The Mahatma Gandhi question


It was curious that Peter Lawwell was quizzed on potentially having a conflict of interest in deciding if a recent multiple-convict would be regarded by the SFA as Fit and Proper to direct a football club.  The club in question are not even in our league; conflict exists only in the heads of those who persist in believing in a ‘Firm which expired on the liquidation of one party.

I’ve avoided the appropriateness of a recent convict directing a football club as the deciding matters appear overwhelmingly obvious.  There are no written rules on being Fit and Proper, largely due to the Mahatma Gandhi question posed by Neil Doncaster last year.  Gandhi was a convict, but one of impeccable character.  The contemporaneous character references are all important.  The SFA will also be chastened by recent experiences.

My guess is that in the unlikely event the Nomads acquiesce, Peter Lawwell’s views will be immaterial.  “Nobody likes us, we don’t care” has nothing to do with it, just find someone Fit and Proper!

Delighted that Aberdeen’s quest for silverware survived Fir Park last night.  This club have underachieved for around 20 years now but Derek McInnes stands a reasonable chance of delivering second place in the league, as well as the League Cup.

Not so delighted at Hibs capitulation.  Despite playing like Brazil in the 1970 World Cup for the first 15 minutes of their home tie against Hearts last night they were soon out-muscled, with more than a few players looking miles out of their depth.  There is no compensation for Scottish football in Hearts progressing to the semi-finals.  They are mid-crisis and will remain so, irrespective of how they perform in cup competitions, but the absence of Hibernian from the genuine challengers is a regret.

Morton went down to a late St Johnstone goal.  They have now lost five and drawn one of their six games since winning at Celtic Park, their only victory since August…..

With this in mind, I’ll refrain from referring to the potential advantage of having a Cup Final at ‘home’ until we have earned the right to be there.

Dreadful news of Fernando Ricksen.  I hope he finds strength from those close to him in the years ahead.

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  1. Alasdair MacLean on

    Thanks for the effort-recognition yesterday OHITS.



    Someone’s got to keep the Stags in the headlights…

  2. The Spirit Of Arthur Lee on

    I was working in the lab late one night


    When my eyes beheld an eerie sight


    For my monster from his slab began to rise


    And suddenly to my surprise



    He did the mash


    He did the monster mash

  3. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Succession. Now that’s something we should be thinking about. If Neil continues to move the team forward with regular success in CL then he will be courted by other clubs with more resources than ourselves.


    Whether Neil would move on is a difficult question to answer as he has already stated that he is happy with us and as long as we are qualifying for CL then he will remain with us.


    My own opinion on the matter is that he will stay till SEVCO are back in top league. He probably wants to put them to the sword a few times before he moves on to prove a point to his detractors in Scotland, so for me he will be here for at least another 4 seasons.


    Who would succeed him though? Well the word, for me, implies that there will be a promotion from within.


    John Kennedy is the likely candidate and there is the problem, what if John decides to move on before Neil? He must have ambition and want to prove himself in management at some point. So is PL and the board also thinking of the future without Neil? I think some discussions have already been had on that issue and would be surprised if the board hadn’t already started to look at the longer term.


    Liverpool had a very successful policy, which brought great success and my hope would be for Celtic to copy that and mentor John Kennnedy over the coming seasons so that when the time does come, as it inevitable will, for Neil to move on, John is ready to take over.

  4. Not surptised that he is not supporting the motion, disappointed they are not considering their original decision based on evidence that is now suspect……..in fact……..That evidence stinks to the high heaven.

  5. A Little Piece of Evan on Earth







    The first Hallowe’en I can actually define by year was the epic one of 1970, the year I made my First Holy Communion and got Confirmed – Soldiers of God, Soldiers are We. I was seven years old.1970 had seen Celtic secure our fifth successive League Championship but the sin of complacency had once again entered the Garden of Eden, witness the spectre of Feyenoord and their threatening, nightmare-inducing strips.



