The Null and Void Loyal will continue to campaign


After Uefa, the national associations, the ECA and others met by videoconference yesterday, the decision was taken to allow domestic leagues and cups until 30 June to complete.  This is an interim state, leagues will almost certainly not complete by June.

A working group has been setup “to examine calendar solutions that would allow for the completion of the current season and any other consequences”.  The Null and Void Loyal, so desperate to avoid relegation or yet another abject failure, have been halted, but they will use every moment between now and June to obstruct an early return of the game and further their own cause.

Domestic competitions must continue if at all possible.  We want to win the league on the field of play, not by edict from Nyon, but you and I have a role to play in ensuring those who only want to deny Celtic their historic achievements, are placed firmly back in their box.

I cannot feel angry at them, this is all they have to live for, but if you want to stop an opponent win a title, or avoid relegation, win more football games, don’t try to do so through PR.

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  1. POG – you can go onto the HMRC website and report that bogus contact, allowing the source to be checked. I can reliably inform you that you need not be concerned by the call ;-)

  2. Seriously I’ve had similar calls from BT saying my internet will be turned off unless I pressed 1


    Not with BT

  3. Jobo


    Although these numbers show up as ligit when you call them back it comes back as number not recognised

  4. I’m not expecting any football to resume before June. IT’ll be later than that and, current;ly, anyone’s guess.


    When it finally resumes – in every country there should be a ‘phase one’ period for each individual country to conclude their domestic seasons – preferably playing all games that were scheduled but alternatively agreeing on a viable Plan B.


    Phase 2 would then be an official “summer/autumn break” combined with a transfer window in preparedness for the new seasons.


    Phase 3 would then be domestic season 2020-21. If that doesn’t start until say November (or indeed February 20201 or any other date you choose!) then 2020-21 might be a one-off curtailed season. For example, in Scotland a 14 team top league playing home and away, so 26 games with no league cup? Or whatever


    Phase 4 would be whatever European football could be arranged, again as a one off. How about a 1967-stylee European Cup, knockout from the start and maybe even just one-legged in the early rounds?


    Just my random thoughts…

  5. Null and void will be the SMSM and all ex Hun EBT recipients until there is clarity in the COVID-19 situation.



    Simple solution is to start where we left off prior to the shutdown whenever that may be.



    Note the Seething Gerrard Is conspicuously absent from any Hun press conference to avoid discussions about Liverpool’s similar situation!

  6. FInal one to get off my chest then I’m aff oot – season ticket renewals.


    Our club launched the ‘renewals window’ just before things got serious on the COVID-19 front. personally I’m relieved that they don’t appear to have persisted with pushing for renewals. certainly, there’s still an article on the club website but I personally haven’t had any more emails or texts.


    Without knowing (a) if season 2020-21 will happen, (b) when season 20-21 will take place and (c) how many home games are scheduled for 20-21 then the club should not ask fans to pay £500+ up front.


    The choice here to me is either (a) abandon the idea of supporters renewing at this stage; or (b) at worst, just ask for a nominal payment (£50 or less?) solely to “secure your seat” for when the situation eventually becomes clearer.


    Oh, the sun’s back out….

  7. You’ve got to laugh at the fact that, despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, the president of Albania has taken time out to wish Fraser Forster happy birthday




  8. South Of Tunis on

    Nationwide Singing is Resistance Flashmob scheduled for Friday at 11am. Mrs S of T has decided that we will be singing -Blue Oyster Cult’s – Dont Fear The Reaper..Given that I ‘m lockdowned with the woman -I’ve said Yes.(anything for a quiet life )

  9. No football, grand national and possibly Olympics ..



    But Eurovision?




  10. All public masses in Scotland suspended indefinitely after st Joseph’s day , tomorrow

  11. Day three of house isolation in Spain. Had planned to keep fit using an indoor turbo trainer with my bike, can’t be arsed. Maybe tomorrow.


    Had hoped to binge watch some netflix series but most aren’t suitable for my seven year old so he wins with the stuff he wants to watch. I spend 3 to 4 hours a day helping him with his school work, and another few hours doing emails for work. Mostly dealing with people who want to cancel their bike hire reservations. Nobody wants to pay the cancellation fees even for reservations in May and June. Financial Armageddon for me if they do not.


