The new second force, 3 school kitchens paid for, CQteN Dream Team


I had some difficulty explaining to my boys why I wanted Aberdeen to win the League Cup yesterday, the desirability of having an even-stronger Aberdeen was lost on them after last month’s chastening experiences.

There are those who will tell you Scottish football, and Celtic in particular, need a strong Sevco.  That argument is incorrect and ultimately futile, there isn’t going to be a strong Sevco, not in this decade, anyway.  What Celtic would benefit most from is if those 40,000 Aberdeen fans fortify their club, which subsequently transforms into an increased football budget.  They will hopefully land their own version of the treble this season, two cups and the Best of the Rest title.

If that helps them to shift 20,000 season tickets this summer, their status as the second force in the land will be cemented.

Kilmarnock fans will, almost to a man, be delighted to hear Michael Johnston is stepping down as chairman, although he will remain on the board.  The corresponding clearing of their £9.4m debt in a deal with new investor, Billy Bowie, means there is one less financial basket case in Scotland.

Still buzzing after CQteN.  I’ll announced the confirmed figure raised for Mary’s Meals Malawi appeal later in the week but I can confirm that on top of the school kitchen at the Kholoni Primary School (pictured below), we have money in to build a kitchen at St Joseph’s Boys School, Kasungu, and Chiphaso Boys School, also in Kasungu.

Yet again your generosity went above and beyond the call.  Thank you.  If you were not involved earlier you can change that here.

Thanks to Paddybhoy1888, who did a fantastic job with the beanies, more on this soon.  The Academy Award goes BJmac, for his outstanding video of the CQteN Dream Team.  The video featured every player to represent Celtic in the 10 years of the blog, which the 11 members of the Dream Team, with manager and subs, selected by you.  You’ll enjoy it:

We still have some raffle prizes to announce and distribute, so check the blog for the rest of the week as winners will be notified.

Seville, the Celtic Movement, was launched on Friday, to some pretty decent reviews.

“I watched Sean dance animatedly with sheer delight on his face. At that moment any regrets I still had about not actually getting to Seville vanished. I would not have wanted to have missed the chance to celebrate with my own, as well as, the Celtic family.”

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  1. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Moved to ML3 around 2000 but I’ve never worked there so probably wouldn’t know your sisters mate.

  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Oh yes how could I forget the events, didn’t realise it was Black Sunday though!

  3. HT aye auld Nancy , a tim in every sense , hav’nt seen her for years she worked for the priest in Halway i think , i’ll need to pop down one day see how she is ( near the West end bar B/tyre )

  4. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Marrakesh Express



    Shameful behaviour



    Their ilk just can’t behave



    The last time I was offered a square go was by an individual 20 yrs my senior at a Law Faculty do



    He was a guest of a member of the faculty and seemed to exception to my support for Catholic education and the right of an individual to chose



    I was so taken aback before I accepted his offer …others intervened and put him right

  5. Stephen Thomson might take his Hospitality customers to Celtic Park ,rather than Poundland.He done it a couple of years ago for a Hampden final,DU were having an ongoing fight with the SFA at the time.

  6. braw ……..a whole lot oh thinking going on me thinks ……braw ……..hahahahahahha



    a wonderful place to be ….and of course I am watching Lord of the Dance …Jamesons in hand …………..aye braw ….hope my Forfar loons are in good fettle …ye kin ….braw like …

  7. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar


    22:53 on


    17 March, 2014





    Oh yes how could I forget the events, didn’t realise it was Black Sunday though!





    Black Sunday?



    No, the game at CP when we lost to Motherwell and the so called faithfull were chanting Strachan GTF in 2008,

  8. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Nope don’t know her but I did know the priest in St Cadoc’s if that helps :-)






    Ahhhhh I’m with you now!



