The Patrick and Leigh Show


Whenever Leigh Griffiths and Patrick Roberts were on the ball last night, Lincoln Red Imps sensed danger. Both could control instantly, control with little space and disorientate defenders. Leigh and Patrick aside, the rest had an excellent first half. Passing was crisp, accurate and fast.

The shape of the team, with variously Lustig, Brown, Tierney and Shevchenko operating in a moveable back three, allowed players to find space between Red Imps’ 5-4-1.

These games are not about impressing anyone, they are about getting into the next round, but the tie was over by halftime, allowing Celtic to step the pace down, and Red Imps to show that they were more than they appeared to be in the first half.

Stiffer tests lie ahead, when more will need to perform at the levels of Patrick and Leigh.

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  1. Defensive minded is what we need – Center Half, Midfielder, and right Back. Take care of that first and foremost – then bring in the fancy players who blow hot and cold

  2. TALLYBHOY on 21ST JULY 2016 9:12 AM



    Morning all.



    Well it’s another trip to Kazakhstan then. Six hour direct flight from Glesga to Astana, a distance of 3000 miles and a 5 hour time difference.



    *Nae difference tae flying here, if we had been drawn against TFC we would just grin and bear it.



    Glasgow to Kiev or Moscow same flight time only 2 hours time difference though.



    The many concern, for me anyway, is as you say it’s in Asia and almost on the Chinese border, but it seems that it’s awash with oil money and is probably more stable than some of the countries we could be going to.



    What’s the excuse for Israel or Icelandic teams playing in Europe especially the latter which is closer to the US.

  3. clogher celt on




    Yes, his record reminds me a bit of Krankjar’s without the £6m price tag, and the unfortunate matter of Kranjar’s deceased agent and the disputed transfer money of course…



    I suppose BR knows Sinclair though. The problem is Villa have plenty of time to sell and we are in a rush.

  4. Electronic Tims ‏@ETimsNet


    Been away for a while. Don’t know if it’s been reported but we are trying to sign Sinclair & Duffy before deadline tonight.

  5. Chairbhoy


    Was Dembele a Brenda signing, he said we were in for him in January when BR was nowhere to be seen.


    Not that I am complaining, I think he is a steal at the price and kudos to whoever scouted him and signed him.


    It’s a bit like saying Craig Gordon was a Ronny signing when he was at the club before Ronny was.



  6. Matts Niloc @ 6:19


    Another factor is of course the existing wage structure @ CP.


    Someone, particularly of the standing of Sinclair, would blow the roof off the agreed scales and of course cause dressing room disruption.


    You can see what’s happened down the road with their signings of high priced nobodies.

  7. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    I hop dembele keeps getting a first team place – he didn’t stop moving all night and looked like he could hold the ball up

  8. Sinclair signed for Villa last year – if it was on a three year contract – then of course he has two years left.



    If, as some say, he is on £50k/week, that’s £2.5m/year.



    Villa would have to honour his contract – total £5m, if it was two years left to run – so it is easy to understand why they are looking for £6m – of course if the player is desperate to come to Celtic, he could waive all, or, part, of what he is due – that may make Villa easier to deal with.



    This transfer business is much more complicated that most people, certainly some on here, understand.

  9. I’vehadtochangemyname


    Yip, he is a big strong boy, a welcome addition to the team and doesn’t give away too many fouls to boot, always a good thing, but he hasn’t been a regular in the spl yet so that will prob change.






    No, see, this is my point … a lot of you seem DETERMINED to make it complicated.



    But in fact, it’s not.



    Sinclair is out of our price range? So be it. How long would it take to find that out?



    I repeat; make a call. Ask his manager. Ask his agent. Job done.



    But no, we drag these things out for WEEKS.

  11. THE EXILED TIM @ 7:11 PM,



    Well good point, but from the perspective that Dembele has had game time, even at the expense of the Griff, I think BR must have been in total agreement.



    Though Dembele also has the classic signs PL looks for, if he fulfills his potential, a transfer back to England (for a fee) will surprise no none.



    Hope we aren’t still looking at “potential” as a key to purchase. What the last few seasons should have taught us, we need players in who can strengthen the first team from day one.



    Hail Hail

  12. James


    Mats or whatever he is calling himself today is a journo troll who likes to wind up the thick plebs, he reckons he is as smart as eggs, rotten ones maybes,, even then that’s stretching it :-)


    He is never a Celtic man, never in a month of sundays.



  13. The money in transfers and wages is obscene.


    But don’t begrudge them.


    Have to admit a little jealous though.


    This is a golden era for sports.


    Future generations won’t be quite so enamored.


    More people interested in Pokemon than reality now.


    The rise of electronic entertainment and virtual reality will diminish sports appeal.


    Live streaming will replace regular tv which is in terminal decline.


    Here in the USA my stepson professes his love for basketball but only watches highlights and thats rarely.He plays it constantly though on playstation.This is the norm for a lot of teenagers.


    Salaries will be dependent on the amount of revenue generated by peoples willingness to pay for selective football packages.I’m not convince the future advertising money will be so lucrative.


    The dismal and turgid fare on offer at the Euros will have done nothing to grab the attention of youngsters seeking entertainment.


    It’s an interesting footballing landscape ahead but would not be to sure of outcome.

  14. kevinlasvegas on

    Evening Bhoys, Weird how there are no rumors tonight, Bobby Lennox spotted in Lennox town jokes either. No mention of Robbie Keane either. Lets see what happens I think the comments coming from the management there will be at least one for the next round of games and presented at the Leicester game on Sat.




