The miraculous 34 game run


When I heard of Liverpool’s freak 3-0 defeat to Watford on Saturday, their first in the league this season, it portended to how Celtic are vulnerable to a cup upset.  Football is not a sport where winning all the time is possible.

Even great teams score with a small percentage of their chances and sometimes will miss all chances in a game.  Conversely, underdogs will sometimes score with their only chance(s) in a game; cup upsets are a statistical certainty.

As a consequence, this impossibly long run of domestic cup success simply has to end sometime and Perth on Sunday had all the hallmarks of the classic upset.  St Johnstone are on form, the pitch was rutted and sodden; the weather, inclement.  St Johnstone players were watching television on Thursday, while Celtic’s were exhausting limbs in a failed attempt to remain in Europe.

You will have noted that the only time any of our 33 previous cup games finished level after 90 minutes was at home to Dunfermline this season – immediately after our Champions League qualification defeat to Cluj.  That European result hovered ominously over the domestic cup game; players are only human, full of human emotions.  Perhaps that Dunfermline game put steel in the legs yesterday.

It takes more than good form, a horrible pitch, a sore European defeat and awful weather to knock this Celtic team out of a cup.  The sheer determination to win, which was evident at Hampden in December’s League Cup Final, decided the outcome of yesterday’s Scottish Cup quarterfinal.

We are watching a dressing room united and with common purpose, unlike others I could mention.  34 consecutive cup wins is nothing short of miraculous, but the more miracles you perform, the more real estate you occupy in the minds of your opponents.  Does anyone really expect to knock Celtic out of a cup these days?

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  1. weebobbycollins on

    Just back from the pub. I thought the nuts in the wee bowl on the bar tasted funny…

  2. Never mind my Birthday, just counted the goals from Bournesouprecipie’s brilliant post listing our 34 cup match winning streak. 34 played 34 won. goals for 102 goals against 11. Surely another record.



    Just back from the pub. I thought the nuts in the wee bowl on the bar tasted funny…





    Better than the pineapple cubes in the tribals anyway…😀

  4. Followed a non- handwasher out of the toilet at Brussels airport – into the bar and he went straight to the peanuts. 😝

  5. The hands cant hit @ 3:13 pm



    “I’ve posted before that Lenny’s Euro record (particularly in comparison to BR) included (and now seems likely to include going forward) higher highs but on general a lower level of performance and results. I think that would be fair comment for this season. Knocked out by Copenhagen and Cluj- both very modest opposition, while doing the double over Lazio (current Serie A leaders).”



    Depends how you see a high high and a low low.



    As Berwick- 1967 is still thrown up as Old Rangers’ worst ever result, then I cannot think of any defeat more humbling than the loss of a match (not the tie) to Lincoln Red Imps in all our European history. Of course, BR can be excused the fact that he had just taken over AND we won through in the end but it is still our worst ever Euro performance.



    Brendan also managed to have us lose 7:0 to Barca in one match and 12:1 to PSG on aggregate. Now, those are teams whom we should expect to lose to heavily but these are record defeats, much worse than Neil ever saw when his Celtic faced the big boys in Europe.



    As for highs- Brendan can point to 2 draws vs Man City, a 3:0 vs Anderlecht, a 5:0 against Astana and a last 16 Europa home win vs Zenit. In 3 Cl campaigns, he had us finish 4th and 3rd in succesive CL Groups and then failed to qualify in his third attempt. In 2 Europa campaigns, we were knocked out at the last 32 stage, losing 3 out of 4 matches.



    In total, Brendan won 16, drew 8 and lost 18 matches in Europe.



    Neil, 2nd time around has won 10, drawn 3 and lost 3.


    First time around he won 15, drew 5 and lost 13, giving a total of 25 W, 8 D, and 16 L. (I have discounted both Sion ties as they were decided in a Swiss Office, not on a pitch).



    Neil has won more and lost fewer than Brendan. It is hard to argue that his Utrecht 4:0 defeat was as bad as Lincoln Red Imps but he only once saw Celtic heavily defeated by a big team, 6:1 by Barca.



    On balance, I find your hypothesis that Brendan’s results were more on an even keel, to be unsubstantiated.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Asked a Chinese colleague who is still in China since he went home for holiday, told me the round up was them using the opportunity to round up criminals who had nowhere else to hide and had to return home to their registered address.


    He is a sceptic who does not trust his government but trusts western media less.


    The only thing he believed was the stress shown in the treatment centres and said he expected no less with the workload and hours they were doing.

  7. “GENE on 2ND MARCH 2020 5:31 PM




    That was a quick goal”



    Excellent ! Really made me laugh :-))

  8. Canamalar



    Cheers for that. I can believe the authorities taking advantage of the situation.



    Did he say anything about them sealing the doors to apartments?

  9. The Onlooker on

    Last year I read an in-flight magazine that gave a scientific analysis of hand drying options in public toilets.



    High pressure air dryers, airblade etc. Surprisingly got a very poor rating.


    Poorly washed hands leaving loads of germs in a convenient water solution. The airjet converts them into aerosol form leaving them on every surface and in the air to breathe.



    The surprise winner was paper towels.


    Of course you can also take one extra towel to open the door to exit.



    The Onlooker


    # publicinformationcsc

  10. What we do know is that Sevco are slowly getting back to where they once were, before they got kicked out of the Premiership and relegated to the third division in 2012.



