The Patrick and Leigh Show


Whenever Leigh Griffiths and Patrick Roberts were on the ball last night, Lincoln Red Imps sensed danger. Both could control instantly, control with little space and disorientate defenders. Leigh and Patrick aside, the rest had an excellent first half. Passing was crisp, accurate and fast.

The shape of the team, with variously Lustig, Brown, Tierney and Shevchenko operating in a moveable back three, allowed players to find space between Red Imps’ 5-4-1.

These games are not about impressing anyone, they are about getting into the next round, but the tie was over by halftime, allowing Celtic to step the pace down, and Red Imps to show that they were more than they appeared to be in the first half.

Stiffer tests lie ahead, when more will need to perform at the levels of Patrick and Leigh.

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  1. JAMES FORREST on 22ND JULY 2016 11:37 AM



    Good points. I’d say he’d need to sign this morning to have the slightest chance of playing.



    I’m sure you’re in no mood for any Devil’s Advocation and just to be clear again I would have hoped to have somebody in, so I’m not totally defending the board.



    However, let’s say BRs top target had played at the Euros and wanted a rest before even considering football and transfers. He’s an all or nothing signing ie we can’t get Target B in, then Target A as well when he’s ready.



    So does BR hold off for A if he thinks he can get past Astana because that’s the better long-term option or does he get B in to make progression more likely but a worse long-term option and hope that he can get A (or a new top target) in January or next year?



    I know it’s unlikely but I also don’t think early window transfers are that straightforward. Nobody is desperate enough to get things done quickly.




    Catman posted at 11pm last night what was going on but as it wasn’t news of a deal, he was conveniently ignored on here which I found strange as every time he posts normally people are jumping through Hoops:))

  3. James,



    Let it all out



    Those that have acquiesced are getting on with the WWF.



    I’d have quit but my Son wants to be @ a Celtic Rangers (sevco) game.



    I dinnae ever want to say no to what my Son wants, as he never asks for much @ Birthdays or Christmas.



    I’m a sad Parent who is going to be watching the Tribute act @ Celtic Park with my Son. Right beside them as well. ;))



    Remember the KLF didn’t want the Money Controlling them – so they Burnt it for Artistic purposes.

  4. Auld Tam – I agree pal. best thing we can collectively do is use the new media for our Celtic news. We are not going to stop what are effectively rangers fanzines and fanzine writers posing as newspapers and journalists. We just have to keep calling them out.



    There are too many tims still letting the smsm garbage in to their heads. It is difficult not to buy in sometimes – I remember the hover pitch/ casino story on the Sunday mason all those years ago. I remember thinking this is nonsense but a part of me was concerned about the prospect of them being given the casino license! Even the most sceptical of us can let it annoy us.



    But we shouldn’t. Look for facts, evidence, real stuff. For example, Can TRFC challenge us this season? They’ve added three older guys who may or may not improve their team. A team who lost more games in a league of part timers and shipped more goals in that league than Celtic did in the top flight. They added two guys from Accrington Stanley. They have a first team squad that will struggle to field a full subs bench if they pick up any significant injuries. They have a manager who publicly stated that his plan b is to do plan s better! He gas no experience of a title race of top flight football. He does not have a magic hat. But some Celtic supporters see this as a club that will challenge us.



    Facts? Our poor season produced a comfortable league win, some rubbing football, some dreadful cup defeats, but we have a squad that is still the best in the country and it WILL be added to. We have a new manager with proven top flight experience and experience of producing teams who play good, effective football. We are not where we want to be but we are still miles ahead of sevco on and off the park. They may give us a game now and then, as all SPFL teams do, but they are not title contenders.



    Now, we have a tough start to the season. We might drop a few points. TRFC have, on paper, an opportunity to be sitting above us in the league by the time we play them on 10th Sept. This will feed in to the myth making of the SMSM and the feint heartedness of those tims who believe of are influenced by the papers but the reality is that this has been set up to afford the best possible start for them and to feed the agenda. I’m not buying it.



    You can pretend for so long that there is no massive tax bill, that there is no hugs bank debt , that there were no dodgy ebt’s and tax investigations but the truth outs because the facts remain. Similarly you can kid on that a still threadbare squad of journey men and has beens can challenge for the league title, that there is money, that the roofs are ok, that they are the same club. But the facts remain and the truth will out.



