The need for two central defenders


Ange Postecoglou wasn’t there for the 2019 League Cup Final, or the late winner over Lazio Christopher Jullien scored a couple of months earlier, so the boss does not have the emotional attachment you and I have to Chris.  With Cameron Carter-Vickers due to return to Tottenham and Jullien having made only cameo appearances since his injury in December 2020, Celtic have vacancies two central defenders.

Cameron was out best performing defender in a season which saw the defence resolve the legacy issues it carried into the campaign.  If we can get him at the suggested £6m, he is excellent value, even if add-ons and sell-on fees suppress the notion we are getting a bargain.

At 29, Christopher is still young enough to earn two lucrative contracts, but only if he plays football next season.  I am sure his agent has been given the green light to find a deal, with Celtic scouting a replacement to push Cameron and Carl Starfelt for a starting place.

I would like to see a central defender who can break the lines in the way Kristoffer Ajer did – the taller the better.  Next season is going to be difficult, securing out top performers is only part of the answer.

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  1. garcia lorca on

    55 years ago to the minute I was in Abbotsinch ( Glasgow ) airport with the Sarsfield Celtic Supportrs. Club ( Gorbals) where we were advised that our chartered flight would most likely be subject to a lemgthy delay.


    Looking back all those years that morning ranks as probably the most stressful of my life. Once we boarded there was constant demands to “ go faster” and enquiries as to estimated time of arrival.


    In the event we landed at 5.20pm with kick off 5.50pm.


    On arrival at the stadium a policeman advised that Celtic were 1-0. Delirium only to be brought back to earth when we got inside.


    It’s almost unimaginable now that anyone would travel all the way to Lisbon in time for the game and come straight back a couple of hours after the final whistle. Frankly most people on that plane had cobbled together the money for that trip so hotels etc was not an option.


    I may have missed the first goal and the start of the game but I was there and went on the park at the end with my Dad ( our bus/ plane convenor!!!) and 2 brothers. We saw Billy on that podium- one of the greatest days of my life.


    Strangely enough only last week my younger brother sent me a picture from Celtic Wikipedia which shows me clearly beside Billy as he is held aloft ( minus his jersey ) on the pitch. For the love of me I cannot remember that. I do recall jumping the moat and running to the centre circle and kneeling in devotion. Memories, Hail! Hail! 🍀

  2. GL, that would be a great pic to share if you could, in all the famous iconic Lisbon pictures still more are rediscovered overtime.

  3. I too was one year and 2 months old.



    I tell you what, I never tire of hearing or reading anyones story of lisbon. It is to be cherished, retold, remembered. As fewer of them remain with us, in my own mind, the Team AND THE SUPPORTERS are all lions together, they did it, seen it, felt the joys.


    Ive lost a few over the years that were there as very young men, thier pride of being in attendance always brought smiles to their faces. I bitterly regret not getting to Lisbon for the BRTH inspired 50th bash.



    I was reading John Clarks chapter in “this is how it feels to be celtic book”.


    Such a humble man, such a hard working bhoy having lost his father to a railway accident, he even worked at the pit head before going full time at celtic park. 3 busses to get to training, joined by billy, tam and jiinky on the route, Incredible,

  4. now a conundrum.



    for those who flew, did you fly from old renfrew abbotsinch airport, or from just opened glasgow airport.



    records show GLA opened in May 66.

  5. Jinkyredstar on

    I was nine and remember it like yesterday- here’s to those who made that day great and find memories of all who now have a permanent place in Paradise.


    I inadvertently had my first whisky that day – all downhill from there😀

  6. I wasn’t born when we won the Big Cup (not even nearly) but will never tire of watching the footage or reading/hearing stories of that outstanding achievement. It truly was a footballing masterclass and given we won the cleansweep even more spectactular. The stats are out of this world particularly for a European Cup Final 🍀🏆

  7. 55 years from now some old berz will be telling their grand weans about the time they went to Seville, came back as runners up, and had to suffer the indignity of drinking water from a toilet bowl.



    the weans will say



    “i dont knwo why you tell me that ganda billy, sure you know I am a celtic supporter”

  8. Remember the 25th May 1967 as if it were yesterday. My Dad, God rest him, was there, with a few of his pals. All are now dead; all of them loved that game. My Dad often said afterwards that he wished he could have taken me too. I was 16 going on 17.



    Thank you for a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.

  9. By the bye, didn’t the Seville folk say they stopped serving them water and anything else because they were attacking the staff?



    We had the same problem in our section when we were in Seville, although they had actually run out of supplies. I had to make do with an ice cube. (Mind you, they may have run out of supplies when we were in town because there were quite a few who had got in without a ticket. I, for one, never get near my seat!!)

  10. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Abbotsinch airport:


    Went to Celtic -Dunfermline Ath. cup game at Celtic Park( Yogi and Harry Hood) scoring late in the game.Me and my mate got taxi to the airport from outside the ground and on the way past Ibrox,place was mobbed cup game Rangers – Hibs,we thought we would not make the flight home.Jan ? 1970.

  11. Really thorough search when entering stadium in Sevilla. Which was fine as still carrying my travel bag. Good security I thought, reassuring.



    The 0.01 alcohol beer was fine as it was cold and wet and probably already had just the right amount of beer anyway (wee guys selling coldies on the green mile was class and they positioned every couple of hundred yards so we were buying ’rounds’ 😂😋…I remember us being very respectful and courteous to the staff… we do when traveling.



    Does anyone think for a minute they didn’t abuse staff as stated by the stadium group/Sevilla club? No me neither.

  12. Happy 1st Anniversary Celtic, well it is if you didnae go tae a ben affleck school ha ha

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