The magnificent Stevie Chalmers


Celtic have been synonymous with great goal scorers throughout their history, but only McGrory, Lennox, Larsson and Quinn scored more than Stevie Chalmers, who died this morning, aged 83.  But, unlike all the other greats in our history, Stevie scored the winning goal in a European Cup Final.  If he did nothing else in his entire time as a footballer, this would be enough to ensure a vaulted place in the history books, but Stevie did much more.

In a portent of what lay ahead, Celtic were without a league title for 12 years when Stevie scored a hat-trick against Rangers in January 1966.  That feat boomed across the land: Celtic were in command.  The next nine league titles would go to Parkhead.  Goals galore followed for Stevie, who rejoiced in his role as Celtic centre forward.

Stevie’s journey to the top was unconventional.  Serious illness blighted his early adulthood and he was 23 before he joined Celtic, his first senior club.  He played through the difficult early 60s until the return of Jock Stein, whose magic sparked the most remarkable run of success known in British sport.

Like his great captain Billy McNeill, Stevie suffered dementia in recent years.  Both lived the lives of Celtic supporters before becoming players and legends.  Like all of that great team, Stevie remained accessible to fans throughout his life.  They were magnificent on the field and magnificently normal human beings off the field.  It was as though Stevie would never allow himself to believe the full impact of what he did.

April 2019 has taken its toll on our greatest team ever.  Rest in Peace, Stevie.

We also lost one of our most respected CQN’ers yesterday, MurdochauldandHay.  Rest in Peace, Stephen.

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  1. Thank you Paul 67 a fine tribute.



    Repost from last article:



    My friends in Celtic,



    Another real legend gone. RIP Steve Chalmers.



    I see the bookies are slashing the odds on Jose Mourinho getting the Celtic gig.


    Too far fetched; maybe, but maybe not.



    He always has two good years which would undoubtedly deliver us 10.



    He doesn’t need the money and has previously expressed admiration for Celtic and her supporters.



    A new challenge for him may, just maybe appeal to him.



    NFL would almost certainly work under such a manager. In fact he could be Jose’s hands on deputy.



    With such focus now on what happened in Portugal all these years ago in the heat of Lisbon; maybe the stars are aligning.



    What better way to remember our greatest football feat in Portugal than to have a Portuguese manager to deliver us 10.



    Did we ever think we could attract an out of work manager of Brendan Rodgers stature ?



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  2. South Of Tunis on




    Scorer of that goal .



    Scored 200 plus more .



    Great player


    January 66 — a second half hat trick v the Deady Bears (who were 1 up at half time ) in the 5-1 training shoe thumping .. Billy McNeill did not play in that game.



    Stevie Chalmers RIP

  3. Stevie was my Uncle Eddie’s all time favourite player. Like all of us who would have loved to pull on the Hoops, Stevie would have run through brick walls for Celtic.



    Rest in peace the one and only Stevie Chalmers.

  4. SoT,



    That game was shrouded in fog. All the goals were scored at the Celtic End. It was the one time I stood there. I was usually to be found in what my Dad always called the Hayshed.

  5. South Of Tunis on




    Yes -foggy and cold .



    I was a Priests Corner punter .



    Bought these choons with some Christmas Record Tokens before going to the game –



    1 2 3 -for Stevie Chalmers RIP–https://youtu.be/DcxcbzAYD9Y



    Positively – and how positive things were .



  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on



    Just left St Winin’s after saying a few prayers and lighting a candle for our own Stephen,MAH, and a ‘spare’ to be told by BMCUWP,late of this parish!, that the No 9 had gone upstairs as well… bloody hell.

  7. Can the week get any worse for those close to the Lisbon Lions and the remaining members of our greatest ever team.



    Your Goal, the greatest goal ever scored by a Celt, will live with us forever and cements your legendary status in all our hearts.



    God bless.



    Hail Hail!



    Not only have we lost two Celtic greats this week but I have just read back to find out out we lost a CQN great.



    You will be sadly Stephen MA&H. Sleep well my friend.



    Thoughts and prayers go out to your family buddy.




  8. glendalystonsils on

    That New year drubbing of the huns is my abiding memory of Stevie Chalmers. Rangers (as they were then) had been top dogs for years . I think it was Wilson who gave them the lead and then we absolutely demolished them , lead by Stevie. It was a watershed moment and must have seemed to them like the meteor hitting the earth and wiping out the dinosaurs in one cataclysmic event. If the ’65 cup win was a portent of things to come ,this league win announced the real arrival of the Lions.


    Stevie Chalmers was an unassuming superstar long before the arrival of today’s ‘look at me’ celebrities. He would often pop in to St. Benedict’s , Easterhouse for Mass on a Sunday . Very sad to lose another Lion so soon after Billy. RIP Stevie and condolences to family and friends.

  9. RIP Stevie Chalmers, forever unique as a Celtic player with that winner






    Just got my Final ticket – no alert from Celtic, a pal texted me.



