The news is not the headlines, it’s the ABC figures


Why the disbelief that a Tom Boyd comment on Celtic TV on Saturday is still occupying news inches on Tuesday?  Tom did not indulge in profanity or prejudice; he merely made a partisan comment on an in-house broadcast channel.  But here’s the thing, he did so on a quiet news day.

Had Celtic lost to Dunfermline on Saturday, Tom’s profound musings would never have been reported, the 24-hour news cycle would have been filled by more important matters.

The football news industry, of which we are all consumers, requires stories, even when nothing of note happens.  The pressures of being a staff reporter at a media outlet, which is perpetually downsizing, when your job is to deliver a story people want to read and there is just no story to tell, should be clear to understand.

This is not justification for throwing Tom under the ink barrel, but it should temper our engagement with the process.  For reasons that escape my memory right now, we do not have a game tonight or tomorrow, so we might have to wait until Thursday before Ever-Green-TB gets a break.

Until then, the news is not the headlines; it’s the ABC circulation figures, which are again heavy with red ink.  The Record, which sold over 500k copies per day when CQN started 15 years ago, shipped 110k last month, a 78% fall in unit sales, the same is true elsewhere.  This is why Tom Boyd became a multi-day story.  It could be anyone tomorrow.


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  1. Pog



    Enjoy your trip T



    Melbourne Mick



    I’m with Henry – you should have skelped him






    Class as always



    And JJ from ages ago – cheers ma Mhan



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  2. SETTINGFREETHEBEARS is quite rightly cautioning against hanging anyone for a false quote, so here goes:



    On August 9, on this site, Neil Lennon was quoted under the heading, “LENNY WARNS CLUBS: NO SILLY MONEY BIDS” as follows:



    The Parkhead gaffer reflected on the cash injection from the London side and said,


    “It makes things a little bit easier in terms of maybe pushing the boat out a little bit more. But we’re not going to break transfer records and spend silly money.



    We have targets in mind and we are working away on that sooner or later. We are looking at maybe two or three positions to add.



    We also maybe need to move a few players on to get them playing or make room in the squad. Until we do that, we may not look to bring anyone in just yet.”



    Well, I am just sick of this dissembling language, repeated ad nauseam. Answers full of “mays,” “maybes” “two or three” and the utterly meaningless “Sooner or later”. I guess that would be “later” as it is now August 21, twelve days later and absolutely f—- all has transpired. If it is Celtic’s aim to dampen expectations, they are doing a fine job of it.



    Some posters write about keeping our feet on the squirming Hun throat. How exactly are we doing that? We are doing all we can to give them oxygen, and sleep walking into a disaster on September 1.

  3. It seems to me that so many posters want to spend their time looking for and posting inane anti Celtic nonsense. Why?



    It seems to me that so many posters get no joy at all from Celtic. Why do the support then?



    Me… I just love the Celtic….







    or draw



    Guess it’s just in my dna.



    I love Celtic



    I’m glad I’m a Tim



    The past 3 seasons have been magical



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  4. I have seen a few posters state that we have brought in 25,m and spent about 11.5, so a 13.5m surplus to invest, sorry boys last year we received the vvd money which was spent on Eduard and we sold dembele for 19m and got 9m for Rodgers and team




    so min of 41m to spend in this window but we are not set up as led by a poor ceo who has no plan for growth.




    I noted some fans thought lenny had been hung out to dry 100% true he does not even have an experienced no 2 , only lawwells boy



    now a week since the shambles of our CEO CL planning was exposed and nothing no statement no plan even paul67 giving nothing except deflection about tom boyd




    peter Lawwell you have been found out time to go




  5. HeknowsWHOknows



    we have had willo window 1,2,3 think this is no 4



    definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome



    too many failures has our peter now




  6. Good morning CQN from a more than usual damp Garngad



    More than usual as I have a leak.😒



    Anyone out there a plumber looking for work, I had a plumber doing some work in the house before a tiler came in (not paid him yet) but he is away on holiday and left me with a feckin leak. Also to reinstall a towel rail and new wash hand basin and tap.



    I have tried umpteen plumbers on my builder.com and no one is interested.



    Any help would be appreciated.






    D. :)

  7. SydneyTim on 21st August 2019 6:44 am




    We succeed within our means.


    Treble trebles, Eight in a Row. Der Hun’s throat squirming under our feet.


    More of the same please.

