The players, the manager and the board


Celtic controlled the first half at Easter Road without really troubling Hibernian.  That control shattered when Nir Bitton and, more culpably, Scott Brown, combined to concede an unnecessary foul then penalty.  The subsequent lack of urgency to follow Scott Bain’s save and daydreaming at the second Hibs goal was typical Celtic season 2020-21.

You were not surprised at the outcome.  Before the game I wrote a piece on Newco’s accounts (it is important and I will pick it up during the week) but I knew when I was writing it there was a more than decent chance we would have to address this matter instead.

The players have first responsibility to resolve matters, then the manager, then the board.  Doubtless there have been several iterations of attempted fixes, but none have been effective. It is not too late to rescue our season but it will be soon.

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    The stream from Hibs TV was spot on, although they did say you could get the Celtic commentry rather than yon dour Edinburgh lingo, but it wasn’t to be.

  2. 2-0 Sevco…..



    The optimists say “they’ll drop points” – of course, they will be but not as many as us.

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    It will “soon” be too late to rescue our season…….



    How “soon” and what does rescue mean?

  4. Paul67


    In all the years this blog has existed, you have never criticised Lawwell.


    Your sharp suited man is up there with succulent lamb journalism.


    This is your chance to partly redeem yourself.


    Surely now you can see Hampden in the showers with no other CVs even looked at as the actions of a grossly incompetent CEO.

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Paul67 and all keep the faith with the Manager all will be OK posters


    Maybe the Huns will go bust again- oh their accounts are terrible


    Maybe Aberdeen will come back from 2 nil down


    Maybe we will turn the corner


    Maybe the players will say OK lets try harder


    Maybe Stevie G will go to Leeds


    Maybe the return of Julien will help


    Maybe the Huns will slip up


    Maybe Covid will get the season null and void



    FFS wake up


    we need a manager




  6. Lambert 14,



    Why does Peter Lawwell ailways get the blame for well paid players putting in inept performances. ?



    We keep saying we have the best players in the league. We have certainly spent the most money and pay the most wages.



    So how is it Peter Lawwell’s fault ?




  7. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    The commentary team joked about an offside call for Aberdeen early in the game when it was clearly onside ……nothing changes

  8. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Paul, I have to agree with the theme that this article, as with many others, misses the elephant sized point.



    Why do we have this team with this manager in this position in the league and Europe?



    The reason is the board. We are witnessing the squandering of a systemic advantage which should be there for a generation. I and many many others have warned for years that the failure to properly invest in the squad and management structures was strategically insane. This was even so when Sevco were in the lower leagues.



    We have, for decades now, been obsessed with them. We have a board which has been content to do the bare minimum to stay ahead of them rather than paddling our own canoe to establish a team and squad capable of comfortably winning the league whilst progressing in Europe.

  9. Wrong order IMO Paul, the manager has been trotting out the same excuses week after week


    Not focused


    Lack of desire


    Lack of application


    Bad attitude




    And a few more…..this is his department

  10. ‘The players have first responsibility to resolve matters, then the manager, then the board. Doubtless there have been several iterations of attempted fixes, but none have been effective. It is not too late to rescue our season but it will be soon’



    Paul 67


    Did you write the blog, or was it Lawwell today?


    Putting himself last in the order of responsibility is Lawwell to a tee.


    Laughable when you consider he is the CEO.



    ‘It is not too late to rescue our season but it will be soon’..keeping Lennon in charge for the next few games will see to that.

  11. Think it was Christie who gave away the needless free kick at the penalty.Biton had the ball ,and Christie went into a panic,and barged the guy.The standing spectating at the penalty by Frimpong and Biton,was inexcusable.

  12. GREENPINATA on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 12:43 PM





    He picked the manager without even considering anyone else.


    CVs rom others locked in a drawer.


    He didn’t let the manager bring in his own coaches when he appointed him permanently, keeping the coaches already in place.



  13. GREENPINATA on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 12:43 PM





    He picked the manager without even considering anyone else.


    CVs from others locked in a drawer.


    Does that sound to you like an ambitious CEO looking for the best appointment for the club?


    Do you think he was earning his obscene salary and bonus?

  14. Whatever you think of the CEO, who must take some credit for 9 in a row, it would be nonsense to get rid of him in mid-season. That will simply not happen. The manager has lost it completely. Why wait any longer?



