The players “who got us there” for Sunday


Neil Lennon left us a teaser after Sunday’s victory over Kilmarnock, informing us that the players who got us to the Scottish Cup Final would get their chance to represent us in the Final, not necessarily those who transformed our play in the last two games.

We can safely discount Forster, Simunovic, Arzani (yes, I’d forgotten too), Hayes, Bayo, Bolingoli and Shved, all of whom were part of this Scottish Cup campaign but are no longer at the club.  James Forrest is not fit and Leigh Griffiths is currently fourth choice striker, so unlikely to be considered unless/until we need a late goal.

That leaves five possibilities: Ryan Christie, Tom Rogic, Olivier Ntcham, Scott Bain and Scott Brown.

Christie has  unfinished business in the Scottish Cup after suffering multiple fractures to his face in the 2019 semi-final that kept him out of the final.  I expect we will see him instead of Jeremie Frimpong at right mid.

Conor Hazard has not put a glove wrong in his two outings and there is no reason to believe that would change on Sunday, but Neil may prefer Scott Bain, or, conversely, give Vasilis Barkas his Scottish Cup debut.  No idea how this will go.

I would be amazed if David Turnbull did not start.  In the space of a week he has made the central attacking mid position his own, Hampden specialist Tom Rogic is there if needed late in the game, although perhaps not for penalties.

Hampden is a big pitch and Ismaila Soro has the energy to cover it.  He suffered cramp against Lille but his two outings last week will fortify him.  Still, I expect the captain will get the nod.

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  1. This week should be spent preparing our strongest team . Shape , tactics , set pieces.



    Stuff sentimental selections.


    Leave that for the last couple of minutes if we’re a couple of goals in front.

  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    Part of me wants the same midfield as Saturday, but another part of me that thinks that if Lenny is going to be tempted to use Scott Brown in the future, Saturday might be as good a time as any.


    If he is still off the pace and can’t hack it, I would rather find out at Hampden than on the second of January.



    Early substitution if it isn’t working out.

  3. Not sure why there is a dig at Rogic on penalties. Yes, he missed one in the SC semi in 2016 but he also scored in that game



    Brown missed one that day as well and it was a pass back. He was also rank rotten all game



    Not fair P67 IMO



    If we win the Cup, Brown can go up and lift it as Captain but should not play unless injuries require it.

  4. Paul67 – “Still, I expect the captain will get the nod.”



    – I’m preparing myself for the same outcome. It’s absolutely incoherent given all the evidence and the knock-on impact of a headless chicken running around (for all the reasons he thinks are good ones) has on the defence and Callum beside him,are astounding levels of incompetence.



    Here’s hoping you’re wrong fella.




  5. The stories regarding Scott Brown are really grossly exagerated.Maybe not as quick as he used to be,but still can control a game.Against Milan,I thought was our best player in midfield.He has had a plug holes everywhere this season.Calmac,and Christie,not really performing.Really cannot understand the cries to drop him.


    Much more needing this treatment are the two I mentioned.Rotation,is the key.Lenny has been burning out players.I hope Broony is leading us out at Ibrox.Nothing wrong in playing Broony and Soro in same team.

  6. Your only as good as your last game , the team that started on Saturday should start in the Cup final if 100% fit. Let the disappointment be a motivator for the team that got us there !

  7. Friesdorfer on 15th December 2020 9:08 am



    HH good sir. 






    Garngad to Croy on 15th December 2020 9:58 am


    I know, it’s a big number. They were always there, just needed a conduit. 

  8. I see Phil’s up with his usual tosh..another well placed “source”, this time at board level.



    I can think of one time he has called it in the last 5 years. You would think like the broken clock he would occasional be right



    Does anyone still take him seriously?

  9. Turkeybhoy,



    The same Scott Brown who came off on the 64th minute against AC Milan, who trailled in the wake of a younger, more athletic Kessie (no shame really given age disparity).



    A game we seized after Brown went off and we scored?


