The man from Raith said Play by the rules


Turnbull Hutton, who resigned as Raith Rovers chairman in November, died last night after a short illness.  When Scottish Football League chairmen were presented with an Armageddon scenario in 2012 his voice of dissent was first to be heard.  Those at the top of Scottish football tried to convince SFL clubs it was in THEIR interests to grant newco Rangers access to the second tier of Scottish football.  Hutton saw through this and called-out the presentation by Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir, chief execs of the SFA, SPL and SFL respectfully, for what it was.

Craig Whyte bought Rangers in 2011.  Within months his team crashed out Europe and he had devised a plan to liquidate, phoenix with a newco and present the SPL with a fait accompli – give me a place in the top flight and I’ll save your league programme and commercial deals.

Once Duff and Phelps were installed as administrators Craig lost control.  Had he been able to force through a quick liquidation there is a very good chance the SPL would have voted to allow newco access to the top flight.  Newco would have been debt free and able to strengthen their team in 2012.

It would have destroyed Celtic, who had no choice but to resist.  As the weeks passed, one by one, SPL clubs said ‘No’.  By May the baton passed to the Scottish Football League, who would not only be asked to vote newco as a new member, which the rules permitted them to do, but to elevate this club to the Championship.

The cost of liquidation and becoming a phoenix newco was established by Turnbull Hutton.  The rules permitted the applicant club would ask to be voted into the bottom tier of the professional league structure.  Hutton insisted the rules be followed, nothing more.  For this, Scottish football is in his debt.

You have three days left to bid on the fabulous hospitality for four people one day at this summer’s Open Golf Championship at St Andrews, which takes place from 16-19 July.

The auction is in aid of the Celtic Quick News appeal to build a fourth school kitchen in Malawi for Mary’s Meals.  Shuttle transport for the five minute journey to and from the golf course as needed, with beer, Gin and Whisky tastings throughout the day with the master distiller.

You also have the chance to create a unique CQN single malt whisky cask worth potentially £5000 for future CQN charities, and you will receive a bottle of this very special single malt whisky to commemorate the great day when it is bottled in several years.

Eden Mill is Scotland’s newest and most innovative distillery and brewery incorporated in February 2012!  Located just 2 miles from the famous Old Course itself it provides a perfect base for hospitality for yourself and 3 friends on a day of your choosing at the forthcoming open golf championship on July 16th to 19th.

But this is so much more than just a day’s hospitality at the home of golf.  Before taking to the course to watch, you will enjoy a breakfast roll or two and discuss your perfect single malt whisky with the master distiller.

Whilst you and your friends are enjoying the golf he will seek to surpass your favourite whisky by using the best barley to create the right wash and recommending the right type of barrels for our very own unique CQN 1/4 cask of single malt.  A cask which will mature and provide over £5000 of future funding for our charities in a few years’ time.

You will return to the distillery by shuttle bus for lunch and an optional beer tasting and then for afternoon tea with a tutored gin and whisky tasting with the owner capping off a memorable, unique and very special day for your group and for CQN.

My thanks to Eden Mill for their incredible support.  You can bid on the auction here.

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  1. In there, just logged on for a wee late lunchtime lurk, and another podium opportunity presents and is duly taken.


    Well done Jude.

  2. RIP Turnbull Hutton, a man of integrity and principle.


    Those who lead Scottish football should have taken lessons.



    Condolences to his family and friends.

  3. Jude



    Not a bother mate I’d just come back and saw 0 comments in the new article.



    Many congratulations to yer Bhoy.

  4. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Be interesting to see if the whole of Scottish football is represented at Turnbulls funeral.

  5. Sipsini



    Chores for the day are done! Well until she finds my hiding place :-)


    THE BARCA MOLE From previous



    You were doing well until you mentioned winners. You lost me at that point!



    Enjoy your time back home,mate. I did. It was muddy blarvellous.

  7. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on





    All chores are done b4 noon in the Jude hoose btw”””

  8. TheBarcaMole on

    BMCUW 14:00 on 6 April, 2015……….



    Hey you, I am flying back to vote (and well you know it!), and to help to keep Amen Corner blush, well it’s not quite red……. Murphy or not, jeez what is the alternative?


    >30 hours door to door……… And voting as per under sufferance!



    First chance to vote, I walked from Easterhouse to Pollok to register my x as the Corpy was on a work to rule and I was skint and VP was on a Raleigh delivery bike, ‘nae backies’ allowed……



    This time, was going to fly via Copenhagen in the hope of a free taxi for the last leg……. Apparently there was a South Lanarkshire Turpin convention in Denmark last weekend! Missed it by a couple of days……..