  8. Fresh and verdant in the Chilterns today…



    BSR @ 10:52 PM,



    Yes, we can only hope Lenny is backed and can get this squad behind him. A strong experienced No 2 now looks a must.



    SFtBs @ 11:39 PM,



    Haven’t got ghe time to do justice to your post. Sufgice to say of course these guys need time.



    We will know a lot more about them and where our Club is after the next four games.



    Hail Hail

  9. Henry Joy fortunately the numver of celtic fans who believe peter lael spin is now few and far between



    a man holding our club back



    we had about 45m to spend this window to strengthen but systems not in place to invest



    failed again against a team with a fraction of our income

  10. Sid


    Keep swimming against the tide, you make some valid points imo.







    Good to see you back on posting, always a good read.







    What happened to that once familiar optimistic feeling at the start of a new season? I think folks are finding it difficult because of our boards reluctance to spend in order get some quality players in, I can’t blame them.



    Until there is a shift in policy at board level which puts more emphasis on maintaining and strengthening our team this is the groundhog day start to the season we will see repeated more often than not.



    Trying not to be downbeat about our team and failing.




  11. From DoireCelt



    Celtic’s transfer window has once again been a fu***ng disgrace. 2 projects & 2 defenders who look miles off it. 1/9/19 is gony be fun on here.

  12. AIK are in for a backlash. Euro league is our level this year. In the league cup quarter final, top of the league, buns game and wee buns coming up. Red rags suckering in our more gullible “ahem” supporters. Stand up for the champions. Get intake them. Hail Hail.



    #pantywetters out

  13. From docsa88



    Blinkered Celtic fans who think Lennon & Lawwell can do no wrong are absolute joke figures. Dare to criticise them? Must be a hun!



    Wake up ffs, simple fact is we should be light years ahead of Rangers & we’re not & it’s an absolute disgrace that this has been allowed to happen!

  14. Jeez, even the stories below on CQN have a negative slant to them.


    Could it be some of our signing targets are playing CL and europa qualifiers this week?

  15. Can 50-year old Danny Lennon play left or right back?


    Asking for an old friend.



  16. mullet and co 2 on

    Yet more evidence that our recruitment and selling of players is at best poorly resourced and at worst is managed by a penny pinching and error strewn process –



    Wolves came in for Hendry. We stalled and then went back and asked for more money. Result is He dry may not move or will end up on loan to Killie. He’s out of the shop window, won’t play for us and is taking up a wage.



    Like Sinclair someone has cost the club a transfer or loan fee from Wolves by their tardiness and lack of risk awareness and negotiation skills. Somebody took a punt that we would get a transfer fee for Sinclair rather than let him go and free up his wage.



    The cost of these two decisions? At least £1m for Sinclair. People go on about Marvin Compper but how much are these potential deals costing when we don’t have the resources to negotiate incoming and outgoing deals and wind up with stale players sitting upsetting a dressing room. I’m sure the lads share the details.


    This added to the Commons info on Hooper and Ledley only leads to more questions considering who replaced those players and how much they cost.

  17. SID




    “We have signed 3 players and lost around a dozen. It is nowhere close to being acceptable.”



    I think the huddle dealt with this. Many of that 12 needed to go- they no longer served purpose and we have added 4 new players to this year’s squad- even though one was bought before the window,






    “We have spent 12M and brought in 25M despite having by far the most money in our history.”



    I guess those figures are roughly right though you are restricting the spending issue to team matters not the club. Like you, I don’t know why the surplus is forming and I’d like to know, if we can. But let’s say some of it was for the Player Abuse issues, would it serve us to identify the exact figure we have set aside? Would not every claim against the club be shaped by that figure?







    “Madmitch was ridiculed by happy clappers for suggesting we would have a 4M surplus. The view was Celtic would be spending some of the vast reserves. Good to see your leading the backtracking just in case.”



    Was he now? My view is the same. We have often had surpluses- nothing new there. We do not replace Van Dijks Armstrongs and Tierneys with equal cost signings- we cannot afford to- there’s a surplus straight away. Some of the surplus is used to buy duds and projects who don’t make it. Some of it goes on duds and projects who made punters eat their words (Ajer, Christie- maybe Abd Elhamed). So I am projecting a surplus too- no back tracking involved.





    “Your constant pro board posts are pathetic, just like the people you keep sticking up for.”



    And your constant anti-Celtic posts are worthy of Follow Follow (see what I did there?)

  18. From the huddle board



    The negligence shown by @celticfc is sickening.


