The overwhelming need for a central defender


With the departure of Jozo Simunovic we are short of a central defender, so hearing Brighton’s Shane Duffy has held talks with Neil Lennon is no surprise.  Whereas Jozo was mostly a fringe player, it is unlikely we would bring a 28-year-old on what will be high wages into the squad to sit on the bench.  He is not a ‘project’.

Celtic played some of their best football last season when they had three at the back.  Performance in the defeat that still causes alarm, at home to Newco in December, improved significantly when BItton came on midway through the second half to form a back three with Ajer and Jullien.

The game was still lost, but from that point Celtic’s midfield got a grip on the game.  An extra body in the middle of the park changed everything.  We kicked on and bossed away games at Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Motherwell and St Johnstone with three central defenders, scoring 14 for 1 conceded.  There are lots of reasons we won the league last season but this tactical switch was the most important.  History would be different if we persisted with a four.

I reckon we have enough for Reykjavik at home with any formation, but I would not be happy playing our current back four against Djurgardens.  Duffy, or anyone ready to slot in, asap, please.

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  1. garygillespieshamstring on




    Yes. As jock stein was known to say “you won’t win much with a team of eleven Charlie Gallaghers”.



    He obviously thought Charlie wasn’t much of a goalie.

  2. TheOriginalSadiesbhoy,



    The idea that ‘dig’ makes us less prone to being run over is a fallacy. Our best defensive stats come when we have Callum, Ntcham, Christie and Rogic (2 6s, an 8 and a 10) playing, moving, hustling, etc. Broonie, beyond some great interceptions and reading of play, gets bypassed against the better teams.



    Love us to get a 10 (would play Callum there or Moi), rotate Dembele / Forrest, purchase a LW of Sinclair ilk and rotate with Mikey.



    Let Eddie roam in his LHS space, darting in and Ajeti the link, goalscorer, feed off him.



    Not sure I answered your question though :)

  3. I think there’s been a bit of confusion about what went wrong with Jullien at the weekend.



    I think it would be fair to say, that Jullien struggled with the physicality of Lyndon Dykes and often made mistakes.



    He wasn’t by any means ragdolled by Nicke Kabamba. To be fair to the Killie striker, he didn’t beat Jullien with muscle but rather skill and a turn of pace. For the penalty, he skinned big Jullien.

  4. TOSB – Here you go…I’ve dropped Christie !!!






    Julien Duffy Ajer



    Forrest Ntcham Soro McGregor Moi



    Ajeti Edouard



    Subs : Bain, El Hamed, Christie, Taylor, Frimpong, Klimala, Dembele,, Brown, Rogic

  5. Big ugly limited centre forwards are as old as time itself in Scotland. Coupled with lenient refs and a crap playing surface they’d challenge the likes of Maldini and Cannavarro to look the part. The Huns defenders (who are decent) will get the same thrown at them too.



    The ‘ragdolling’ narrative has grown arms, legs and everything else. The 2 centre halves are not where our main problems lie.

  6. I wrote yesterday that I was underwhelmed by the Ajeti signing and I hope I’m proved totally wrong. I do like his attitude and perhaps he will bring the best out in Moi as he has not quite got up to speed yet.



    I don’t know much about Duffy but the Irish are known for their aggressive no nonsense defending – if he can attack the ball, has some pace and can boss Julien and Ajer , then I’d be happy with that addition.



    LB needs physicality as I expect boli to move along on loan.



    PS I’d take Burke – his pace is frightening and handy for away euro nights. I thought he was great at first but then lost form and seemed to fall out with himself/manager – not sure but he has talent albeit inconsistent.

  7. HI GHUYS now that we have signed ajeti name your best celtic strikers im probably a bit older than you bhoys so here is my list in no particular order.


    joe mcbride


    wilie wallace


    stevie chalmers


    bobby lennox


    frank mcavennie


    charlie nicks


    kenny dalgleish


    dixie deans


    brian mclair


    jorge cadette


    and harald brattback for that goal 👍

  8. Stebhoy,



    Ajeti is exactly what we need and the pedigree we should be excited about. Forget EPL year.



