The Null and Void Loyal will continue to campaign


After Uefa, the national associations, the ECA and others met by videoconference yesterday, the decision was taken to allow domestic leagues and cups until 30 June to complete.  This is an interim state, leagues will almost certainly not complete by June.

A working group has been setup “to examine calendar solutions that would allow for the completion of the current season and any other consequences”.  The Null and Void Loyal, so desperate to avoid relegation or yet another abject failure, have been halted, but they will use every moment between now and June to obstruct an early return of the game and further their own cause.

Domestic competitions must continue if at all possible.  We want to win the league on the field of play, not by edict from Nyon, but you and I have a role to play in ensuring those who only want to deny Celtic their historic achievements, are placed firmly back in their box.

I cannot feel angry at them, this is all they have to live for, but if you want to stop an opponent win a title, or avoid relegation, win more football games, don’t try to do so through PR.

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  1. to our horror the vegan fridges were empty…ffs ‘GG…am thinking of shooting u myself…wtf…;-))

  2. The horror of trying to find food wen yer intolerant, there’s a joke in there, would scare me..;-))






    Always sum worse off

  3. TLT


    In my younger years I was often told, “Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.”


    I gave up red meat a few years ago due to underlying health issues. Subsequently I also gave up dairy and chicken following a close call with pneumonia and congestive heart failure.


    I’m not fully vegan and I’m not militant about it.


    Howevva, since last year my cholesterol has improved to healthy levels, my weight has fallen and stayed lower, my creatinine and other blood lipids have stabilized.


    My cardiologist, pulmonologist and nephrologist are astonished at my recovery.


    So I will never question anyone’s healthy lifestyle if it allows them to witness



  4. When this is over, what kind of world will we have?


    What role will China play?


    Can President Xi Jinping survive the loss of life of his countrymen?


    Will they continue to dominate industrial and retail supply lines?


    How long before we can return to the relative prosperity and employment of January?


    How long before our downstream rivals are finally submerged under a red tide of legal fees, losses and court judgements?


    Insomniacs r Us.

  5. Good morning CQN from a dark and cold Garngad



    GG – well done on the health.👍



    Interesting times ahead and a lot of shite out there on the net and what’s app about high figure heads in politics, royalty, film industry, religion around the world getting arrested Due to Weinstein singing like a bird and the cause of the virus.



    I do think there is more to this virus right enough that the Govt are not telling us.



    Also I think this Govt have shown total weakness in this whole affair we should have locked down at least a month ago, but they dither and rely on people’s goodwill, are these feckwits for real.


    What planet do they live on.



    I am toying with an Asda run before me and Mrs David66 go to work as I am now beginning to believe some of the shite… Ffs



    Just found yesterday out that I am in the at risk group, Cirrhosis of the Liver.






    D. :)

  6. When the Scottish clubs have their virtual meeting today to discuss the future, I hope Peter reminds them all of who has the big financial lifeboat.


    Whose prudence and clever finances has provided the only lifeline to the SPFL from Aberdeen to Berwick.


    The whisper campaign from the crooks in Edmiston Drive has to be silenced.


    Decision 1. In the likely event that football will not restart before July, the standing points and positions will determine titles, promotions and relegation.


    Decision 2. Should football commence before June 1 the remaining games will be played Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays,


    Decision 3. Any teams going into administration will immediately forfeit each match 3-0.


    Decision 4. Only those teams who can demonstrate their financial viability through their adherence to FFP rules will receive prize money.


    Only Celtic can save Scottish football. You have a big stick Peter.


    Use it.

  7. Shortie “reporting” on financial matters in fitba and not mentioning the hunned-up basket(s) of assets……….




  8. PAPAJOE55 on 18TH MARCH 2020 7:48 PM


    AN DUN



    Are you in the north, I had booked a five day break to Donegal for eight of us from our village all big Celtic fans staying in Dungloe at the start of May ,six of us with Arranmore connections and seven with Burtonport connections and our Scottish pal who comes everywhere with us. My two surviving brothers 74 and 78 were coming we were so looking forward to it ,but all up in the air now. I was getting pelters for arranging on the weekend of the cup final ,but as I am the only one still a season ticket holder (they all have been in the past) I was the only one likely to get a ticket. Aging from sixty to seventy eight let’s hope we are all here to be able to go again when this blows over.HH






    I’m originally from south Down and now live in West Belfast, Joe. That’s a shame about your trip. I know Donegal well and the Celtic connection is still very strong . You and yours keep safe.

  9. JOHN1314MAC on 18TH MARCH 2020 11:23 PM



    Indeed. If coronavirus doesn’t ruin the lives of millions in the uk then going straight into a no deal Brexit should just about do it.

  10. I don’t think anything meaningful will come from today’s phone conference.



    Some clubs may be pushing for the early release of tv money but in the absence of final league standings that is a non starter.



    I’m sure the issue of final league standings will be kicked down the road. We’ll see nothing more today than a call for government to support football clubs.



