The Null and Void Loyal will continue to campaign


After Uefa, the national associations, the ECA and others met by videoconference yesterday, the decision was taken to allow domestic leagues and cups until 30 June to complete.  This is an interim state, leagues will almost certainly not complete by June.

A working group has been setup “to examine calendar solutions that would allow for the completion of the current season and any other consequences”.  The Null and Void Loyal, so desperate to avoid relegation or yet another abject failure, have been halted, but they will use every moment between now and June to obstruct an early return of the game and further their own cause.

Domestic competitions must continue if at all possible.  We want to win the league on the field of play, not by edict from Nyon, but you and I have a role to play in ensuring those who only want to deny Celtic their historic achievements, are placed firmly back in their box.

I cannot feel angry at them, this is all they have to live for, but if you want to stop an opponent win a title, or avoid relegation, win more football games, don’t try to do so through PR.

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  1. PHILBHOY on 18TH MARCH 2020 9:55 PM



    Fine mate, just plodding on and waiting for the shite to hit the fan, as we all are.



    On the bright side, hut getting stockpiled with drink so my my daughter can’t see it and fridge full.


    Ready for lock down. 🤣👍

  2. Newsnight confirming there’s likely to be some form of lockdown in London, including closing the Underground.



    Having read Costello’s twitter feed, it doesn’t come as a surprise.



    Stay safe.







    Anthony Costello











    The government policy is in DISARRAY. Science and health advice has been wrong. We face a TSUNAMI of intensive care cases in London in the next few days. ICUs are almost full from anecdotal reports. Where are the hospital data? (1)


















    TESTS: Two months ago we knew we needed to find the virus to control it. Korea has been doing up to 20,000 tests per day in past month. We are at 4,000 per day. The government, on science advice, stopped testing except in hospitals a week ago. (2)





















    They say they’ll be at 25,000 tests per day IN A MONTH! Why so slow? Now they’ve done a volte face because they realise London will be overwhelmed, as in Wuhan and Italy. This was frankly obvious. Why did science/health advice not realise this? (3)





















    HEALTH WORKERS are NOT being protected. Intensive care staff are not being tested. They face huge risks. If they follow NHS QUARANTINE POLICY up to half of workers will be off work for 14 days. This must CHANGE. (4)




    HEALTH WORKERS. We must a) arrange daily tests for asymptomatic ICU workers with quarantined household members at home to keep them at work, and b) requisition hotels for those who can stay away from families. (5)







    We are told there are 2460 cases. The real figure could be over 100,000 cases. We have no test data to work on. The virus must be rampant in London. Why are we struggling for protective equipment, guidelines, ventilators and staff when we knew this would happen two months ago?(6)






    We are way behind the curve. London will be like Italy/Wuhan within 7-10days, not four weeks as stated last Thursday. (7)



    No evidence was presented to show voluntary social distancing is happening in London. So we need a LOCKDOWN and CURFEW now. The army and police will need to monitor it. We need thousands of volunteers trained to help security services and look after the vulnerable everywhere. (8)








    It’s a national crisis that could kill more people than the Blitz. We need a ‘wartime cabinet’ which is CROSS PARTY. And a NEW ADVISORY GROUP which brings logistics, public health, data, security, management, community mobilisation, civil society+regional leaders to the table (9)




    We must not be afraid to seek advice from WHO, from Korea and China. (10)

  3. Willie Keane




    · 17 Mar


    I see the bookies have paid-out on this year’s Champion Jockey despite many races being cancelled. I wonder if Alex Rae will amend his already flawed and error-strewn horse racing analogy…?






    They’ve also voided bets on the only other guy who could have won.



    Yes got back last night mhate , just as well Ryanair have now cancelled remaining flights to Prestwick

  5. Big Jimmy…so glad u got a resolution….Ron Bacardi…in my thoughts…take care



    On another note…my paranoia antennae are twitching…not only over null and void…but a 3 word sentence that popped into my mind…



    Social Psychological Conditioning….let me briefly explain…



    The government let it be known that they were going to follow a herd immunity solution and a possible 200,000 + deaths….which all reasonable people found to b unacceptable….switch to a voluntary scenario equivalent to martial law and that is accepted as being reasonable…and now we the publc’s behaviour is under scrutiny…and not the governments…thoughts?







