The players, the manager and the board


Celtic controlled the first half at Easter Road without really troubling Hibernian.  That control shattered when Nir Bitton and, more culpably, Scott Brown, combined to concede an unnecessary foul then penalty.  The subsequent lack of urgency to follow Scott Bain’s save and daydreaming at the second Hibs goal was typical Celtic season 2020-21.

You were not surprised at the outcome.  Before the game I wrote a piece on Newco’s accounts (it is important and I will pick it up during the week) but I knew when I was writing it there was a more than decent chance we would have to address this matter instead.

The players have first responsibility to resolve matters, then the manager, then the board.  Doubtless there have been several iterations of attempted fixes, but none have been effective. It is not too late to rescue our season but it will be soon.

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  1. I would suggest that the players and the management team have had several months to address our problems.



    Time for the Board to act.




    Another unemployed manager who know one seems to want….The modern day Alan Curbishley

  3. No the answer is very very simple.


    You invite applications for a new manager and you pick the best one.


    No need to dream up big names or indeed scoff at the underwhelming ones.


    Believe in or not we are probably still in the top 50 clubs in world football.


    To think we would not have quality managers chasing this extremely well paid high profile job is nonsense.


    A fresh coaching set up might even give us a shot at league glory this year.However I accept also it may well not.


    I am sure however that under the current set up the worst is yet to come.


    There is a St Mirren 4 nil or sevco complete rout in this current team….Act now or get ready to be the laughing stock of scottish football

  4. Yet again … ma tea is oot … always an early Sunday dinner .. not sure why



    Sheff Utd on the telly £20 million for McBurnie and I think £20m for Rhian Brewster fae Liverpool … wtf £40m on two pretty average players … fitba is crazy

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Before I open a bottle of red – I never type and drink



    A couple of “acid” tests



    Yesterday’s game – did you have a warm glow of excitement that you were about to watch your beloved Celtic or were you praying hoping that the team turned up


    When we got a corner were you anticipating a goal


    More worrying when they got a corner were you anticipating a goal



    The team are not responding to the manager – I will argue that fact with anyone



    I respect admire and applaud NL for everything he has done and achieved for Celtic



    But the time has come- there is no way back for NL sad but true



    PL and DD must know this – if they do not we are more fu–ed than I think



    PLs options are dependent on a lot of things



    He and DD may feel the situation is recoverable (I do not) and NL is our best option



    PL and DD may already have someone – but cannot get them until the end of the season



    PL and DD may want to make a change now – if they do – the next question is massive



    Who can take over now and win the league



    At this point it is IMHO a job for a tried and tested Manager


    One who would come immediately


    One who would work with PL (and do not underestimate how big an issue that is – think BR)


    One who is very good at turning round a poor team


    One who is up for a real fight



    They are a few and far between



    I, like all on here, have no idea who the candidate list includes



    I would welcome Eddie Howe (I have no idea if he sees Celtic as a challenge)


    i would have Sean Dyche probably the experience and personality we need


    I would have Steve Clarke I would even allow him to keep the Scotland job and do both


    Roy Keane not my cup of tea – but impactful yes he would be (not sure for better or worse)



    You get me point, there are probably a few others I have not thought of – you may have the answer



    But if you do not change nothing changes



    If it turns out we cannot get a serious manager (I know I am putting Roy Keane in the serious manager bracket)


    PL and DD have another massive massive decision



    Gamble on a project


    An ambitious new young inexperienced individual who (will put up PL) to make a name for themselves


    Would Chris Davies be welcome back by PL


    Is Jack Ross good enough


    Is Scott Brown an option


    Would The King of Kings be the answer (he could bring Messi with him)



    I have no idea – (The Huns took a massive gamble on Slippy – still won nothing) but i am at the point of no return – we need to change



    I wrote on here yesterday that not winning the league would be our clubs biggest fu– up in our history


    i stick by that



    PLs credibility as a CEO will be shot – shameful performance



    Come on Peter lets get this thing back on track – we are not dead yet – not by a long way







    If that the beginning if your endless list, I shudder to think what the rest of it looks like

  7. We are a club that seems totally becalmed, going nowhere fast!


    The much vaunted “Moneyball” strategy of buying/producing young players that could be coached into valuable sellable assets went south along with Rodgers.


