The Null and Void Loyal will continue to campaign


After Uefa, the national associations, the ECA and others met by videoconference yesterday, the decision was taken to allow domestic leagues and cups until 30 June to complete.  This is an interim state, leagues will almost certainly not complete by June.

A working group has been setup “to examine calendar solutions that would allow for the completion of the current season and any other consequences”.  The Null and Void Loyal, so desperate to avoid relegation or yet another abject failure, have been halted, but they will use every moment between now and June to obstruct an early return of the game and further their own cause.

Domestic competitions must continue if at all possible.  We want to win the league on the field of play, not by edict from Nyon, but you and I have a role to play in ensuring those who only want to deny Celtic their historic achievements, are placed firmly back in their box.

I cannot feel angry at them, this is all they have to live for, but if you want to stop an opponent win a title, or avoid relegation, win more football games, don’t try to do so through PR.

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  1. have a braw day …



    smiley the sun is out and about here in Hessen thing





  2. Yes, I know someone who has CV. My son’s friend is a school teacher for less well behaved children.



    He self-isolated this week because he has asthma. But he now has it full blown. Cough, fever and sweats.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well my wife has all the symptoms bar sore throat, self isolation and so am I for 14 even though I’m fine.

  4. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Only eight games left to play in the league.



    Two games a week, Saturday and Wednesday, and the season concludes in four weeks. This could be done commencing some point in May, or even 1st June at the latest, allowing up to two months for shutdown. For added safety, the games could be played BCD.



    Completing the league programme is paramount. The blazers must make it happen.

  5. When football eventually resumes, existing competitions must be concluded prior to commencing new ones.


    What could be more simplistic?




  6. Woke this morning with temperature of 37.3 which for me is a tad high – probably just a cold.

  7. Ernie / SoT



    There’s a good infographic on the situation in Italy from JAMA at



    My wife’s uncle has just died and was found to be positive for Coronavirus (this is around 50km south of Milan). He seems to have died of other causes (he was 87), so the virus is just another factor. This means no funeral (just a private cremation), but of course all the family in the area are now at risk. We are not close to that branch of the family, but it still brings it home.

  8. Clarity is needed and bravery to deliver that clarity.



    The SPFL need to make clear the aim will rightly be to finish the league. In the event that it can not be completed before the end of June then call it as is.



    In the absence of clarity, the arguments will descend into an unbecoming farce.



    For what it’s worth, I believe the strategy is to tarnish our league win. Those calling for null and void must be aware of the commercial and sponsorship legal risks of such action and know it’s not a viable option but will use the argument regardless to try and tarnish the history of Celtic’s achievement.

  9. The null and void brigade will push this all the way . Every sevco sympathiser within scottish football will be getting programmed to go with that plan make no mistake about that . Why cant a game get organised between the clubs still to meet , set a time and date .both teams pick there squad of say 16 players each . Have the said 16 players and any coaching staff required tested in advance along with refereeing team ,if no problems play the games behind closed . Get them out the way .just my thinking .HH

  10. Fingers crossed.. Sevco will be null and void in the next few weeks ..



    Rendered nonexistent!

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    Ernie, from earlier…



    I’m sure you’re way ahead of me (as usual) but as you noted previously and saliently, the data remains unreliable at best.



    I stopped looking at the new cases figure because all it really pointed to was the extent of testing, and that was almost exclusively of those who presented with symptoms.



    The only published and reliable figure for the extent of the spread of the virus is (sadly) the number who have died.



    Comparing France and Germany exemplifies the point. As of today France has confirmed 7730 positive cases, with 175 deaths. Germany has confirmed 9360 with 26 deaths.



    At face value, it would appear that both countries are similarly affected but that France has a greatly more virulent strain than Germany, causing 8 times more fatalities – 2.2% versus 0.27%



    This of course is not the case. It’s just that the disease took hold in France a little earlier, perhaps 5 days, and Germany has been testing more folk.



    It would look like Italy was about 3 weeks ahead, but perhaps factoring for healthcare being overwhelmed quite early, and an older population, we might revise that down to about 2 weeks. The likelihood is that the virus in Italy is every bit as virulent as it is elsewhere.



    For as long as we still don’t know the rate of asymptomatic infection, or indeed the extent of any inherent immunity, we can’t predict the full extent of the virus in the population, or the number requiring to be infected before the ‘herd immunity’ threshold is reached. We know what the threshold is in total numbers, but don’t know how that comprises between the different groups – symptomatic, asymptomatic, etc.



    What’s clear so far though is two things: Firstly, absent a vaccine or a benign virus mutation, the disease has a long, long time to run irrespective of measures put in place. Secondly, the total numbers of those infected are likely to be considerably less than some worst case (80% of population) numbers suggested, albeit the final numbers will be distressingly huge regardless.



    Anyway, for what it’s worth, and all that. Take care.

  12. Garngad to Croy on

    I am assuming the Brethren who are calling for the season to be null and void, would be willing to refund season ticket monies and return the prize money from the SPFL for league positions.



    Lets start a campaign for that , there is only one club in Scotland who would survive that scenario !

