepare for a cup tie.  It conditions everyone to the prospect of defeat.

From Ronny, it’s all positive: “It’s going to be fun.

“It’s good that this is a big game, so we won’t be underestimating the opponent.

“We are in a good position, we can win everything and that motivates.”

Big games, big results, are often won in the head before a team takes to the field.  You win because you know you’re going to win, because you know you can rely on your team-mates.  You know that if you do your job correctly, there is nothing the opposition can do, short of elbowing you in the face and hope you retaliate.

No game of football is easy and Ronny and the players will know they will have to work for anything they get on Sunday, but the preparatory work has been done.  The players are fit, rested and can’t wait for Sunday.

On a side note, I can’t believe how thoroughly the New Club advert has penetrated media coverage this week.  On top of Motivator McDowell, can you imagine ‘ex-players’, pundits and fans having to explain their existence and relevance in the run up to a semi-final?  This wasn’t a crowd-source advert, it was crowd-sourced media management, which ran rings around the best paid PRs in the business.

Let me know (celticquicknews@gmail.com) if you want a ticket to CQN 11 St Patrick’s Dinner at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 13 March – Cup Final weekend, as it happens, or you can buy a ticket at the bottom of this page.  I’m in the mood now.

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    Good to see some of the old guard working out how to get back on here.



    Or The Boys of the Old Brigade,as they’re better known….


    Bugger BRISTOL!



    Though I had a smashing day there on Saturday…

  3. Tom McLaughlin


    Stokes for Guidetti for me



    Swap round after 60 mins


    let Jamsey & J Guidetti hammer the final nails into newco

  4. Burnley78



    My mate seems to be under the impression that Derek Riordan was cheeky to Andy Murray that day and was dropped for 2 games by Mogga. Can you confirm?


    Might be a Hibs myth but my mate at work is asking.










    I have no idea how I got back on have been in and out like a fiddlers elbow




    might just stay on just in casey




  6. Paul, with the success of the Ad, WC suggests there will be a follow up, what line will it take?



    When is RES 12 being answered, i’ve been awfy patient.

  7. Any runners former or present on here ?



    .. set meself a 7km goal on treadmill for end of january.. got to 6.6km so far so pretty confident i’ll hit it… heavy weekends of boozing has kept me back



    Question is… whats a decent time to do 7km in ?



    Only starting training in november lightly after 7months of back problems but thankfully going good so far.

  8. Tom





    Early risers over here as you know but 1.30… jeez



    5am is as early as it gets thankfully .

  9. They can repeat the lie as often as they like, still does not make it the the truth though.


    HH the famous Glasgow Celtic. Still paying the face painters.

  10. Fantastic by Andy Murray.. Great to see him get back to neared to his former status.



    I was in a meeting most of the morning but had to nip out a few times to “check my emails”



    Hope Djokovic and Wawrinka knock lumps out of each other tomorrow.

  11. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    According to S S B last night thems will have 5 in the midfield. Get in there Broonie!!!

  12. proudbhoy



    Can I ask your age, height and weight please?



    No problem if you want to keep them a secret!

  13. BMCUW



    Glad you enjoyed Bristol on Saturday.



    As you normally do.






    What we want to know is…



    Did you manage to make the last train?!











    I’ll forward that via e-mail to some of the absentees,thanks!

  15. Paul



    That leader was positively rabble- rousing by your usually demure standards.






    Got on the train to work on Monday morning. Dunblane to Glasgow. What was sitting on the table – the bold statement.



    I’ve been amazed at the amount of coverage it has provoked.



    HH jamesgang





    Dunno,mate. Asking the wrong guy-like if be able to remember!



    Got home though…

  17. leftclicktic


    12:29 on


    29 January, 2015





    If there are any desperate fholk still trying like that poor soul from ML5 was this morning:)))))))))))))



    point them here


    From twitter



    Still a few people can’t reach CQN. Go to this proxy: https://www.kproxy.com/ then type http://celticquicknews.co.uk in the box in the middle




    I did that earlier and whilst lurking it threw me out saying server full and try again later or pay for it ????/



    Waited about 15mins tried again and got in now I’m afraid to move away from computer in case I get thrown out again



    people on the cqn magazine ON FACEBOOK asking for help . probably like me they are not on twitter



    Hope its fixed soon









  18. As for the game against the FOD.



    Win it.



    And if it’s won early, pass them off the park with Fenian ‘oles’ greeting every pass.



    But remember Bhoys, pass and jump…not pass n move.



    HH jamesgang

  19. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/


    Once Mc Dowell gets off the blower to “death of football” myth smith ,you can be sure they will line up 4-5-1

  20. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Hector an wife upsterrs, lights oot an heavy snorin…CHAP CHAP at door….Hector gets up, wraps the dressin goon oan an runs doonsterrs…Opens door an therrs yer man sayin “pal kin ye gie me a push?” Astonished an pissed aff intae the bargain, homeowner then goes intae “Do you have any idea of the time here Sir? It’s half past two and I have an early rise for work and I don’t appreciate you rousing us from sleep”…Slams the door an huffs back uptae bed.. Who was that? asks the wife…Aw just someone who needs a push and I told them the hour etc…Oh Hector said the wife, I cannot believe you couldn’t help them, have you no memory of when we were alone with the three kids in the middle of the night, car broke down and thank GOD for that good samaritan who helped us in our hour of need….”Oh you’re sooo right dear, how thoughtless of me” said Hector beltin oot the bed an makin his way to the door again…As he opened it he shouted in earnest…Friend…Are you still there? Do you still need that push?….Aye came the reply….Well where are you friend shouted Hector….Ower here replied friend…Oan the swings!!




  21. leftclicktic



    12:35 on 29 January, 2015


    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/


    Once Mc Dowell gets off the blower to “death of football” myth smith ,you can be sure they will line up 4-5-1



    More likely the Myth’s Euro tactic of 5-4-1

  22. Watched Barca beat Atletico last night and was as brutal a first half as I can remember as Barca players were hacked down all over the pitch. Competitive is one thing, but 8 yellow and 2 red cards (one during HT) says it all. Plus Arda Turan lost his cool and hurled his boot at the assistant referee!



    Tweeted my concerns:



    “Hope we’re not previewing Sevco tactics for Sunday – if it moves, cripple it ! ..”

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