    The team has become a shambles. Only one person is responsible for that. Set pieces are useless, no-one questions the referee’s decisions against us (compare the reactions of the two teams when penalties were given against them yesterday), no-one reacts when our players are hacked down and the referee only shows a yellow card (the fouls on JF and RC would have resulted in a red card in most leagues). The players don’t want to give everything for the shirt. This is the “culture” the manager has created.

  15. If The Great Desmondo’s gameplan was to ensure the re establishment of the huns then things are working out well.

  16. Who cares about Rangers finances? They are running away with the league.This is our league, our title, our ten in a row.


    It is being tossed away by an incompetent board who mistakenly appointed an unqualified manager who is clearly failing. The reprehensible dereliction of duty in the lack of due process in appointing the manager is coming home to roost.


    There is no confidence that the board have the foresight to have prepared a list of suitable replacements nor the bravery to take the action all Celtic fans now accept is urgently required.


    The players cannot escape criticism. The lack of effort from some is nothing short of disgraceful. The number of infantile individual errors is inexcusable. The main problem, however is a lack of tactics, training, cohesion, conditioning and application. The responsibility lies with the manager and coaching staff.


    Now is not the time for mealy mouthed, cryptic comments. Now is the time for decisive action despite loyalty to an undoubted legend.


    With deepest regret the manager must be mutually consented today.

  17. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 12:41 PM



    My favourite is “not one of their players would get into our team”



    At this moment in time, would slippy swap Roofe for Ajeti? Ryan Kent for any of our plodding midfielders? The goalkeeper who as much as I despise, is far better than any of ours? Barisic?



    We’ve slept at the wheel and while some other posters have talked about keeping faith with players who have won trophies, I read that as players who are comfortable in the knowledge that no matter how bad we are, no matter how much our coach calls them out in public, they’ll still play – even new signings won’t put them under pressure as they’ll just sit in the stands.

  18. I hope the board are waiting on the LSE opening on Monday to make an announcement, this shambles cannot continue the team is disjointed poorly led has cost a relative fortune for the league we play in and under performs domestically and in Europe.Dont give me the 4 trebles, have we got better on and off the park these last 3 years, under Rodgers Sevco were getting closer and winning head to heads against us now they lead the league.


    NL ,his coaches and Lawwell should be fired now.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    Does anyone on here seriously think that the board envisaged this?



    Any huge organisation would have planned ahead – what happens if etc….



    All of us who want a change may well get one, with John Kennedy in charge, how will that one go?



    Oir board as ever are asleep at the wheel and the consequences of losing the ten seem much more important to us than to them.

  20. “The players have first responsibility to resolve matters, then the manager, then the board.”



    The board won’t go now and if they did, it wouldn’t affect matters on the pitch for this season.



    We can’t swap a squad of 22 players.



    The only thing we can change that can have an instant impact is the manager.



    It won’t guarantee us the title but keeping the status quo guarantees we lose it.

  21. CHARLIE72 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 12:56 PM


    ‘Who cares about Rangers finances?’







    I think the Celtic Board would be more than a little concerened if the huns holding company were to suffer an insolvency event.

  22. How many excuses ?


    And how many heads buried in the sand ?


    From the huge financial advantage, being thrown away, by a lack of professionalism, in all we do

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    seems to be a new tactic of ours – needlessly pushing or barging folk over



    wonder who came uo with it




    Which is more likely



    1. the board are asleep at the wheel






    2. the board are working to their own agenda.

  25. ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 1:00 PM



    Seems to be the “plan” at the moment.



    Some are losing hope that Sevco’s form will fall off a cliff with every passing week.



    We have now moved on to hoping they go bust again.



    They could well have £35m of CL money next season and these conversations will be moot.

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 1:03 PM



    Absolutely Ernie.



    The blue pound is a huge part of the equation.



    Wonder if Mr Desmond really bothered on the golf course today about our chances of the ten slipping away.



    He lamented the loss of Rangers as we know…..Fud

  27. Onenight- maybe the board want their sevco pals to win the league after all it’s good for business. No?



    D :)

  28. onenightinlisbon on

    DAVID66 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 1:06 PM



    Been saying that for years.



    They are businessmen and losing *Rangers /Sevco would be a disaster.

  29. onenightinlisbon on

    Sevco 3-0 up against the team we struggled to get a draw against.



    But hey, they will implode/go bust won’t they?

  30. Is potentially losing 20,000 (accepting this is a guess) season ticket holders good for business ?


    Celtic fans who may walk through a boards in-action with dealing with FtSFA and others ?

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