    Duffy is no-nonsense but no pace at all.



    I hope the LB is the big guy from PSG – he’s tall and physical.



    Burke is rotten. We all seen that. No discernible footballing talent but fast and strong.

  9. Big Packy 1



    Well done fella…..some great names. I think we have also been blessed in the last few years to have had Eddie, Moussa and Griffiths (40 goal vintage).

  10. Duffy would be an absolute brilliant signing, I’d go as far as to say it would guarantee us the 10 in a row.


    Please God let it happen.

  11. NO BOBBY DOES IT PETTA on 13TH AUGUST 2020 1:14 PM


    Will AA be eligible to play on Tuesday?


    Sure I read on here that the deadline for Champion’s League signings was last night.


    “ … a club may register a maximum of two new eligible players on List A after the [12th Aug 11pm] deadline, provided the quota of locally trained players is respected. Such registration must be completed by 24.00CET on the day before the relevant first-leg or single-leg match”


    So 2 players can be registered before 11pm on Monday (17th) so Ajeti (and a.n.other?) should be ok to feature if selected.



    Oliver Burke has been offered to us, nothing to worry you…I’ll just leave it at that.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  13. remember cadette volley against rangers – ruled offside but was on by 3 yards – that was the moment I was convinced that refs are cheats and they have been consistent since then.



    Is it true rangers have a similar foul count so far this season but not one yellow? outliers!! they had a red and a bunch of yellows pre season!

  14. BIG WAVY and TIM HORTON, you ghuys come from my era when it was parkhead not celtic park, god bless you both.H,H,

  15. Anyone waiting on Luca Connell in the first 11 will have a long wait, gladly so. Now here is someone as slow as a week in the jail and l

  16. QUIZ QUESTION , celtic signed bobby lennox from which team, cyber pint for the answer👍

  17. I would take Oli Burke. I think he has potential to be a good wing back- Agathe and Moses of Chelsea started as wingers but neither were particularly skillful or great finishers.



    However, both were physical, strong, quick and could get up and down the wing all day. Burke has a similar profile. If we are playing wing backs then it is JF or Frimpong; Burke could offer a different dynamic.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Duffy is a proper defender who eats awkward big diddy strikers for breakfast . (At least that’s what the wiki page says( -))

  19. SID on 13TH AUGUST 2020 6:00 PM


    Anyone waiting on Luca Connell in the first 11 will have a long wait, gladly so. Now here is someone as slow as a week in the jail and lightweight.


    Does no one stop to think before shouting for him to be included?


    Do posters not check our substitutes and learn? Their is clues being offered every time a team is picked what the pecking order is. For e.g. Soro is definitely in front of Luca Connell, he was named as a substitute at the weekend.


    To the best of my knowledgee Luca Connell hasn’t made a 1st team squad for a proper game, is it just me that thinks this might be a big flashing clue to how much Lenny rates the player?



    I spoke to a very recent ex Celtic player in October, Novemberish about Luca Connell because i was interested to know how he was doing as we hadn’t seen him since the pre season friendly against a French team just after signing when he didn’t impress and went straight into the development team.


    I said how is Luca Connell doing? He pulled a face with eyes looking upwards. When he arrived the development team guys were looking at each other thinking how bad is this guy.


    My prediction is anyone waiting on his inclusion as a 1st team starter has a very long wait.

  20. ive only ever met two celtic players in my 67 years on this planet, one was the original john yogi hughes because i used to drink in his pub in coatbrig,, the other was jimmy johnstone only because his father matt johnstone worked alongside my uncle packy, thats where i get my blog name from, at bedlay pit, matt arranged for me and my uncle packy to go to parkhead one saturday early on just before the players got there ,and i shook jimmy johnstones hand, never ever forget it,H,H,