  13. Even if we take Michael Beale’s “suggestion” at face value (just for a second before falling about laughing), there game in hand against St. Johnstone can’t just be awarded to them, so let’s take the next game they played against them which was a 2-2 draw, 1 point and … they’re still in second place!

  14. I still remain worried that the SFA will follow the Huns bidding. I am suspicious of Maxwell who seems to me not to be a “moderniser” as Peter Lawwell claimed but is well at home with the fellow Masons at Hampden. I don’t trust Petrie who has demonstrated his antipathy to Celtic on several occasions.



    I am not sure about Doncaster who has folded in the past when the Hampden Blazers pushed like the 5way agreement.



    I don’t see the season being resumed as I don’t expect the virus to be under control by 30 June.



    The Huns are desperate to stop 10 in a row and are bringing forward every excuse to prevent us being awarded the title. They see this as their best chance to derail the Celtic Express on there way to 10 in a row



    I think it’s far from certain that we will get our way

  15. Japan has less than a thousand cases .. geographically very close to China ..



    They’re crammed in like sardines..



    But took the outbreak seriously from the outset .. testing vigorously..




    UK’s response?

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    What a difference a week makes eh


    Last week they were demanding the games go ahead with supporters allowed to attend, that’s when the thought on losing out on loadsamoney.


    This week they want to void the competition without any further games played, looks like they might have found the money to survive till the start of next season and beyond.


    Or have the plan in place to dump the debt, could also be if the competition is void then any administration even would be considered outside the football remit as no competitions are running.

  17. South Of Tunis on




    Thanks for that link .



    Condolences re your wife’s uncle



    Elderly Inter chap down the valley told me that 2 friends(a couple ) of his in Treviso had died . Both in their 80s – Both killed by Covid 19 induced bilateral interstitial pneumonia .



    People have taken the lockdown very seriously in my wee part of the world . Sciacca and Caltanissetta are ghost towns .



    Auguri . Star bene !

  18. As you say the problem is the absence of consistent testing data.



    Even allowing for that though Italy does seem to be worst affected, for whatever reason.



    One of the WHO people was asked about it last night on Newsnight but she waffled a bit and didn’t give any clear answer.



    One concern has to be that if they ever do get round to mass testing the tests might not be able to differentiate between those who have had it and recovered and those who haven’t been infected.

  19. Apricale on 18th March 2020 12:59 pm



    Condolences. In a way while it’s sad that the old boy has died it’s even sadder that there will be no funeral.



    One thing that isn’t mentioned in any of the data is whether the incidence of smoking is a factor.

  20. GREENPINATA on 18TH MARCH 2020 12:49 PM


    When football eventually resumes, existing competitions must be concluded prior to commencing new ones.



    What could be more simplistic




    I agree. It’s unlikely that football will resume for a very long time. Next season’s schedule is already affected. We either play to a finish or we are worthy champions. We must not accept anything else. One thing that does my nut in, is the moronic use of the word ‘tainted’, when it’s meant to convey that the win was less worthy or unmerited, as sevco were not in the top division. Then again, what can we expect when we have such a pool of ‘experts’ across the msm.

  21. Scottish schools to close on Friday.



    I suspect they won’t be back till August.

  22. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Hopefully a wake-up call for governments around the world.



    Trillions wasted on guns, bullets and nuclear weapons, and fanciful forays into space. A virus grinds the globe to a halt – medical equipment and manpower ill-prepared.



    Thank God we don’t have any climate and environmental catastrophes to contend with too.



    Oh, wait . . .

  23. South Of Tunis on




    Hospitals in the north of Italy retrospectively reported an unusual spike of pneumonia in elderly people – mid December – late December . . It is now thought that many of those cases were Covid 19 related.. Many experts believe that Covid 19 had arrived in Italy before the Chinese Government made their announcement . Parts of Northern Italy , like Bergamo and Brescia, have significant trade links with China — much to and fro !

  24. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    I heard (anecdotally to be honest) that another big factor in the relatively low number of deaths in Germany is their sheer number of ventilators.


    If issues around lack of equipment in the UK prove to be material in the eventual death count, I hope to god that people remember this and don’t laud the guilty whenever we eventually emerge from this catastrophe.

  25. South Of Tunis on




    I’ve seen several Italian medics on tv . claiming that a history of smoking has a big correlation with the necessity of being intubated. One opined that he really hoped that the lockdown wasn’t going to give the opportunity for smokers to smoke more .

  26. I don’t really know enough to comment on this virus but that won’t stop me. For whatever reason – maybe logistics – we seem to have been slow here to initiate mass testing. Today, Johnson said that daily testing would increase from 10,000 per day to 25,000. If they prioritise, I make it about 48 days to test everyone on the NHS payroll.

  27. Null and Void…………….


    …… epitomised by scoddland’s………….. Dull and Boyd……..


    ……Nosferatu and The Tarbolton Scowler.



    It’ll just take us that bit longer.



    Tic – tock.







  28. Well Ghuys you might not be hearing from me for a while, a good thing I hear many of you say. This morning I got a call from ‘HRMC’ on 020 7200 2826 informing me that I was being investigated for tax fraud and if I didn’t push button 1 on my phone then I would be arrested very quickly. So I’ve decided to cut out the middle man by not pressing button 1 and I am taking myself down to Forres nick to hand myself in.

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