The players “who got us there” for Sunday


Neil Lennon left us a teaser after Sunday’s victory over Kilmarnock, informing us that the players who got us to the Scottish Cup Final would get their chance to represent us in the Final, not necessarily those who transformed our play in the last two games.

We can safely discount Forster, Simunovic, Arzani (yes, I’d forgotten too), Hayes, Bayo, Bolingoli and Shved, all of whom were part of this Scottish Cup campaign but are no longer at the club.  James Forrest is not fit and Leigh Griffiths is currently fourth choice striker, so unlikely to be considered unless/until we need a late goal.

That leaves five possibilities: Ryan Christie, Tom Rogic, Olivier Ntcham, Scott Bain and Scott Brown.

Christie has  unfinished business in the Scottish Cup after suffering multiple fractures to his face in the 2019 semi-final that kept him out of the final.  I expect we will see him instead of Jeremie Frimpong at right mid.

Conor Hazard has not put a glove wrong in his two outings and there is no reason to believe that would change on Sunday, but Neil may prefer Scott Bain, or, conversely, give Vasilis Barkas his Scottish Cup debut.  No idea how this will go.

I would be amazed if David Turnbull did not start.  In the space of a week he has made the central attacking mid position his own, Hampden specialist Tom Rogic is there if needed late in the game, although perhaps not for penalties.

Hampden is a big pitch and Ismaila Soro has the energy to cover it.  He suffered cramp against Lille but his two outings last week will fortify him.  Still, I expect the captain will get the nod.

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  1. I thought it was


    Setting Free the Questionaire 🤣🤣🤣


    Remember to add in all the loanee s we have put out


    I.e Boli Bolingoli

  2. CELTIC MAC on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 9:45 PM




    Not in front


    or behind for that matter


    Us young bucks were only concerned about that last drink


    Grabbed a hamburger along the way with a yes please,


    “Onions and ketchup?”


    You wouldn’t have sat anywhere I stood in the Jungle sir





  3. Celtic have asked Barcelona to be kept informed re Lionel Messi…………….86 other clubs have also registered an interest.

  4. henry joy



    You got that bit right..


    I never sat anywhere in the Jungle…


    But some did….


    One o em just did a flounce


    Youse rebels youse….

  5. KEVJUNGLE on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 9:56 PM


    Accepted, please don’t post under other monikers, if you do they’ll be shutdown.




    Your post, the singing ditty had to fall, I’m sure you’ll understand why.

  6. WESTCRAIGS on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 10:26 PM


    Why would ntcham want to stay?





    He hardly plays.





    We paid £4.2m?





    He is possibly the most inconsistent Celtic player I’ve seen.



    On big wages too.



    Why would we want to keep him?

  7. ST TAMS on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 10:22 PM





    Exactly why am l gossiping



    Get the moniker correct and i will get ma pilla and join you at the windae.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    CELTIC MAC on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 10:27 PM



    TBH I spent a lot of the games in the 70s and 80s in the Rangers end, carry oot beside the opposition fans for a drunken sing song.



    The Hertz games could be a bit wild😱😵

  9. Shortest comeback ever.



    And I stepped out – and I stepped in again


    Learning to dance for Lanigan´s ball

  10. News: Every football player that thinks he’s good enough wants away from Scotland. Celtic’s success over the years has bred contempt for the proceedings, players with their noses in the trough, well before what’s what . Success is not guaranteed, it has to be earned. Some Celtic players have been relieving themselves in the jungle. Never a good idea unless you look around you first ;-)


    Ave Ave

  11. !!BADA BING!!



    Somethings never change!



    Are government ministers who award these contracts getting a kickback?



    I know what my money is on.



    Corrupt to the core.

  12. HAMILTONTIM on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 10:29 PM


    You may have seen my earlier post to KevJ, he has since posted that he has, to use his words tendered his resignation. His account now closed.


    You will if you read that I posted to KevJ I would leave his post up as SFTB addressed his post which you have reposted above.


    You have posted giving your response.


    I leave it to you to decide but if you want his, SFTB post and now yours deleted I will take them down?

  13. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on




    Looks like you have a busy night ahead :-)







  14. HT






    Unless you were standing on a chair!



    Hope you are as good as can be.



    Take care.

  15. Well HT if he did, he sure wouldn’t say it a second time.


    As you say An Tearmann, absolute salt of the earth.

  16. MODERATOR 2 on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 10:48 PM


    HAMILTONTIM on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 10:29 PM



    You may have seen my earlier post to KevJ, he has since posted that he has, to use his words tendered his resignation. His account now closed.



    You will if you read that I posted to KevJ I would leave his post up as SFTB addressed his post which you have reposted above.



    You have posted giving your response.



    I leave it to you to decide but if you want his, SFTB post and now yours deleted I will take them down






    I wouldn’t dare say whether anyone else’s post should be deleted or not, that’s up to you and the individual involved.



    I’m happy for my post to remain but will completely understand if you remove it and I would understand why.

  17. prestonpans bhoys



    A great place to support the Bhoys, with that roof they built there in the late 60’s, fantastic atmosphere at times, Hearts as you say, Aberdeen, some Scottish Cup games, and full house European games…


    Sweet City Nights as Bob Seger once said…

  18. Magnificentseven on

    HAMILTONTIM on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 10:29 PM


    KEVJUNGLE on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 11:18 AM






    he really is not worth the effort, good to see another well deserved red card

  19. HAMILTONTIM on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 10:58 PM


    Thank you I have now deleted the post by KevJ, SFTB’s response as well as your’s. initially, part of my reason for leaving KevJ’s post up was someone counter it and that you might see it, giving you the right to respond, which you have.


    Thanks for understanding.