    On a side note, Hearts cutting wages two weeks after football is suspended is a damning indictment of how football clubs in Scotland are run.



    Year after year we have going concern warnings in some clubs accounts and the SFA do nothing to bring some sense to proceedings.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    With ‘just on time’ logistics in every field from food to medecine.


    Does anyone here believe the Tory’s have been planning to overcome the imminent shortages that will be caused by national lockdowns that will lead to closed transport.


    There area already backlogs of HGVs all over Europe not able to continue with their deliveries.


    I note over here in Kuwait this has been dealt with by allowing only cargo vessels to continue.

  12. Any wurd on how “the rainjurz” are doin’? I mean…………..they must be on the brink,


    ye’d think there’d at least be some concern, given how skintb they ur?????




    Naw, nuthin’………?

  13. (We open on a dark interior shot, in the background a marble staircase is barely visible ……a heavily-accented voice is heard, raised in panic…)



    “Get me Duffield…………….. Noy!!!…………….. Shoyts “Billy” Graham.



    Enter stage Left : Sash Gordon – wearing a “hat” and a confused expression.

  14. HAMILTONTIM on 18TH MARCH 2020 10:29 PM



    Ron Bacardi



    I have someone close going through the same, I’ll keep you in my prayers.





    I’ll remember you and yours in my prayers.



    Take care.

  15. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Time enough this morning for me to pause and offer heartfelt thanks to the Celtic players and coaches for these past four astonishing seasons. Added to the five previous league campaigns, following Celtic around the country has been a treat.



    Hope we maintain our healthy appetite for victory because there is no team around these parts with the necessary ingredients to stop us while we’re rolling forward. It’s right and just to have Scott Brown and James Forrest in contract for next season at the least.





    Bucking trends, I haven’t been in a shop since a week past Tuesday morning. The £23.73 receipt is in the bag , so my social experiment someday next week when it’s time to replenish will be to repeat the purchases and compare the cost, two weeks apart.



    Wishing us all well.

  16. Does anyone know if, in the event of a Lockdown, outdoor pursuits such as Hill-walking, cycling,rambling etc will still be allowed?




    Are those activities allowed in Itlay?




    I don’t know.



    I do know that if we go into lockdown we will have access to food shops and chemists.



    However, to get to either, and I will, I need to drive.



    My MOT is due on 1st April.



    Am I goosed?

  18. South Of Tunis on

    HOT SMOKED -@ 9 52 .



    Complicated !



    I am allowed out to buy food and medicine . Other things might be possible if I have/ carry the bits of paper giving me permission to be out the house .. . . Recreational activities outside of your house and outside the confines of the commune where you live are not allowed . . . You are required to behave responsibly – the aim is to avoid contact with other people and therefore avoiding infecting others ( or being infected-



    An educational video – Stay At Home –



  19. Philbhoy


    `Am I goosed?`


    I don`t know either but I am guessing you won`t be asking anytime soon if `hopeful` has one or two `l`s :-))



    Definitely no lock down at the moment ( though Arbroath Harbour is full of soldiers having returned from Norway !!) so cycling beckons for me .


    Cheerio for now.



    PS I live by the Harbour and have just received a missive asking if I can help neighbours via the newly formed residents group for this part of the town. I would say I prefer those kind of people to the bulk buyers.

  20. Hot Smoked on 19th March 2020 9:52 am


    ‘Does anyone know if, in the event of a Lockdown, outdoor pursuits such as Hill-walking, cycling,rambling etc will still be allowed?’







    Even if they are what happens if you have an accident when eg cycling or hill walking?



    Would you be calling for, or expecting, others to come to your aid?

  21. South Of Tunis on




    I – like everybody else in Italy -am required to carry my Identity card and to have registered my address with my local commune … Plod have the right to stop me , ask to see my Identity Card etc etc . The lockdown has given them greater powers !

  22. Apparently the National Trust are opening their parklands and gardens free of charge during CV,


    need an NT member to verify



  23. South Of Tunis on




    Testing etc –



    Italian journo – Lorenzo Tondo – has been busy re the subject – some of his work(translated ) has been in the Guardian recently – The Guardian doesn’t like my Italian ISP -so no can do -link.

  24. Shuggiebhoy67 on 19th March 2020 10:30 am


    Apparently the National Trust are opening their parklands and gardens free of charge during CV,



    need an NT member to verify






    That’s true.



    Irrelevant though if there’s a lockdown.

  25. Hot smoked .. get yourself out into the hills this weekend .. just keep away from the usual touristy hotspots .. looks like it’s going to be the first sunny weekend this year ..



    Daily record dragging out every hun imaginable to argue their case for the null and void .. uncle Fester and Wiggy Smith rattling their gums today..



    Btw..The Guardians coverage of the CV outbreak has been top notch ..



    The Scottish papers are an embarrassment ..




    Ra lot a rum!

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