    I was rather upset with those around us chanting it if you remember :-)

  9. Zbyszek great to have met you at CQN10 glad you made the trip. Was it all you thought it would be, it is true- more than a club – more than a support. You may not remember me I was the guy in the kilt and shamrock tie. I repeat my offer to take you as my guest the next time you manage to come over. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  10. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Brian Wilson a Director of our club actually slagged of the SNP for not paying the LIVING WAGE.



    God give me strenght FFS, the hypocracy

  11. Good evening all



    Brilliant to see wee Oscar doing well. Keep up the good fight wee Mhan. Cot time. Night Night Timland.



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  12. Happy St Patricks Day to ye Weefra ….and yer long suffering Mrs Weefra …(though she ,s done well in ma far off opinion) ……..braw ….hope yer lambing is settling doon … :)

  13. Braw



    Starting to kick off now. Twins born yesterday, a wee tup and a ewe. Both absolutely fine. In fact, we’re just in from checking them. Best time of the year. :-))) Defo cot time. Nighty.



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Saw and heard the football on television tonight.



    The positive rubbish spoken during recent days on this blog, about Aberdeen FC, is sore to take.



    My award, to the best ever characterisation of a King crocodile patrolling its river territory whilst waiting for the brainless wildebeest on the bank to fall into the water beside it;



    Jackie MacNamara, Dundee United.



    A tour-de-force tonight, JackieMac. Thanks.



    You were in my CQteN DreamTeam. You’d have been its captain were one required.



    Simon, Darren – there’s a job to be done.

  15. Oh man.



    I just watched Hibs winning the cup, and singing Sunshine On Leith.



    Beautiful stuff.



    Aberdeen winning now.



    I haven’t watched it, but I’m pleased about it.



    All we need now is an intense man, from a poor background, but focussed.



    Looks past you, because he’s miles ahead of you.



    And Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, Dundee Utd, or even Sevco



    To beat us, and make the victories sweeter.

  16. So MegaWattie Has Been Assaulted By The ‘Nobody’ Manager Of His Middling Loan Team….



    He Should Never Have Been Placed In This Situation….



    By Oor Journeyman Ginger Tinkerman..




    So NFL Takes Exception At This Other Manager Publicly Criticising The Player..



    Well,Hello..! Didn’t Our Lurgan-Born Genius Do Precisely The Same Thing



    Only Weeks After The Slaying Of Barca?




    How Hypocritical….!



    And This Belgian Manager Was Parroting Lennon’s Criticism That ‘Watt Was Not Fit Enough’…



    Even As Young Tony’s Feet First Touched Down On Belgian Soil…..




    And The Belgian Manager Is Adamant That He Wants To Play Tony ‘Down The Wings’….



    Tony Is The Most Promising Striker Who Has Come Through Our Ranks Since Dalglish……



    He Needs To Be Gaining Experience As A CENTRAL Striker/Predator…..




    And If He Is Not Being Allowed To Do This With A Third Rate Begian Outfit…



    His Loan Should Be Terminated Fortwith…..




    And He Should Be Back In Our Squad..



    With Anthony Stokes Earmarked To Clean His Boots…



    Swallow Your Pride And Sort It Out,NFL..



    You Are Ultimately Responsible For The Situation…..



    Where Our Brightest Prospect In A Generation…..



    Kojo’s Adopted Son….



    Is Languishing In A Foreign Land…



    About Which We Know Little…



    And Care Even Less…




  17. My Dear Macjay1….



    I Note Your Ongoing Debate About Ireland’s/De Valera’s Failure To Join The Allied Side In WWII….



    I Think That It Should Be Recognised That Both Sides Did The Honourable Thing…..



    In Not Seeking To Involve Ireland In WWII….



    Practically….Ireland’s Entry On The Allied Side ,In The Early Years Of The War…..



    Would Have Added Little….



    And Probably Detracted From….



    The Allies Efforts To Defeat The Axis Powers….



    Defending Ireland’s Cities And Ports From The Luftwaffe….



