The overwhelming need for a central defender


With the departure of Jozo Simunovic we are short of a central defender, so hearing Brighton’s Shane Duffy has held talks with Neil Lennon is no surprise.  Whereas Jozo was mostly a fringe player, it is unlikely we would bring a 28-year-old on what will be high wages into the squad to sit on the bench.  He is not a ‘project’.

Celtic played some of their best football last season when they had three at the back.  Performance in the defeat that still causes alarm, at home to Newco in December, improved significantly when BItton came on midway through the second half to form a back three with Ajer and Jullien.

The game was still lost, but from that point Celtic’s midfield got a grip on the game.  An extra body in the middle of the park changed everything.  We kicked on and bossed away games at Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Motherwell and St Johnstone with three central defenders, scoring 14 for 1 conceded.  There are lots of reasons we won the league last season but this tactical switch was the most important.  History would be different if we persisted with a four.

I reckon we have enough for Reykjavik at home with any formation, but I would not be happy playing our current back four against Djurgardens.  Duffy, or anyone ready to slot in, asap, please.

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  1. !!BADA BING!!



    That will of course include the huns breach versus Dundee Utd.




  2. JHB @ 8.33



    Sturgeon is known as Not-Jacinda in certain parts of West Central Scotland.


    She talks well but does not deliver at any level on any given subject.


    Her performance in the pandemic has been shocking.


    Lazy / low energy / shifty — all at once.



    Yet still they clap — or at least that was the plan.




    I believe our esteemed Delaney’s Dunkey has confirme that he is a full blown TIM!

  4. Funnily enough I don’t count Kenny’s goals for Cumbernauld United as Celtic goals.


    A young professional Celtic player playing at amateur level.


    Saw his first and last games for Celtic mind you.

  5. Big Packy 1 at 6.30pm,



    I met Jinky that day thousands of us queued for season tickets for the then-new North Stand. Boiling in the sun, desperate for a drink, even water, next thing Jinky turned up and chatted to some people and as he went to leave and get into a car or a taxi I just caught his eye somehow and he came and shook my hand saying “awright big man”, well we were all big compared to him but he’d obviously confused me for somebody else – my lucky day.

  6. I don’t, as a rule, drink during the week.



    Lots of reasons, including I am type 2 diabetic.



    However,………………… i have tanked half a bottle of Chivas Regal and shared a bottle of red with the misses. so…………… bed…………..I must ….go!



    God bless you all and stay safe!



    Oh and watch out…………….the mankies are coooomiiimng!



    Great to be a TIM!

  7. PHILBHOY-cheers buddy,no ‘trollin ‘😉


    Thank you for yer kind comments.She’s still a bloody nightmare to live with 😂


    Hope you and your girls are doing well and keeping safe 💚


    Stay safe ghuys,even the hunterlopers 😉🍀



  8. STV news / wind up exercise



    I wonder if Not-Jacinda will fine herself for KC’s trip to her holiday home.


    SG employee breaking the rules — the buck stops with the person at the top.



    I wonder if the concept of hypocrisy is something she is fully engaged with.


    The relish with which she lashed out at football was not a pretty sight.

  9. Bada, as much as we have been lambasted for Boli’s indiscretion, I think we could argue we have been one of the leaders if not thee leader with our partnership with SRU in trying to get fans back in, to purchasing in house testing kits etc so I think a fine will be maximum, though I don’t necessarily agree with that. As I’ve said before am sure other teams and players as well as ours and Aberdeen’s will have transgressed though who ends up in the papers will depend on our ever impartial scottish press

  10. Kelvinbhoy- I hope you and yours are well amigo, a suspended points punishment,possibly? Did the referee in charge of the huns bounce game,make it go ahead with a selfie of Slippy G?


    Bolingoli was an idiot, and be out the door asap,but letting 28 players go ahead, has much more potential damage.

  11. Stephbhoy 67



    Fair enough you’re entitled to your opinion, however the opinion of the manager and an ex teammate appears to differ from yours and I’m sure you’d concede they have seen far more of the player than yourself.



    We’re back to one performance in a preparation bounce game against Hibs as your judgement tool. I was banging on about that particular game giving a false impression. Remember, that game their was also rave reviews for Ralston (not given a contract at St Johnstone) Henderson (couldn’t get into Ross County side) without question, both Soro and Scott Robertson are in front of Luca.



    He does have nice hair though, not a first team player though for me or the manager it would seem.

  12. JHB on 13TH AUGUST 2020 1:49 PM



    Saint Stivs @ 13:26



    Says it all really.




