The new second force, 3 school kitchens paid for, CQteN Dream Team


I had some difficulty explaining to my boys why I wanted Aberdeen to win the League Cup yesterday, the desirability of having an even-stronger Aberdeen was lost on them after last month’s chastening experiences.

There are those who will tell you Scottish football, and Celtic in particular, need a strong Sevco.  That argument is incorrect and ultimately futile, there isn’t going to be a strong Sevco, not in this decade, anyway.  What Celtic would benefit most from is if those 40,000 Aberdeen fans fortify their club, which subsequently transforms into an increased football budget.  They will hopefully land their own version of the treble this season, two cups and the Best of the Rest title.

If that helps them to shift 20,000 season tickets this summer, their status as the second force in the land will be cemented.

Kilmarnock fans will, almost to a man, be delighted to hear Michael Johnston is stepping down as chairman, although he will remain on the board.  The corresponding clearing of their £9.4m debt in a deal with new investor, Billy Bowie, means there is one less financial basket case in Scotland.

Still buzzing after CQteN.  I’ll announced the confirmed figure raised for Mary’s Meals Malawi appeal later in the week but I can confirm that on top of the school kitchen at the Kholoni Primary School (pictured below), we have money in to build a kitchen at St Joseph’s Boys School, Kasungu, and Chiphaso Boys School, also in Kasungu.

Yet again your generosity went above and beyond the call.  Thank you.  If you were not involved earlier you can change that here.

Thanks to Paddybhoy1888, who did a fantastic job with the beanies, more on this soon.  The Academy Award goes BJmac, for his outstanding video of the CQteN Dream Team.  The video featured every player to represent Celtic in the 10 years of the blog, which the 11 members of the Dream Team, with manager and subs, selected by you.  You’ll enjoy it:

We still have some raffle prizes to announce and distribute, so check the blog for the rest of the week as winners will be notified.

Seville, the Celtic Movement, was launched on Friday, to some pretty decent reviews.

“I watched Sean dance animatedly with sheer delight on his face. At that moment any regrets I still had about not actually getting to Seville vanished. I would not have wanted to have missed the chance to celebrate with my own, as well as, the Celtic family.”

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  1. Embramike



    Just aboot tae post the same



    The wife asked whit cood be so funny on a fitbaw blog , honestly the wit produced on here at times surpasses some of the new year crap on tv

  2. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    67 heaven






    Knew your face from the lounges a few years back ….

  3. tommytwiststommyturns on

    mike – don’t include me in that company! I am but a humble engineer, they are part of the CQN illuminati….I just change the light bulbs! :-)



    Damn, 2-0 to Sevco….telly aff !




  4. BBC Radio Scotland reporter Chick Young


    “We are not watching Barcelona yet, but we are looking at a much-improved Rangers, who have had more chances than they did in the first game at Ibrox. Rovers have done well, but they are going to have do something different to get back into this game. However, no doubt about it, they will get some chances in the second half.”




    Chick with his extensive knowledge of the game.

  5. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    It was indeed sparkling water, the fact it was fermented and came in a champagne bottle is immaterial!!

  6. The Token Tim on




    you should know by now HT refuses Hee Haw when its of an alcoholic nature….






  7. Celticrollercoaster luvs his luminious lime boots on




    Any special numbers this week?







  8. The Token Tim on




    Embramike, been meaning to say over the last day or so, was a pleasure to be in your company on Friday.



    Just sorry that I ended up away from the table more than half the night, due to bumping into folk I hadnt seen yet, every time i went out to the toilet!








    PS – The bumping into folk was metaphorical, not literal due to the size of ma erchie…..got that in before those CQN intellectual pygmies, T4 and HT bumped their gums again! :-)

  9. BRHT,



    Sounds like old Nancy had more front than Campbell Ogilvie. Her Donald Findlays must have attracted a lot of attention from young chaps..

  10. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on




    More like Waldorf and Statler, the two old balcony muppets then ?

