The most Moneyball player on the planet


I read Michael Lewis’ Moneyball 13 years ago.  It was an exploration of key metrics missed by most of baseball and exploited by the then Oakland Athletics general manager, Billy Beane.  The lesson from the book was that while each sport has a standard set of metrics the vast majority of coaches and execs follow, if you want to over-achieve against richer opponents, you need to find different, better, metrics.

Adopt the same operational rules as everyone else and over any period, you will punch your weight, not more and no less.  Oakland (the A’s) understood this and chose a path less worn.  They sold their most saleable assets and bought better players from the unfashionable counter.   Some with awkward gaits, overweight or for various reasons just didn’t look right to the rest of elite baseball.

If Billy Beane was working in football today he would sign Leigh Girffiths in a heartbeat.  Read his recent rap sheet, he is the most Moneyball player on the planet.  The new manager is likely to take a look at the headlines and shrug, which is a pity.

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  1. You know those scenes in action movies when the hero walks away from exploding buildings/trains/trucks/planes/cars, all without flinching, and, for better effects, in slow motion?


    That was me today after sinking putt after putt at the golf. I’ve got that slow m o t I o n strut down to a fine art

  2. MARKIEBHOY on 22ND APRIL 2021 10:55 PM



    I think Spurs’ sights might be lowered a bit after this week so he might be the right fit, but Levy spent a billion on a new ground to play in the latter stages of the cl.

  3. I also had to retrieve a ball from some bramble bushes. Took a piece of shrapnel (thorn) from my right arm. On removing it I couldn’t help grimace and growl at the pain, but no tears were shed. The look of admiration and awe from my playing partners was something to behold

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    Don’t talk politics on here very often but that Question Time is a shambles, badly chaired.



    Can’t follow what they are saying for overtalking red red card being the worse




    Politics Shmolitics


    Until some dude turns up who’s not in it for themselves then I’m not in the least bit interested. Never voted, never will.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 11:23 PM



    Only ended up watching it because newsnight was a bore, switched back😂😵😱

  7. The whole non manual labour workforce can now work from home. No need for expensive buildings and such like to house them. Cap MPs salaries at £50k per annum with NO expenditure allowance. Make them work from their own home/office.


    By doing that we’ll have MPs more in coy with the working man and be rid of the charlatans who purport to be working for us but are in fact lining their own pockets

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 11:30 PM


    The whole non manual labour workforce can now work from home



    There are a large number of folk who have great difficulty working from home on a social aspect. Sitting in a house alone all day and interacting via a laptop does your head in😯

  9. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 22ND APRIL 2021 11:37 PM


    31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 11:30 PM



    The whole non manual labour workforce can now work from home




    There are a large number of folk who have great difficulty working from home on a social aspect. Sitting in a house alone all day and interacting via a laptop does your head in😯



    You’re right. I see it first hand every day. But for me, any person who aspires to be an MP is in it for one reason only, themselves. So, until sucjytimes they prove they’re working for us RATHER than themselves, they can suffer like the rest of us and work under the same conditions we all do.


    Fair enough?

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 11:55 PM



    We are talking from different angles, if your focus is on MP’s then I don’t have a problem with what you say👍




    Sorry if I sound aggressive, I don’t mean to be.


    I know you know how corrypolitics and politicians are. It’s just a subject that gets right up my nose. If the general public behaved the way politicians do on a daily basis our jails wouldn’t cope. They get away with what the common person is jailed for. Fraud, perjury, murder…the list goes on

  12. Any politician, in any country in the world, when questioned on something legal or illegal, their go to defence is…”I can’t remember”

  13. 31003



    Agree with much of that. The checks and balances, to hold elected officials to account, simply aren’t up to standard.



    Regardless of one’s political hue, our parliamentary oversight simply isn’t robust enough.

  14. Good morning all from a dry but chilly Garngad





    31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 9:34 PM


    Ah memories.





    Mid to late sixties, Saturday mornings at Glenconnor Park, black ash parks commonly known as “The Coup”


    The sound and feeling of Woolworths “Top Dog” football boots thumping a heavy wet bladder.


    Very similar now to the sound and feeling of my own bladder 3-4 times a night as I get up for a piss.




    31003 – 😂😂😂



    The coup was horrendous. No longer there now a new all weather pitch and a small basketball thingy.



    All weather pitch planned to close as part of Glasgow Lifes horrendous cost cutting City wide.



    D :)



    I dont know the reason(s) for you going to hospital , but I sincerely hope its not too serious and you make a full recovery.


    All the best mate.



  16. fourstonecoppi on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND APRIL 2021 10:57 PM



    you a ‘Tory’ ?………just asking!

  17. Good morning CQN



    5 proposed change in the UK


    (1) Fairer distribution of money


    (2) ‘Golden share’ in clubs for supporters


    (3) Supporter representative on club boards


    (4) Strengthened and continual ‘fit and proper persons’ test


    (5) An Independent regulator



    After the Super League fiasco, 5 reforms to heal football – this is now a once in a generation opportunity for it to actually happen.




  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND APRIL 2021 10:57 P



    It’s to cover the scars he got when he was attacked in the street by a Zionist nut job.






    Indeed. The lack of attention in the media that received was scandalous. He has appeared very much diminished since then which is a shame. His performance in the Senate remains my abiding memory of him not what he has become.


    Celtic and Rangers would support the rumoured British Super League, according to Scotland legend Ally McCoist. (Talksport)



    Thursday’s gossip column




  20. FOURSTONECOPPI on 23RD APRIL 2021 7:38 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND APRIL 2021 10:57 PM







    you a ‘Tory’ ?………just asking!








    No. But I understand the STV system. Which means if you’re least favourite candidate is the Tory it’s best to include them on your list of preferences as your least favourite option rather than not vote for them at all.

  21. Good morning from a beautiful sunny but still cold North Staffs.


    Off to Talacre for the weekend.



    Good luck TET.

  22. David 66! All weather football pitches closing due to cost cutting, tell them to contact sturgeon and she can add it to the great giveaway 🥳