The overwhelming need for a central defender


With the departure of Jozo Simunovic we are short of a central defender, so hearing Brighton’s Shane Duffy has held talks with Neil Lennon is no surprise.  Whereas Jozo was mostly a fringe player, it is unlikely we would bring a 28-year-old on what will be high wages into the squad to sit on the bench.  He is not a ‘project’.

Celtic played some of their best football last season when they had three at the back.  Performance in the defeat that still causes alarm, at home to Newco in December, improved significantly when BItton came on midway through the second half to form a back three with Ajer and Jullien.

The game was still lost, but from that point Celtic’s midfield got a grip on the game.  An extra body in the middle of the park changed everything.  We kicked on and bossed away games at Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Motherwell and St Johnstone with three central defenders, scoring 14 for 1 conceded.  There are lots of reasons we won the league last season but this tactical switch was the most important.  History would be different if we persisted with a four.

I reckon we have enough for Reykjavik at home with any formation, but I would not be happy playing our current back four against Djurgardens.  Duffy, or anyone ready to slot in, asap, please.

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  1. Burke why not ,he isn’t as bad as others make him out to be, But in all honesty we definitely need a few additions in defence,Lenny knows this so hopefully he will be able to add to his squad.

  2. I really hoped Olly Burke would kick on from his early promise at Celtic but it never quite worked out. If Neil could turn him into a good finisher, not easy I know, he would be a good asset for us. Apparently Kenny Dalglish wasn’t a great goalscorer, Jock changed that. Henrik Larsson and Thierry Henri were not prolific early doors, but they became record scorers at Celtic and Arsenal. Good International players too. Sometimes the coach-manager can make the difference.

  3. Anyone who thinks Sevco will only get 4M for Morelos is imo, guilty of wishful thinking.


    Am I the only one who thinks they’ll get a lot more?

  4. hi ghuys, the quiz question from earlier which team did celtic sign bobby lennox from was ardeer recreation ,what a signing that was.H,H,

  5. how can the football authorities punish boli and Aberdeen players? they can’t make up a rule after the incident has taken place. By all means, inform clubs that any future infringement will result in x,y,z punishment – our game is run by a bunch of brainless suits.

  6. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————-


    aye, not a great goalscorer ?


    did he not also score 6 in one reserve game ?






    Dalglish signed a professional contract with Celtic in May 1967. The club’s manager Jock Stein sent his assistant Sean Fallon to see Dalglish and his parents at their home, which had Rangers-related pictures on the walls.[10] In his first season Dalglish was loaned out to Cumbernauld United, for whom he scored 37 goals.[

  7. SAINT STIVS i was at that game when kenny played for cumbernuald utd just shows what age i am😎

  8. OK, Ollie Burke is fast, so is Ussain Bolt. But Burke couldn’t trap a bag of cement.


    Everyone seems to be writing off Frimpong and his left side partner – – – WHY




  9. was at all the home games leading up to the big cup final, have told this before years ago, but one game stands out 1969 celtic v benfica at parkhead, everyone wanted to see eusebio great player as he was, john clark had him in his pocket early doors, only remember eusebio having one shot from about 30 yards which rattled the crossbar, he was subbed at half time, john clark done his job, another unsung hero.H,H,

  10. SID on 13TH AUGUST 2020 6:15 PM



    I dont buy that Connell is that bad. He is a good players, yes a little light weight but his passing range, weight of pass and ability to keep the ball moving is very good, he also gets in about tackles.



    I did not see that from any of our midfielders in the killie game with christie, McGregor and brown all taking turns to slow the game to a stop and struggling to keep any flow to the game. Its skill set was very much lacking in that game.







    They are to wee and too weak in the tackle!



    We need defenders who are physical and can defend high balls.



    Not disputing our wee fullbacks are good(ish) footballers.



    Just that they are to wee. too week and canny jump!



    No point in comparing them to the likes of Danny McGrain et al.



    Our fullbacks coodny lace Danny’s boots.

  12. BIG PACKY1



    John Clark was an unsung hero!



    The name “sweeper” was in vented by him.



    The brush!



    Not unsung in ma hoose!

  13. PHILBHOY, you are of my generation, you know and respect john clark as i do, hope you are well buddy .H,H,

  14. BIG PACKY 1 on 13TH AUGUST 2020 8:00 PM


    was at all the home games leading up to the big cup final, have told this before years ago, but one game stands out 1969 celtic v benfica at parkhead, everyone wanted to see eusebio great player as he was, john clark had him in his pocket early doors, only remember eusebio having one shot from about 30 yards which rattled the crossbar, he was subbed at half time, john clark done his job, another unsung hero.H,H,





    You may well be right about that game.


