The new second force, 3 school kitchens paid for, CQteN Dream Team


I had some difficulty explaining to my boys why I wanted Aberdeen to win the League Cup yesterday, the desirability of having an even-stronger Aberdeen was lost on them after last month’s chastening experiences.

There are those who will tell you Scottish football, and Celtic in particular, need a strong Sevco.  That argument is incorrect and ultimately futile, there isn’t going to be a strong Sevco, not in this decade, anyway.  What Celtic would benefit most from is if those 40,000 Aberdeen fans fortify their club, which subsequently transforms into an increased football budget.  They will hopefully land their own version of the treble this season, two cups and the Best of the Rest title.

If that helps them to shift 20,000 season tickets this summer, their status as the second force in the land will be cemented.

Kilmarnock fans will, almost to a man, be delighted to hear Michael Johnston is stepping down as chairman, although he will remain on the board.  The corresponding clearing of their £9.4m debt in a deal with new investor, Billy Bowie, means there is one less financial basket case in Scotland.

Still buzzing after CQteN.  I’ll announced the confirmed figure raised for Mary’s Meals Malawi appeal later in the week but I can confirm that on top of the school kitchen at the Kholoni Primary School (pictured below), we have money in to build a kitchen at St Joseph’s Boys School, Kasungu, and Chiphaso Boys School, also in Kasungu.

Yet again your generosity went above and beyond the call.  Thank you.  If you were not involved earlier you can change that here.

Thanks to Paddybhoy1888, who did a fantastic job with the beanies, more on this soon.  The Academy Award goes BJmac, for his outstanding video of the CQteN Dream Team.  The video featured every player to represent Celtic in the 10 years of the blog, which the 11 members of the Dream Team, with manager and subs, selected by you.  You’ll enjoy it:

We still have some raffle prizes to announce and distribute, so check the blog for the rest of the week as winners will be notified.

Seville, the Celtic Movement, was launched on Friday, to some pretty decent reviews.

“I watched Sean dance animatedly with sheer delight on his face. At that moment any regrets I still had about not actually getting to Seville vanished. I would not have wanted to have missed the chance to celebrate with my own, as well as, the Celtic family.”

Order yours here:

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  1. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    As a member of the Ole CQN Ashton Lane gang (albeit now overseas) we have a constant struggle with the Tennets Bar ‘KDS Crew’ – more degrees than a thermometer that lot!

  2. Oldtim67



    if you’re lurking, just wanted to say, delighted to have made your acquaintance on Friday.



    Still a rebellious old bugger. Stay off them fags!!




  3. minx1888 praying for Wee Oscar on

    Ginger – family first, take care!



    Rubbish at posting links Wee Oscar has tweeted with his beanie hat on today well done Paddybhoy!



    Jonny the tim – good to see you posting young man!



    BRTH – Well done on getting Nicola’s plight out there!

  4. maestro-number8 on

    This is one of the best ( maybe even thee best ) day of my Celtic life.



    Wonderful memory and listen to how much it means to Tommy Burns.



    Listen also to the noise of the fans.



    It is incredible especially when you consider that apart from the Hoops fans in the main stand, we did not have a roof over us. ( For the younger fans lurking, it was only the Rangers end that was covered at Hampden back then !! )



    In saying that, it was scorching that day….and again 12 month later when Super Joe wrecked their treble hopes.



    Enjoy this short clip. PS – Anton Rogan was brilliant in the Centenary cup final.




  5. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on





    13:59 on 17 March, 2014




    Stay close & strong sir




  6. paddybhoy1888 on

    Hail Hail to all CQN’ers



    What a fantastic night on Friday, Oldtim great post. It was a pleasure to meet you again and shake your hand.


    Thank you to all who mentioned my contribution over the weekend and to get a mention from Paul today on the front page, I’m truly humbled and on my Saints day as well!!!!



    This blog is truly like a family to me and although I might be the quiet one believe me I get a real high from meeting fellow CQN’ers and reading all your posts day in day out.



    Off to The Albion Scottish cup replay tonight at New Douglas park they are playing some diddy team from the league above them, C’mon the the wee Rovers.



    Off to Fuertaventura on Wed for a week in the Sun and whilst i’m lying there I will be taking up Cowiebhoys idea and come up with design for the new CQN tie based on Jobo’s green in your face number.



    Finally I will be posting out Beanie hats to those who could not make the dinner on Friday night. so look out for an email from me. Feel free to continue to order, a great birthday present and join the growing number of CQN’ers who have their very own personalised Beanie hat. Order here hatsfrompat@celticquicknews.co.uk



    Oh how great it is to be called Patrick on this day



    HH PB1888

  7. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Hi Paddy


    Great work on the hats


    Weather is great here just now- I’m in Lanzarote -so bodes well for your trip next week.


