The last soviet in the Breakaway Union


Like a scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, eight (and counting) of the 12 breakaway clubs saw their steely commitment a European Super League transform into a desire to “run away”.  Liverpool owner, John W Henry, very eloquently said that he was never going to proceed without the support of fans, which I do not believe.  The threat of expulsion by Fifa and Uefa, and legal action by the Government, were the deciding factors.  Take the opportunity to listen to Henry’s comments, if only to hear him repeatedly refer to Liverpool as “LFC”.  It is as though he learned all he knows about the club by text message.

As well as the English six, Atletico Madrid and Inter also withdrew.  There was a time in 1991 when Kazakhstan was the only remaining soviet in the Soviet Union.  Soon they Kazakhs will have something in common with a well-tailored European, probably from Madrid.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister called the breakaway a cartel, oblivious that football leagues everywhere are a cartel.  The cartel in England and Wales excludes clubs from Scotland.  If he was truly interested in building UK cultural ties, he would use his legislative threats to curb this cartel’s operations.

Although European Super League plans are shelved, no one in the game can be satisfied this morning.  We now know there are billions of euros available to whoever can pull a deal together, money Uefa and the national leagues leave on the table.  That thought will spark neurons until the next iteration becomes public.  If you think the money men will shrug and walk away, you don’t know much about business.

Europe now needs leadership; people who can conceive competitions that allow clubs to reach the top of the game through merit alone, delivering some of that money left on the table.  Maybe our man on the ECA will have some ideas.

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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    if rogic plays tonight we will win



    and he will be first goal scorer

  2. @CelticFC v Aberden



    Bain, Kenny, Bitton Welsh, Taylor, Brown, McGregor, Christie, Turnbull, Elyounoussi, Edouard



    Subs: Hazard, Laxalt , Ralston, Soro, Rogic, Griffiths, Montgomery, Murray, Dembele

  3. Rogic. A 5 a side player and a guy who would get injured lying on his sofa watching tv. Two good performances in him every season but because he scored a cup final winner bringing a treble, people forget the endless snowflake years

  4. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “a select bunch of self-appointed ‘blog police’ on here”



    That’s code for not jumping on to the ‘lets all slag off Paul67’ bandwagon,




  5. Rock Tree Bhoy on 21st April 2021 5:56 pm



    sevco invincible league season, who cares, its not even a pale shadow of a Quadruple Treble not to mention that we have actually had a proper invincible season unbeaten in ALL domestic competition,



    and all this 55 nonsense, as far as i can remember there was no hullaballo over 51, 52, 53 or 54, so whats so special about 55? oh thats right, its to remind everybody that they are not a new club, unbroken history etc, only in Scotland would you get such nonsense.





    Good mhan!




  6. Thanks Paul for providing the blog for us.


    a tremendous platform for all things Celtic



    its a great info exchange.




  7. Izit safe to come out from behind the couch yet…what’s that u say…we’re playing Stephen Glass’ Aberdung…hope Soro’s starting…but nope

  8. hairlikespaghetti



    I said :-



    ‘Nobody, but nobody, ever said you cannot come on here to criticise P67 or his views’




    You replied- “Sadly, this is untrue.”





    But the evidence you gave was of people disagreeing with you or, worse, telling you to go elsewhere.



    That was not the point of contention; it was about being able or unable to disagree with Paul67. That is quite patently allowed and, therefore, my point is true. If Dissent was being censored then how do you explain so much of it being allowed. Do you think it should be tolerated and we should not tell posters if you consider it to be rude and personal.



    If you want the privilege of making your point but getting no critical feedback, you can announce that you do not welcome any replies to your post or you only want to hear feedback from those in agreement.



    I have read most of the Celtic Blogs and I see little difference in the amount of disagreement,personal criticism, flouncing and being told to GTF. On CQN , Sentinel Celts, Huddleboard, Kerrydale Street, Celtic Start- you will find the same. I have no idea which has the most traffic or if you will ever find one with only uniform opinions and polite discourse but I’ve not found it.



    They are all good sites but P67 gets more personal criticism than any other blog host on their own blog.



    There is no-one from here doing the same thing to the blog hosts of SC or the Huddleboard etc; on their site

  9. We have been saying it for years – the english bubble will burst.


    This week, it burst.

  10. Ernie – your memory fails you. This blog leader advocated voting for the Union in 2014 as it would give us an increased chance of joining the “holy grail” of the EPL. Spin it anyway you like but that was the message. And fair play to Paul67 – that was his opinion.

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