    Lenny strengths certainly don’t lie in that direction.


    Our recruitment since echoes that, culminating in the loan of Duffy after the CL money had bolted!


    The writing was on the wall for Lenny after Cluj, Copenhagen and the Huns last season!


    That was ignored but a club with a strategy and direction would have shown him the door after Ferencvaros. After Sparta Prague he should have been fired in the shower to bring the narrative cycle to a conclusion.


    Yet we all know, P67 included, that he will be left hanging on the wire until the board are absolutely forced in to sacking him, probably when it be comes mathematically impossible for us to win the league.


    Winning the Ten isn’t such a big thing for me. I’m 62 so old enough to have been lucky enough to see our first 9IAR. The huge difference being that then we were a top European side as well. I grew up taking getting far in the EC as normal!


    However I do know that for the younger support the 10 thing is massive and losing it will hurt them badly.


    In conjunction withe the spineless acceptance of the shenanigans at the SFA, I could see ST sales drop off a cliff next season, especially with the added calamity of COVID-19 sparking lots of unemployment!


    The board need to get their collective head out of the sand and see where they are headed on and off the park!


    We need action now ! No more prevarication. Sign the best coach/manager team we can and let them work on our squad. Off the park start call out cheating and skullduggery wherever we see it.


    The media will never be on our side so forget them and speak to the support through their actions!


    Better to go down fighting that this pathetic appeasement of the continuity lie and everything else that has flowed from it!

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    GEEBEE1978 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 12:57 PM


    Sorry for late reply but yep I would have half a dozen of them – even their manager ffs


    Its that bad




  9. I agree with most on here that the time has come for Lenny to be replaced. My problem is that the calibre of replacement that we need is unlikely to want to take the gig unless they are given some reassurances about what (if any) budget they may have going forward.


    It really is time that DD and the other money men put their hand in their pockets to arrest this slide into mediocrity.


    What ought to have been a huge fiscal advantage that could and should have been put to our lasting advantage has been squandered. They can battle each other over the root causes of that mismanagement, but the time for decisive action is upon us if we want to have any hope of salvaging this season, a season that is our most important one for decades.


    Let’s get Eddie Howe in now while he has time to turn things around. The squad remains good enough (in my opinion) to overhaul Sevco, but they have to start performing the way we know they can.


    NL seems to have lost the ability to do this so for the good of the Club the decision has to be taken out of his hands before his laudable legacy becomes tarnished.


    Plenty of time to turn this all around but we can’t go on fiddling while Rome burns.



  10. Notthebus,



    You keep saying there is no one out there. I’ve just given you 4 names from a 360 page list. So let’s turn it on its head, what’s wrong with any of the names I’ve given you. All very experienced at the highest level, but not up to your standards



    Away and boil your head.

  11. LAZYDYNAMITE on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 3:38 PM


    No the answer is very very simple.





    You invite applications for a new manager and you pick the best one.



    Posted similar last night mate,but you forgot the Peter Lawwell Factor, I.e. someone he can control, guys of a decent calibre would phone Rodgers for his take on things…..

  12. Did we stick with Ronny because people on a blog couldn’t agree on a better replacement?



    We’re not paid millions to come up with these solutions – you search, cast your net wide, look through applicants with a fine-tooth comb.



    No, I can’t name a perfect, affordable manager at the top of my head but what I do know is that Neil Lennon is not the best manager we can afford or attract.



    I’m not expecting another coup along the lines of BR but somewhere in between would still be a massive improvement.



    People knocking Eddie Howe – do people really believe Neil Lennon is a better coach? Somebody mentioned Zeljko Buvac yesterday…..they’re out there.



    Anyone who thinks Neil Lennon is the best we can do is either massively overestimating him as a coach or underestimating our pull as a club.

  13. LAZYDYNAMITE on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 3:38 PM



    That’s my fear. Under Rodgers we dished out some humiliations to Sevco as we were on a roll and they were a beaten team. On current form and the way we just seem to stroll games, I’ve got this horrible image of Sevco really rubbing our noses in the dirt next time we play. Let’s not forget, they’re a better side than Prague.