    A game where he won only 4 out of 9 duels?


    A game where SB is wandering around on the edge of the box at the 1st Milan goal?


    A game where he is blowing out of his arse to get back when Milan break for the 2nd?



    Come on. European elite games and the huns should never have a 35 year old SB in it.



    “Plugging holes” is just a euphemism for runnign around like a headless chicken I’m afraid.



    p.s All comments above don;t deter from the fact that Scott is a long term legend and I’d love to see him lift the cup on Sunday after spending it on the bench….




  10. In the minority, but I would start Broonie on Sunday, his experience will be required to keep an ‘exuberant ‘ Hearts side at bay,Beaton will stand by and watch the kicking, Soro has been a breath of fresh air,but remember he’s only played a couple of games for us.Turnbull is a cert, ahead of Rogic and Ntcham now for the no 10 role IMO

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Me too, because as Lenny has consistently demonstrated this season, if there’s a wrong option he’ll take it.

  12. Not saying the same team should not start on Sunday.Would be happy with that.I would also be delighted with Eddy and Griff starting up front,even Paddy,but who knows.Just the total writing off,of Broony does my nut in.


    Described earlier,as a ” Headless Chicken”,dear God.

  13. “In the minority, but I would start Broonie on Sunday, his experience will be required to keep an ‘exuberant ‘ Hearts side at bay..”



    What does that mean Bada?

  14. I too would prefer last weekend’s team to form the core of our Cup Final starting 11. However, if Scortt Brown or any of the other ‘old guard’ get a starting place we should still be overwhelming favourites to lift the trophy. And anyway, if the opinions of all you fine folk on here are to be believed, the following table suggests that Broonie isn’t yet a liability.


    “…….. And the overall table is now –


    1st – Laxalt – 49 points


    2nd – Christie – 44 points


    3rd – McGregor – 42 points


    4th – Frimpong – 35 points


    5th – Ajer – 32 points


    6th – Brown – 25 points


    7th – Elyounoussi – 23 points


    8th – Rogic – 19 points


    9th – Duffy – 17 points


    10th – Ntcham – 16 points


    11th – Bitton and Griffiths – 12 points


    13th – Edouard and Turnbull – 13 points


    14th – Taylor – 11 points


    15th – Barkas – 9 points


    17th – Ajeti – 8 points


    18th – Elhamed and Soro – 7 points


    19th – Klimala – 6 points


    20th – Forrest and Jullien – 5 points


    22nd – Bain and Welsh – 4 points


    25th – Bolingoli, Dembele, Hazard and Henderson – 0 points …..”

  15. Big Wavy,


    Very easy to pick out faults,according to you,that you have picked up in a game.Did you not see Scott Brown do anything good in the game.I could go through Sundays game,and pick out faults,mistakes that Turnbull,Soro made.Anyone could,if that’s their angle,and I must commend you on your amazing recollections of Broonys bad play.Nothing takes away from the fact,the whole Celtic midfield has been hit and miss,and Broon not the worst offender.My problem is,I don’t see the same outcry to drop Eddy,who looks as though he is half asleep every game.We are all the same,new players play a couple of good games,and they are the answer to our prayers.Lets take it easy and see how they do over the rest of the season.

  16. I’ve a feeling a change he will make with one position and that’s goalkeeper. This isn’t a criticism of young Hazard but Lille had 3 shots on target, scored twice and a ridiculous mishit for the other when our keeper swung one of his big legs at it to get it away. Sundays game Killie had one shot on target that was hit straight at the keeper. I just think some of the praise on various Celtic sites is a little OTT, doesn’t anyone think it may be that our defence has tightened up you could see the 2 banks in the Lille game. I think NL will start with Soro and sub him with Broony to hopefully lift the cup.

  17. I think we will win on Sunday,a bit easier than expected.If so,I would bring Broony on from the bench.We need to let Soro get as much game time as possible,and Turnbull.Everyone getting game time.Been sadly lacking.Mikey coming on as well for Moi,but not Lennys usual 15 mins.And again,Dozy Eddy needs a partner.

