The most Moneyball player on the planet


I read Michael Lewis’ Moneyball 13 years ago.  It was an exploration of key metrics missed by most of baseball and exploited by the then Oakland Athletics general manager, Billy Beane.  The lesson from the book was that while each sport has a standard set of metrics the vast majority of coaches and execs follow, if you want to over-achieve against richer opponents, you need to find different, better, metrics.

Adopt the same operational rules as everyone else and over any period, you will punch your weight, not more and no less.  Oakland (the A’s) understood this and chose a path less worn.  They sold their most saleable assets and bought better players from the unfashionable counter.   Some with awkward gaits, overweight or for various reasons just didn’t look right to the rest of elite baseball.

If Billy Beane was working in football today he would sign Leigh Girffiths in a heartbeat.  Read his recent rap sheet, he is the most Moneyball player on the planet.  The new manager is likely to take a look at the headlines and shrug, which is a pity.

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  1. Tell you what…..I think French Eddie would EXCEL in that Leicester team. I’ll be surprised if Brendan doesn’t go for him




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    If you have the same problem it’s yer device.



    If not, SC is no bad!

  3. Tinytim



    It annoyed every one of us. His timing was HORRENDOUS, but, put yourself in his shoes. He would think with the right backing he could take us to a more than decent European level. He more than likely asked for that back up on more than one occasion and was knocked back each time. He probably fucked us the way he thought he was being fucked. (Excuse the language but it’s the best adjective I could think of)

  4. MARKIEBHOY on 22ND APRIL 2021 9:12 PM



    That’s just vanity, it goes them the big ego hence the hat………. George is an ole Baldy




    In a NEW YORK second



    Not necessarily for the money, more for the backing

  6. The fans saved football…………..My arse



    Mundo Deportivo reported Tuesday that the Big Six were offered significant sums of money by UEFA to withdraw from the Super League.



    The reported payoff puts into question what the motivations and intentions from the British clubs were all along. Were they really intending to leave for the Super League? Did they use it as leverage to get a large payoff from UEFA that they felt they deserved?




  7. lionroars67


    Sheer vanity, used to laugh like hell at Stewart Milne,


    it was so obviosly a rug that he looked better when he took it off.




    I could really see that happening.



    Thank you. I am on Sentinel Celts, PMcG, John Janes, KDS, Celtic Star, Etims and others every day. I don’t have one single navigation issue with any of them. And it’s not my device. I have the same CQN issue with all devices ( IMac, 2 Laptops, IPad, IPhone, with any browser and with any operating system. I’m obviously not the only one.

  9. I’m actually so sickened by the absolute corruption, from Sevco, to the SFA, to the “big” clubs to UEFA that I’m seriously thinking of changing my allegiance to a junior football team. It makes me sick

  10. The furthest that Brendan Rodgers has taken any team he’s ever managed in Europe is the last 32 of the Europa league. That includes a team that nearly won the epl. They didn’t do any better against Slavic Prague this season than the Huns



    I don’t think giving him more money would have made much difference

  11. CELTIC40ME



    You have to remember that the more experience you gain the better you become.


    I’d guess his last 32 placing was some years ago. Every day is a learning experience.


    I’d say that NOW, with the proper back up, he’d beat his last 32 record

  12. Celtic40me


    That is surprising, didn’t reallt see much of them in the


    Europa this season. Were they playing full teams?


    Think they would always commit more to EPL.

  13. 31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 10:37 PM



    I’d guess his last 32 placing was some years ago



    This season.




    Were they playing full teams?



    Full team in both the games against Slavia

  15. CELTIC40ME



    Fair do’s



    I’d still back him



    If he got the players HE wanted when with us I think we would have had less drubbings and advanced further

  16. JG


    Thanks for that.. Garbh Bhein,Ardgour would recognise it anywhere.:-)))).out sunday god willin.hi to your dad and glad your fightin the mijjeez again




  17. Watching Leicester tonight you could see what a good manager/coach Rodgers is. They’re proper athletes, confident on the ball, very will drilled, tactically aware and full of a self belief. He’ll get any team punching above it’s weight domestically.

  18. ” It’s easy to order a Big Mac,, …8 Ace an’ a curry………….but it makes you a fat lazy, hump..”

  19. 31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 10:45 PM



    He wanted Castagne at Celtic for a bundle of cash for a full back. He got him at Leicester, had him on the bench against Slavia and still got put out.



    Theres nothing about his record in Europe that suggests giving him more money would have improved our results

  20. celtic40me


    I could see him going to Spurs.


    They need sorted out defensively and he is


    the man manager that Mourinhio isn’t.


    If he got funds he would be a big problem


    to the other big teams.

  21. LIONROARS67 on 22ND APRIL 2021 10:12 PM


    MARKIEBHOY on 22ND APRIL 2021 9:12 PM







    ‘That’s just vanity, it goes them the big ego hence the hat………. George is an ole Baldy’







    It’s to cover the scars he got when he was attacked in the street by a Zionist nut job.



    Which reminds me, I saw a tweet by Craig Murray recently saying he’d been told by an SNP politician of his acquaintance that MSPs and MPs were now banned from criticising Israel or voicing support for Palestinians. Any cult members able to confirm or deny that?



    And whatever people say about Galloway, he would certainly liven up Hollyrood.