  11. Ht


    Do you know “sinky” who was in Eire Og guitarist and singer in the late 90’s played at the Brazen


    He lived on the corner of lowaters rd / silvertonhill up from the barleycorn

  12. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    An incredibly generous and kind CQNer purchased it as a wee celebration.



    No a patch on Chateau de Buck :-)

  13. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    21:17 on 17 March, 2014



    I’m not a native of Hamilton, you can tell by my devastating good looks, charm, elegance and style so I don’t think I know the guy you’re talking about.



    I did know a guy called Sinky but he stayed in the Circuit in Cambuslang.

  14. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on




    Back at you buddy. Some great conversation. Also found that a trip to the bog took ages due to the various ‘meet and greets’.



    So one day do you aspire to add another ‘T’ or is that akin to adding an ‘X’ to a shirt size?

  15. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Confession time


    I watch 7mins of Sevco tonight they are truly dire.



    Till tomorrow all






    I seen one of the young team drinking a half bottle of buck in what looked like a clear glass bottle.


    just not right csc

  16. EmbraMike, laughed out loud at that.



    Token, a true Lanarkshire lhad is HT.



    HT, a quality vintage right enough, of to sample a poor imitation Chablis(true) and watch Lincoln, not been able to catch it yet.




  17. All the best to Harry Hood in the coming weeks.


    Harry under went an operation some 2 weeks ago for bowel cancer and will be leaving hospital tomorrow to recuperate at home with his family. A Celtic legend , thoughts and prayers are with you Harry , you have a great family and am sure you will make a full recovery.


    Hail Hail

  18. Hamiltontim,



    An Albanian kipper has more style than you.



    Your looks do devastate. .. Mirrors.



    Being chatted up by Davie Dodds would be more charming than you.

  19. Ht fairdoos bud


    I wait for the response of your fellow cqners on your dazzling good looks



    If you were in the KDS after the St J game , you’ve just described an unshaved guy with a blonde , my duaghters description of him was a fit young George Clooney

  20. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Youngsters these days have no appreciation of the finer delicacies of The Buck :-)

  21. The Token Tim on




    I believe it is already given its frequent use here on CQN!



    i wont mention where yours sits on the scale……



    As for on the scales however, thats definitely in the high numbers :-)






  22. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    john o’neil



    21:31 on 17 March, 2014





    An Albanian kipper has more style than you.



    Your looks do devastate. .. Mirrors.



    Being chatted up by Davie Dodds would be more charming than you.









    Did I knock you back in The Savoy one night?

  23. I refuse to use that modern punctuation mark which indicates that one is jesting, but Hamiltontim, I obviously am not looking for a new CQN square go. Hail hail.

  24. The Token Tim on




    look fwd to catching up at the next soiree.



    You coming through on 10th May for BMCUW Hootenanny?



    As for the “T”, im happy with my hat-trick, 4 or more is just sheer greediness…..something tommytwists is very much acquainted with ;-)






  25. The Token Tim on




    HT wishes!



    He’s really a weegie. Could you not tell?? :-)






  26. Neustadt-Braw on

    Hail Hail ….Harry Hood ….get weel soon lad ……braw …..hoopy St Patricks I am thinking you saw some bonnie sights …braw

  27. there’s sevco squeezing through the cup ‘cos of institutional help and bias and rovers giving £ 10,000 from this ‘cup run’ to charity- what a difference in cultures in the two clubs. which culture do we want to be a part – not easy to guess !

  28. Sorry but just turned over to see if deid co have got to their first semi to hear commentator say ‘rangers back to the top league where they belong’ paraphrase



    Confirms my stance


    Will not go to a game v deid co unless they are out’d

  29. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Are you from Hamilton mate?



    I drank in The Barleycorn for years when I first moved to the country, haven’t been in for a long while though.

  30. “einkirkmichael



    18:14 on 17 March, 2014





    17:43 on



    I have the pleasure of knowing your uncle Eamon and his lovely wife Eileen, 2 of the nicest people I know.”



    They are a smashing couple!!