The not-so-new reality


A few points you can take to the bookies without losing your money:

If Joey Barton bet on the Barcelona-Celtic game odds of this being his first offence this season will be around 100/1. This ‘news’ has leaked at a time of choosing, not days after the practice started.

Joey Barton is a self-certified rule breaker, but if his induction process didn’t cover SFA rules about betting on football, a large portion of responsibility on this issue lies with his employer. And it’s not their first offence. I know many of the faces at Ibrox haven’t changed since the old days, but rules are not there to be ignored.

It’s palpably farcical to suggest anyone other than a died-in-the-wool fan wouldn’t “prefer to come to Celtic” than go to Newco Rangers, and even then, Scott Allan jumped at the chance to pull on the hoops. We could take our pick of anyone from Murray Park, or a supporters’ bus on its way to Ibrox, for that matter.

The world has changed. No one would pay attention to a St Johnstone player who said he rejected Celtic to go to Perth, claims that Joey did likewise are equally fanciful.  Welcome to the not-so-new reality.



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  1. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    Very funny and a good but of press release from Peter Lawell



    Still doesn’t take away the fact Peter that your polices were changed by BR and DD leading to a 20% increase of turnover without increasing debt



    Shows up what a poor CEO you are


    Time for the garden Peter

  2. Auld Tam on 20th September 2016 12:19 pm



    It’s hit the papers while he is “serving a suspension” from Rangers. I would suspect (I think it’s almost certain) that Rangers* knew this by the weekend and that he would have been made aware of that almost immediately, and certainly by yesterday. It is possible that the whole thing has been rolled up into the 3 week suspension (which would make sense) and they could fine him 2 weeks wages for the “altercation” and 2 weeks wages for the betting. Ergo, they save another £40K.



    We’ll see soon enough because Barton cannae haud his wheest very long!

  3. Did they not check Ally McCoist’s extensive (his words) list of players who bet on football when the last Rangers players (Black was one) were caught ‘at it’?

  4. Auld Tam



    You canny win. You congratulate Pedro and his chums still find issue! ;@-)



    OK. I retract my congratulations for Pedro saying something about nothing really that important to our club.






    That’s why i love this place. David Attenborough really needs to come up here and do a programme on the Sycophant Conformist CQNer. Although, that said , it is likely not rare enough to afford him the budget from the BEEB. :-)




  5. newradbhoy on 20th September 2016 12:26 pm



    Could Joey Barton not have a case against bet fair for invasion of privacy ?



    Or for releasing info from a private transaction?



    Not posted for a while, as I find that other posters post the things I want to post much betterly.




    Unlikely IMHO. He has allegedly broken a rule that, as Paul67 says, he should be aware of. Therefore the reporting by the Gaming Board and any potential pending action by the SFA would be a matter of record and put into the public domain.



    FAC the Act




  6. Could Joey Barton not have a case against bet fair , for invasion of privacy?


    Or for disclosing details of a PRIVATE transaction?

  7. Has anyone else noticed how all the Scottish football journalists and media pundits who heralded the Barton signing as a masterstroke that would put Scottish football back on the map, are now claiming that they all, to a man, knew he would blow a gasket and that not one of them is surprised at his Ibrox misdemeanours.



    Just as well we don’t all have short memories.

  8. NEWRADBHOY on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2016 12:34 PM



    I severely doubt it, this will come under laws related to match fixing and corruption, so they will have been compelled to release the information. I don’t think it’s them that have then leaked it.

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Auld Tam



    ‘Scottish football journalists’…Huns wi crayons:)


    A severe lack of education probably accounts for their stupidity,….probably too busy marching about in strange attire when they should have been learning to read and write….Voila, Keef Jackshun




  10. It is very much in the interests of Bookmakers that footballers don’t bet on football matches and tennis players don’t bet on tennis matches.



    It doesn’t matter that the game has no connection with the player. Footballers have a lot of contacts within the game and nowadays, you can bet on the number of corners, throw-ins, goal-kicks, even the time of first corner etc.



    Footballers are banned from betting on ANY football match because there is no way of ensuring that even if the player has no discernible connection with either team, he does not have a connection with one or more players, so a blanket ban makes absolute sense.



    It is therefore in the interest of the Bookmaker to flag up any indiscretion.