    Pre lunch thesis complete





    I wish you’d taken yer Sabbatical a wee bit further,bud.



    Yer making us seasoned mineshafters sound like happyclappers and that won’t do,oh no!



    Keep firing it into them,James. You’re not the only one who’s seriously miffed.



    I think BR is,too. Time will tell.



    IMO,if we fail again to qualify,PL will have the usual suspects stating that change takes time. And bigging up the ST sales at the AGM.



    The fans have given him a lifeline by putting their hands in their pockets. It’s time he did what he is very highly paid to do and supply our manager with some decent players.

  6. Mr predictable



    MOONBEAMSWD on 22ND JULY 2016 11:44 AM


    Mr No Mark excuse




    I believe we understand that, although we question the part “Celtic did not like the deal”. I’d replace that with ‘It does not fir Peter’s personal bonus target structure’.









    Some day,one day. For sure.



    But yer not missing much!



    Another thing for sure,if I get the all-clear for a hoot that day,you will never forget it. And you certainly deserve a hoot,bud.

  8. The thing that makes this all too familiar is that BR confirms the plan, then so did Davies.



    Why on earth do they not stay quiet? It would avoid all the criticism of more failure in the transfer market.



    It would also stop the current CB’s trembling like jellies.

  9. And for the record – none of their travails should influence what Celtic do in the transfer market. Our signings should be influenced by our euro ambitions. SPFL success will follow as a result. And yes, we need to get the finger out in that respect




    I love the KLF story! One of my favourite documentaries EVER … and I don’t care what some of the band now think (although I understand why they think it) about the act years on … it was, and remains, a piece of artistic and aesthetic genius and will grant them immortality. It may well be one of the most profoundly inspiring acts in the whole of our modern culture.



    Lessons in there for all of us. I’ve never actually used it as a sporting analogy, but I’ll have a think on that one :)



    One more article to go on this today … I’ll bang it up shortly.



    And then I AM taking a sabbatical from writing depressing stuff about Celtic.



    I’ve got one on the other mob to get on with anyway :)

  11. CATMAN on 21ST JULY 2016 11:00 PM


    If only clubs would just roll over and sell us their players exactly when we want them. Not to mention agents who want the best for themselves and maybe even their player




    BR wants players but unfortunately it takes a lot of ducks to be lined up







    If this is Catman’s opinion who am I to disagree.




  12. Mr No Mark excuse



    I believe to predict what someone is about to say normally the idea is to say that they will come on and say it before they do themselves come on and say it.



    Just thought I’d educate you a little. You obviously need it. IN MY OPINION.



    MWD awaits another fountain of conformity knowledge





    FFS,I was kidding about the Sabbatical!




  14. James Forrest,



    Don’t get me started on the “I AM” crowd. That is straight from the Pit of Hell. ;))



    C’mon the Leather Belts.

  15. Playing the cards you hold means adjusting to the prevailing situation. Given That even a signing at this stage is unlikely to get in to the team for weds, how will BR approach the game?



    It’s going to be challenging.



    Whatever we do we need a midfield that is protecting the defence effectively. We also need an out ball.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    By the sounds of it I’m not the only Scot in the hotel now. Will wear my top tomorrow to see the reaction. Turkey boiling today btw :0)

  17. James Forrest



    You stuff about Celtic is not depressing, well not to me it isn’t as I’v got a different opinion on it than you, to me it’s just more board bashing negativity from a pal of the Gang of Four, and the Celtic Trust, you all come out of the same box, malcontents, water downed socialists, doing what they do, IMO, as of course you have yours too.

  18. RobertTressel



    Casino Licence



    Even if the story was true, do you really think that they would have made even the teensiest fraction of what was gabbed about.



    There’s a phrase, the bookie always wins.



    The deid team were only ever going to be the site upon which the casino was based.



    Does Alea provide 100 million to the Quay, or even a 100th of 100 million.



    The whole story was a joke from start to finish, if anything it would have been better if it had gone on the site, as that would have meant even more money would have been wasted before they bit the dust.

  19. Is there a search function available to look up a posters comments? If so how do you action?