The need for two central defenders


Ange Postecoglou wasn’t there for the 2019 League Cup Final, or the late winner over Lazio Christopher Jullien scored a couple of months earlier, so the boss does not have the emotional attachment you and I have to Chris.  With Cameron Carter-Vickers due to return to Tottenham and Jullien having made only cameo appearances since his injury in December 2020, Celtic have vacancies two central defenders.

Cameron was out best performing defender in a season which saw the defence resolve the legacy issues it carried into the campaign.  If we can get him at the suggested £6m, he is excellent value, even if add-ons and sell-on fees suppress the notion we are getting a bargain.

At 29, Christopher is still young enough to earn two lucrative contracts, but only if he plays football next season.  I am sure his agent has been given the green light to find a deal, with Celtic scouting a replacement to push Cameron and Carl Starfelt for a starting place.

I would like to see a central defender who can break the lines in the way Kristoffer Ajer did – the taller the better.  Next season is going to be difficult, securing out top performers is only part of the answer.

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  1. quadrophenian on

    My post from last article relates to the hunt for a new CB, as that’s where young Popovic plays:



    Someone asked some weeks back if there was any young footie prospects in the Aussie A League.





    I previously mentioned a 19yr old winger called Marco Tilio. Heads for goal near every time.





    Having attended the weekend’s other semi-final, I’m hoping Ange’s scouts are noticing young Alex Popovic [20] -centre back – from Adelaide United.





    Currently not the biggest of blokes, but cool as F on the ball, and a very nice eye for a pass out of defence.

  2. quadrophenian on 24th May 2022 12:05 pm



    Scullybhoy – snap!





    Has CQN introduced VAR yet?




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  4. Cameron partnered with that ball-playing, left footer for me Paul67. Harsh on Starfelt but he drops out for me. Time for Welsh to move on. Is Dane Murray or Bosun Lawal the obvious replacement in the back-ups. Can Uroghide come back looking better. Squad is still got a hangover feel from Lennon’s era.



    CelticbyNumbers ‘back-up’ squad is sobering reading.



    From this season Christie and Edouard went and were replaced, Doak sadly left and Guchi will get more time but take Bitton’s slot in the squad. We’ll buy a better LB and have he and Taylor fight it out.



    Expensive hasbeens Soro, Ajeti, Barkas, Bolingoli & sadly Julien to go.



    Not good enoughs seem large – Johnston, Montgomery, Henderson, Shaw, Uroghide & raft of others who didn;t seem to feature like Robertson, Connell, McIlroy, etc as well as our army of keepers



    Poor fit forAnge – McCarthy, Scales and maybe Bain.



    Remain as a back-up – Ideally Dembele, Murray, Dawson, MOffatt. Not great numbers.



    Lot of ongoing squad work to do it feels. Youth promotees and more market value.




  5. Paul67



    We’ve been here before with Centre Backs signed in previous managerial regimes.



    Ange demonstrated he wants to play his own signings and there was little room for Jullien in the squad never mind the team, despite him telling Ange ‘ he was ready from January ‘. His old club promoted to Ligue 1 a sentimental return might mean he’s got nothing Toulouse?



    Celtic won’t fancy paying a massive wage for Jullien whilst he’s running down his contract, getting the odd game for the development team, it’ll be au revoir amigo before he gets lost in France, so you’re right we’ll need to sign two CB’s.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “the boss does not have the emotional attachment you and I have to Chris.”




    Hmmmm, speak for yourself Paul! Can’t say I ever saw anything in this guy. Always reminded me a bit of Amoruso with the strutting around. Just get the basics right!


    Really strange signing when you think about it. To spend that much on somebody so far away from the finished article and not young enough to develop and sell on at a profit.


    Reckon Ange can come up with someone a bit better.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Nine years of the play-offs. Fourth placed team in Championship have never won a tie and third placed team have never gone up. How long before the clowns running the SPFL twig that it isn’t working?


    What other league can you finish one place above mid-table and get into a promotion play-off?


    All it does is give the third placed team extra games which catch up with them if they get to the final.


    Or is that the whole idea?


    Well done St Johnstone btw.




    Hmmmm, speak for yourself Paul! Can’t say I ever saw anything in this guy.






    I’m assuming you’ve forgotten the last full season we got from yon CJ fella ?



    Part of a CH partnership that conceded less goals (-19) than CCV & CS did (-22) last season.


    Scorer of 7 goals (CCV had 4 and CS had 0 last season).


    Scorer of great goals – Lazio at home and Huns at Hampden to win the LC.


    Part of a treble winning team.


    A much needed threat in attack we seem to have lost since.



    He was a very good CH, imperious in the season before we imploded, Duffy stuck the knee in him and he collided with the post.



    No criticism of Ange. He doesn;t like to churn his CHs.



    But adding vintage CJ to our team last season was a terrific prospect that didn;t materialise. I wish him well and recognise his qualities & contribution in his short time.




  9. Glass 2/3



    I think the idea is that it gives hope to the lower placed teams but still a clear advantage to those above. It also gives teams as low as 6th or 7th something to play for most seasons.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Big Wavy


    We all have different views on players. I think Bain is a decent keeper but others think he isn’t good enough for instance.