    However, my memory of it is different. I think Eusebio was injured, not fully fit, maybe even strapped up. However, he was still an immense presence on the field, who put our players, and we fans, on edge, despite being obviously hampered. He went off at half time, and the second half was so different from the first because of his absence – we were so much more assured, all over them.



    As I say, just my memory, which may well be wrong!

  15. If we sign Duffy, Toney & left-back, could be Hickey, the club will have gone a long way to standing shoulder to shoulder with our supporters who have shelled out some £25m in season tickets, and who, given the latest grandstanding by ‘deny & deflect’ Sturgeon and her discredited cabal, may never enter Celtic Park this season.



    Points of information: In the concentrated run up to an election when parliament has been dissolved, political parties are afforded airtime on the media for their party political broadcasts.



    These broadcasts usually number about five over a three-week period, with each no longer than four minutes & forty seconds. So just over twenty minutes in total on national TV & radio.



    Since March, Sturgeon has had more than SIXTY HOURS on BBC alone….oh how the nationalists love Covid



    We don’t hear much about Scotland handling the outbreak better than England these days….wonder why? Let me tell you why.






    Scotland 4200 deaths = 763/ million


    England 41300 deaths = 737/ million


    Wales 1579 deaths = 493/ million


    NI 885 deaths = 465/ million



    So not only is Scotland the worst in the UK, but with the exception Belgium @ 830/million, it is the worst in Europe. No wonder the boasting has stopped.



    I say to our support, forget about “sticking it to the huns’ – they are not the UK, for God’s sake think it through. mm



    The SNP have not changed, they are conning you, ex Labour voters, for your vote & only your vote.



    This is a party that was born of fascist principles. This party were the original composers, together with the Church of Scotland, of the Famine Song. The Church of Scotland have since apologised, the SNP never have.



    An independent Scotland will be a lonely & dangerous place for our 17%.

  16. The ‘ragdolling’ narrative has grown arms, legs and everything else. The 2 centre halves are not where our main problems lie.




    have to disagree , our centre backs are poor/bombscares

  17. PHILBHOY, all ok here thanks for asking, think you know mick keeps asking about you ,come on when you feel like a wee blether, i wont respond, but hey ho😎 only joking philbhoy ,we are all tims everyone on sentinel celts srarted on here, remember pablophanque stevie reynolds and edward ursuss, kojo the singing detetive awenaw the list is endless, we are all a big celtic family, and post on sentinel celts when you feel like it, god bless bruv, and can i just say for the record, luv ya to bits.H,H.😎

  18. JHB on 13TH AUGUST 2020 8:33 PM


    If we sign Duffy, Toney & left-back, could be Hickey



    the first 2 a big yes


    Hickey – a massive NO THANKS.

  19. I worked with a Man City fan at the time – good bloke – but he wasn’t very complimentary about Samaras when he signed for us.



    Let’s hope it’s similar with Ajeti.

  20. BIG PACKY1



    I am in regular touch with in my opinion, CQN’s finest ever poster, BMCUWP.



    A wonderful guy, a true Celt and one of the nicest ghuys on this planet!



    Apart from that he’s………….ok!







    I so want the Scottish snooker players to win the World Championship……………..but canny watch them live!!!!



    I record it then play it back if they’ve won.



    I know, I know…………………….

  22. KD and his goalscoring …



    Have memories of him scoring 5 in a reserve game where LM scored 3.


    Might be the same game as the “6” or a different one.



    Spring 1970 is my best guess.


    Any thoughts out there?


    Don’t want to google it.




    I feckin’ knew you’d be on trollin’ me when I posted that!!!!!!!!!!



    Hope you and your lovely wife are good!



    Would you mind giving her a cyber hug from me for the wonderful work she does?



    Take care buddy!

  24. BIG PACKY1



    He knows how my family and me think of him!



    My wee lassie is asks me just about every day to tell Mick she sends her love!

  25. For what it is worth my msp relied through an aide, said that following the sevco breach the football authorities imposed twice a week testing so no government involvement, after the Aberdeen and boli episodes the government got involved and stopped their games going ahead, the aide said all would be condemned for breaches, when I pointed out that the FM mentioned only Celtic and Aberdeen I received nothing in reply.