    This gallingly unexpected defeat had been made all the worse for me as it had been personalised in the form of one Israel O’Hara, a schoolmate with possibly a unique name. Taunted mercilessly over his forename he rejoiced that Rinus had put all Israels on the map and Celtic to the sword. I took it personally and hate the sight of black and white panelled footballs to this day. If Marinus David Israel and Bengt Ove Kindvall had been continental blots on the Celtic landscape then the real bogeyman for me at this time was Airdrie-based referee Bobby Davidson who seemed to be waging a one-man war on Celtic’s domestic ambitions. ‘Red Hand’ Davidson had put paid to Celtic’s Scottish Cup hopes in a blatant afternoon of bias that saw Aberdeen emerge with the silverware and Jock Stein berate the whistler from the top of the Hampden stairs to the bottom. Davidson would persecute Jimmy Johnstone with a fanatic’s zeal and no amount of keyrings and inflatables could act as voodoo doll-antidotes for the wee worshipped winger. Jinky would regularly be a guest of the SFA Disciplinary Committee courtesy of Davidson’s venom.



    Anyway the Spring and Summer of 1970 passed languidly as seasons do in childhood and by October Pink Floyd had released an album with a cow on the cover. The press was fawning over another Johnstone (only nine years older than me) who had shocked Celtic with the only goal of the League Cup Final and Big Derek has more-or-less been in our face (and many pastries in his) ever since. Alas our Bhoys had managed to c(l)ock up three successive Cup Final defeats and I was already appreciative of the soothing features of my fledgling sacramental life.



    I was never appreciative of Motherwell, town or team.



    They, too, had supporters at my school, even more than Feyenoord which I found unusual at that time. The rotters from Rotterdam could beat Celtic, had beaten Celtic and were worthy of my grudging tear-stained respect. Motherwell had never ever beaten Celtic, not in my lifetime anyway. In actual fact they had not beaten us in a competitive match since 1959. I rejoiced, luxuriated and bathed in our dominance over the local side; a selfish gloatfest that would be replaced by misery when the well would run dry (and occasionally riot) two decades later.



    It was October 31st 1970, my eighth Hallowe’en. Celtic were in the Burgh to play Motherwell and I was off to the game with my dad and his mates and Hallowe’en was that very night. As soon as I got home from the game I’d be out guisin’ along with my sister and two brothers. It was like an autumnal Christmas; Celtic in the afternoon and much fun in the evening. I kept thinking about it. I’m in this. This is happening. All of it. Today.





    Motherwell :-



    MacRae, Whiteford, Wark, Forsyth, McCallum, Donnelly, McInally, Watson (Campbell). Deans, Muir, Heron




    Celtic :-



    Williams, Craig, Hay, Murdoch, McNeill, Cattenach, Johnstone, Hood (Macari), Wallace, Connelly, Lennox




    Looking at that Celtic side now, it seems to me like a team of midfielders. Regardless it was enough to see off one of Motherwell’s better Texaco-Cuppy, darnelists-to-be-plus-Dixie ensembles by a mere FIVE GOALS TO NIL. My joy climbed in increments as the afternoon drifted towards the dusk of the dead



    Hood (18)



    Hood (37, even better a penalty)



    Hauf-Time (dad and his mates drinking haufs out the lids of the haufboattles)



    ConnElly (always a stress on the E for some strange reason, 47)



    Hood (Hat-trick Harry 52)



    Jinky (86, the icing on the cheeky face of the Hallowe’en cake – absorb that Bobby Davidson)




    The best thing and far more memorable than any of the goals was a moment that happened in the second half with Celtic pummelling the Mothers’ goal. All the players were up the other end and Evan Williams cut a lonesome underused figure in the Celtic goalmouth. My dad’s mate, Meechy, shouted “ Haw Evan, come ower here n hae a wee hauf wi us. Yir no needit oot theyr”. And the Celtic goalie, aye, Evan Williams, turned round laughing and waved at me, well, at, us. It was almost Hallowe’en and I’d rarely been happier .



    When we got home my younger siblings were dressed up and waiting for me to get ready. We four were in the living room and our parents were in the kitchen. I kissed all three of them and advised them sagely ‘This is Hallowe’en’. And Hallowe’en really did happen.We all filled our bags and bellies apart from my mum whose belly was already full of the Rhythm Method that was Oor Franny.




    Happy Hallowe’en. God bless our families and the Celtic family.