    The lack of planning and all-round amateurism should not be accepted by the support. There needs to be real-life consequences to the boards inaction.

  19. Ulysses



    Thanks for the more measured response. It keeps up some of my faith in this place.



    I do believe we will buy more defenders- that’s the optimistic part.



    I do worry that we will recruit badly for those much needed positions, given the rumours, and, of course, it is all too late for CL, even though, as we saw with Julien, and Van Dijk in Kazakhstan, even big/good summer signings may not strengthen us as much as familiar pairings do.



    That’s the pessimistic part.



    Off to work now

  20. Cannae believe Danny Lennon is 50 year old!…………………He musta had some paper round as a kid!



    ( no offence Danny Bhoy!)




  21. I find it fascinating that comment on Tom Boyd has disappeared as fast as it appeared, even on CQN.



    Is it because a “Pandora’s Box” has been opened, to quote Michael Stewart? For once, the MSM, including their fellow travellers on here, may have made a huge miscalculation. I certainly hope so.

  22. See Crystal Palace are being linked with free agent f/b Danny Simpson after selling Wan Bissaka for 50mill.


    Brighton also considering btw.


    Embdy been on PQN for a look-see at how the Eagles’ fans view their board parsimony and ethics?



    BTW BANKIEBHOY, DL was raven haired b4 the Cluj result. HH

  23. traditionalist88 on

    Get Ashley Williams in for a year. Tough and experienced at least. Get a LB, RB and if we qualify for the Europa league put a bid in for Stuani. And bring Sinclair back into the fold and higher up the pecking order than those who have done nothing to displace him.







    I find it fascinating that comment on Tom Boyd has disappeared as fast as it appeared, even on CQN.



    Is it because a “Pandora’s Box” has been opened, to quote Michael Stewart? For once, the MSM, including their fellow travellers on here, may have made a huge miscalculation. I certainly hope so.





    It was always a non-story on a slow news day. The papers need to sell something or other and in Scottish football they always find a way to dig up and anti-Celtic story as they know it will sell. It’s often complete lies but gullible readers take it hook, line and sinker.



    It’s good to have Celtic media run by fans now to counteract this. Although reading some of the is just like reading The Record these days. As if there wasn’t enough anti-Celtic guff already.

  25. traditionalist88 on

    GARY CALDWELL will return to Celtic Park on Wednesday 25 September when he brings his Partick Thistle side across the city for the League Cup Quarter Final tie.



    The former Celtic defender has been an interested bystander as the post mortem into his old club’s latest Champions League exit has played out after that awful 4-3 defeat to Cluj last Tuesday.



    And as everyone who watched Cluj lose 1-0 at home to Slavia Prague last night will have seen, neither the Romanians nor the Czechs are particularly strong teams.



    Caldwell knows all about receiving criticism as a Celtic player when things go wrong. He’s been there, done it and has the scars to prove it.



    “When you play for Celtic, it’s just what happens. One bad result can bring the whole world down on top of you,” the Partick Thistle boss told the Scottish Sun.




    “To be a player or staff member at Celtic, you have to be ready to stand up to that and have the mentality to deal with it.



    “The reality is Celtic have won every competition in Scotland for the last three years. Nine trophies is an unbelievable achievement.



    “They have qualified for the Champions League group stage some seasons and have been knocked out in others. They didn’t play well against Cluj, but everyone should know by now that it’s not easy to qualify.



    “The criticism and furore that’s come on the back of that defeat is just classic Celtic. For me, this so-called crisis won’t last too long but, as players, all they can do is try to ride it out.



    “I remember what that can be like. I was criticised every week! I think back to my debut in the league, when we won 4-0 against Kilmarnock. I gave the ball away at one point and Killie really should have scored, but didn’t.



    “It was a slack pass into midfield which they pounced on. We got away with it and won comfortably — but afterwards my mistake was questioned by everyone.



    “There were people phoning into radio shows to say I couldn’t be a ball-playing centre-back for Celtic. I just thought, ‘Wow’. Yes, it was a mistake but the criticism that came my way opened my eyes to what it was like to play for Celtic. The negativity blew me away.



    “The harsh reality is that if you want to play for Celtic, you need to be able to handle that pressure. You have to be thick-skinned and shrug off every bit of negativity that comes your way.



    “I took so much criticism when I was at Celtic, but I brushed it off because I wanted to become better — and thankfully I had a manager who believed in me.”

  26. Gordon


    Big tam














    David McCallum





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