The Patrick and Leigh Show


Whenever Leigh Griffiths and Patrick Roberts were on the ball last night, Lincoln Red Imps sensed danger. Both could control instantly, control with little space and disorientate defenders. Leigh and Patrick aside, the rest had an excellent first half. Passing was crisp, accurate and fast.

The shape of the team, with variously Lustig, Brown, Tierney and Shevchenko operating in a moveable back three, allowed players to find space between Red Imps’ 5-4-1.

These games are not about impressing anyone, they are about getting into the next round, but the tie was over by halftime, allowing Celtic to step the pace down, and Red Imps to show that they were more than they appeared to be in the first half.

Stiffer tests lie ahead, when more will need to perform at the levels of Patrick and Leigh.

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  1. THE EXILED TIM on 21ST JULY 2016 2:28 PM



    Sadly it’s not something we can do alone, and even if we were pushing for something better for all the ‘big clubs in wee leagues’ teams, which I’m not convinced we are, it’ll take a lot of time to get a big enough group of teams on board to exert any influence.

  2. TET



    Gibralter is close to Barcelona and Madrid. well closer than Glasgow anyway’s. So I deduce from that that they are the 3rd best team in Europe and our result last night was one of the best in our clubs history.




  3. MWD


    I thought we were desperately poor in the first match. I thought we were excellent first half last night.



    I thought Red Imps were OK in the first game, playing at the limit of their capability.


    I thought for 45 mins last night our movement caused them real issues and we made them look like a poor side.



    I think we are currently a Europa League side who will need to punch above our weight to qualify for CL. Duffy and Sinclair would help but it’ll take another 2 transfer windows and 5 players for us to become CL group stage/ last 16 contenders.


    I’ll be happy if that’s how it pans out.

  4. CultsBhoy - sees right through Lawwell and the Board on

    I posted similar last night…






    Making a fool of yourself if you are drawing any comfort from a 3-1 aggregate win over Gibralter’s part time team. Your expectations have been downsized too far… We’re not at that point….yet.




    Any Celtic player who was NOT a stand out yesterday should resign, move to Gibralter’s and find a part time job so they can play at a level appropriate to their ability.



    That’s why Roberts and Griffiths stood out because they are a class apart. I’d also expect Scotland’s Captain to look good – he did.



    Rather than laud the minimum expectation – focus on the fact some are so easily pleased.



    I’m delighted we got through, relieved to be honest but I draw no comfort from or feel the need to praise players for scoring 2 more over 180 mins against a part time team who play in an amateur team.

  5. Thanks for the constructive criticism on here today guys.



    There are times I forget why I don’t post on here any longer.



    Today has reminded me.



    Some of you aren’t worth a response, frankly.

  6. MWD


    I was a the corner last night and did not find them. Mind you, I WAS talking to you !


    Anyway, offsky now to watch the remainder of the today`s stage on the Tour.


    Cheerio for now,






    By the way, numbnut, you wanna tell me WHERE I called Brendan Rodgers a liar?



    In your wee demented, two-bob mind it might LOOK like I did … but LEARN TO READ.



    I said his suggestion that no-one at Celtic would be responsible if we didn’t get in players was frankly nonsense. And it is. I didn’t call him a liar at all.



    I said he’s talking crap. Which he is.

  8. Weeminger


    For sure our club and all the others are happy with what they have, there has been talk for many years and nothing has come of it, so it’s only been talk, a couple of breakaway leagues could have happened if so wished.


    Now that the OF is back on track, we will do feck all without them, we are part of the OF whether we like it or not, the money men will dictate and the OF is box office, for them not us I hasten to add, this is an avenue that the suits should reap big time imo.



  9. Twisty



    I agree that our current level is Europa League possibles. I do not agree we are Europa League dead certs. Downsizing and the reduction in quality this last few years has seen us produce results that have us in a position were we play 3 qualifiers. As it stands I’d never take it for granted that we would qualify for Europa League never mind the CL. We lose the next tie we then need to qualify for EL. We win the next tie we at a minimum qualify for EL.



    So we are a EL possibility team.



    I do however hope it pans out the way you suggest.




  10. JJ



    I believe there is more chance of Lance Armstong winning the Tour this year than Celtic ever winning the Champioins League (That was in reply to your point of yesteryear. :-]



    But i’d never say never just in case.




  11. Wee short pointed leader today.


    Paul67 is maybe keeping his creative juices for the unveiling of our new winger / centre back / influential play maker.


    Delete whatever doesn’t apply?


    F5 button in pre season preparation.

  12. THE EXILED TIM on 21ST JULY 2016 2:58 PM



    In some ways it quite nice (hear me out). Sure the Champions League is totally set-up to favour the ‘big leagues’ but ultimately it’s still the European Cup and has all the romance associated with it. It may well be possible for us, Ajax et al to break off and form a tournament that provides more consistent income but it wouldn’t be UEFA sanctioned and it certainly wouldn’t have the romance and the glory of the CL.



    So in that respect it’s nice that we stick to tradition and don’t just chase the dollar.

  13. CultsBhoy - sees right through Lawwell and the Board on

    My resigned expectation is that we fall in to EL this season again. I’d expect this team if not changed ( e.g. 10 outs , 3 ins) to achieve similar poor results ( 0 wins in 6) . That would be Pish for me. Even if we win the SPFL league again.



    For many on Cqn that would constitute success.

  14. From the celticblog



    Brendan Rodgers said last night that we were homing in on two signings.



    He says if they don’t go through it will not be our club’s fault.



    Frankly, I don’t believe that at all.



