The news is not the headlines, it’s the ABC figures


Why the disbelief that a Tom Boyd comment on Celtic TV on Saturday is still occupying news inches on Tuesday?  Tom did not indulge in profanity or prejudice; he merely made a partisan comment on an in-house broadcast channel.  But here’s the thing, he did so on a quiet news day.

Had Celtic lost to Dunfermline on Saturday, Tom’s profound musings would never have been reported, the 24-hour news cycle would have been filled by more important matters.

The football news industry, of which we are all consumers, requires stories, even when nothing of note happens.  The pressures of being a staff reporter at a media outlet, which is perpetually downsizing, when your job is to deliver a story people want to read and there is just no story to tell, should be clear to understand.

This is not justification for throwing Tom under the ink barrel, but it should temper our engagement with the process.  For reasons that escape my memory right now, we do not have a game tonight or tomorrow, so we might have to wait until Thursday before Ever-Green-TB gets a break.

Until then, the news is not the headlines; it’s the ABC circulation figures, which are again heavy with red ink.  The Record, which sold over 500k copies per day when CQN started 15 years ago, shipped 110k last month, a 78% fall in unit sales, the same is true elsewhere.  This is why Tom Boyd became a multi-day story.  It could be anyone tomorrow.

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  1. Garngad to Croy on

    Ban the BBC , then everyone will have to subscribe to Celtic TV to hear full match commentary and ensure that Tom Boyd receives a wage for his views.

  2. Paul67



    Tom Boyd situation is a distraction, – yesterdays news, no surprise just another


    Scottish anti Celtic moment, in a labyrinth of bias, nothing new and a reminder of hard it will be to win nine Championships, against the will of the peepul.



    Reminder Celtic have,



    £30M received 2016 – 17 Champions League financed



    £30M received 2017 – 18 Champions League financed



    £48M received 2018 – 19 Europa League sale Dembele, Armstrong, Rodgers and staff.



    £25M received 2019 -20 Kieran Tierney financed, £’s potential for deadline day sales,


    and £10M from Europa League.



    Ever mindful of running costs, even the happiest of clappers, are at best, in pensive





    IMO csc

  3. yeah…the bigger story should be why we are not making our 1st 11 stronger. our coaching department better, and our scouting network cleverer. lennon not playing our strongest team…just be thankful the MSM have not cottoned on to any of that

  4. Go tell the Spartim on




    That link has never worked, well for me anyway.



    Is today not the deadline for new signings, another milestone passed with little or no desire (it seems) to address some of our issues with the squad. Linked with another winger (Ibe story was dismissed last week by Eddie Howe, so just another chip wrapper) why cant we just respond to this crap rather than sit at the back of the bus. Just call them out as knowing nothing, they’ll print their garbage anyway so lets give them less scope.




    And why you are behind a pulpit,and not Celtic Chief Scout.We should be told.


    The Di Canios,Cadetes,Hooidonks,Thoms,ahhhhh,.

  6. RT REV DAVID HAY on 20TH AUGUST 2019 12:35 PM


    yeah…the bigger story should be why we are not making our 1st 11 stronger. our coaching department better, and our scouting network cleverer. lennon not playing our strongest team…just be thankful the MSM have not cottoned on to any of that.






    Absolutely spot on. Peter will be ever so happy we are talking about this and not the real problems around.

  7. GTTS,



    Think we have until tomorrow night to sign.No time to even get the player introduced ,never mind play.Shambles.So much we could do.

  8. BIG WAVY,



    You mean no one has mentioned this on any Celtig blog?You are having a laugh.You been on holiday in Siberia for a fortnight?


    I agree its been shocking.Whats worse,as of today,no sign of any movement.




    You really think I would not want Davy back as Chief Scout?Even to oversee the shambles we have now.

  10. and I don’t think its gonna change. there will be no major improvement before the end of the month. I still think, however, our team is capable of winning the league if managed properly ;-)

  11. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Paul67, look close at those figures and you’ll see that online hits mean there are more readers of these rags now than in days past.


    It would be interesting to break down those online figures further to see which dept are getting most hits, say news compared to sports etc.

  12. Turkeybhoy



    We’re in the midst of clear signs of a self-inflicted implosion – lack of quality throughout the club on so many fronts. The ‘we’re in this alone is hardly news’.



    I’ve been in Montenegro btw – much warmer than Siberia but with a wifi at hand and a beer in the other, it’s a hard life…

  13. Big Wavy/Turkebhoy



    for instance, how hard and how much would it cost to have a guy in Montenegro watching the top 4 or 5 teams play over a 4 week period and pick out 1-3 players that are the best players from these teams. ages 19-26. then scout at a higher in depth level for another few weeks just watching solely those players and picking off say 2 of em. month and a halfs work??? then do the old moneyball figures on them if they are better than what we have, if not move onto Serbia, then Croatia…it cant be that hard

  14. Paul 67,



    It is said there are lies, damned lies and statistics.



    As Eddieinkirkmichael states these figures don’t take into consideration a society change of habit. Eg The Sun had almost 34m check out their website last month alone.


    Phenomenal figures whether we like it or not.



    HH to all. #Tom Boyd.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    That`s one mill. per day.



    Hardly impressive for a National.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    LAZYDYNAMITE on 20TH AUGUST 2019 12:15 PM


    champions league live on bt sport tonight



    Any champions involved?

  17. “Back The Bhoycott”,



    Don’t Clikkk, Don’t Buy thum.



    EveryLittleHelps CSC.








  18. Our manager said he had contingency plans for KT’s departure. Where are they?



  19. Macjay 1.



    Add these figures to the 1.4m daily sales and it’s not bad.


    Also to consider; Most if not all of the 34m Online Sun visitors would almost certainly visit alternative media outlets.



    Declining newspaper sales are only to be expected in this electronic age.



    A better comparison would be : By 2022 there will be circa 54m smartphone users in the U alone .Each will spend an average of 2hrs surfing the net and it’s media outlets.




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