  6. No delay in the brexit negotiations .. means only one thing .. a hard brexit ..



    Johnson has every psychopathic trait available..



    Psychopathic researchers found that psychopaths often have these common traits:


    Lack of empathy, guilt, conscience or remorse.


    Shallow experiences of feelings or emotions.


    Impulsivity and a weak ability to defer gratification and control behavior.


    Superficial charm and glibness.




    And the other peroxide blonde nutter across the pond too, obviously

  7. Totally agree that the narrrative from the usual media suspects is set – the spread is the fault of the public for not following the advice on social distancing ,and not of the govts weak and criminally delayed measures. When in fact private citizens and companies have been ahead of the govt advice and acting on the evidence of our own eyes and overseas govt action for over a week. The US company I work for has been way ahead of UK govt advice throughout this and I pulled my kids out of school on Tuesday when it was already obvious this was necessary.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ron B – this stranger wishes you well. Good luck my friend.



    Variation in Covid-19 outcomes by country is astounding.



    When this finally comes to an end can we have a new referendum to rejoin the EU and submit to Germany’s rule?



    Four times as many cases as UK.



    One quarter the number of deaths.



    A sixteen fold difference.



    Amazing what paying tax, healthy design, engineering and manufacturing sectors, intelligent planning and efficient execution can achieve.



    Someone called it earlier. They have significantly more ventilators, acute care beds and doctors than the UK.

  9. no one has died in the uk from the lack of intensive care capacity yet.



    the nhs is still able to cope. for now.



    so whatever the reason for any difference in fatality rates it isnt lack of ventilators etc.

  10. Just catching up, reading back all the days posts.



    JOHN1314MAC on 18TH MARCH 2020 11:43 AM – strange post.



    Saint Stivs on 18th March 2020 7:45 pm – Larry David episode with John Hamm was brilliant



    Ron Bacardi on 18th March 2020 8:08 pm – stay strong

  11. TheHuddle…did u read John1314mac’s post to the end? No? Thay are still the same club because of who they are ;-))




  12. Yeah I read it all, still don’t get why it was posted, though I have been working from home all day, stressed as hell and drinking, but I must be missing the joke :O)

  13. I dont know if this will work for anyone outside of UK.



    this was a brilliant watch.



    our schools, how we got catholic schools, the excellent professer devine, some other guy from alexandria that i am going to guess tontine tim knows,



    and a 10 second clip of saint stivs port glasgow.



    john knox, founder of catholic schools . ha.



  14. Pog…thawt we we better than that ;-))



    Hope yer law evasion is better than yer tax one ;-)) Glad to see yer bhoy’s alwright




  15. No football watching today.


    My two daughters each made a run to the supermarkets.


    First one this morning has us replenished with some fruit and vegetables.


    I sat outside at 7:30am wearing my mask. No one, not even the tow truck driver who was starting a car with a flat battery, gave me a second look.


    My other daughter came over in the afternoon after visiting the same outlet.


    No meat left, and to our horror the vegan fridges were empty.


    Both girls brought the groceries into the garage before wiping the wrapping and and bags with anti bacterial wipes.


    We are calling the garage the decontamination zone.


    So I have enough frozen and fresh food, toilet rolls, tissues, vinyl gloves and masks to see me through at least to April.


    One word of hope for a defence against the virus.




    It’s a readily available, cheap anti malaria drug, and some Stanford Professor or doctor was saying that it shows promise in reducing the severity in patients and speeding recovery. It may be a false dawn but we can hope and pray.


    Please spare a thought and prayer for my neighbor. He is a second generation Italian married to a nurse of Irish descent.


    His father died this week in hospital, not from the virus but from heart complications. He was 94, God bless him.


    The Church will not allow a requiem mass and the graveyard will only allow two people at the burial. We will no doubt see more of these tragic circumstances in the coming days.


    Oh and it looks like more draconian measures are coming down the pike.


    All bars and restaurants are closed except for carry out.


    Unemployment applications are crashing the online sites.


    It’s always darkest just before the dawn.

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