The Motor Neurone fight 6 years after Jinky


Last month we heard from one of our community, RalphWaldoEllison (John), whose adult son, Tony Conway, has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, the same strain of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) that claimed Jimmy Johnstone almost six years ago.

Tony, John and their families now live in the United States, but they, along with Tony’s brother Martin, are travelling to Scotland this weekend to watch Celtic play Dundee United.  They will be here for a total of around 48 hours but I will get a chance to meet them and they are going to the game with Jinky’s son, James Johnstone.

I spoke to James last month and he relayed Jinky’s strong views on research into MND.  The fight against this disease will be won one day but there is a great deal of research and political effort required before then.  Tony has committed himself to this end.

This morning James Johnstone told me: “My Dad was my hero and I took great pride in the way he fought this horrible disease, it’s great to see the same attitude in Tony.  I know how much my Dad loved the Celtic fans and his answer to this would be to help get a cure for MND.  Hail, hail.”

I encourage you to visit Tony’s blog, learn about the condition and leave him a message of support.  The Celtic Movement began by putting food in front of hungry children 124 years ago and it remains one of the most able forces for good in the land. We can pick up this challenge.

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  1. That is very sad news about Tony Conway; he has been dealt a very cruel hand.



    I am sure he and his family will take great comfort from the support they will undoubtedly receive, especially from the Celtic community.

  2. The Token Tim - HAIL! HAIL! To Kano 1000 on

    Thoughts with Tony, John and their family.



    Hope you have a great day on Saturday.



    Will have a read at Tony’s blog later.






  3. There was debate on here about Celtic’s debt – not bank debt but overall debt.


    The figure of £20m was mentioned.


    Can anyone clarify how much debt we have and to whom we owe it?




  4. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    they owe me two years I’ll never get back for a start

  5. My ‘Robbie Keane-Cam’ has just picked up the diminutive Dub en-route from London Euston to Glasgow Celtic Central………..



    Of course he’s in First Class and Claudine is looking FABULOUS.



    ” Haw Lawwell, get yer wallet oot, or else!”




  6. tomtheleedstim says:






    Is it not less than £1m? With the exception of the season ticket money that is counted as a debt until the games are played and any transfer instalments/signing on fees!

  7. My very close friend is an MND sufferer and I have seen first hand the issues surrounding care and support he has had to endure. As Paul has stated, there will be a cure for this one day, and I do know there is a great deal of research going into trying to find one. For many years they referred to this as the forgotten disease, as pharmaceutical companies did not see it quite as profitable as some other conditions. Now there has been much wider publicity and demand for money to be spent on research. I pray to god that there will be a cure or even better medication available very soon.


    Heart goes out to Tony and family




  8. GreenJedi – I honestly don’t know. The bank debt was approx £500,000 but someone (can’t remember who- sorry) reckoned our overall debt was upwards of £20m.


    I just wondered whether this was true or not as I haven’t read that anywhere else.

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on







    WGS’s last seaon and BTM’s season, the lost years, or should that be the thrown away years

  10. Tom



    £20m would be right if you include the debt to season book holders! The debt goes down after every league game as we have got the product we paid fior in advance!

  11. Hope the team can turn on the style for Tony and his family this weekend.


    Thoughts and prayers are with them.





    /Bishop B

  12. bankiebhoy1 says:


    11 January, 2012 at 12:30





    drat , i’ll be on the 17:57 version of that train – only missed him by a few hours – oh and the fact that i don’t travel first class.



    Any cqn’rs travelling from london to glasgow tonight – i’ll be in coach B – with cqn on the laptop and guffawing to myself as i listen to clyde or real radio




  13. Rangers to offer new deals to Papac, Aluko



    Submitted by Andrew Slevison on Wed, 01/11/2012 – 10:44





    Does this mean Aluko has got to look in the mirror and negotiate his own wages with himself.


    He may want to hold out until he can pay himself more by playing hardball.

  14. Greenjedi – I hope you are right and this is where the figure comes from.


    If our actual debt is almost nil then I think we might be staring quite a few titles in the face after they have downsized.

  15. .



    Today has Been My Lowest Mood for a Great Number of Years..For some Unknown Reason l Have been thinking of Jimmy All Day..I Spent his Funeral with The Perth CSC Bhoys in Western Australia..when l Really Really wanted to be Somewhere Else..



    Kept thinking God that was 3yrs Ago..It’s 6..Sorry All over the Place Here..



    Just Logged on and Read Paul67s Article..thanks Paul..




  16. A little off topic, but just been reading that QPR are about to lodge a bid for Alex of Chelsea. I wonder if he would be worth a punt on loan? I doubt that he would come here permanently as his wages will be well out of our range, but maybe a 6 month loan would put him in the shop window and suit both parties. Thoughts?

  17. Sanna……..



    I’ll get ‘my people’ to reach out to Robbie’s ‘people’ and I’m he’ll leave you a signed napkin at Customer Services…….









  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    another wan that gets on ma smiddies is the east coast, ‘jist awa tae catch a piss’ the obvious response is never missed

  19. from last thread…



    Jeromek67 says:


    11 January, 2012 at 11:49


    Re phrases which are annoying I dislike when someone mentions `a near miss’ when for example two planes are close to colliding.



    As far as I am concerned a near miss is a HIT.






    dear oh dear!



    when folks talk about a ‘near miss’ they are referring to the proximity of the TWO things nearly colliding for example…



    when Philip Sebo takes a shot he misses by miles; this would be referred to as a ‘FAR miss’ or described as ‘tremendous power in the shot there from Sebo’ by any Scottish football pundit.



    whereas when ‘Elbows’ has a ‘near miss’ with the ball and puts the player on a stretcher this is a ‘full blooded challenge’



    Hope this clears things up!



    Bad news for Tony and his family; thoughts and prayers.



    Good news for me; was made redundant tail end of 2011 but start full time employment again this Monday. Great job with excellent career prospects.



    Happy new year to all.

  20. Minceyheidman,



    On what basis can Rangers possibly offer new deals to players if they don’t know if the club will be around?



    I hope the players ask for assurances, or at least get the signing on fee up front and in hard cash

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I can see a few agents getting pumped and even taken to court if they advise their clients to sign for the monkeys

  22. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    tomtheleedstim 11 January, 2012 at 12:43:


    This came up on the RTC blog not too long ago.


    The Celtic debt was this figure if you failed to include trade debtors to offset trade creditors and if you include the long term leasing of the retail outlets that pay for themselves every year.

  23. pharmaceutical companies did not see it quite as profitable as some other conditions





    Now there is a statement…..plenty of research into diseases if money can be made?


    I Have MS and been on drugs that Cost about £12k a year… proof that they actually do anything, but as the NHS is run by the big Pharmas, they have the leveridge to get these drugs in place


    Had an op last year, self funded, as it has not been OK’d by the NHS, which has given relief for thousands of MS sufferers worldwide.


    Lots off opposition from certain elements….mainly Pharma sponsored sources. Feel so much better than I have for years….no money in it though, so very little research being done..


    Call me paranoid



    Hail Hail

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