    I know thousands of other small businesses will be going through similar scenarios. For now their is no assistance for the self employed who had to shut down with regards to lost earnings, rent for premises etc. I laid off two members of staff on Friday. They are entitled to dole money, the self employed (like me) are not.


    I haven’t killed my wife yet and she hasn’t killed me. At least that’s a result.


    And no one is coughing.

  12. As Robinbhoy says we should start off where we left off easy enough. I have to say I wonder if the financial backing announced by the UK Government for businesses has anything to do with the Sevconians now adopting the Null & Void approach and hoping they have an escape route to take.



    Take Care.

  13. Just a wee point regarding the proposed business rates holiday. Although this is very welcome from a business point of view it will have absolutely no impact on central government but it will impact on local government finances so expect a large cut in local spending or an increase in council tax to cover the shortfall.


    Nobody has pointed this out.

  14. Just got a call from my [housing association] informing me that i am in rent arrears.


    In 6 years first time i have been late in paying rent.[1 week]!!


    I decided last week that i need all my money for food and essentials.


    I told the stupid woman that i will not be back at work for the forseeable future after this week.


    Self employed taxi driver with 3 kids [50/50 time]


    zero benefits … earning from my taxi [which i rent] are my only income.


    Therefore i have my limited savings to live on until i can work again.


    Government have sold us down the river.No help to the self employed .


    Do not even qualify for the pathetic sick pay 890 pound a week.


    Anyway i told the woman from the housing association to get flucked.


    I WOULD ADVISE EVERYONE ELSE TO DO THE SAME…WITHOLD ALL RENT AND COUNCIL TAX AND UTILITY BILLS IF YOU CAN…..when this country eventually declares a state of emergency we should be brought in line with the measures of France [who have frozen all rents and utility bills]

  15. whitedoghunch on

    SOT 20 2:55 pm


    i lay my hat down to the sound tech for that


    and weep when I see a Rhodes.


    Pawned mine at the bottom nof Leith Walk



  16. Just a wee thought here, what about the poor mitb that have supplemented their income and even flown across Europe first class possibly staying in like accommodation, who I believe are paid by the game.



    Or even like eyes in the back of yer heid who seemingly gave up his job teaching ben affleck weans tae go full time cheatin us Tim’s. How are they gonna afford tae drink in their Bellshill like establishments.



    Wonder what the craft will do for them now.

  17. HMRC will always write to you .. schools off on Friday .. the mother of all summer holidays ..



    Teachers strikes was all my generation got!

  18. It’s September 2053 and Tony awakes to a special day – it’s the day he opens the last toilet roll which his parents bought in 2020

  19. It will be a nightmare for parents trying to keep their children occupied for many of weeks when they can’t go out 😱

  20. tontine tim et al



    Thanks to you and others for adding a bit of light to the WWII narrative. And narrative it is, part of the null and void editorial currently being peddled by the likes of Roddy (debenture) Forsyth. The reality however tells a whole different story.


    They’ll be telling us Stanley Matthews played for them next….

  21. spikeysauldman on

    Lazydynamite – 100% spot on.



    The self-employed, the zero-contract hours folk and those on universal credit should tell the powers that be to get tae until this is over and everyone else should back them.



    Keep the faith and keep you and the weans safe.

  22. I’m a self employed landscape gardener … The rain since January has already made the ground unmanageable .. I’d probably be better off on the dole with the lack of work, but to hell with going through with that universal credit humiliation…



    People have got worse problems .. food banks will be empty and I read that homeless people are not getting into shelters ..



    I’m lucky in comparison..



    It’s a surreal, nightmarish situation!

  23. Bad figures today for UK, Government can’t delay lockdown much longer.


    The cost of a lockdown is enormous, but the alternative is horrendous.


    Must say it’s bloody boring, sitting around most of the day. Pubs, Schools Churches, most Restaurants all closed and a variety of businesses, like Hair Dressers, Beauticians, Small Boutiques, Offices etc.


    So far over 70’s not confined to house but apparently it’s coming.


    I get 3 rounds of Golf a week, a daily walk with Mrs. CorkCelt & a trip to Supermarket twice a week & that’s it.


    I am bored but could survive, however if they try to confine me to house, I’ll crack up,

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