The paradox of Sinclair not taking a dive in the box


We discussed on Friday how vulnerable our domestic unbeaten run was against Hibs, and so it proved. Footballers are not automatons, no matter how belligerent fans’ encouragement becomes. Their performance levels will inevitably peak and trough. After climbing so many mountains since beating Rosenborg away, we were vulnerable to a professional Hibs performance, designed by Neil Lennon, who knows how to squeeze results in challenging situations.

Brendan Rodgers is not short of options for central mid, but is anyone performing better than Callum McGregor? On Saturday, he was the difference between defeat and a draw.

We should have been awarded a late penalty when Efe Ambrose pulled Scott Sinclair, but Scott, dutifully, stayed on his feet.

There is a paradox for footballers. You are not going to fall is someone holds you around the torso, all that’s going to happen is you will not progress in the intended manner. But if you don’t fall, you are less likely to be awarded a penalty. The unwritten rule referees adhere to, is that if you want a penalty, you’d better hit the deck, no matter whether the foul is capable of knocking you off your feet or not.

That’s all fine and well, if a little dysfunctional, as long as everyone knows the rule, but when a team-mate was earlier booked for alleged simulation, there is a strong disincentive for a player to dive to the ground to indicate his choice, that the foul perpetrated upon him, should be awarded.

Unwritten rules in football refereeing are pretty unhelpful.  We should stick to the written ones.

Thank you to all who supported the Celtic FC Foundation through the Great Scottish Run yesterday. I’m sure the participant numbers must have reached a new high as the Foundation tshirts seemed to be everywhere.


Kevin Graham is back with a new CQN Podcast from Saturday. He talks to supporters on the bus on the way to Parkhead, interviews John Paul Taylor outside the ground and captures the atmosphere and action inside the ground before getting some more supporters’ views on the bus home after an eventful afternoon at Celtic Park.

Apologies for a few sweary words in this podcast near the end.


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  1. A regrettable and somber day in Las Vegas. Prayers sent to the deceased, the wounded and their families.



    Who knows of the motives of a 64 year old man living in a small country town that is 80% comprised of retirees?



    Luckily you would have to drag the missus and I kicking and screaming to a country western concert, but it is exactly the kind of event we attend here if the flavour suits us. Food for thought.




  2. So where in the name of the wee man is Allianz ?


    Munchen, Bayern, Bavaria, Germany…’s all getting a wee bit too much for me. :-(((

  3. Cadizzy



    40 years ago I gave up my career as a bin man in Edinburgh just in time to watch Scotland beating Chekoslovakia from the bar in Ye Old Melrose Lounge – not long before you took off for Cadiz


    Have a great time down memory lane




  4. I would also call for a unilateral declaration of peace on the blog. The last few days have been brutal, reading back. And this is with a long international break ahead.



    Too many good Tims having their heart strings being pulled by the proliferation of paid trolls, and reacting as a result. With the disappearance of contributors such as Rogue Leader, Stein Reigned Supreme, The Battered Bunnet, Cork Celt and then others such as Auldheid posting less frequently, the trolls are in the middle of a free for all.



    Despite some reservation lingering over certain high heids, this is a special time for the Club and the supporters. If you are indeed interested in the footie at all…

  5. SIN CITY BHOY on 2ND OCTOBER 2017 6:07 PM




    ‘Who knows of the motives of a 64 year old man living in a small country town that is 80% comprised of retirees?’







    Maybe if he hadn’t lived in a country where Joe Six Pack has access to battlefield weapons we’d never have heard of him.

  6. Whether referees are incompetent biased or a mixture of both one aspect will be an influence. Look at the coverage of a dodgy decision that favours Celtic compared with one that favours our opponent. This must play on the mind of referees even on a subconscious level.

  7. Sin City Bhoy,


    sent you an e mail,no need to reply at present,


    you have enough going on over there



  8. McIntyre, English,Spiers and Stewart on Shortbread, 20 minutes discussing the huns PR, not one mention of Jabba and Level 5, totally spineless, they deserve each other, long may it continue.

  9. I see Gerry McCulloch invited his old SSB pal Mark Wilson to summarise for the Celtic TV match day show on Saturday. Another soup taker who should be nowhere near the place.

  10. THETIMREAPER. spot on wasnt mark wilson with that orange barsteward paton .when he assalted our polish goalkeeper whos name escapes me.

  11. Re Ernie- he is more than capable of defending himself and provoking discussions, football, politics et al, i would not think he is a multiple monickered poster.Some other clowns who are, were on earlier.

  12. Reading back-ART OF WAR,great news about your dad pal , terrible news coming out from Las Vegas,glad to here sin city is ok.

  13. What is the Stars on

    If you don’t ask etc


    Looking for tickets for Munich away. If anyone can help be much appreciated. I know I know!!!!

  14. Dying to bump into Walker (the biggest soup taker) someday and call him out, “What is your beef with Celtic”, Bonner following close behind.

  15. Looks like the clique have reclaimed the blog.


    Tumbleweed CSC


    The empty seats inside Celtic Park are part of nobodies imagination.


    Cue awe the denial posts, jist like the huns did, back in the day.


    Real rebels, never grass up their comrades.



  16. Don’t think Walker ever got over wee Fergus docking his first pay packet for the jersey he used at the press conference the second time he signed!!!!!

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Jeez it’s awfy grumpy on here tonight.


    Anybody got a good joke…


    … or something about Celtic maybe?

  18. Take it Wullie will be getting “Beatoned” on Saturday??? No doubt will be reffing a Championship game after his latest howler….nah don’t think so.


    The game was up when we were satisfied (and actually delighted) that Thompson actually refereed the game against Deidco according to the rules.


    Is a level playing field not the least we should expect??



  19. Delaneys Dunky on

    Sin City Bhoy



    Glad you are safe. My heart goes out to the USA citizens who experienced evil.


    God bless.

  20. Hunderbirds- i went to the doctor last week he said i could be colour blind…i said ‘that’s came right out the purple….’

  21. Delaneys Dunky on




    I am in North Stand level with the 18 yard line at Jock Stein Stand end. The linesman in front of me was cheating all game. Offsides for Hibs first half let go. A Celtic player onside in second half was flagged off twice. We need to score more goals to beat the cheats.

  22. *** LMS9 ***



    The fixtures for Week 2 were sent out last night at 9.02pm, so not even 24 hours ago and yet I’m delighted that 55 (fifty five) folk have already sent in their pick. It really does help a lot when there’s not the need for reminders. And to see if you are one of the 55 – check your inbox!



    Thanks again and sleep well with a clear conscience!

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