  18. ARKAY51,


    Exactly what I was saying earlier.We build up guys after a couple of games.Barkas was getting pelters for exactly the same as Hazard is getting lauded for.Its just something the fans do.Not me.There were people on screaming to get Laxsalt signed after a couple of games,Elhamed,as well.Grass is always greener,so they say,but sometimes it isn’t.

  19. JOBO BALDIE on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 1:05 PM



    Fella. With all due respect we participate in voting even in games when we’ve been rank rotten. Not much science, as highly enjoyable as it is.




  20. CONEYBHOY on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 12:27 PM


    Not sure why there is a dig at Rogic on penalties. Yes, he missed one in the SC semi in 2016 but he also scored in that




    Rogic’s ‘miss’ in that game was a total freak. A new turf had been laid and actually rose when Rogic’s non-striking foot stopped next to the ball. That caused the miss.

  21. “Against Milan,I thought was our best player in midfield..”



    That’s your quote TB. My post was in that context. It was, imho, frankly bonkers given the pattern of play, goals lost and 63 minutes of contribution. Of course there was good but that’s just you changing the goalposts of the discussion.







    I know I shouldn’t but …



    On your big scale of idiocy , how big an idiot do you reckon Neil Lennon is ,and if he doesn’t play the players you think he should ,how big does his idiocy to ?

  23. BIG WAVY on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 12:59 PM


    “In the minority, but I would start Broonie on Sunday, his experience will be required to keep an ‘exuberant ‘ Hearts side at bay..”







    What does that mean Bada?



    Exuberant is double speak for,Hearts will kick the $#!@ out of anyone they can,before Beaton locates his cards, Brown will know how to control that on Sunday IMO

  24. Ajer playing (really well) at right back has helped us defensively. He is very good on the ball and is very quick once he gets going. I’m sure I read he was the fastest at the club after Frimpong, although being so tall at right back might be a hinderence when trying to turn quickly against a good wide player. I’d definitely persevere with him there as thus far he looks a better right back than centre back (only a couple of games thus far, of course).

  25. Bada,



    Agree with the kicking but would hope this week we train up a more effective player to do the ‘Broonie’ thing, perhaps an Ajer or a big Duffy.




  26. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 15th December 2020 1:38 pm



    That pretty much sums it up for me, the cut n paste abuser.

  27. The cold hard truth is that Scot Brown should be nowhere near the Celtic team unless there is an injury to Soro.


    That indeed should be his role for the remainder of the season.


    Any half average manager would think the same.


    I could live with a ceremonial substitution appearance when/if the game is won.


    I look forward to seeing Scot Brown in our our coaching team and getting all the plaudits for his remarkable Celtic career….But as a player he has been average for a long time.


    He plays the sitting midfield role because it is the ONLY position he can just about get away with.


    He was never a ball player like say Paul McStay but a box to box midfielder full of running…and having him play deep midfield has been one of our biggest downfalls for some time.


    Lennon should be utterly ashamed of himself for the use of Brown this season when clearly a 10 times better player was sitting in reserve all along.


    Shocking situation really.


    And to play him on Sunday Neil?…..on your head be it mate.

  28. I think the team that played against Lille should start. I think they should be rewarded for their performances. It’s not a benefit match it’s about winning. But isn’t it also about developing them as a team? Thus the more they play together the better. Those such as Broonie, Eddie, Christie, Ncham , perhaps even Bain can come later as substitutes. And when Broonie comes on Calmac can give him the captain’s armband for old times sake and he can then go and pick up the cup. Let’s face it, Brown will not be playing next season, neither will Ncham or Christie, or Eddie and anyway as NL criticized their performances earlier in the season it just doesn’t make sense to be loyal to them. They didn’t demonstrate much loyalty to the team and manager. The new boys are the future so let’s give them a chance. I hope all this talk about loyalty is simply NL playing mind games with the opposition.

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