    Something needs to change….

  14. I’ll not feel great if we lose the ten. I won’t feel as bad as Peter and Dermot who history will hold responsible for losing the ten, rightly or wrongly or rightly so. A real legacy issue for them.




    The question is what must be done in short term to save this historic season and also to restore our credibility in the future at European level.



    Sack the manager..ok done, Myriads of posts justifying that action , so I assume the majority of the support approve. Now what.



    If I had any inkling of who the next available manager is and who would come and work in Scotland, hit the ground running and take us on an unbeaten run till season end (which i believe is the only chance we will have of winning the league) , then I would be screaming his name from the rooftops. If there indeed was a Rodgers type candidate I can see the logic of going full steam ahead to land him. I am genuinely interested if anyone has the answer.



    What is clear is their is no unanimous candidate.



    The gamble to bring in…to use a name from your list..a Nigel Pearson would be enormous and not one worth taking. If that’s the quality of candidate, if thats the best we can do..Id rather stick with what we have

  16. I noticed people slagging Stan Petrov. Remember he signed a new contract (when he had no intention of staying) so that the club would bank good cash when he left. He’s a good guy in my books. And he was treated as an afterthought when he first signed – a 19 year old in a strange country with little understanding of English, he was given almost no support by the club. If it hadn’t been for Paul Lambert looking after him he’d have gone back to Bulgaria in his first year.

  17. Notthebus,



    I’ve never asked for the manager to be sacked, but backed and our board haven’t done this.



    I believe big Nigel would gat a grip of that dressing room in a flash and not try and be a friend to certain players.



    I said months ago that Laurent blanc would be my preference, due to the French connection and his ability to tap into one of the best youth set ups on the planet.



    But let’s go back, our supreme leaders show very little ambition in Europe and as it’s been said on here on more than one occasion. They just want the to be better than the next Scottish team and this doesn’t sit with me.



    Speculate to accumulate, let me ask you one question. What was the value of our starting line up and when I say value. What did celtic pay? I’ve asked this on a number of occasions but never had an answer. Less than the hun today I believe.

  18. Pre March Gerrard had lost twice to Hearts in the league and the Scottish Cup, he was at his wits end and ready to chuck it, he felt the players were not doing it for him and he was right, the league gets called due to Covid and the transformation in them is remarkable, what changed this and what have we done within our club to cause the dramatic loss of attitude togetherness happiness and team spirit?



    Anyway those questions and any answers are now academic, we need to change the management of the first team and Lawwell should follow them out, I want this done tomorrow as soon as the LSE opens.

  19. Oh and by the way, when I came out of Hampden after the Treble treble and some pup was complaining about lennys appointment, my words to him are the same as they are now I don’t give a monkeys about 10IAR I want to win the next 18 of 20 that will do me.



    But I also need some success in Europe and not in the Europa league. We should be a constant in the ECL but we are not and ask why.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    This season is more and more beginning to have a Tony Mowbray feel about it , as if the bottom of the pit hasn’t yet been reached but we’re on the way down . We have had no plan in place to stay ahead of Sevco and the free spending of their mystery money . Any fool could have foreseen that they would throw everything at stop the ten this season …. well , almost any fool .


    It’s not just the ten that matters , it’s what happens after that . What direction does the club want to take ?


    What are our goals beyond this season ?

  21. Eddie Howe? not for me.



    NL has always needed a sounding board to contradict him as required,that’s not Kennedy.


    If NL has run his course,then we need someone to lift players,plus bring with them a coach,like the Brian Clough/Peter Taylor set up,NL was deprived of this,because there was a fear of bad influence,we need a Coach/No.2 not an Altarboy.



    We need a lift and whilst not my No 1 choice,as I have none,I can envisage,


    Roy Keane,with a Coach,for one Season,to.recover the deficit,then make an up and coming long term appointment.



    Previously lined up,favoured by DD,scuppered by you know who, as control would have been lost as it was during MON and BR periods,that soon got sorted.



    A disgrace we have surrendered advantage to this extent,Forster,Tierney,Griffiths did not help Lennon,but calibre of signings have been poor,and the tales of fragmented player support need sorted by whatever means.