    Goals from defenders is a nice bonus but do the main job first! Simunovic scored a few – would you want him back?



  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    I just don’t see the need for the fourth placed team to be in the play-offs and the stats over nine years backs that up.


    What’s the chances they beat two teams that finish above them AND a team from a higher league (all over two games)?


    And even if they did go up they’d probably get thumped most weeks.


    I don’t see why they can’t try it out with just the two Championship teams.



    Big Wavy



    We all have different views on players. I think Bain is a decent keeper but others think he isn’t good enough for instance.



    Goals from defenders is a nice bonus but do the main job first! Simunovic scored a few – would you want him back?





    I point the prosecution to my stats on less goals conceded than our CS/CCV combo as a reminder that CJ was also a bloody good defender.



    He was also good in the air (both sides of the pitch) which has been recognised in his career here and in France.



    His Defensive Action Success Rate was 95% in that season, nearly 10% more than Jozo and outperforming others in that defence.



    Can I see your workings out please ?




  13. TURKEYBHOY on 24TH MAY 2022 11:23 AM


    Bit on is correct. Liel Abada first season for us was sensational..Scoring and assisting in 26 of our goals, compare that to the much praised,Kent,is outstanding.Don’t think we really realise what we have.



    TB, that piqued my interest so I went on to ‘Footy Stats’ website. Last season, the outstanding, much lauded, even more vaunted scourge of defences in Scotland that is Ryan Kent managed, in ALL competitions, 3 (THREE) goals (one less than Tony Ralston) and 14 assists (4 more than Tony who of course is a full back), ie. he was involved for 17 of THEMs’ goals.



    As you say, compared to Liel Abada, Kent is as positive as his ugly fizog – we have an absolute gem on our hands.

  14. Big Wavy


    2019/20 season was 30 games so the goals conceded per game last season was actually lower this year. Plus our style of play protected the CHs in 2019/20.



    This year they had to step forward into tackles and be cute at offside traps.



    I like CJ and he had to contend with poor defending around him as well (plus chopping and changing RBs). Just a series of unfortunate events which see him leaving

  15. Sell! Sell! Sell!



    If you’re not Selling! You’re Losing!




  16. If Abada was a young Scottish guy breaking through, we’d be raving about him. Big Ajer is excellent at breaking forward, though not dominant in the air nor a brilliant passer. Julien is very good in the air and a very good passer. Hopefully, the positive vibes about CCV and Jota, come to fruition. Clear the decks of those who don’t have a future here and get the newbies in early.

  17. Not a gambler but for you bookie types.



    1.20 punchestown 300/1 winner.



    Hope some of you had a wee minty(100 pence)on it.




  18. BIG WAVY


    Very good summary of where we are at present.


    Personally would like left sided centre half with Julien.


    Bain is not nearly good enough as back up.

  19. Thanks for the response, Big Jimmy.



    TIMBHOY163 on 24TH MAY 2022 11:18 AM


    SARGOSSEA I See on your comments to Big Jimmy regarding friends of yours back in the day ,the drinking in the Braemar one name sticks out to me is Francie Breen ,I knew a school mate of mine at Pirn School who I think came from French or Poplin Street could that be the same person.



    Thanks to you as well TIMBHOY163


    The Francie Breen that I knew owned the Clyde Vaults at the other end of Charlotte Street from the Braemar and Oxford Tavern, although he frequented all of them.




  20. Julien let the club down. He was out for 2 long periods. One with a mystery back injury which was more about Duffys wages than his knee and the second for over a year after clashing with the post.



    He was also a want away and was responsible for breaking curfew in Dubai when he sneaked out to a nightclub, caught Covid which resulted in us having to isolate 18 players for 2 games.



    I suggest his future was over before Ange arrived



    Jack Hendry not for me



    I like the Scandinavians we have had Reiper, Mjallby, Ajer.











    Flash in the pan -waiting on a train





















    AC/DC’s Angus Youngs brother George the vocalist on this fantastic song .




  22. In spite of the many good stats, I was never a fan of Jullien`s. I always felt uncomfortable with him in defence.


    I sincerely hope we keep CC-V.


    He is just about perfect for us.

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Good article Paul, always liked big CJ, but Ange’s the main man now and whatever he decides I’ll support.

  24. DREW1967 on 24TH MAY 2022 3:30 PM



    AC/DC’s Angus Youngs brother George the vocalist on this fantastic song .






    Cheers Drew,took me around Europe interailing with Thompson International Train timetable,artic circle to Lisbon via Yugoslavia,east/west Berlin.👍



    Love wee bits n bobs of info like that Drew



    All good with Celtic bro .



    HH :-)

  25. Bigbhoy,



    A load of unsubstantiated claptrap about CJ.Not unusual for you.


    So he fooled everyone ,including our Doctors,Glasgow specialists.Aye right”.He sneaked out to a nightclub,and caught Covid,breaking the curfew in Dubai”. Where is your proof of this?


    Unless you can provide some,piss off.

  26. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    I’m sure Ange will have someone in defence for the new season…won’t he!Hopefully.


    ANDREW @3.30.George Young was a former member of Aussie group Easybeats….remember the T-shirt with the easy beats and Celtic crest around 68/69.

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