The overwhelming need for a central defender


With the departure of Jozo Simunovic we are short of a central defender, so hearing Brighton’s Shane Duffy has held talks with Neil Lennon is no surprise.  Whereas Jozo was mostly a fringe player, it is unlikely we would bring a 28-year-old on what will be high wages into the squad to sit on the bench.  He is not a ‘project’.

Celtic played some of their best football last season when they had three at the back.  Performance in the defeat that still causes alarm, at home to Newco in December, improved significantly when BItton came on midway through the second half to form a back three with Ajer and Jullien.

The game was still lost, but from that point Celtic’s midfield got a grip on the game.  An extra body in the middle of the park changed everything.  We kicked on and bossed away games at Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Motherwell and St Johnstone with three central defenders, scoring 14 for 1 conceded.  There are lots of reasons we won the league last season but this tactical switch was the most important.  History would be different if we persisted with a four.

I reckon we have enough for Reykjavik at home with any formation, but I would not be happy playing our current back four against Djurgardens.  Duffy, or anyone ready to slot in, asap, please.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    We’re getting linked with Oliver Burke again.



    Not for me.




  2. So that’s a £10m outlay for Barkas and Ajeti and a runoured £5m for Toney.



    Duffy will cost even for loan and others to come. Spending the KT money at last ?



    p.s I like our signings. International quality players with a pedigree.

  3. 21-5-79 🍀 on 13TH AUGUST 2020 2:01 PM


    But he also looks like David Villa…😳





    Good point. Feeling much better now.

  4. In the world of football Boli absenting himself for a couple of days is pretty small beer. It is when it potentially impinges on the world of Public Health it becomes quite an other matter.



    A couple of weeks ago, Paul 67 was calling on Hearts and Partick Thistle to show some transparency in dealing with their fans.



    There are aspects of Bolingate that demand transparent explanations from Celtiic.



    For example. How can a prominent member of a fairly modest workforce, operating in small area, go AWOL for a couple days unnoticed?



    Also. Just when and by what means did Celtic become aware of the player’s indiscretion?

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    We’re also linked with the Roma GK, if hope that’s like the Burke rumour that it’s a load of pish

  6. In the interests of transparency I have asked my MSP why the game for Sevco against Dundee Utd went ahead without up to date Covid tests for yes 9 Sevco players and why this did not illicit any response from the Scottish Government or the governing bodies of football, if this becomes what colour of shirt you play in the consequences for the country will be grave.

  7. DessyBhoy – cheers. So looks like we have Soro and Connell knocking on the door of the first team and ready to provide some youthful zest in the middle of the park. Let the young Lions loose Lenny! With master Dembele ready to contribute as well, the future is Green and White.

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    Looks like we’ve signed a legendary striker – Ajeti



    [I’ve nabbed my coat already]

  9. Denia


    Faze them in gradually when games are won as we have few if any development games.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    After what Boli did we might be lucky to off load him, I mean that would put off many

  11. JHB



    so you are ok with being run by old etonians by a london centric cabal who think Scotland is an area.



    you must be the all seeing eye,(get it?) you know everything that will happen in the future, please can u help me, when will i win the lottery

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    Really good news is he doesn’t look like Wayne bighorns or Willo Flood.



    Signing Duffy should give us a solid spine to the team.


    New keeper, big centre half , packed midfield and two good players up front with Klimala (and possibly Griffith) as back up.


    Left wing back and we would be well sorted imo.

  13. Olly Burke – please god no!


    Can’t remember who it was who posted that,


    “Olly Burke can trap a ball further than Fraser Forster can kick it!”


    Hail! Hail!

  14. Go tell the Spartim on



    It’s their hub north of the border



    Remember he who laughs last ……

  15. Duffy…..gritty no nonsense centre half, that’s what we need hope rumours are true.



    Lb to sort out.

  16. If anyone in europe signs a player from out with that country, does the new signing have to self isolate on arrival?



    General question, as doesn’t affect us for a while or when signing from within UK



    Can’t imagine football specific dispensation applies to newly acquired players

  17. BIG WAVY on 13TH AUGUST 2020 1:27 PM






    “Dig” is so last century. There’s plenty of energy to swarm around the opposition and avoid being overrun. If it’s a specific you want get Soro in there then….






    OK then, Soro to provide the ‘last century’ dig which I and a lot of other Tims crave. So who are you going to leave out from your 5? I must admit that I like your team but I like Bertie Auld’s in my team.