    Wee Irish bar in our village having a do tonight so I’ll have one for all CQN ‘s


    Get well soon OT67





    Wow,there’s a blast from the past!



    Long time no hear.



    How you keeping,bud?

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Football,lovely football———-



    In a Palermo market bar this morning ..A Palermo bar -none of that Inter , Milan, Juve or Roma stuff .



    Tele behind the bar – 9am news showing Serie A highlights .Up comes Pirlo s free kick v Genoa . Cue a busy bar giving the great man a round of applause. An absolute gem of a free kick.



    Warm and sunny –feels like spring , way down south.

  10. A bit of a surprise reading the article today!



    Anyway, just thought I would come clean and let you know that not every player in the CQteN Dream Team list made the video, both Kenny Miller and Craig Beattie ended up on the cutting room floor – by accident of course, unsure how it happened, however when I did notice it was too late to change.



    What do Kenny Miller, Craig Beattie and BundoranBhoy have in common?…. for for the CQten Clique :)









    PS Great night Friday with some great company, even BlantyreKev (or Mrs bjmac, as his badge suggested) was on form.

  11. oldtim67



    13:30 on 17 March, 2014



    Good post, you were in good form in the blane valley even though you weren’t feeling well, hope you’re feeling better.

  12. paddybhoy1888 on

    Hi jinkyredstar,



    thanks for the nod and the weather update, canny wait to get a bit of sun.


    Jinkyredstar would look great on your beanie lol



    Cheers PB

  13. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    As a guy determined to become a lurker, I find myself being compelled to break my code of omerta and to make a comment. On this occasion the culprit is BRTH. Rarely have I been so moved by a post as the one he made about the wee lass from Cushendall. God’s Blessings be on you BRTH, I confirm that I have joined the crew here in giving a little help. Reading the donation pages and reading the messages brought a tear to my eye. Also a feeling of great pride in the Celtic Family. Times may not be good for many on here, there are many many appeals and yet time and again CQN’ers answer the call.

  14. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on



    14:27 on


    17 March, 2014



    Always lurking, but too busy working unfortunately!!



    A lot of the time you just can’t help but be touched by BRTH’s words – your re-post did the trick with me and donation duly made.



    Gives you a strong feeling knowing what a wonderful support we have and what a force for good it can be….



    Massively regretting not having made the effort to go to CQteN – next time!

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Good Afternoon Folks,



    Can I just add a little to Paul’s leader.



    BJ Mac did a brilliant job on the dream team, but he and I were on the phone until after Midnight on the night before the event with him helping on the Seville and the Malawi videos.



    Brian was a great help– a fantastic help and he deserves great praise for his videos and all the help provided.



    Another Brian — Whitedoghunch —- worked tirelessly in helping us get raffle and auction prizes to help raise funds. Brian does this kind of stuff at the drop of a hat and his contribution deserves to be rated amongst the very best.



    On behalf of everyone thanks to both as the night would not have been the same without you.







  16. We need a successful Aberdeen and DUFC to ensure competition against us and prevent our board selling players prematurely.


    A strong Aberdeen and DUFC will also ensure sevco never get above 4th spot if they ever return……its all good :)



    If VVD MUST be sold then I would say this…..he is a better centre half at the same age than Rio Ferdinand was and he went to Leeds first for 18M then MUFC nearly 30M ….and that was 12 years ago.


    Anything less is commercial incompetence really…….?



    Finally the school has gone and we get an avenue looking straight at the stadium……….any news on the Govan casino development yet?



    Theres never a good time to be a Tim…..its always good!




  17. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Sorry — Whitedoghunch is BRYan not Brian.



    It is that kind of spelling mistake I get pelters for from my 73 year old son whom you all know as Doc!!!

  18. Happy St Patrick’s Day.


    On this day 60 years ago, Celtic beat Airdrie 6-0 at Broomfield on a sunny afternoon and went on to a league and cup double.


    A wee lad from the moss saw his second Celtic game and was hooked on the hoops.

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Richie — they will know it comes from you — Rum stained notes lol

  20. BMCUWP, fantastic post to win the podium with buddy, well done.



    Eddie, great news to hear the hat is safe.



    OldTim, don’t tell CRC I let you see the badges before the night officially kicked of, he’ll be ragin;-)


    Hope you feel better.

  21. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers ………fc not plc



    14:50 on 17 March, 2014


    I need to change my underwear.

  22. Richie #TeamOscar on

    It appears that the St Patrick Day parade in Belfast is being disrupted by fleg protesters

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