The opportunity to get players we otherwise couldn’t afford


EBTs “Gave us the opportunity to get players we otherwise couldn’t afford.”

With those words in the Glasgow High Court witness box yesterday, Sir David Murray laid bare the sporting advantage question of Rangers EBTs. EBTs gave Rangers a sporting advantage. If the loans were illegally executed, the club gained an illegal sporting advantage.

At the time of the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission the payments were regarded as legal, the Commission therefore ruled that no illegal sporting advantage was gained, as any other club could have acted in the same manner. The Supreme Court will have the final say on the legality later this year.

You and I know better than to hazard a guess as to which way that decision will go, but it will be worth tuning in for.

That aside, former vice-chairman of Rangers, Donald Findlay, representing former chairman of Rangers, Craig Whyte, appeared to enjoy questioning Sir David, another former chairman of Rangers, more than old Zsa Zsa in the witness box enjoyed being questioned.

Win a chance to play on Celtic Park this Monday, 1 May 2017

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Celtic kit will be provided, although you’ll need to bring your own boots and shin guards.

Opportunities like this come along when the pitch is about to be replaced, and that happen only twice in the previous 20 years.

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    He’s the new Paul Le Guen, his players will do for him, thon gobshoite Tav the blue Nafu:))



    Ole roll poly Waggers won’t stand for it:)) Nae day aff to go to Greggs!



    Roll on Saturday..

  2. Pedros fate was sealed as soon as he hugged Brendan before the game on Sunday. If you lip read Brendan said to him “drink after the game?” “sure” replied Pedro.

  3. BARNEY67 on 27TH APRIL 2017 11:56 AM



    From yesterdays DR…




    The jury of eight men and seven women were told of a board meeting at the club’s Murray Park training complex on March 11, 2011, when the small tax case was again discussed.



    So theres 15 on the jury? Or is that 3 in reserve? If so why the adjournment?





    Because the 1 absentee might miss potentially crucial evidence? If his/her absence persists, he/she would have to be dismissed?

  4. TIMGREEN on 27TH APRIL 2017 12:20 PM


    Yeah thats what I thought,but as all 15 have heard the all the evidence so far and due to the enormous cost you would think the Ill juror would have been replaced immediately no?

  5. Really disappointed the “play @ Celtic Park” opportunity is an auction and not a raffle. I can’t compete with big-money bhoys and neither can the majority on CQN.

  6. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    I predicted after they managed to fool him into the circus of horrors, that as a result of severe hunskelpings, ra raging berrrz will drag him kicking and screaming to Glasgow Cross, and then….well, you know the rest:)


    Should make a good movie:)




  7. Paul 67 et al,



    I readily admit that my knowledge of the law is very limited.



    However it’s ironic that we , as in Celtic supporters and tax payers are paying for this 12 week farce that a blind man could have predicted and prevented years ago.



    Surely It’s also not logical for the jurors to be asked if they were “Rangers” supporters, but one of the QC’s was directly involved in the club / company or whatever.its called today.


    I wonder out of all the court people who could give the best rendition of the bangers and mash. I know who I would put money on.



    In Scotland we have the cop out verdict of not proven. Some might suggest that this only means the accused is guilty, but the jurors are too ” cowardly ” to convict.



    One thing I do know in legal circles. I know the difference between unlawful and illegal.








    Illegal is a big sick bird.



    HH. Glasgow is Green and Whyte.

  8. P67



    Ok that covers EBT’s but what about the Discounted Options Scheme? Donald McIntyre is on record this week as saying RFC accepted the tax liability after HMRC confronted them with a side letter. The DOS scheme wasn’t available to every other Club.

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    Thankfully….the sevconians are really, really stupid.


    They cant help themselves, its how they are.


    A succession of crooks, knaves, and bigots as sevco directors, other people’s money, court cases, team of basket cases, and so on, etc.


    I hate them, but its fun to watch them hurt:)


    Magic….what a tonic.




  10. Lee Hodgson now injured in training and out of SAT game



    What is OLD Pedro doing to them in training ?



    Practicing how to take Patrick and Sinclair out ?

