The Null and Void Loyal will continue to campaign


After Uefa, the national associations, the ECA and others met by videoconference yesterday, the decision was taken to allow domestic leagues and cups until 30 June to complete.  This is an interim state, leagues will almost certainly not complete by June.

A working group has been setup “to examine calendar solutions that would allow for the completion of the current season and any other consequences”.  The Null and Void Loyal, so desperate to avoid relegation or yet another abject failure, have been halted, but they will use every moment between now and June to obstruct an early return of the game and further their own cause.

Domestic competitions must continue if at all possible.  We want to win the league on the field of play, not by edict from Nyon, but you and I have a role to play in ensuring those who only want to deny Celtic their historic achievements, are placed firmly back in their box.

I cannot feel angry at them, this is all they have to live for, but if you want to stop an opponent win a title, or avoid relegation, win more football games, don’t try to do so through PR.

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  1. Mass in Wales and England cancelled.


    How will we ever survive.Will we all be going to “The Bad Fire”,for missing out.




    You take care mate and I’ll remember you in my prayers!



    And do as your told!




  3. The Uk’s policy ( All nations ) on pubs and restaurant’s etc is ludicrous at worst and greatly confusing at best.


    While taking the dog for a walk we both went in for a refreshment.


    Why is the pub open if it’s not to attract customers?



    At least the message from Ireland is totally unambiguous.




  4. RON BACARDI on 18TH MARCH 2020 8:14 PM


    Had my last chemo today so immune system will be low for a few weeks as well





    Take care Roy. 🍀🍀

  5. Many thanks for best wishes and prayers.



    Had my last chemo but going on to radiotherapy fornext 6 weeks. Our NHS is wonderful.




    Stay strong and you know you’ll have CQN on your side!



    God bless and Hail Hail!

  7. GG 10.05ish last blog



    So very doesn’t matter were the vaccine comes from Cuba Israel etc.its all good at this time to add to knowledge not the fear.


    Glad you enjoyed incredible landscape in all seasons and weather.prob my 2nd fav place on planet after me moniker.


    Keep adding to me learning 😊😊



  8. bluegrass celt on

    Curb is the best thing since sliced bread. Larry David is like looking in the mirror

  9. Was it 1980/81 season there was a bad winter and we never played for ages… But I saw result every week… THE POOLS PANEL.. there.. that’s it all sorted.




    A king has 3 cups of wine in front of him. The first 2 cups are full. The third cup is empty. What is the kings name?



    Philip the 3rd.

  11. PHILBHOY on 18TH MARCH 2020 8:48 PM


    Twitter rumour that prince philip is deid.





    Got that earlier, supposedly another reptile will stand in now.

  12. Goodnight all!



    A strange day for me tomorrow.



    My wife and daughter both working from home.



    I’ll need to be on my toes.

  13. Well I would Ron 500 yards and I would Ron 500 back,


    To buy that pint ,as long as it was black…





    Take it easy Ron

  14. See all this void guff , It wouldn’t be mentioned if the bunnet was still at the club . Says it all for me .

  15. Ron Bacardi



    I have someone close going through the same, I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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