    Let’s not overlook the impact of the apparent lack of support from the Board to.the team,as non statements associated with Officials and Covid as our players are attacked on the Park and treated differently off it



    They have allowed Neil Lennon to take pole position on this,so is it any wonder he feels alone,and seems to be the fall guy for all and sundry.


    The amount of so.called Celtic fans adding fuel to the flames is astonishing,seems letting of steam more important than well being of the team.



    Excellent post.



    I wonder how many job offers NL will receive after he is sacked.

  23. Someone on Radio Shortbread said ” Aberdeen didn’t put in a tackle today”


    Even they can see what’s going on. The only reason it was 4-0 today was because


    the Huns couldn’t be bothered scoring any more goals.


    Levein said in an interview ” I would rather Rangers won the league than Celtic got the 10″


    At least he was honest enough to say it. Maybe our malaise is caused by the players realising that


    most of the other teams are just letting them win. Our players have pockets full of medals and


    little to motivate them. As much as I didn’t like Alex Ferguson he seemed to know when a player


    had lost the motivation and then moved them on. We only see commited play in islands of 25


    minutes here and there. The game is up for the current squad. Lots of work required and perhaps


    a fresh eye on things

  24. Dinner scoffed ..,



    Cowiebhoy 3.07pm



    Was your “trumpet” post anything to do with me mentioning people travelling during a pandemic ??



    Whether you get a positive or negative test the virus can be undetected for many days … just wondering ?



    Why you only partially copied what I had written confused me, although I am easily confused .. strange sort of post if nothing in the background



    Take care




    We are living in unprecedented times as Celtic supporters. Success like we could only dream of, more trebles than the pervious hundred years. Winners of every domestic competition we have entered. Memories to last a lifetime. Invincible seasons,



    As a Celtic supporter, that’s all i care about. I don’t want this to end.



    High stakes sacking of a manager mid season ,a successful manager and having no clear plan on how we recruit is reckless and will end this run of dominance quicker .



    Blood is in the water, sack the board, sack the manager, sack the players….then what.



    I have no idea of the value of the Sevco first team compared to Celtic first team, its largely irrelavant unless your second in a 2 horse race.



    I go back to my original point, what is the plan after Neil is dismissed? Not convinced we have options at this juncture.

  26. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We’re toast. Clear out needed. Starting with the CEO and manager.



    Christie, N’tcham, Eddy and others looking for a move should be sold.



    The loanees returned.



    Broony should be retired and given a coaching role.



    Build the team around CalMac if he’s willing to stay. Beyond that we’re short of big talent.



    We’ll be 20-30K down in season book sales for various reasons, including the economic effect of the pandemic.



    Prepare for years of The Rangers’ domination.



    Desmond can also go any time.



    We’ve been found out.

  27. Expect Lenny to go this week after stock exchange notified.


    Expect Larsson and Mjallby In .


    Onward to 10 HH

  28. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Like the rest of us i assume you are guessing/hoping/praying



    Anyway Mjallby is interesting – why has he never got back with NL


    His call ? NLs call ? Pls call ?



    Also Henrik has a track record of seeing out his contract


    Can’t imagine him walking from Barca




  29. Fanad 4.45pm



    A manager sacked by Helsingborg is the answer !!!!



    Whooft ….



    Neil is going nowhere soon .. roll on the 20th of December …



    I will never forgive this board if they “mutually consent” our Neil …



    In a gambling term … “am all in”



    Neil Lennon Head in the Sand CSC



    We will win this league … one defeat & 3 draws domestically … we aren’t as bad as “we” think or others would have you believe

  30. Wage cut or no wage cut ,what does that mean,that he is a good guy right for the job ,well I put money into Celtic like thousands of others,who are more passionate than some on the Directors at Celtic who really don’t contribute financially to the club ,look at lawell how much he takes out of the club every year,and yet us mugs can’t get decent facilities,because these guys are milking it ,aye a working mans game ,that went out the window yrs ago ,and if Lennon gets the bullet one way or the other he will still be a rich man ,so hurry up the party is over,the taxi is at the front door of Celtic Park or which I prefer Parkheid.

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