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    CELTIC MAC on 15TH DECEMBER 2020 11:06



    Was the natural side for us coming up from Killie either the Mount Carmel bus from Killie or the 9 iar from Ayr would park at the rear side near a pub which is a distant memory, long gone.

  21. that akward moment when you really want to know what Hamilton Tim said that got moderated.



    come on the hoops.

  22. Was reading my post work stories before reading back and thought a few on here might want to read this one from TNS today. One confirmation I got reading it is that if you you remove ‘Han’ from Matt’s last name you know exactly what he is. 




    What you need to know about the new variant of coronavirus in the UK



    By  Michael Le Page



    On 14 December, the UK’s health minister, Matt Hancock, told parliament that a new variant of the coronavirus associated with faster spread had been identified in southeast England. This has led to widespread concern, spurred by newspaper headlines about “super covid” and “mutant covid”. Here’s what you need to know about this new variant.




    What do we know about this new variant so far?




    It was first sequenced in the UK in late September. It has 17 mutations that may affect the shape of the virus, including the outer spike protein, according to Nick Loman at the University of Birmingham in the UK, who is part of the team that has been monitoring and sequencing new variants. Many of these mutations have been found before in other viruses, but to have so many in a single virus is unusual.




    So it has a whole bunch of mutations, not just one?



    Yes. To put this in context, however, the coronavirus is constantly mutating and there are lots of variants with one or more mutations. In fact, by July, there were already at least 12,000 “mutants”. The number will be higher now, though many mutations are rare and the viruses carrying them often die out.





    Hang on, there are more than 12,000 variants of the coronavirus?



    There are tens of thousands that differ from each other by at least one mutation in the genome. But any two SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses from anywhere in the world will usually differ by less than 30 mutations, and are regarded all as belonging to the same strain. Researchers instead talk about different lineages.




    So what’s unusual about this one?



    How fast it is spreading really caught the attention of researchers monitoring viral evolution. By 13 December, 1100 cases of the variant had been identified, mostly in the south and east of England, which is a lot because only a small proportion of viral samples get sequenced. “It’s the growth rate we are worrying about,” says Loman. “We are seeing very rapid growth.”




    Are the mutations in this variant helping it spread?



    We don’t know that yet. The variant is spreading faster than other strains in the same regions, but it is not yet clear why. By pure chance some coronavirus lineages do spread more than others. For now, there is no clear evidence this is due to these particular mutations. “At the moment we don’t know if this is making a blind bit of difference,” says Lucy van Dorp at University College London in the UK.




    How worried should we be?



    It will take a combination of further monitoring and lab studies looking at the effect of the particular mutations present in this strain to find out if it really is more infectious. But so far no mutation has definitively been shown to make any SARS-CoV-2 lineage more transmissible or more dangerous.




    What if this variant is better at spreading? 



    How we behave still matters far more than any changes in the virus, says van Dorp. In other words, measures such as wearing masks and social distancing will work against this new variant even if it is slightly more likely to infect people exposed to it.




    Is it causing more severe illness in those who develop covid-19?



    Again, we don’t know. To find out, we would have to identify lots of people ill with this specific variant and monitor them for at least a month. But there is no reason to think so. Mutations that make viruses more infectious do not necessarily make them more dangerous.




    Could this new variant evade the protection conferred by vaccines?



    There is no evidence of this, but it cannot yet be ruled out. However, the good news is that the vaccines that have proved effective in trials so far are of types that can easily be tweaked if any changes in the virus are found to help it evade the immune response to the vaccine.




    So we don’t know that much at all?



    No. Genomics researchers are doing their job by highlighting this variant so researchers can find out more. What many are asking is whether it was appropriate for a health minister to publicly announce these preliminary findings in a way that led to widespread concern.





    Hearts fans had fear in their heads,


    Hibs fans had courage in their hearts.


    Der hun end was a blast alright.

  24. AIPPLE on 16TH DECEMBER 2020 12:20 AM




    McLean did what every irresponsible SFA Grade 1 coward of a Referee would do, gave Morelos a free one.


    Problem for the SFA is the sexual assaults on players Morelos got away season after season.


    UEFA aint happy about that at all.


    Ross County players are not the only in the know ;-)

  25. Speaking of red cards there have been two occasions where I have been sent off in the US while playing the old soccer ball game. Brought some wee memories back. 



    2004. I was a fresh faced nipper of 29 years old and I played indoor and outdoor when I came here. I was often the oldest dude on the pitch but hey-ho. I grew up with it on concrete in Glasgow and David Bowies favorite new town, Cumbernauld, so I could take any yank. 



    Outdoor game, 11 a-side, no half pitch stuff. Previous weeks game had been called off because of the chance of lightning. I jest not. Game is 4-4 maybe 15 mins to go. Great cross comes in, I’m standing on my left leg about to volley in the best goal ever seen by man and this wee **** slides in, quite deliberate, and puts his studs into my standing ankle. 3 months in a boot. Trying to walk around Chicago that summer with my folks in a 110 degree heat wave with a knee high boot. But yeah, the red card. Ref said nothing, so I hobbled on one leg towards the kid for 10 or 12 hops, tried to headbutt him and fell over, face in the dirt. Red card. 



    2009. Indoor fitba. Mockingbird Valley. Chap did a wrestle slam on one of my team mates and colleagues and dropped his elbow into his back as he laid face down on the sweat and spit stained deck. I ran across the pitch and kneed the fecker where it hurts. Kicked oot and a one week ban. Was worth it. Frat boy tosser. Boss told me the next day to remember at all times I was representing the company.



    Ah, the memories. 

  26. Henry Joy on 16th December 2020 12:46 am



    Appointed by those that think in a manner conducive to carry out ……… well, the cause.



    Yet nobody speaks out.