The new second force, 3 school kitchens paid for, CQteN Dream Team


I had some difficulty explaining to my boys why I wanted Aberdeen to win the League Cup yesterday, the desirability of having an even-stronger Aberdeen was lost on them after last month’s chastening experiences.

There are those who will tell you Scottish football, and Celtic in particular, need a strong Sevco.  That argument is incorrect and ultimately futile, there isn’t going to be a strong Sevco, not in this decade, anyway.  What Celtic would benefit most from is if those 40,000 Aberdeen fans fortify their club, which subsequently transforms into an increased football budget.  They will hopefully land their own version of the treble this season, two cups and the Best of the Rest title.

If that helps them to shift 20,000 season tickets this summer, their status as the second force in the land will be cemented.

Kilmarnock fans will, almost to a man, be delighted to hear Michael Johnston is stepping down as chairman, although he will remain on the board.  The corresponding clearing of their £9.4m debt in a deal with new investor, Billy Bowie, means there is one less financial basket case in Scotland.

Still buzzing after CQteN.  I’ll announced the confirmed figure raised for Mary’s Meals Malawi appeal later in the week but I can confirm that on top of the school kitchen at the Kholoni Primary School (pictured below), we have money in to build a kitchen at St Joseph’s Boys School, Kasungu, and Chiphaso Boys School, also in Kasungu.

Yet again your generosity went above and beyond the call.  Thank you.  If you were not involved earlier you can change that here.

Thanks to Paddybhoy1888, who did a fantastic job with the beanies, more on this soon.  The Academy Award goes BJmac, for his outstanding video of the CQteN Dream Team.  The video featured every player to represent Celtic in the 10 years of the blog, which the 11 members of the Dream Team, with manager and subs, selected by you.  You’ll enjoy it:

We still have some raffle prizes to announce and distribute, so check the blog for the rest of the week as winners will be notified.

Seville, the Celtic Movement, was launched on Friday, to some pretty decent reviews.

“I watched Sean dance animatedly with sheer delight on his face. At that moment any regrets I still had about not actually getting to Seville vanished. I would not have wanted to have missed the chance to celebrate with my own, as well as, the Celtic family.”

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  1. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Dick Byrne



    Oh shoooot I’d forgotten about that!!



    Going by your reputation I’m sure I’d have left money with you :-)

  2. Neustadt-Braw on

    A braw Hoopy St Patricks Day to one and all….my Grandfather was a Patrick and guess where he and generations of Patrick Gr…..,s hail from ? County Antrim and the beautiful wee village of Cushendall…..if you haven,t been then get yourself over …..a braw braw place …..we will in all likely hood never have to go through what young Nicola is ……but God willing she will at least have the thought that many of her fellow travellers knew and cared ….



    we are multi -taskers on CQN(never mind what oor ither halves say) :)




    donation on its way………braw



    SFTB …..you,ll be meaning the SHND of course…..hahahahaha braw slainte




  3. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    Wee Chick interviewing John Devlin and all he’s spoken about so far is how much money The Wee Rovers are making from the tie against The Sevco. Cretin.

  4. Delaneys Dunky on

    A Happy Hoopy Birthday to my lovely daughter Patrice. Will be along soon, for ice cream, jelly and cake darling X

  5. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    dick byrne



    19:15 on 17 March, 2014



    HT – Aye, you gave me a £20 note. Luckily the round came to exactly £20…






    I only ordered a sparkling water!

  6. How do fans like Richard Nixon, eh sorry, Wilson get to be journalists on the BBC?


    His propaganda at the once proud Herald was bad enough.



    Thanks to BBC Scotland, their PR is now free, gratis and for nothing – except that the BBC is funded by UK licence fees and should provide a studied, balanced view !



    Unfortunately, the majority of folk take what is presented in the media as Gospel.



    Anyway, end of rant.


    Thanks God for the bampots!!!



    C’Mon the wee Rovers!

  7. Sftb- the Occam’s Razor gang of the 80’s always had numbers behind them. What is your theory regarding their dwindling numbers? Did they miss the Rankers?