    Would Have Stretched Britain’s Already Scarce Air Defense Resources….



    We Did Not Have Enough Aircraft And AA Batteries To Defend The Mainland…



    Never Mind Stretching To Cover Ireland As Well….



    Sure….Ireland Could Have Joined The Allies Belatedly, In Early ’45….



    As Brazil,Mexico And Paraguay Did…..



    Conveniently Out Of Range Of The V-2 Missiles….



    But The Honourable Course Was To Stay Out Of This Sad Affair…..



    As For De Valera Sending Condolences To The German People On The Death Of Hitler…..



    He Always Was A CoarnerBoy……



    [No Doubt He Has Relatives In Present Day Cambuslang….! Ed]



    Hitler Probably Had A Soft Spot For The Irish……



    On Account Of Lodging With His Favourite Irish Auntie…..



    One Bridget Dowling Hitler….



    In Her Humble Liverpool Residence…



    For Several Months In 1912/13….



    However,No Doubt He Extracted A Promise From Her…..



    That The Kilbowie Branch Of Her Clan..



    Would Leave On The Parkheid Floodlights….



    To Guide In The Luftwaffe Bombers…



    A Few Decades Henceforth…



    Right..? Right..!




  18. Eddie, now I don’t this as a fact, but Boards are democratic, biggest share wins, Brian Wilson may well have voted in favour of Celtic paying the Living Wage.



    Just watched Lincoln, good movie about a great man, ok a decent movie.


    I didn’t know his speech about all things being equal was inspired by a 2,000 year old engineering book! A principle he put into a political arena, and made it happen, the seesaw between politics and principal, what to loose with so much to gain.


    Give up a principle to gain a real gain.


    A real politic.


    Where may we see that today?



    Night all.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero



    maybe I,m wrong but were you the one the Doc was asking …

  20. looks like a “wobbly night now ” ………….and Griff is on the Jameson….hope I can control my youtubes…hahahahaha braw

  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on






    No idea but I’m sure you’re right, not wrong. I recognise Doc as a CQN uber-poster.



    No-one ever gives anything I throw in a second thought.

  22. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    PF Ayr



    Nothing worse than interfering lawyers and faculty members — you should just have blootered the guy under regulation 8 paragraph 9 subsection 6 which says that at all times and under any circumstances it is perfectly legal to blooter a tosser disguised as a fellow faculty member or guest.



    Dick Byrne



    You are correct indeed –Alec McPhallic — although in Columbia he goes by the name of Ernesto for some reason.



    Now one of his sisters — I forget if it was Immaculata or Concepta ( both named by their Portuguese mother obviously ) disappeared off to Findhorn for a few years to find herself amidst all the eco flower power types.



    She returned to Partick a few years later with a new “lifestyle partner” by the name of Willie Inches who originally came from Dreghorn apparently. They started down the road of setting up their own free organic kitchen on the corner of White Street and Hyndland street but this quickly went bust when Willie fell under the influence of Snouty McGhee who was addicted to smoking Tetley tea bags or the contents thereof.



    Willie was eventually arrested on various sex related charges all of which took place whilst under the influence of the dodgy tea leaves — apparently he used to run up to women he had never met, grab then by the bosom and shout “one cup or two?” before running off.



    The McPhallic girl could not stand the shame of being associated with the perforated sex pest and moved to Alloa.



    By a strange coincidence, Snouty McGhee later found abstemiousness and joined the police force where he was employed as a special sniffer officer with an uncanny knack for smelling drugs and explosives which rascals used to secrete about their person.



    He was awarded the Queen’s police medal for bravery ( he apparently spent years sniffing about some truly dreadful persons and never complained ) but died before he could collect the award when an undercover operation went horribly wrong and he was gassed to death when he was locked in the fridge of Mr Nelis’ cheese shop by mistake when chasing down the cartel who were responsible for concealing cocaine in the weekly shipment of unpasteurised Palpusztai from Hungary.