The now legion of Celtic fans picking up the mantle


Celtic supporters like you and me get to see people do some great things.  I’ve watched people put £20 notes into a Foundation bucket when all they were asked for is £2.  Giving your money is a selfless act that some can afford more than others, but on Saturday night, around 100 Celtic fans gave their money and more: their time, pretty much their weekend, in order to do what they can for the homeless.

Money raised from the Celtic FC Foundation’s annual Celtic Park Sleep Out will feed and shelter some who the world has left behind in the winter months ahead.  The Foundation events are always rewarding, but I have never given as much of my time as those 100 people did this weekend.  So respect, where it’s due.

The London Sleep Out happens this coming Friday, details here, if you’re in the vicinity.  It takes place in the Whitechapel area of the city, where Br Walfrid worked on leaving Glasgow.  I can’t promise to do the Sleep Out next year, but we are in the company of good people whose example makes me want to do more.  I will do more throughout the Christmas Appeal and in 2019.

This is your Foundation.  It does not belong to the club or to the (now) legion of Celtic fans who pick up the mantle.  It is as important a part of Celtic as winning trophies, and it is a lot more important than spending hours online talking about the club.  If Celtic fans did not want to participate, it would quickly wither on the vine.  Just thought it’s worth a mention.

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    thats how industries fail, and ma high horse is a corny eunuch or something like that






    I agree and my reading of the fanswithscarves letter was they were looking to the Celtic Board for leadership and their very intervention challenges any Celtic argument that other clubs arent’ interested.



    Their Boards might not be but some of their fans are and eventually they might persuade their Boards and fellow supporters that the principles at stake are in their best interests to be addressed too.



    I just saw a graph of Scottish clubs financial position. Every top tier club was operating on a sustainable basis bar TRFC with £14M debt. How is that fair to those clubs living within their means ?



    However it is up to their supporters to ask questions of the SFA via their Boards.

  3. I haven’t read this yet but sure to be of interest to the referee watching fraternity (ie everyone)



    An informative read on the employment of referees in Scotland and England. The linked cases are also worth a read.


    Laura Sports Law‏ @laurasportslaw


    NEW BLOG POST The Relationship between Referees and Governing Bodies


    * Appointment of referees


    * Management of referees


    * Continual monitoring of referees


    *Protecting integrity


    *Disciplinary & Laws of the Game




  4. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    As if Gascoigne’s story couldn’t get worse, he’s been charged with sexual assault (touching as far as I can see).

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Agreed, other supports putting pressure on their own boards will help the Plc a bit and well done fanswithoutscarfs they have at least made their views known but I won’t be listening to any more pish from the Plc about no getting support from other clubs, this is a Celtic shareholder issue and they are responsible.

  6. celticrollercoaster on

    Prayers and thoughts with NorrieM who buries his Mum tomorrow



    Stay strong, knowing that you will make your Mum proud.



    God Bless to the NorrieM family







  7. Norrie M


    Sincere apologies, very badly timed remark from me. I have no doubt you will do your Mum proud tomorrow. YNWA

  8. Norrie I pray that everything goes well tomorrow my friend…


    May God Bless Janet Noel McCabe’s Soul.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  9. CRC & Friesdorfer


    Thank you so much Bhoys – tomorrow we celebrate my Mum’s life, and the legacy Mum and Dadhaveleft behind, 4 kids, 9 Grandkids & so far 8 Great Grandkids??



    Auldheid & Canamalar – thanks for your responses


    I firmly believe Celtic board should be acting, and will support your efforts 100%


    Only my view – the other 3 board members of fanswithoutscarves, need to be challenging their clubs, and getting their fans onboard to highlight what has taken place.


    Leave Celtic to the Res12 brigade ???

  10. Norriem. I will remember your dear mother at Mass tomorrow and will pray for all of your extended family in this sad time for you all. May she rest in peace. Amen.

  11. ACGR, just seen your wannabe on Reporting Scotland late news. Looking frisky, and a Baroness noo anaw! HH

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    NORRIEM – thoughts and prayers for you and your family from me and mines.





    The BGFC family

  13. Norrie.


    My thoughts and prayers are offered in support of you and your family this morning as you lay to rest your mum janet noel mccabe.rest in peace



    God bless mate

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Thought and prayers for Norrie and family this morning


    I know their faith will allow them to celebrate his mother’s in a fitting holy way ????

  15. Norrie



    God bless you and your wonderful family today.


    The greatest legacy your parents created will be there as one today.




  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Looking at this new telly deal for the league msm says “The existing contract with both BT Sport and Sky is worth around £21 million a year to the SPFL and it is believed the Sky offer alone was in the region of £100 million” so the deal worked out by Doncaster over five years is …..£20m, what a man !

  17. 50 shades of green on

    Hey ho Tims, Good Morning.



    Norrie, take care today mate. Thoughts today are with you and your family.



    Hail Hail.

  18. Norriem: thoughts with you and yours this morning.



    At dheis láimh Dhé go raibh anam do mháthar.

  19. 50 shades of green on

    Question I’ve been meaning to ask,



    Does anyone think that Derek McInnis deserves some credit for the way Ryan Christie is performing now? Or is Ryan performing like that despite McInnis’s influence??







    If the send off for your MUM is anything like the send off for your DAD it will be truly fitting



    Thoughts with you and the extended family ….


    Take care pal .

  21. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on20TH NOVEMBER 2018 7:56 AM



    Question I’ve been meaning to ask,



    He saw something in Ryan and gave him a chance , for that i thank him …otherwise who knows when/if Ryan might have got a chance .

  22. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Thoughts with NorrieM and his family today.


    Will light candle and say a prayer for his Mum’s soul tomorrow.

  23. Mrs Hebcelt and I had a very enjoyable meet with Almore last night in Dublin what a great ghuy. Sitting in the lounge at Frankfurt Airport waiting for our midday flight to Singapore – the adventure commences. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  24. From Auldheid link at 8:30pm



    ` a referee must not for the Season hold a season ticket for any club in membership of the SFA



    Does that mean stories on here re Madden et al being ST holders at Ibrox were inaccurate?





    JJ. `

  25. Norrie:


    Think of the good times,not just when your mother was there for you….but when you were there for her I bet that made her feel good.

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