    That is a line in today’s CQN article How Long Until Sevco Catch Up?



    Who the hell wrote that? Surely not Paul67.

  11. This run is miraculous Paul, with the referees we get and the sons those referees beget.

  12. Canamalar


    You know the point I was making – it demonstrated their brutality to their citizens.

  13. Jinkyredstar on

    Evening all



    Who is our best player on scraggy carpets like the Tony Macaroni?

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’ve no doubt you believe it was a spontaneous popular uprising and not the result of external interference.


    If you want to talk about internal brutality, remind me about the north of Ireland or Wako, unlike you I am not so easily accepting of our propaganda.





    My old man used to tell me believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see, while I do accept China are/will be guilty of atrocities, I doubt they are any more atrocious than anything the so called free world have perpetrated. Especially coming from Britain or the US.

  15. JINKYREDSTAR on 2ND MARCH 2020 6:20 PM



    Evening all Who is our best player on scraggy carpets like the Tony Macaroni?



    *in his 2 1/2 seasons there wee Leigh played 55 times scoring 26 goals.

  16. Jinkyredstar on




    Good point- Leigh would be on my list in any case but now underlined.



    Ayer also played at Rugby Park



    I also believe the sheer ‘get stuck in’ approach suits Johnny Hayes



    Twinkle toes Eddie also fits but not so keen on Ozzie Tam

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on





    Is that the best you can do, pathetic.

  18. MONDAY MAY 2ND 1981




    Much to the distaste of the Screws we ended the no-wash protest this morning. We moved to ‘B’ wing, which was allegedly clean.



    We have shown considerable tolerance today. Men are being searched coming back from the toilet. At one point men were waiting three hours to get out to the toilet, and only four or five got washed, which typifies the eagerness (sic) of the Screws to have us off the no-wash. There is a lot of petty vindictiveness from them.



    I saw the doctor and I’m 64 kgs. I’ve no problems.



    The priest, Fr John Murphy, was in tonight. We had a short talk. I heard that my mother spoke at a parade in Belfast yesterday and that Marcella cried. It gave me heart. I’m not worried about the numbers of the crowds. I was very annoyed last night when I heard Bishop Daly’s statement (issued on Sunday, condemning the hunger-strike). Again he is applying his double set of moral standards. He seems to forget that the people who murdered those innocent Irishmen on Derry’s Bloody Sunday are still as ever among us; and he knows perhaps better than anyone what has and is taking place in H-Block.



    He understands why men are being tortured here — the reason for criminalisation. What makes it so disgusting, I believe, is that he agrees with that underlying reason. Only once has he spoken out, of the beatings and inhumanity that are commonplace in H-Block.



    I once read an editorial, in late ’78, following the then Archbishop O Fiaich’s ‘sewer pipes of Calcutta’ statement. It said it was to the everlasting shame of the Irish people that the archbishop had to, and I paraphrase, stir the moral conscience of the people on the H-Block issue. A lot of time has passed since then, a lot of torture, in fact the following year was the worst we experienced.



    Now I wonder who will stir the Cardinal’s moral conscience…



    Bear witness to both right and wrong, stand up and speak out. But don’t we know that what has to be said is ‘political’, and it’s not that these people don’t want to become involved in politics, it’s simply that their politics are different, that is, British.



    My dear friend Tomboy’s father died today. I was terribly annoyed, and it has upset me.



    I received several notes from my family and friends. I have only read the one from my mother — it was what I needed. She has regained her fighting spirit — I am happy now.



    My old friend Seanna (Walsh, a fellow blanket man) has also written.



    I have an idea for a poem, perhaps tomorrow I will try to put it together.



    Every time I feel down I think of Armagh, and James Connolly. They can never take those thoughts away from me.

  19. I’m obviously not up to your debating skills – thought we were talking about China – but hey-ho.


    Thankfully I’ve got to go.



    PS my old dad told me never wrestle with a pig ( metaphorically speaking)

  20. Think Hayes is a stick on for Wednesday, he’s tough and what is needed for the task at hand.

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    You identified a single murder and expect it to qualify a generalisation, when provided with far more heinous examples of atrocities perpetrated by the so called leaders of the free world, they examples are dismissed as whataboutery.


    I have absolutely no doubt you are as gullible as you come across, probably even believe Hong Kong is another spontaneous popular uprising and not orchestrated by external influences. So much for the education.

  22. I remember us playing Livi in 2005 around this time and MON hated the plastic pitch.



    We employed the tactic of every pass being chipped rather than rolled. Played for corners and free kicks



    Can’t remember the score , maybe 3-0 but all headers from set pieces



    The tune playing on the end credits/highlights was Killers ‘we’re on top’



    I thought the league was in the bag



    I like Neil Lennon’s attitude right now



    Get Double9IAR done!

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    You were talking about atrocities, I simply furnished you with a little reality check or your your inflated moral high ground.


    My dad told me the same but reminded me pigs are sometimes cleaner than some of the muck you’ll have to scape off your shoe.

  24. Canamalar



    I don’t doubt it for a moment.



    The point I was making earlier today is that it Is concerning if the West follows the lead of what China is being portrayed as doing to control this outbreak.



    I would not put anything past those feckers sitting on the Thames….