The players, the manager and the board


Celtic controlled the first half at Easter Road without really troubling Hibernian.  That control shattered when Nir Bitton and, more culpably, Scott Brown, combined to concede an unnecessary foul then penalty.  The subsequent lack of urgency to follow Scott Bain’s save and daydreaming at the second Hibs goal was typical Celtic season 2020-21.

You were not surprised at the outcome.  Before the game I wrote a piece on Newco’s accounts (it is important and I will pick it up during the week) but I knew when I was writing it there was a more than decent chance we would have to address this matter instead.

The players have first responsibility to resolve matters, then the manager, then the board.  Doubtless there have been several iterations of attempted fixes, but none have been effective. It is not too late to rescue our season but it will be soon.

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  1. Lenny is done, we all know it. It’s no longer the question, the question is what do we do next. How do you get a quality Manager mid season? No point in sacking Lenny if nobody is lined up.

  2. Team for Thursday




    El H






















    I said earlier that i think broony is stiffling this young team

  4. Gene – seems a sensible selection. I’d also like to see young Dembele and Luca Connell given a chance. Give the young lads some valuable experience.


    Remember the impact Dembele made when he came on against Hearts? He ran the show for 20 minutes.

  5. Deiabhoy


    Exactly – it’s a dead rubber. When are these players ever going to get a chance?


    No, grind the old favourites into the ground – that’s been a success so far,

  6. Do Sevco invariably select the same Goalkeeper and the same back four?



    Is laxalt the only member of our GK/back Four unit who is always selected?

  7. DAVID17 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 5:58 PM


    Lenny is done, we all know it. It’s no longer the question, the question is what do we do next. How do you get a quality Manager mid season? No point in sacking Lenny if nobody is lined up.




    I dissagree


    If the players are playing like crap because of him he needs to be removed regardless of whether we have a replacement or not.


    Modern day players are precious little souls ….this ‘could’ all be transformed in one sharp swoop.

  8. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    Not trying new players reeks of a manager frozen into picking the same team – ie Broony



    The terror of change




  9. IF/When we replace the manager we better get someone in who can do a better job recruiting.



    We have wasted a lot of money on players who sit on the bench.

  10. Paul67….



    The players have first responsibility to resolve matters, then the manager, then the board. Doubtless there have been several iterations of attempted fixes, but none have been effective. It is not too late to rescue our season but it will be soon.



    I think you’ve got that spot on. I realise that you’re never going to directly call for someone to be sacked, but given what you’ve said, it’s clear (to me at least) that you accept that Lenny has to go and the board need to do it. After all, the players have failed to deliver, the manager has been unable to assemble players capable of changing that, so now the board need to step in and change things.



    It’s a sad day that it’s came to this – Lenny is a Celtic legend, and will remain so, but we’re *Celtic* supporters and need to look out for the good of the club over the good of any individual. I’d love nothing more than Lenny lifting 10 in a row, but if that’s not going to happen then we must succeed with someone else rather than failing with Lenny.




  11. GENE



    Not sure if Griffiths is fit.



    He’s only been training for months and , err, months.



    Mibbe needs some more, err, months training, err, just to make sure.




  12. During the internationals week


    It has been quoted that Soro returned to the Ivory Coast and got married


    Who approved this during a key season ?


    Was it approved as he is s nowhere near good enough to replace what we have in the team ?


    And does he need to isolate for 14 days on his return to Scotland ?

  13. I’ll be aghast if Neil is not removed this week. Our defending all season has been pathetic. Even the games we won well, we still gifted the opposition loads of chances which by pure luck they could not convert.



    Think back to Fir Park, Dingwall, even the league opener against Hamilton. It’s been the story of our season, how our board can possibly stand by and allow it to continue is simply negligent.

  14. Lazy dynamite



    Aye you might be right . Hate to see a lot of us turning on him . Cos he won’t like whats happening either.

  15. How much would it take to bring Chris Davies in as manager from Leicester?.


    He is young ,probably ambitious ,knows our squad inside out and in my opinion would hit the ground running and give us a chance of saving this season.

  16. This season has been a shambles from the outset.


    Off the park we’ve had


    Griffiths not fit


    Boli not adhering to guidelines


    The loss of FF whom we obviously thought was staying & release of CG


    Pre season friendlies which weren’t allowed & seemed to surprise no one except Celtic


    And all of that is before we look at results on the pitch, and a 1 in 3 success on new signings since Xmas.


    We then look at the manager and his press conferences, he is either throwing players under a bus, or giving opinions on everything and anything except the game in question.


    All of that, imho points to 3 things


    First, the job looks too big for one person and the Manager needs the support of a Director of Football / Performance Director.


    We need a PR manager who either blocks the off topic questions and / or tells the manager to shut the **** up.


    Lastly, we need a new manager. Based upon current performance the gap is likely to increase not decrease, and sadly NL has lost the confidence of fans and players.

  17. Having sat bloody miserable since last night reading all the views of fans,blog writers,and talking with my mates today,I now have to,with deep sorrow,come to the decision,that Lenny has to go.I am not holding him personally responsible,nor,as many are so keen to do,hold the Board responsible,but whatever ails us,has to be addressed.Sadly,I don’t think Lenny is the man to do it.No new manager,who would take too long to get anything in order,but until the end of the season,I would bring in Gordon Strachan.In the meantime,we look for a candidate for next season.No one knows better than WGS whats at stake from now till the end of the season.He knows the players,which is the most important thing.We can still do this,of course we can,but it has to start now.

  18. Lazydynamite


    Only my opinion but I don’t think Chris Davies is a manager.


    He seems to be a very capable individual, and one who was / would be an asset, but he strikes me as more of an expert on tactics ,performance, and coaching rather than management.


    He falls into same camp as some of the guys who worked very well under Ferguson (Kidd, McLaren, Carlos etc) but when appointed managers they were less successful.

  19. GENE



    I think we all know that.



    To many days off for the players………………….and management.

  20. Chris Davies ?



    Henrik Larsson ?



    May as well go for Stevie Gee



    Fantasy land ….



    Chris Davies as a manager won heehaw


    Henrik as a manager won heehaw


    StephenG as a manager won heehaw


    Sean Dyche won heehaw


    The Leeds guy won heehaw



    Not sure but there is a pattern developing … why not (if) Neil leaves bring back Wim the Tim & Murdoch MacLeod… they stopped the cheatin 10 could they bring the other 10 back to Celtic Park ???



    For me … it’s still Neil Lennon



    Every egg I have is in the Lennon basket … tried & trusted

  21. BADA,



    check the amount of money the much maligned Board gave to Brendan Rodgers in his time with us.You will find its around 30 million.Not paltry with the finances we have available.




    He is a modern day coach who is still young and probably relates completely to the players.Most of which he knows inside out.


    The more and more I think of it the more it makes perfect sense.


    He knows the scottish game inside out and knows this club.


    The board could also keep special agent Kennedy in place.


    We would probably only have to pay a million or so in compensation and to be honest if they never let him go in the first place with brenda we probably would not be in this mess

  23. Not focused



    Lack of desire



    Lack of application



    Bad attitude



    is that the players or the manager and his coaching staff (whoever they are)

  24. My biggest fault I can throw at Lenny,for yesterday’s performance,was the omission of Eddy and Griff from the starting 11.Our best partnership by a country mile,on the bench for a must win game.Madness.