  8. Leftclicktic – glad you are enjoying the new Seville book. There are so many CQNers featured in the book and so many great stories. Friday was special in so many ways – one most people haven’t realised yet. This is a very special Celtic book.

  9. Cathedral View on

    Paddy Power red card market for tonight –



    Red card in first half – 12/1


    Albion Rovers to have a red card – 4/1


    Rangers to have a red card – 14/1


    A red card in the match – 10/3


    Both teams to have a red card – 50/1



    Does anybody notice anything unusual about this market?




  10. Cathedral View on

    Paddy Penalty market for tonight –



    Albion Rovers to score a penalty – 16/1


    Rangers to score a penalty – 10/3







  11. Cathedral View on

    Albion Rovers to miss a penalty – 45/1


    Rangers to miss a penalty – 10/1



    Can’t quite put my finger on it




  12. SFTB / Lhads……




    …let’s not forget the far-famed



    ….Kersland St Kommandos……



    …..and their blood-curdling cry……..



    “Go Kommando!”

  13. SFTB – A very thorough summing up of the intellectual turf wars, although I’m surprised you omitted the Ashton Lane Gang’s ultimately doomed attempt to flood Castlemilk with Umberto Eco novels.

  14. Just had a long conversation with Zbyszek.



    He’d like to thank everyone who spent time saying hello and a few words to him, he had a hard time understanding all the different dialects, (who doesn’t) but he says give a big thank you to all.



    He said he loved ever minute of last Friday, meeting friends he had met before and the new ones that were there on Friday, He says, thank you for your generosity.



    He had an event last Saturday, I wasn’t that great and Richie said he’d arrange a taxi to pick him up at the Millenium Hotel at midday, Taxi Arrived, and they went to Prestwick, only for Zbyszek to find out there were no flights to Warsaw that day, He was flying from Glasgow International instead, so a bit of a rush to get a taxi, and then to Glasgow, traffic jam for a bit, but there is always a good bit, the taxi driver was a CQN lurker, so a big thanks to you for getting him there (don’t lurk, blog), Zbyszek says the drivers wife reads the blog, so if you read this thank your man for getting him there to catch the flight, In fact, the gate was closed 5 minuted earlier, His charm got them to open the gate to let him on, Bet the passengers didn’t applaud him like he received at the reception on Friday.



    He met a porter who came up to him and thanked him for helping him with trying to get a flat when working in Poland.



    He said he’d post about 10.00pm, maybe a bit earlier, but again, was it Polish time, or our time. Finally, tell them I loved every minute I was here.

  15. connaire12,jamiebaby,Saint Stivs



    Thanks to each of you for helping me get in touch with the Deeneys.


    I’ve asked Paul67 for Saint Stivs email and will go that route if that’s ok as it may be possible to contact them directly that way,hopefully.


    I only found out today about Gerry.I knew had had been unwell for some time but my wife and I lost touch a bit when we moved to Cyprus (although he did try to persuade us to set up a recruitment company here to recruit engineers to go to Libya….typical Gerry)



    Thanks again guys.Much appreciated.



  16. Delaneys Dunky on

    Art of War



    Thanks bud, she is chuffed.


    Sitting in her house in Knightswood now.


    Patrick is also my confirmation name.


    Can’t forget my baby’s birthday. :)))

  17. The Token Tim on




    Sparkling water???



    oooooooh normal water no good enough for you now that you’re no longer in ML3?



    Told ye North of The Shire was far superior to the Southern version…..









  18. Neustadt-Braw on

    Pendaloon ! aw focault it ……………braw ! you want to get the German translation……..interesting … :)

  19. Doc



    Friday was the launch of Seville – The Celtic Movement and in those pages the very same special spirit of what is wonderful about being a Celtic supporter comes out in stories, photographs and even cartoons.



    On the opposite scale I hear that Yogi Bear in his new book misses no punches when he talks about Maurice the traitor and tracksuit re-seller.

  20. The Token Tim on




    Eco? Castlemilk?



    As SFTB intimates, you made a right Kant of that…..






  21. I’ve heard that Fergus will mark his return to Paradise


    by announcing a new initiative..


    .at a glitzy launch somewhere in Ashton Lane……



    “Bhoys Against Sophistry”.