    Running out fast, selecting seats is dodgy as they are sold before you check out. I ended up letting the site decide and got pretty much where i wanted to sit.



    good luck

  10. Stevie Chalmers R.I.P.



    Strangely enough despite my being brought up in Easterhouse from the late 1950’s until 1977, and living quite close to Stevie, I never did meet him. Having said that, with him attending St Benedicts ( The BENNY) as it was known as, I too also attended St Benedicts for a couple of years, especially when I “Jumped ship” from Blessed John Ogilvie ( later to be Saint John Ogilvie ) Parish, for my own reasons, one of which was that my main Mates all attended St Benedicts and played for The Boys Guild Team, so I too joined The Benny’s fitba team, and began to attend St Benedicts for Mass etc……..just to make it look “Legit” !


    My Da and his mates had drove to Lisbon, but didnt take me, so I watched the Lisbon Lions and that Stevie Goal, in my Uncles house in Dennistoun.


    My Uncles and my Granda’s Beers went all over the ceiling at LEAST FIVE Times during the game, when Bertie hit the Inter Crossbar, When Sarti saved and HELD the Ball with ONE Hand, when Sarti CLAWED the Ball back from crossing the line…and of course when Big Tams Equaliser went in….and Stevie’s Winning Goal that Crowned Glasgow Celtic as ” Champions of Europe”.



    My Da wouldnt take to a game against the Huns until the late 1960’s, so I didnt get to see the 1966, 5-1 Gubbing of the Huns at Celtic Park, and Stevie’s Hat Trick….But I clearly remember my Da’s Sheer Utter Joy when he returned from the game to my Grand Parents house..I dont think he went to work that Night, as plenty of alcohol was consumed I believe in celebration !


    Thanks for ALL the Wonderful Memories Stevie…Your place in Celtic Folklore is Eternal.








  11. Bada Bing



    Hopefully some tickets come back form the suits/corp. i expect Hearts will sell all theirs




  12. !!BADA BING!! on 29TH APRIL 2019 11:16 AM


    I am one f the unlucky ones on the HCRS…there are 10 of us that I apply together, I am the only unlucky one. Been on the scheme since it began.


    If anyone can help phone or get me at lennybhoycfc@gmail.com


    Forlorn hope as I know there are thousands of us in the same boat.


    Anyway off to Javea via Prestwick Airport…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  13. prestonpans bhoys on




    I’ve been on the HTS since 2007 and didn’t get one, that option is coming out when I renew my ST

  14. Lovely, sad subject matter Paul 67….thanks for this…………………… in a week of weeks for Tims everywhere.




    When One star and One goal, means more.



    RIP Stevie Chalmers.

  15. weebobbycollins on

    I too remember the foggy 5-1 game. Stevie got 3 Charlie Gallagher got 1 and Bobby Murdoch got a screamer. It was indeed a defining moment for us all…


    On the park these humble guys had an arrogance that was totally absent off the field. The arrogance came from the self-belief, instilled in them by Jock. Even after all the unprecedented success, the remaining Lions are still so modest. With the exception of Faither Ronnie and Wispy Willie Wallace, I have spent time with all the Lions. Each one a credit to club and family…so much so, they became a family in themselves. My heart goes out to the remaining Lions…especially to John Clark, a more modest man you will never meet. Just 3 weeks ago my son asked John if he could have a photo taken with him….I took quite a few, including with my 4 year old grandson. I was looking at the pics yesterday after the three of us returned from big Billy’s shrine…my son is bursting with pride in them…one day, in the not too distant future and after I’ve gone, I hope my wee grandson feels the same pride at being in a photo with a Lisbon Lion…


    God bless the Lisbon Lions…

  16. Lennybhoy, BB,



    Same scenario for me.


    No ticket for the final.


    First ever time I’ve been balloted out.


    Participation in the home ticket scheme under review!




  17. I just got back from a long weekend in Cumbria- I watched Jozo channelling big Billy in a pub in Kendal and I woke up to the sad news that Stevie Chalmers- scorer of the goal that rang round the Celtic world- had passed.



    A brave man who had to fight just to get to play football and a man who rose to the occasion when we lost Joe McBride that season. Stevie was an under-appreciated footballer- 5 Scotland caps only- and he was seen as a fast player and a prolific scorer at a time when we had many with those qualities.



    Despite the mistaken estimations and Stevie’s own humble nature, he was the man who was chosen to score our greatest ever goal, to purposefully deflect Bobby’s shot to prevent Sarti breaking our hearts again.



    This is a sad day for the Chalmers family and for us but I hope we will celebrate the less-venerated Stevie as much as we celebrate our greatest ever Captain. Above all the individual talents, the Lions were a great team forged by the teamwork mentality of Big Jock.



    As a further sad side note, in reading this article, I was made aware of the sad passing of our own CQN’r Murdoch, Auld and Hay, who showed great bravery in the way he fought his terrible condition. A sad miss from these pages- may he Rest in Peace now

  18. Our current team are missing VVD, Stuart Armstrong, Paddy Roberts, Moussa Dembele and the Griff.


    We can win the Treble Treble.


    We do need to invest heavily to improve and maintain our gap.


    A manager, dominant centre back, box to box midfielder, creative midfielder and a striker.



    God bless Stevie Chalmers, May he rest in peace.




  19. It’s been a strange seven days…



    They say bad things come in threes, well, the passing of Billy McNeill, now Steve Chalmers, and no Cup Final ticket despite years on the HCTS.



    I’ll get over the ticket thing, but losing our greatest captain and the scorer of our greatest goal, both in the one week, is much tougher to bear.

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