    So looks like the 267/263 on Wednesday from outside the BV…..



    Still it gives me three days or so to try and pick a winner……Remember them eh, ‘first better than worst’ ???……….


    EC67 will gen you up re if the phrase ‘pick a winner’ sounds foreign to you pal :-)



    BTW M, dae us a favour pal and pass on my ‘new’ details to RWE when you see him, in case the ‘leckie’ is interrupted here again, you know with me no paying the bills etc., Will try again to send such from here shortly but there is a network problem of sorts, really!






    Regards & Hail Hail



  9. Well done bhoys, suppose I’m just slow off the mark.



    Mines all done aswell, until my daughter gets in and picks holes on why I just throw everything in the washing machine at one time :)

  10. Fine, fitting words Paul67.



    I wrote my own tribute upon hearing the news.






    I find it impossible to imagine a scenario which ended in the NewCo starting in the lowest tier without what he did and said on that day on the steps at Hampden.



    It’s a year to the day he walked around Easter Road with the Challenge Cup, after his side beat Sevco Rangers in the final, and that was his final victory and his ultimate triumph.



    He gave Scottish football so much more. He gave it part of its soul back, at a time when it risked losing it all.



    RIP Turnbull.

  11. bournesouprecipe on




    Yes, last Friday i think – I’ll have a look, he talks longer than he writes impossible to get a word in sometimes, when he’s on a rant ;-)



    Rod Stewart said hello to him one night at a midweek game.

  12. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    My pet mouse Elvis died last night. He was caught in a trap!!!




    Siesta time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Turnbull Hutton. His stand stopped the farce being the biggest fraud in British sporting history. He was a brave, brave man.



    Scotland does not have an abundance of his like.



    I’m sad he is gone, but sadder still that those that he opposed are still in office with the exception of Longmuir. All who were party to the 5-Way-Deceit still enjoy the extensive and expensive privileges of office.



    Lest we ever forget.

  14. Bourne



    Thanks I don’t want to read the final part if there’s a bit I’ve missed, especially the part where you two meet up again in a Bangkok gogo bar :-)

  15. In days of turbulent indigo,



    As dark room deals were planned



    A man from the East climbed citadel steps



    Defiant alone, he made a stand.




    Joni Mitchell CSC

  16. Paul, James, Kitalba and a few others…..



    Your decent words on the passing of Turnbull Hutton are a credit to the Celtic support.



    The crass, pathetic and childish podium hunting by others, however would not be a credit to the average 3 year old. Not your proudest moment, lads.



    For articles such as this, Paul, there may value in disabling the comments.



    Just a thought.

  17. RIP Turnbull Hutton.



    Got back to the rock at the weekend after a great trip home and a 10 trip to London chaperoning the Bermuda U-17 egg chasers.



    Trip home was great, got to see the bhoys 3 times although was sick of the sight of Utd at the end of them.



    Got chatting with one of the E-tims bhoys at the cup final but most importantly finally got to put some faces to names from the band of CQN’ers.



    Many thanks to Bobby Murdoch and his Winkle Pickers for organizing the night and it was a pleasure to meet several of the guys and girls.



    Really looking forward to the end of season run in now, still a lot to play for and fingers crossed we’ll be celebrating a historic treble at the end of it all.

  18. ChippyBhoy



    Sorry missed your post….We stayed in Scandic Palace next to City hall and main square.


    Paid extra £20 a night for bigger room (# 501) big enough for cot and all the skip size


    stuff a wean needs.


    Shopping street starts near ,a mile plus walk to Nyhaven (harbour).


    Tivoli across road ,£10 entry for adults plenty places to eat ,have a stroll around and sit with the wee one.hh

  19. weeron



    I’d already made a comment on Turnbull Hutton’s sad passing on the previous article.

  20. weeron



    Plenty bhoys have already posted re Mr Hutton on last thread…


    So shut yir mooth and give yir erse a chance.




  21. I’m troubled by all this conspiracy stuff!! Can no one give hunman some credit at all?? After all, with 10 men the stuffed the runaway leaders who have not lost a game all season, I mean fair play and all that, eh?


    Oh, I have a pain in my side and I heard Queen Lubo ‘ s sweet voice. Wake up Lubo, you’re having one of your bad dreams again.



    Hail Hail




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