  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Neil Lennon took the job when it seemed [ at least to Owen Coyle’s granny ] that no one else wanted it.



    Now through his efforts,and those of his team, when and if he does decide to leave he has made the job attractive again.

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    WishawGuyser- I enjoyed that post, even though I hate Halloween almost as much as I hate Bonfire Night.

  8. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Referee apologises to Stuart McCall for a mistake?


    When did this ever happen? Have Celtic ever had a referee apologise?




  9. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar on

    Paul67 – Well said on Fernando Ricksen, a terrible illness for such a young man- best wishes to him and his.



    WG -superb- felt like I was there :-)



    Harry, Harry, Harry Hood…Harry..Harry Hood




  10. Ghandi? Whatever happened to him? He made one great film, and then you never saw him again.



    Trigger CSC

  11. We see an organisation whose demise was littered with tax offences all the way back to the last century and whose liquidation was directly brought about because the tax authorities pursued it for yet another batch of non-payment of its dues.


    It’s Kafkaesque to so much as consider the very idea that its fortunes can be restored by a man who has dozens of convictions for tax fraud.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am of the opinion that Peter Lawwel is an asset to Celtic and is doing a first class job.I also think our Board are doing a good job as custodians of our club.I know some posters on CQN think Peter and the Board should have challenged the cheating that has gone on and continues to go on over at Ibrokes.however, I dont subscribe to that view. I think we should keep our powder dry the Rangers are doing well enough in tearing themselves apart without us becoming involved.Peter and the Board are still trying to find a way out of Scotland into a European type league we dont need the added hassle of fighting the deid team.H.H.

  13. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Henryclarson 1256….






    Moreover they operated a religious discrimination policy,aided by an acquiescent press & successive governments..



    The disgusting triumphalism of the deadco is incomprehensible ..



    We let them back at our peril..



    They do not exist..they broke rules..



    More in the Celtic hierarchy should point this out..




  14. ohits Go Oscar on

    Alasdair MacLean



    You will need a new f5 button the way you are carrying on , and never mind headlights what about the floodlights?

  15. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Manager of Toys ‘r’ Us on the John Beattie show talking about Halloween costumes saying there was a big spike in zombies last year.

  16. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    With PL ‘s boss wanting sevco in the SPL ASAP ….damn sure PL will be conflicted if he is asked to contribute on the decision as to whether King is fit and proper….but not necessarily in the fashion many would think

  17. wg…it really enthrals me ,hearing how other tims grew up,mainly because of our working class ethos,great wee story……….keep them coming h h

  18. Bawsman , must agree 100%, surely the recent history of the SFA actions/inactions on Celtic interests,(Farry/Fergus McCann),(Dougie Dougie) and the doubts on the veracity of statements of Regan & Co.re the wee tax case,means we cant assume PL`s infallibility as some would have us do,plausible accounts of what may have happened do exist and should be explored,I look forward to his report and remind us all that without Resolution 12 we would be none the wiser.



  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    That was magic cheers





    Why do you persist in making out our issue is with Ayebrokes ?


    It’s not they behaved exactly as expected and have no responsibility towards the governance of the game, our gripe is with the SFA.

  20. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    DBBIA. I think that’s stakes but I’m by no means an expert on the undead, although I know one when I see one.

  21. League cup semi final draw today, ties to be played 1st & 2nd February 2014.



    Anybody know where?



    Should this not have been announced sometime ago same as happened with the Scottish Cup yesterday??



    Heres hoping they can arrange something sensible for the teams & the fans

  22. cowiebhoy



    sorry to here about the loss of a great friend, may he rip.



    prayers for Fernando.

  23. ohits Go Oscar on

    Alasdair MacLean



    Friday night game , not playing too well , the lights go out , a smell s–te !



    I bet the pubs in the area were quite happy .

  24. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire


    13:17 on


    31 October, 2013








    Why do you persist in making out our issue is with Ayebrokes ?


    It’s not they behaved exactly as expected and have no responsibility towards the governance of the game, our gripe is with the SFA.”






    Aye, The Sweet FA up to their knees in it- they’ve got it coming to them!!



    Keep up the good work




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