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    Dear old Joey’s being managed out. He’s got a serious misconduct finding over the War of words, (ought we call it Warbarton?) now he’s got an SFA misconduct charge on the docket. He’ll be fired for Gross Misconduct shortly.



    Only question is: Who’s agenda is being enacted?



    Does he want out of Dodge fast, and is professionally ‘misbehaving’?



    Or does Sevco want shot him quickest and cheapest?



    Apparently Joey’s got a new book coming out next week. Who knew?…

  12. Sydneytim why the negativity towards Lawell?



    He has presided over the strongest celtic I have seen in my lifetime yet people call for him to step down? I just don’t get it, I mean I could understand if it was some undercover rangers fan trying to get rid of him but why would celts want to sabotage our own club?



    We have a financial reality which means the championship and possibly even league one clubs in England can afford more money for transfers than we can due to lack of TV revenue and the club (Lawell included) has navigates this period fantastically well. We still have a bigger budget than many of the clubs in the champions league but the days of signing the likes of lennon, Thompson and Sutton are long gone as we would have to compete with every single premier league club as well as the majority of the championship for them and the wages they are paying would bankrupt the club.



    The last few years we were winning the league at a canter so we kept our powder dry, as soon as thing got competitive we stepped up our game, got a top manager in and some top players. I guess you won’t give Lawell any credit for this but you are happy to heap all the blame on him for perceived ills?



    Please lay off our over performing board who have managed to fend off a cheating rival while keeping our history intact. Leave outside influences to try and destabilise our club as there are more than enough of them that would like to see us brought down.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BBC online announce Henrik’s birthday as the former man utd and Celtic player.



    7 years and more than 200 goals for Celtic



    8 WEEKS at Man U.



    Further Orwellian stuff.



    Hail hail

  14. WGM –



    I distinctly remember Barry Ferguson on Radio Scotland before the season kicked-off, saying Barton was a brilliant signing. He claimed that yes, he has a bad-boy image, but that was now in his past as he has grown up and will be a star in the Scottish Premiership.



    Friday night on Radio Scotland, Ferguson was asked if he was surprised at the latest trouble surrounding Barton.



    “No,” he declared. “I’m not surprised. He is a loose cannon and just can’t help himself. I expected this sort of problem with him.”

  15. The new club…..is this the latest club Joey has signed and played for……….or does this refer to 2012 club which was liquidated……..why cant big Pierre be more precise…….never was with the Rory Bremner remark when the question was put to him………..looks like its the thursday when the club will hear from UEFA about the fly the flag exhibit.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Auld Tam




    So the SFA can hammer a player for betting on a match he is not involved in but allow a career criminal do what he wants within the confines of Scottish football without reproach.



    The answer of course is YES




  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    That’s a rhetorical question. I have a feeling in my water you know the answer already




  18. They want rid of Barton asap, if nothing else for financial reasons. If they had grounds to dismiss him i think they would have done it already. He doesn’t appear to have been suspended pending an investigation. So it would appear to be a question of whether Joey will do walking away from a couple of £million and come to a small settlement that would likely include a confidentiality clause. I’d very much doubt it.

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Ha ha – Celtic wanted to sign Barton!


    Aye – me too Joey. Then the alarm clock went off!


    I’m sure this “claim” will have thousands of gullible Sevconians buying your book, but it’s about as real as Craig Whyte’s wealth, eh?




    Still doesn’t take away the fact Peter that your polices were changed by BR and DD leading to a 20% increase of turnover without increasing debt



    It’s almost impossible to make sense out of that

  21. Our CEO speaks about a player who doesn’t play for us,and we have to wash his feet? All worship at the Altar of St Peter

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Has the sighting of a PL quote got anything tow do with hun ticket money ?




  23. Three weeks. eh?


    Betting scandal. is it?


    Book launch, you say?


    Might the upcoming almighty climax of the Barton saga be timed to coincide with the release of June 2016 accounts?


    Or do we really need Warburton to depart to be able to release an emphasis of matter?



    These are the current ponderances of the beleaguered enbrogued.



    You really must be beliive us, you really must believe us, you really must belee-ee-ive uuusssss……………

  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    The Buchan Bhoys from Peterhead have stepped in to assist Hebcelt