The measure of Virgil van Dijk


It’s the measure of Virgil van Dijk that we’re even having the debate about whether he’s the best central defender we’ve seen in decades. If he’s not, he’s close. That said, measured against the other two players Southampton have secured from Celtic in recent seasons, his ability to influence a game is not of the standard of Victor Wanyama.

It’s no surprise that Southampton have been under pressure to sell Wanyama, or that they have apparently gambled on holding him, better options than Tottenham are likely to lie ahead for Victor. Virgil has perhaps found his level.

I’m off to read all those articles about how good Celtic are at developing >£10m footballers and why Southampton are not as clever as Celtic, just like the ones criticising Celtic for not being as clever as Dundee United.

More on Virgil later in the week, best of luck to him on England.

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  1. OptaCeltic ‏@OptaCeltic 7m7 minutes ago


    Since 2010, Celtic have received over £63m from England clubs in transfer fees alone

  2. I think someone mentioned in the last thread about how the transfer window closes at 6pm and Scottish clubs later tonight, possibly allowing us to pick up ‘unwanted’ players not registered in their squads.



    I would find it hilarious if we put in a cheeky loan bid for Charlie Austin

  3. The world’s top Winker, Jim W about to rear his ugly head and ugly thoughts on SSN to cover the window deadline. A programme to miss.




  4. Would really have liked to see a strong and experienced .defensive midfielder brought in to protect the back four. Bitton while a very good player is not suited to this role. He is not great in the tackle . often gets caught wrong side and has a tendency to give the ball away in dangerous areas. I feel his best position is further forward. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/simunovic-in-town-as-deadline-deals-loom/comment-page-5/#comment-2668993

  5. GARY67 on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2015 3:53 PM


    OptaCeltic ‏@OptaCeltic 7m7 minutes ago





    Since 2010, Celtic have received over £63m from England clubs in transfer fees alone



    Or we could have got £100m if we reached CL every year….



    Still not bad eh




  6. We’re always likely to get a loan signing after 6pm but have to ask, what is the point? Unless we get an “option” on the player in which case it’s probably going to be an expensive option if the player is worth his salt… plus if they do play well a premiership club will just match the offer.



    Worked with Denayer but it’s short term planning, there has to be real strategy behind it.

  7. HOOOOOOOOOOOOPY Anniversary to you & your good lady Paul,



    thank you Virgil & all the besg to young Eoughan,who looks the biz.

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I would like to wish big VVD all the best at Southampton as far as I know he has been no trouble what so ever and always did his best in a Celtic shirt.Also he has been sold for decent money which helps us as a club so all the best big guy and thanks. H.H.

  9. Fulham in for Hooper?



    His career continues on the pre ordained meteoric path…………………….to mediocrity.






    Mibbe naw.



    Be careful what you wish for.

  10. Franny


    Re adverts


    Try going into your advanced settings ( on safari or whichever browser you are using) and turn off java script . Never been bothered by ads since I turned mine off.

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Bada Bing. Now we have got the money from Virgils transfer we may be able to afford to pay him off. ;- ) H.H.

  12. Geordie Munro



    If we were in a dog fight for the league then of course that would be valuable indeed, but we’re not, so surely player development and long term strategy should take precedence?

  13. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    BREAKING: Former Rangers administrator David Whitehouse has been arrested.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    English window open until 6.00. If we have a 15% sell-on on Virgil that’s £3m for us if Liverpool buy him for £20m in the next two hours.

  15. Can’t be too long before the pessimistic horde get ripped into Virgil’s statement. ‘Wouldn’t surprise me if Lawwell drafted that statement…’ ‘Virgil was paid £20 grand to say this c**p’. ‘Lawwell ‘s bonus kicks in now, it was dependent on Virgil who didn’t want to leave.’ Of course the Godfather of Doom and Gloom, who emigrated from UK as not enough dark nights and rain, ‘ this Croatian CH cheap option, crowds will be under 25,000 next year, if Celtic don’t win treble and reach semi final of EL. ‘

  16. Fantastic news selt oor best player




    great deal for us of course so they say




    Looking forward to seeing jozo




    hopefully we can sell him too




    that would be great news f








    this business model pisses me aff




    here’s a few facts




    cifti is shite




    as stokes is




    griff good




    no class tho we need a great number 9




    Fletcher fits the bill great player




    michu tae




    an experienced centre back




    experienced defensive midfielder too




    as we’ve no got wan




    that’s no gonna happen tho is it



    63mil fae English premier league


    That should be put back into the squad


    but it hasn’t

  17. traditionalist88 on

    Malone Bhoy on 1st September 2015 4:05 pm


    We’re always likely to get a loan signing after 6pm but have to ask, what is the point?





    Some EPL clubs are so stupid they don’t plan one year down the line, so may let you loan him again…and then next time they forgot about him so may let you buy him…then two years later you sell him for 10m…and Mike Ashleys raging…eg. Fraser Forster;)




  18. When does worry , turn to panic, that big Dozo hasnae signed yet?



    Dozo’s gonae get yae


    Dozo’s gonae get yae


    Dozo’s gonae get yae

  19. Malonebhoy,




    In an ideal world that’d be the way to go. I agree about the league though. Without being arrogant it’ll take care of itself.



    I wouldn’t want the first 11 filled with loanees with no option to buy but a couple of quality loans that could prevent a few skelpings in the EL would be quite welcome.




  20. I like the look of Big O’Connell and was a bit miffed to hear of the loan deal with Oldham. I thought he was a player that was edging closer to the first team every day. If you look at the big picture it’s not too bad as his loan deal is in effect only four months long. If the Croation lad does not end up signing that would probably mean Blackett to partner Boyata in the middle of the back four. I would like to see Kierney deputize for Izzy throughout the season as I believe he is one of the young ones who can make the first team grade






  21. Reading pay Watford £2.5 mil loan fee, for a season long loan of Vydra,a striker i think………………wtf

  22. Real Madrid hold the record number of consecutive participations in the UEFA Champions League with 19 from 1997–98 to 2015–16, Arsenal (from 1998–99 to 2015–16) have participated in 18 consecutive campaigns.

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