    There are so many in our support who believe that it would be sweetness & light for our 17% in an independent Scotland. That the huns with their “butcher’s aprons” and Rule Brittania, would have been well trully f***** and would never again look to exert their influence & beliefs on Scotland, despite the fact that would then be a much bigger fish in a smaller pool.



    -wrong jhb.The active percentage within that 17% fight tooth and nail for every part of the success story that is Catholic education since 1918.they all ways will.its seen of Tory govt with over 50% majorities,.labour majorities,and new Labour,it will see over who ever is in charge,snp at mo, and it will continue to grow.your fears and observations are unfounded imo.-



    Catholic education would be dispensed with swiftly on the premise that “we are a small poor country


    who has been robbed by Westminter, therefore we cannot afford a separate schooling system for Catholics.



    – eh?? nonsense mate-



    Apart from the fact that Scotland would be de facto bankrupt for at least ten years, who do they think would be holding the ‘whiphand’ in all institutions- could I suggest that even if we were to ‘punch to our maximum weight (17%)’, we’d have some 87% against us.



    == well that’s what happens when ‘new’ socialists who ended up skinning the country bailing out their city friends,



    SNP his succeeding in conning many for their vote, will they also rob them of the religion, culture & heritage?



    ==’re culture and heritage


    is that the previous 50 years of labour/new Labour


    or the 50 years previous to that of Tory majority


    or back to the days just before our club was born were there was more anti Catholic societies than actual Catholics living in Glasgow?


    in essence I am asking you when was our faith static? answer – never.


    It will also see out whatever happens in the future and grow too.



    ==Stop conflating your fears with how your faith is doing.its always got work to do most of it at clearing the mess made by politicians==




    Some contributors to this site & others have recently stated that they would choose independence over 10iar, “any day of the week”. Father forgive them for they know not what they do….I certainly couldn’t.



    ==don’t recall that debate taking place,maybe missed that.but freedom can wait for the 10.




    gonnae ask father tae forgive me fur wanting ma team to win,get ye a pint for ten JHB



    hope your safe and well




  13. Am good Bada, hope you and family are too. Yes, the Sevco fiasco with no COVID test results is conveniently airbrushed from history….a bigger scandal than Boli but par for the course in our country.




    Me @2.59








    I was there mate,seen him,experienced him lol,No need for pred tex correction..i seen Wayne in the hoops lol


    Thanks for that mate I knew who he meant lol


    feel quite cathartic typin bout it some 28 years later lol.





  15. SID on 13TH AUGUST 2020 7:26 PM


    Anyone who thinks Sevco will only get 4M for Morelos is imo, guilty of wishful thinking.



    Am I the only one who thinks they’ll get a lot more?






    If they’re to get a lot more then they need to receive an actual bid – not a make believe one or an informal inquiry.



    He’s now going into his 4th year at Sevco and as far as I’m aware, there’s been zero actual bids.



    I think Morelos will stay this season. If he’s sold it will be non disclosed and the huns will claim he went for 20 million.

  16. French club Amiens SC have made a loan bid for Celtic’s #COVID19 rule-breaker Boli Bolingoli



    @SkySportsNews understands the Ligue 2 side’s loan offer includes an option to buy at the end of the season, for a fee of £2.3m.

  17. Kelvinbhoy- to quote Renton…’it’s shite being Scottish…’


    A quote I agree with, my mum was from Glenties,in Donegal….so I have a percentage get out clause…

  18. AT @ 9.19



    Away back to your Forger’s Gazette with all that 2008 bankers nonsense.


    You sound like a ConDem Nation dog boiling austerity freak with that kind of chat.


    Blowhard Nat economic nonsense.



    Scotland is in economic deep doo doo at the moment — Nat economic laziness and a low price for our declining supply of oil have wrecked the greedy angle on independence.



    CoViD19 has just put the tin lid on it.



    It would not be a case of one less tatty in the pot — there would be no money for fuel and the pot would be in the scrappy.

  19. A bit worrying about the possible sanctions for the club for recent covid breach.


    Does this now mean that an employer with all the correct procedures in place can now be held liable for covid breaches committed by their employees in their own time ?


    Think we are in very dangerous territory here.

  20. Burke rumour seems have originated from Turkish media, I don’t see it happening.



    Burke didn’t get a look in when Lenny came in and delivered the 8.

  21. Unless Clubs put all the players up in an hotel for the next 9 months, there’s no way they can be responsible for what an individual does in their private life.



    I get the feeling that there’s some grandstanding going on here – similar to the offensive behaviour at football bill.