    Finger crossed






  15. Chairbhoy


    We do but will we get them ?


    I honestly don’t think the policy will have changed much, the buy them cheap is not going to change any time soon, BR worked under the same conditions at Pool.


    Take a few mins of your life to look at this clip, it cements BR’s position at Celtic IMO, again not that I am complaining, I just wish someone from the club would talk to the support about it.


    Together we are invincible, fractured we are vunerable.





  16. FAN-A-TIC:



    This is the first year ever that large numbers of footballers have actually gotten into the top 100 salaries in sport. In fact, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are first and second in earnings, the first time anyone from the global game has ever topped the list.



    When you look at the salaries in other sports you can see real obscenity, but football is definitely on that trajectory and the fans will have to pay through the nose to support it, one way or another.




  17. Any signing, tonight or before Tuesday wildcard deadline, will not go straight into game v Astana. Their first game would be Barca friendly with a view to being available for second leg. By which time it may be too late.

  18. James Fotrest –



    When Club A approaches Club B and makes a bid of X amount for a player, Club B will either accept the bid, or say no, we want Y amount. Club A will normally return with an increased offer, but not the Y amount.



    Eventually,one of two things will happen.



    After futher negotiation, either Club A will walk away, or both clubs will reach agreement on an acceptable fee, somewhere between X and Y.



    That’s how it works in the real world.



    I’m sure Brendan wouldn’t be happy if at the very outset, after Villa had rejected Celtic’s first bid and asked for £5m, the board had simply said £5m is too much and walked away without trying to negotiate to somewhere in between, which is what you seem to be demanding they do.



    I’m just relieved you are not in charge of transfer negotiations.

  19. AULD TAM:



    Again, are you seriously telling me this should take weeks?



    Let me tell you what I strongly suspect will happen here.



    Neither Sinclair nor Duffy will sign. We’ll be told the club did everything it could but that either their own clubs weren’t selling or the players weren’t interested in coming.



    And a competent MD would have know either or both of those things on the first day.



    You clearly see a virtue in playing transfer market poker. Clubs aren’t stupid. Their directors can read a calendar. They know it’s getting to the wire and every minute closer to the line we get, they can put their expected fee up a notch. You think that’s good business?



    I am glad YOU are not in charge of transfer negotiations.

  20. KevinLasVegas –



    It’s early doors. Robbie Keane is for the final day of the window.

  21. Stebhoy – for kranjcar and Barton read ljungberg and graveson – we’ve been there with these type of short term signings. Hit and miss at best.



    O’halloran had half a season with them last term. I don’t recall them having a great run of form in that period. There is no doubt their defence is dodgy and a couple of injuries will cause them more trouble than any other team in the league.



    Like the msm in England overhyping the teams and players down there the smsm do it exclusively for sevco. It actually damages them. They get players like tavernier pay rises that they maybe don’t merit. A willing played who will do damage if you let him but who was in KT’s pocket during their moment of glory at hampden last season. No coincidence his goal run came early in the season before teams knew about him. A team full of SPFL journey men, Accrington Stanley players and close to retirement EPL has beens (in hills case, epl never was) ??



    I’m not too worried about them. Aberdeen and Hearts are still well ahead of them.

  22. kevinlasvegas on

    lol. So he is.



    James I tend to agree with much of what you say, But I think we might sign one of them. Tbh i think both are over priced for what they have done. Sinclair never heard of until this window and duffy never saw until euros.



    If the club dont sign either maybe its because they over valued down south and i don’t blame them for walking away from an over inflated deal but if there is no plan B then that really is a poor show.





  23. THE EXILED TIM on 21st July 2016 7:13 pm



    I wonder if we do sign The boy Sinclair from Villa, will he bring Rosie up to Glasgow ?



    TET, I think I’m one of the few saddo’s that get that one..



    Shamed I am.



    Back to lurking & watching soaps ;o)






  24. mike in toronto on

    Favour Needed:



    Hi lads,



    My best pal (an Inter Milan fan) and his lady are going to be in Scotland at the end of August. He’s done me a few big favours of late, and, as a thank you, I was hoping to get them a pair of tickets to the Aberdeen game on August 27.



    I know it is a bit of a longshot, but I figure no harm in asking.



    I’m not looking for freebies, but if anyone could help out, I would be really grateful.



    If anyone can help out, and I’m not online, feel free to get my email from P67.




  25. kevinlasvegas on

    He’s too young Robert, I think they spoke with Paul Hartley though. ;)





  26. clogher celt on




    Our transfer policy is designed to make a profit. That’s it black and white according to Neill McGuinness.


    It’s part of our ‘self sustaining football model.’



    BR’s net spend at Liverpool was £100m.



    Unless things have drastically changed, (ie debt within Financial Fair Play) he’ll have to make a profit or it will be paid for by the Sevco money and hopefully European football.




  27. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, another trip to the Wild East – third in the last four seasons. Be good if they could regionalise it a bit better.


    Anyway, the quality goes up, but so does our fitness and team-gelling.


    Confident – just!

  28. AULDTAM@7:32



    Agree with you – these days things take time – Dembele was ‘on the radar’ six months ago.



    Anyway who was it again who said “Persistence beats Resistance”?



    James is either ‘throwing the toys out the pram’, or, advocating ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’



    I,and I am sure you, could list ten reasons why this deal is taking a couple of weeks to resolve.