    Of course it’s the fault of people at Celtic.



    Tantamount to calling someone a liar IMO.

  15. Weeminger


    Our problem is money, or the lack of it, so we should do everything in our powers to get our hands on a few bob more.


    Greenpinata said earlier that the last game against them was beamed to 54 countries, that is a lot of advertising revenue we are not getting our hands on, we should either tell the broadcasters that we don’t want their 2.5 Mill a year and look to secure rights ourselfs, the TV would stand to lose untold millions, now this is a lever we have that is not being used.


    We have the suits on the board who can carry this off, I am bemused as to why we are not even attempting this.



  16. James Forrest on 21st July 2016 2:58 pm





    By the way, numbnut, you wanna tell me WHERE I called Brendan Rodgers a liar?


    In your wee demented, two-bob mind it might LOOK like I did … but LEARN TO READ.



    I said his suggestion that no-one at Celtic would be responsible if we didn’t get in players was frankly nonsense. And it is. I didn’t call him a liar at all.



    I said he’s talking crap. Which he is.





    It is quite feasable that Celtic might not get the targets they want and it not be Celtic’s fault e.g. the player doesn’t want to play in Scotland, the agent asks too much for himself, the selling Club bump up the fee, etc etc etc. Use a bit of intelligence rather that slate either BR or Celtic.

  17. ‘GG:



    You’ve presented those lines in their proper context.



    I do not believe that it will not be someone at the club’s fault.



    Our club KNOWS what the valuation of its targets is. We either meet that valuation or MOVE ON.



    You can call it whatever you like. It’s pretty clear what i mean and if you want to go trawling for hidden meanings, coded text, subliminal messages … knock yourself out.



    I DISAGREE with what the manager said.



    It’s not the same as calling him a liar.



    And frankly, I’m done explaining myself on this or anything else.

  18. WEST END OF EAST END on 21ST JULY 2016 1:22 PM





    Read some of the live comments of the game when I got in last night and thought I was at a different game. Broony had one of his best games for a long time.




    Red Imps might be a part time team but I’d say they were of the standard of Morton / St Mirren / Dumbarton in Scotland…



    **** Their’s your reason for SB having one of his best games for a long time, in your eyes




    You’ve at least made an argument.



    But I already covered that in the piece. How long does it take to find those things out?



    One phonecall could have covered it.



    Are these the ONLY targets? Is that feasible? Acceptable?



    Where is the “joined up thinking” at Celtic Park?



    You know, I almost bought a season ticket this year. Personal circumstances (which I have no intention whatsoever of going into) are all that stopped me.



    Had I done so I’d be feeling pretty pissed off already.



    This time last week some of us (not all of us, as I know too well) were still reeling from the worst single competitive result in our HISTORY.



    In our history.



    If that’s not a warning shot I don’t know what is.



    And you know? A week on … and no further forward developing the squad.



    In spite of what SOME here are happy to allege against me, today I was standing UP for the manager.



    It’s him being hung out to dry here.



    Jesus Christ, are some of you people WATCHING the same stuff as me?



    WE NEED SIGNINGS or this guy, for all his ability, is going to fail.



    You know, I would be less unhappy about this if we hadn’t seen it before and before and before and before and before. This happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR.



    And every single year I hear the same crap; be patient. Don’t rock the boat. This isn’t the right time.



    When is the “right time”? In a fortnight, when we’re out?

  20. Some more footage of Astana in action, this time against Benfica last season:






    – They seem to have a bit of pace up front


    – They look like they play a pretty direct style (like Karagandy?)


    – More silly bounces on the pitch


    – The ball doesn’t roll on the pitch, it skips


    – They don’t look terribly organised at the back



    This is all last season though…

  21. clogher celt



    I’ve had a look at the stats on Scott Sinclair , I don’t think they make great reading for the player.



    Only 19 games for Aston Villa and was overlooked by different managers whilst he was there.



    I hope Brendan Rodgers doesn’t have only nostalgia in his mind from the Swansea days, especially for the fee quoted. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing , but sadly Sinclair is some supporters ‘ deadwood ’ section according to Aston Villa Quick News.

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on






    Thanks for your input bhoys. Much appreciated:)

  23. MWD



    I wonder what odds we would get for winning the CL.



    Would we get greater odds than Elvis being found alive.? Or Alex Ferguson winning Strictly.


    would the bookies be brave enough to give us 5000 /1.



    Next time I’m in must stick a couple of pounds on , cause, as you say” just in case”




  24. Regarding last night’s game, really enjoyed the first half, Second half disappointing, did anyone else see Lee Griffiths being sick in the second half between the 18 yard line and Centre Circle.



    Met a few Cqnrs and a new one Timbhoy3, good to speak to you after the game, also most of the players who came out made time for Photographs and autographs, especially Patrick Roberts which was good to see.



    Also spoke to Charlie Mulgrew, asked him if would be re signing, he said he hopes so, but take that as it was, also he was wearing Civvies, no Celtic Tracksuit

  25. bournesouprecipe on 21st July 2016 3:25 pm



    Absolutely, don’t get this Sinclair story at all. Let’s get 2 centre backs and stick Erik in midfield, sorted.:)

  26. Ronny wanted a CB at the start of last season when VvD and JD left, we got one in called Jozo, he promptly got injured, RD wanted another in, we didn’t get another in till we got Erik in.


    WTF have the scouts been doing ?

  27. If the wait to find out if we sign a CB before midnight is all getting a bit much, go to bed and wake up tomorrow. Then come on here and moan about the lack of new CB.



    At least it will deal with the suspense….

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