  11. timgreen (12:25pm):



    BR has confided that it is your lack of playing ability, rather than your paying ability, that led to this selection decision. ;o)




    Half of Glasgow’s Green & White…


    …the other half is Green with Envy!

  12. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    20s did us proud last night. They knew there was a job to be done and they did it!!

  13. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    65 years since swan graham and others tried their best in removing ‘the flag’from Celtic Park. Wilson the then rangers chairman said his club had no trouble with the flying of the flag. We know why. As Bob Kelly said”Gentlemen,it is not a trivial thing’as he addressed the SFA council.

  14. Paul67



    What about the 5 players the club in liquidation admitted already to having paid illegally, including Prso, Novo, Rodriguez and Buffel?



    This related to paying bonuses through the EBT scheme.



    Other clubs couldn’t have used this, so a sporting advantage in all games in which they played, using LNS’ own argument.



    No need to await the outcome of the SC appeal hearing to act on this.

  15. Regarding Pedro having lost the Ibrox dressing room, I posted this a few days ago, the info came from the father of a Celtic first team player who was working in my house at the time.



    They hate him, six days a week training and a week off in the summer.



    Halliday was substituted, showered and went and sat on the team bus after the second goal, could’t bear to watch any more. Teamspiritmyarsium

  16. The Green Jedi on

    EBT’s were available to all other Club’s at the time…



    reminds me of the Zombie statement post Zombie pitch invasion after the Cup Final:



    “any other Club’s supporters would have done the same”!!!

  17. timaloy29 on 27th April 2017 12:38 pm



    9 days off with a 48 week contract? Aye right Pedro.






    I made a point a few months ago that IF they did get a UEFA licence, the Europa League qualifiers start so early that their involvement would probably be loss making given their 48 week contract budget.



    They probably shouldn’t bother…

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I don’t think whether Mr. Whyte is found guilty or not of fraud, is of any relevance to us.



    The only people it really matters to is the defendant and his counsel.


    I don’t think that DF will give this case anything less than his best.


    He may be a hun, but he is a hun with a grievance. He is on record for slating RFC for their hypocrisy when he was asked to resign.


    Hell hath no fury, etc.



    What is of relevance is the evidence that is extracted, detailing the chicanery of the Ibrox directory; and perhaps the SFA/ SPL’s collusion in it.



    I agree with the school of thought that states that yesterday’s heavy campaign by HMRC’s finest for £5m is the beginning of a wider trawl of football clubs.



    I hope it is based on a heads up from the SC Appeal.



    That’s it. Carry on.

  19. JUDE



    Young Josh strolled through the game last night.



    Very well done.



    You must be a very proud granda’!



    Were you there btw?




  20. cathedral view on

    BEATBHOY on 27TH APRIL 2017 12:44 PM



    Exactly, it’s often forgotten that several of the EBT’s they issued are not part of any legal action having been already accepted as irregular by the club and therefore uncontested.



    I believe the uncontested payments in question are where all the corresponding paperwork was recovered before the shredder was fired up.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Edinburgh Evening News reporting that we will get the full Roseburn end at Swinecastle next season, if the mini huns don’t sell more Season Tickets.

  22. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on









  23. cathedral view on




    If the EBT payments were considered legal at the time why didn’t Celtic use them?


    We were fully aware other teams were using them and our chairman at the time, an ex deputy governor of the Bank of England, even sought advice from HMRC on them following our signing of Juninho.


    Perhaps HMRC told us something that put some doubt to the legality of paying players in loans they never need to repay.

  24. GREENPINATA on 27TH APRIL 2017 12:26 PM



    ‘In Scotland we have the cop out verdict of not proven.’






    The Crown has to prove its case beyond all reasonable doubt.



    Originally the question put to juries after the evidence had been heard was ‘ have the Crown proved their case?’ The jury’s response was either proven or not proven. Gradually juries took it upon themselves, where they thought that not only had the Crown failed to prove its case, but that they were certain the accused was innocent, to reply that the accused was not guilty.



    It’s the not guilty verdict that is the aberration, not the not proven one.



    The not proven verdict is the more rational and coherent verdict.